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    For the record, I love the ability to connect with friends and family using today's technology.

    For those who don't know, I work in the schools in the special education department as a para-educator. We have had a big adjustment to the way we teach our kids. Where we live, Internet is sketchy at the best of times. The internet providers out here have not done anything to increase capacity since they first installed the systems.
    With everybody and their brother working from home, learning from home, and trying to not go bonkers just being home, the service is extremely taxed. My daughter and I are often trying to work at the same time and we cannot stay connected. By the end of the work day, we are tired of fighting the battle. Although by this time of night, we have no problem.

    We are going to pick up a wireless hotspot for Em's Chromebook to see if that helps. It's provided by the school district and has data limits, but should be enough for her to stream her daily Zoom meetings. Let's hope this eliminates the struggle to access her lessons. It would be nice if everything worked like it was supposed to, especially for the price we pay.

    I miss seeing the kids. Way more than I expected I would.
    For some of them, I worry about what they are going through at home. Others, I miss their funny stories and antics. Still others, I wonder how they are going to be ready for that big jump to middle school.
    I popped into the classroom today to pick up a couple of textbooks so I can help my SpEd kids work through the assignments, most of which are beyond their capabilities.
    The room looked like it was expecting the students to come plowing back in the door any minute. The chairs were down, desks still had their supplies in them, some had papers hanging out like they had just crammed them in on their way to P.E. moments earlier, not left behind more than a month ago.
    I know we will do our best to keep them engaged and moving forward in their learning. It's just sad. It feels like we let them down somehow.

    What's up in your neck of the woods tonight?
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    because those who mind don't matter,
    and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss

    I thought about you today when I read the sheriff's page. Was that out your way?

    Got any baby goats?

    No rainbows!


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      Yes. I'm pretty sure it started & ended a bit south of us. At least they recovered the stolen items.
      There have been a ton of thefts out here. We don't leave anything unlocked, or with the ease of movement. All trailers have been chocked with hitches locked, or in some cases, just blocked in. We have a nest of unsavory types down the road from us. They have had several run-ins with the authorities, and they bring in others who like to help themselves to things that don't belong to them.
      Between the fences, dogs, and other deterrents, we haven't had too much trouble with them in several years. The spike strips buried to keep the cats out of the garden seemed to have stopped the off-road vehicles from using our front flower bed as a jump. The mail boxes haven't been flattened since we reinforced the wooden frame with those metal poles, and it's amazing what a Red Dot can light up across the driveway.

      No baby goats yet. Our only one is due in July. Although it looks like I'll be heading to Oklahoma to pick up a friend's livestock that she had to leave with another friend when she moved 2 weeks ago. She's leaving most of the older goats, and only bringing this year's kids and a milker or two. They will hang out here until she has her fences and a shelter built.