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Night Owl Gets a Trim

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    Night Owl Gets a Trim

    With longer hair it's a bit easier to miss a few weeks between trims. With my hair this short, the curls start doing their own thing. Well, I had enough. I busted out the shears and started snipping.
    While I cannot guarantee that everything is even, it's not horrible. The curls are back under some semblance of control. The beautician is still going to have some work to do when we are allowed back in!

    Anybody else step step outside their comfort zone to try something that needed to be done during our distancing?

    I think I should have accomplished more today, but it is what it is.

    The eggs are holding a steady temperature in the incubator. Good news! We will give it a couple more days and candle a couple just to see what's up.

    What's up in your neck of the woods this evening?
    Hugs, Cathy
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    because those who mind don't matter,
    and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss

    Hello Cathy
    The sky is pink here the suns about to rise, the birds are awake, am about to sew, cannot sleep, something has upset me.
    Fingers are crossed for the eggs, remember going to a museum of farming back in primary school, they showed us all the newly hatched chicks, learnt about them, petted all the animals, then we got to comb fleece, using a spinning wheel, spun wool fibres into yarn. Then tried the weight method, cannot remember correct term, Funny how these early memories spring up now and again.
    Have a great evening / day


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      I'm sorry that you are having trouble sleeping. That is so exhausting for many reasons.

      Farm tours are often wonderful learning events. Our state fair has a traveling farm, and they bring the farm to the elementary schools. I seem to only get my wheel out about once a year any more. I bring it to the state fair and spin at the open class sheep show during demonstration hours. It's fun to sit and chat with friends you see once or twice per year.
      My guess is they let you try your hand at the drop spindle method of spinning.
      You just never know what will trigger memories!

      I hope you find some solace in your sewing room and can sneak in an early nap somewhere in your day.

    I flowbee'd mine two days ago. Only scary part this time around was when the guard came off while I was doing the back of my head! I don't feel any strange breezes back there, so I think I'm good....

    No rainbows!


    If you can't be nice.....BE QUIET!


    • MRoy
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      Pat, I figured I was the only one still using a Flowbee! I love mine. I used it last week so my hair is nice and short again (pixie style).

    • JCY
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      I have never heard of a Flowbee. What is it?

    • jjkaiser
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      You are not the only one! What is a Flowbee? At first I thought it had something to do with spinning yarn or chickens. We need to see pics of you ladies hairdos!!!!

    I have to do something to my hair soon. It’s not long enough for a ponytail and I’m tired of pulling it back into clips. Not sure how soon I will feel comfortable going back to my hairdresser.

    Scottie Mom Barb


      I trimmed my bang this week, although I can push to side, I just feathered it like my hairdresser does.

      As for the rest of the mop, I will let it grow. No choice right now. It's at ear level, sort of a bob. If the length drives me nuts, I will tie it up. I have never had hair reach shoulder, ever, so this should be interesting. I'm thinking of leaving the colour grow out, although I have product to colour it.

      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


        Although I was once a hairdresser many years ago I am not good cutting my own. I can and have done the front but the sides and back aren't possible. I needed a cut 6 weeks ago and now I am looking pretty shaggy. My semi wavy hair likes to do its own thing.🙄 When I put on a mask it really doesn't help things.


          My GD, licensed hairdresser, told me, "DON'T DO IT GRANDMA." I'm desperate for a trim but we're all sheltering in and I won't see her until this pandemic is over. Long hair is not my thing. You know how they say that owners and their dogs seem to resemble each other? Yup, that's me!


            When cutting DH's hair last week I decided that I could use a trim. Took a lot off and now I'm glad I do not have to go out in public. LOL Glad I'm not the only one that has had this problem. What is a Flowbee?
            No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.


              I was going to get my hair colored and cut for DD's wedding, this weekend in fact. So instead I ordered John Fridas Go Blonde shampoo and conditioner. It uses lemon just like when me and my friends would put lemon in our hair and sit by the pool. What's the worse that can happen?👱‍♀️lol

              🌺 Lorie


              • Claire Hallman
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                Depending on your natural color it could turn orange

              No, but I need to - and root touch up too!
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                I just don't have the temperament for futzing with my hair every day, so I just let it grow and pull it up in a ponytail or bun. I spend almost nothing on products (cheap shampoo and conditioner only), and have been known to go years between haircuts. I feel so lucky right now........


                  Originally posted by Granny Fran View Post
                  What is a Flowbee?
                  A Flowbee is a hair cutter that attaches to a vacuum. The vacuum lifts the hair up and the Flowbee cuts it. There are extensions to attach to the cutter to get specific lengths. Here's a link to the website,
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                  *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


                  • Granny Fran
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                    Thanks for the info....who knew?

                  • jjkaiser
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                    OMG that sounds extreme!!! Is the end result like a military buzz cut? Or just super super short??

                  • 201 Treadler
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                    if vacuumed hair it would probably all go down tube without the cutting lol certainly a great way to rid of epithelials teehee

                  I was just about to google this. Very interesting product.


                    Funny you ladies started talking of hair cuts. I've kept my hair short (pixie cut) for the last ..ohhh 5 years or so..the same time I stopped coloring it. LOVE that I no longer color it, not because I didn't love the color I was using but just because I was having to do a root job every 4-6 weeks and I hated doing it! (I kept it colored dark, my natural young days color, but I've been completely silver for 15 years or so, wanna talk about 'SKUNK" look..oh yeah) Anyway.. I have TOTALLY been considering SHAVING my head lately. It's been a thought for about a year now..and I swear...that thought is creeping in more and more. Talk about ease of maintenance! I mean, even if I didn't like it, my hair grows pretty fast and it will grow back.. right?? LOL (I'd love to own a flowbee!..thought of ordering one of those years ago and never, wish I had!)
                    😎 Happy Thread tails and trails



                    • jjkaiser
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                      Better plan ahead if you are gonna shave your head. My dh has a beard and once many yrs ago he shaved it off for a job interview. This was in September. Biggest mistake ever. His face with no beard, is so thin and bony he looked like a refugee. And we won't talk about the tan on his face except where he shaved the beard off! Happy ending he did get the job and grew his beard back and never shaved it off again.

                    i have short straight hair and use my Flowbee on it. my son uses it also on his.