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    Welcome Thursday

    Good morning friends. It is another cold one this morning. Yesterday was just brutal. The wind howled all day. I left early yesterday morning so I could get to Giant Tiger right when they opened. I was the first one in. Many followed behind me. I figured if I got there early, the selection would be better. And it was. I could not get eggs as they come in today. I will go get some today. Other than that, not much happening around here.

    From the news reports it doesn't look like our restrictions aren't going to be lifted for quite some time. We have ZERO cases in our region which is amazing. I hope it stays that way. I was asked to make a few more masks. Other than that, I haven't found my mojo yet.

    Have a great day everyone.

    I just checked and now my Walmart order may not arrive until tomorrow. BUT it is in Ottawa which is a good thing.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Our govenor will probably be one of the last to release the stay at home order. What can I say.
    Great weather here. The birds are out there chirping. Lots different here than in the mountains though. I hear the birds here but in the mountains they were up close to the house and visible. Here, they are high in the trees and out from the house. Same with squirrel and rabbit. I know they are here but they aren't close.
    Did some more yard work yesterday, took a nap, watched the carpet cleaner guy clean the carpet. But you know, it smells like wet dog in the house. I don't know why that would be after that thourough cleaning he did.
    I'm going to go check what the wind is doing on the water today. I know DH is going to want to go out and play on the water but when the wind is up I think its kind of scary.
    Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


      Good Morning, Jeff has delayed his hunting this morning because it’s raining. He isn’t having good luck this year.

      I have laundry to do today...laundry and dirty dishes never end, do they? Monique, I’m glad you have no cases of the virus in your area. Remember that someone with no symptoms can still pass the virus. Our restrictions are supposed to be partially eased May 1. We aren’t going to change much of what we are doing now until we see how it goes with new cases after restrictions are lifted.

      We need to make a grocery run for a few key items. I will try to go as early as possible when I do go but it won’t be today in the rain.

      I worked a little on the binding of Jeff’s retirement quilt yesterday until my hand gave out. If I do a little every day it will eventually get done. He wants a special label for it.

      I hope everyone is hanging in there. Stay safe and healthy. Hugs....

      Scottie Mom Barb


      • Monique
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        Have you made bread yet?

      I'm more concerned about the consequences of reopening everything than I was about the shutdown. I plan to continue being very careful and I hope everyone else will too. It's a dull, drizzly day here. I cut the grass yesterday and laundry is caught up so I have no plans made for today. I ordered new Clark's sandals for summer and they're supposed to be delivered today. I was browsing on Amazon and found great prices so I got a black and a brown pair. They'll be my "dress" sandals this year. Have a great day and please keep safe and healthy!
      *~* Myrna *~*
      *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


      • TMP
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        MRoy, I also am more concerned about the reopening of everything more than I was when they shut it down. I think even though I'm going stir crazy inside I will stay home for a good while. I have plenty of supplies and what I run out of my daughter orders for me.

      Good morning ladies!

      Very cold here today too! Not as windy as yesterday, thankfully. Poor daffodils are struggling ... I can see about an inch of green, not much growth in the last week. But then it's been below freezing overnight for about a week. We might reach 40F today. Way below normal for this time of year.

      We are going to be "officially" required to wear masks in certain circumstances, so I'll be making some for family and friends.

      Let's keep busy and safe!


        Good Morning, Everyone ~ It was so good to see my son yest. afternoon! He came by after work to pick up the masks I'd made for him. We each wore our masks & kept our social distance. We chatted ~30 min. outside in the driveway. He's hard of hearing & depends on watching people's mouths, so it's more difficult for him with folks wearing the masks. He had let his beard grow of recent weeks, so he was looking pretty bushy. He planned to trim it back yest. eve. He had plans to participate in a drive-by birthday celebration for a friend, where people drive by, honk their horns, etc.

        Yest. I finally waded through several insurance statements from Medicare & our supplement. We're still getting statements from when DH was in the hosp. in Jan. Boy, they charge you an arm & a leg! Probably to help make up for the folks who don't have ins. But I'm thankful, between the 2 insurances, we have no co-pay. Of course, we pay through the nose for our ins. coverage, but one can't afford to be w/o it. Just the ambulance bill for the 5 mi. to the hosp. was >$2,000.

        We had another beautiful day yest. It got up to 76 deg. Chance of rain this afternoon.

        Now that my mask project is over, I need to get back to FMQ on this baby quilt that is long overdue.


        • SagedCrone
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          Morning!! You had asked yesterday what type of's a travel trailer (pull behind)'s not very big because I don't want to tow a land yacht behind me! I am not completely familiar towing things. LOL I will learn for sure, but. It's a 2010 Gulfstream Conquest..and I'm doing a total gut on it. The only thing I am leaving in it is the small tub/shower combo. Everything else will be to my design to accommodate..SEWING! LOL

        Good morning! We have some sun to start the day here. It will be seasonal today -- near 60. There is some rain in the forecast, but I'd rather that than the snow we had yesterday. Fortunately, it didn't stick.

        Mom's phone should be ready any day now. They sent me an email yesterday saying it was set up but if you call it you get a busy signal. I talked to my sister yesterday, the stay at home order is getting her down. She does not like being confined to home. She is getting a lot of cleaning done, though. Ohio doesn't meet the criteria for phase one, not sure how that will impact the governor's plan to open May 1. My employer is aiming for May 15 with very limited staff.

        My embroidery machine is humming along this morning. I am making some freestanding lace. I forgot how much thread that takes! I am itching to quilt one of my UFO's, I just need to pick a design. I think I will stitch a couple of them out and then decide.

        Time to log in to work. Have a wonderful day!


          Good morning everyone,

          Spring at last!!! Yesterday it was sunny most of the day, and the temps were in the mid 60's! And....wait for wind! Hubby came home early from work and decided it was a perfect day for lawn cleanup. He spent several hours raking and taking leaves to the dump. I think he must have had 4 or 5 pickup loads. While he was working away, I was playing hooky and sitting on the neighbor's deck visiting. ( social distancing of course) It was so nice to feel somewhat normal on such a lovely day.


            Good morning to all!

            Another sunny & hot day here for us. I will continue to be very cautious here as places open again. DH hasn't been out of the house since February. I am the only person ever in my work office. Learning to pay at stores with my phone and using curb-side pickups to limit any contact. Making my orders on-line for home shipping if I can.

            On a good sewing note, I just have to stitch the binding down on a table runner. Happy to have some progress in the sewing room. Have a wonderful day!


              Good morning all. It is a cloudy, grey morning here with rain coming in later. Hopefully it will hold off until after the birthday parade for our grandson, Max. He is 10 today. Family and friends will join together to drive by and wish him a Happy Birthday. Then this evening we will have a video call when he has his birthday cake.

              On the stay at home front, I think we will be one of the last states to get to Phase 3. We are going in the right direction as far as new cases, hospitalizations, etc. but we still have a high number of new cases, and sadly deaths. And, of course, being in that vulnerable age group and having high bp, even after things get to opening up, we will still need to be very cautious about things. Until there is a vaccine, I think I will be very hesitant to be in large crowds.

              That being said, I am looking forward to being able to be with and hug my family members again. In the meantime, I will take things one day at a time. I will try to take more advantage of this time at home to tackle projects I have wished that there was time for.

              No sewing today. I will make the Happy Birthday sign for Max' parade, clean up the remnants of the mask making, bag up the masks that are being picked up today at noon, and do a bit more clean up in the spare bedroom (aka the overflow craft room).

              Have a good day everyone. Be safe all of you in the path of those nasty storms going across the country. And stay warm everyone having chillier than normal weather. Smile.
              Ginny B



                We have another rainy day, thunder and lightning earlier.🤐 I try not to react so I don't scare the dog.😆
                I did the wash yesterday and we have leftovers for dinner tonight so today is a blank slate. I am sure I will do something quilty, there is plenty available to play with/work on. I have 10 face masks partly done so I might finish those up. The desire for them in our neighborhood has died down, I must have made enough for a while. When things begin to open the need will probably increase.


                  Good morning all,
                  It's DITTO for weather like Monique. I hope you get your pkg soon. I think while your area is free now, the danger will be when you get people from other areas travelling to their summer homes and importing C19. If they get so sick to require medical care, your area may not be able to sustain this. Still safe if they keep restrictions in place for awhile in your province, as it is the hotbed of Canada.

                  I am genuinely concerned for forum friends and family who live in states who plan to reopen early, despite not having C-19 under control. I will give everyone here more credit for being cautious and listen to common sense and science. While I previously could not go without regular housecleaner, hair, nail and massage appointments, I know there is no way on earth you can practice distancing.

                  Today I need to stop procrastinating on sewing those glider cushions. It is affecting my whole mojo. I will try to reach mom and résidence staff to get update. I will drop off a package for her.

                  Have an enjoyable day. Stay safe.

                  40,190 / 1974

                  Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                  Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                    Good morning! It’s a rainy day today here, so my new roof installed last week is keeping me dry! Getting ready to pay that bill, and the kitchen appliances are staging a revolt! Dishwasher first, then one day later the microwave! I coaxed the dishwasher back to life, but the microwave was declared dead yesterday by the repairman! Ordered a replacement right away. Wow, the money is flowing out like water! I can’t cook without my microwave!

                    I’ve been making masks, first for my neighbors, then theatre friends, and now friends of friends. Of course the hang up is that my elastic stash Is depleted. I’ve made a batch or two with ties, drawstrings, and today I am going to try doing them with strips of Lycra. I have tons of Lycra scraps from costumes. I think that would be more comfortable than stiff elastic. I also have tons of t shirt scraps that I hear work well. I am not going to run around looking for hair tie elastic. Kind of defeats the purpose of stay at home!

                    Hope everybody is staying safe! Have a great day!


                    • Nwmnteacher
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                      Shabby Fabrics has elastic online.

                    • KarenC
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                      I've been using Bonnie Hunter's version from which uses 1 inch strips from old t shirts for the ties. very easy.

                    Morning all!
                    Woke to a drizzly morning which I expected (the very reason I worked on the camper the first three days of the week!). There is nothing specific planned for my day, chores were finished yesterday, which's a sewing day. On days like this, when it's overcast and rainy I love to put on old movies (mostly from the 40's and early 50's) and sew, cut, or do hand work. That will more than likely be my menu today!
                    I STILL have to decide on my next quilt pattern so there may be a few 'Jenny shows" on today too!

                    As far as us 'opening' back up, I think it's a mistake. In 1918, during the Spanish Flu plague they did the same thing, social distancing etc..they thought it was clear and opened back caused a second wave that killed more than the first wave. I know people are thinking they are going stir crazy, but I truly believe opening back up is too soon, it would cause a second wave..and unfortunately that would devastate the health structure. I hope I'm wrong and it doesn't happen.

                    I sure do hope everyone stays safe and you have a grand day! Just, it improves your face value!
                    😎 Happy Thread tails and trails



                    • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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                      I believe that you are right, and most medical experts agree. Until there's a vaccine, it won't really be safe.

                    I think I'm going to have to take a pair of scissors to my bangs today. They have gotten ridiculous. Wish me luck!

                    I will pick up the hotspot for Em's schoolwork computer and drop off her soccer uniform at 11. I have a staff meeting today (@ 11) and a possible writing class zoom. The intent is to be in the sewing room the rest of the day. Wish me luck in there too!
                    Be who you are and say what you feel
                    because those who mind don't matter,
                    and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss



                    • pcbatiks
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                      Hi Cathy, I know what you mean about the bangs. I'm considering cutting mine too. Found this video yesterday. It looks helpful.
                      Good Luck...I'm a little scared to cut mine too!


                    • JCY
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                      I've been cutting my hair for >30 yrs. DH's, too. I use a hand mirror & the wall mirror to cut the back; I do part of it by feel. I put a bandaide on my middle finger of my L. hand to avoid nipping them with the scissors. We have clippers to do the neck. Just think of all the $ we've saved over the years!

                    • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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                      I've already trimmed my bangs this week, more of a wispy cut.

                      It was so funny on a morning show I watch. One of the speakers had long hair and bang was almost to her nose. From his home, her hairdresser was going to walk her thru a cut. He had a head dummy and had taped scotch tape across forehead. Then he said, take scissors (her's looked more like garden sheers) and cut. Rather than cutting below the tape, she cut above. Too funny, bang was maybe 2" long. She laughed and told him he will be busy when this is over. Next she planned to tackle her roots.