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    It's Wednesday

    And it is a cold one this morning. The wind howled all night long and is still howling. It snowed on and off all day, one minute the sun would shine, then for a few minutes a full blown snowstorm, then there was hail, then the sun would come out again. Mother Nature just can't make up her mind.

    Well good news on my Walmart order, it is finally moving and I should have it tomorrow. About frigging time.

    I didn't do much of anything yesterday. I have lost my mojo to do much of anything. I think the cold weather brings me down. Hoping the weather improves in the coming days. We are supposed to get warmer temps by the end of the week.

    A long term care home in the Ottawa area, the Perley, now has patients that have tested for covid. My cousin is in this facility and apparently it is on his floor. It would be a blessing if he passed, he doesn't have a very good quality of life as it is now. Very sad just the same.

    Not sure what this day holds yet. I am trying to get motivated by going into the sewing room but not motivation coming.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    I think this stay at home order has sort of made all of us a little less motivated and we are losing track of days. Hopefully we will begin to move forward. Lots of protests going on and I see people defying the order soon. I want to see my children!!
    We made an offer on a house. Inspections on Tuesday. Hopefully the repairs will be cosmetic as we see and we can handle them. The house has good space, but mostly, great water and a small lot with pine needles as floor covering so I think we might be able to handle it. Only 5 miles from a town and 25 to a city. Did I mention the water is spectacular. A nice screened in porch and a room I can sew in with water views! I'll have to share the room with DH as office space but .... Anyway we think we negotiated a good price and we did all the paper work yesterday.
    The carpet cleaner is coming this morning and so I need to move all the furniture . After the inspection, I will talk to the real estate leasing agent and see if we can break the lease. If they are able to rent the place it shouldn't be a problem and if they can't, we'll just have to pay until its over. Not a cheap proposition, but sometimes you just take things as they come I guess.
    Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


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      Congrats Terry on finding a house! What town will you be close to? How wonderful to have a sewing room/office with a water view !

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      CONGRATS!! Moving is always an adventure!! Good luck with the lease issues.

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      First off, congratulations on finding a house! I hope the inspection and closing go well, and that your current landlord will take into account all the improvements you have done to make his property more valuable.

      Please, please, PLEASE, do not defy the order to shelter in place. This virus is deadly. Do the responsible thing and help slow the spread. Visit with your kids and GKs via FaceTime or Zoom for now.

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Terry ~ Congratulations on finding a property! I hope to hear more about it. I hope you'll be able to get out of your lease. The owner ought to give you at least 1 mo. free rent for all the hard work you've done cleaning up the place.

    It promises to be another nice day, but probably won't be as warm as yest. when we had 78 deg. I had the front door & 2 BR windows open to air out the house. It was a beautiful spring day.

    I finished up the last of the face masks yest. a.m. & got them all washed & hung outside on the line. DS#2 will come by after work to pick them up. He's been wearing a large western hanky until I got these made. Walmart did provide them with some masks yest., but they were flimsy. The ties came off. He managed to make it through the day by stapling the ties back on.

    I took advantage of the nice day to change the sheets on the bed. I aired the pillows out in the sun for several hrs.

    This a.m. is our Zoom Bible study discussion.


      Good morning!

      It is sunny and cold today -- high in the low 40's. Seasonal for Northeast Ohio this time of year is around 60. We may come close to that tomorrow.

      Something skittered across the floor a little while ago. It was not a mouse. A large bug, maybe? I grabbed a shoe to smoosh it, but it was gone. I have been home for weeks and this is the first time I have seen anything other than ants. When the stay at home order is lifted, I need to call an exterminator. They seem to have developed a resistance to the ant bait. Usually, I put the bait out once and they're gone. These keep coming back for more. My sister had a similar problem years ago and the exterminator found large colony near the house.

      Monique: sorry to hear your cousin's facility has Covid. I thought I read Suzanne has a similar situation at her Mom's facility. Scary times. I am grateful Mom's facility is clear so far, but who knows how long that will last. She should have her phone installed soon; it will be nice to be able to check on her. We will need to make appointments to talk to her, Mom is very technology-challenged and won't be able to operate the phone (new model has closed captioning).

      I'd better log in to work before they think I disappeared. I have three more meetings today. I am glad to have a job, but am getting tired of the constant meetings. I never had this many when we were on site.

      Have a wonderful day!


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        I used to have a major problem with ants when I lived in SC.. They have fire ants that don't usually come inside, but every once in a while, they will build a nest right next to the house, or possibly just under the footing of the house and then, they will fill the walls of your house and build upward inside the 2x4's...or all along the brick' was horrible. Good luck with the ants! Remind me someday to tell you of my mouse adventures..I've got a few!

      Good morning all. The sun is shining this morning. Woohoo! We had some nasty weather roll through yesterday afternoon. And I think we'll be back to rainy weather again tomorrow into Friday so we will take advantage of the relatively nice weather today and take a walk.

      Yesterday was my stepdaugters birthdays (yes, twins), tomorrow is grandson Max' 10th birthday and Sunday is our 17th anniversary. Normally a week filled with at least one party (for Max and we celebrate the girls b'day at the same time) and a dinner out for our anniversary. This year is very different. Just birthday phone calls for the girls, a birthday parade for Max tomorrow afternoon and we will order dinner from our favorite local Italian restaurant on Sunday and have date night at home. I hope we will get to be with our kids and grands soon but with the #'s of cases of the virus being so high here, we will just have to be patient a little bit longer.

      Monique, I am sure your mojo will come back. It's a weird time and motivation is sometimes hard to come by. Terry good luck with the house and all that will involve. And yay for a sewing room with a water view!

      Today I will spend some time in my sewing room making masks and getting some more into the mail for my son and his gf who live in Georgia. They may be going back to work shortly and they need more masks for when that happens. I also want to spend some more time on decluttering in the spare bedroom and hubby has a painting project he is working on. So today will be a productive day.

      Have a good day everyone. Focus on something positive and to borrow a phrase from our Blondie, don't forget to smile.
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      Ginny B


      • SagedCrone
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        I am hoping mine will be productive as well Ginny! I have so much on my plate that sometimes I feel overwhelmed. The camper is my big overwhelm right now..I'm at a loss as to where to go from here sometimes!
        Have a great day!

      Good morning!

      It's a sewing day here and a little more organizing. The fabrics are on the table waiting for a nice press of the iron. Then I'll try some placemats and napkins. Still working on getting that project into the finished pile. Time to finish coffee and laundry so I can stitch.

      Terry, Congrats on finding a new space especially on the water. Hope everything works for you. I'm sitting with you on the slump bus but six feet away. LOL!

      Monique, Special thoughts for your cousin and the members in his facility.


        Good morning all and Happy Earth Day.
        Its so windy that I feel I might be transported to the Land of Oz. It's a slight improvement of yesterday's crazy snowy rainy weather. Temps are colder than normal, stil wearing a winter coat although the rest of winter clothes were put away in March.
        I am grateful that we have a solid home to keep us warm and safe.

        Picked up up food early morning yesterday, cleaned the bathrooms and had long nap in afternoon. Not much motivation or ambition otherwise. I've been working on those old cushions and I find my throat is sore and congested afterwards. Probavly full of bacteria and old decomposing material. I'll be happy when I can put these behind me.

        Monique - sad to hear about your uncle. My mom's facility also has 1 employee who tested positive. He/she worked at the other 3 Bruyere facilities before this was stopped by provincial regulations. Mom has had temp monitored for few weeks, but suspect that they will test as person worked on her floor. It's a wait and see. They will probably now isolate patients in their bedroom, which she will certainly complain about. Long-term care facilities are the hardest hit for Covid deaths. In our region, it accounts for 2/3 deaths.
        Terry - congrats on finding a home. Sending positive vibes that all will go well with breaking lease. Will you be selling other home.

        Time to kick butt and get going. Fence guy is coming this aft to provide estimate. Enjoy your day.

        38,422 / 1834

        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

        Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


        • SagedCrone
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          Your mention of the 'fence guy' reminded me I need to call a contractor soon to do a check on one of the outbuildings we have for the possibility of converting it to a 'granny cottage' ..I'm glad to say my motivation is 'ok' could be better, but it's workable. I LOVE naps! I may do that today as well!! Hope your day is great!

        Morning all,

        Last night had some thunderstorms roll in but the sun looks to be shining this morning.

        This has not been the best week for us Monday while my husband was taking a walk he lost his footing and took a bad fall in the street. Luckily he was about 4 houses from home. He managed to get himself up but was hurt and would not let me call the paramedics for fear they might want to take him to the ER. Now is not the time to be in the hospital here in NY with the virus. Even though I've been retired from the medical field for 21 years I was able to do a good job of assessing the damage and cleaning him up. I suspect he may have a cracked rib. To add insult to be injury my back went out later that afternoon and I am flat on the couch. We laughed and said between the two of us we may have a few good parts to make one of us.

        So our day consists of reading and trying not to move to suddenly. Hopefully by the end of the week we may be functioning adults again.

        Wishing all a good day be well and stay safe.
        If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

        Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes![email protected]/


        • Monique
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          Aw I hope you are not too laid up for long. Take care.

        • Ginny B
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          Oh no Cathy! I totally understand not wanting to go into the ER. That was our dilemma a couple weeks ago when hubby cut his finger. I hope you both heal and feel better soon.

        • jjkaiser
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          Oh no I am so sorry to hear this. I know it is not funny, not at all, but I could just picture this as a scene out of an old I Love Lucy show!!

        Good morning all,

        I'm with you, Suzanne, thinking we would be blown out of the state by the winds. We've been having a lot of windy days lately. Today is supposed to be much calmer and 54 degrees! WooHoo!

        I can relate to all of you saying you've lost your sewing mojo. I went into the sewing room yesterday, and just sat there trying to decide what to work on. Nothing inspired me. I have lots of UFOs, but those didn't provide any inspiration either. I have a cute pattern for a little purse and thought I'd try that out, but then discovered I don't have the right interfacing. Guess I'll have to browse online for some.

        To those of you with loved ones in care facilities, thoughts and prayers.


        • SagedCrone
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          I've done much the same thing so many times with just 'looking' and never 'doing'..sometimes, it's just not there.

        Good Morning All, I posted on T's post this morning.

        Now, at almost 11, I'm going to get busy... Doing what? I don't know, but I feel like I should do something!
        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


          Good morning here too!
          We are having a run of rain for the next week or so.
          I forgot to mention that we set up the incubator and are starting a batch of a dozen chicken eggs. Hopefully we will have babies in about a month. We normally have the school kids do this as a science project, but obviously that's not going to happen this year!
          The coffee cup is empty, and if I want to get anything done in the sewing room before I start work/school, I had better get on it!

          Have a wonderful day!
          Be who you are and say what you feel
          because those who mind don't matter,
          and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss


          • SagedCrone
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            Ohhh baby chicks!! Love it! I miss mine sometimes, the fresh eggs were phenomenal!

          • toggpine
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            The poultry are pretty much Hubby's thing. There is one sassy hen that is worming her way into my heart, cheeky thing. I'm the one to set up the incubator, as I have done it at the school in the past.
            I did have to go look up the instructions since they never quite made it home from the school. According to what I found online, I am completely shocked that we ever managed to hatch chicks out of this thing! I kind of let the science teacher set it up and run with it. Her interpretation of the directions was "loose" at best. We will see if we have more or less success with this batch now that I understand the heat & humidity settings better.

            We need to rotate some of the older ladies out to pasture and replace them with younger egg layers. There is nothing like farm fresh eggs!

          • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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            That would be so interesting to watch. I remember going to a chick 'factory' as a child. Thousands of chicks being hatched. It left an impression on me.

          Good Morning Ladies (and gents!)
          It's a beautiful sun shiny day where I'm at in MT! (I peeked at the weather report, and it looks like we might have some rain coming in tomorrow) Its 9:30 am for me and I've accomplished enough inside that if I don't do anything else today ..I wont feel bad! (I hope). Laundry is washed, ready to hang out as soon as I finish breakfast's a bagel kinda day! Once I hang out the laundry I will head to the camper and (even though I'm not in the mood to work on it) I've promised myself one hour on any sunny/warm day is a must or I will never get done. (and once I'm there, and start working, it usually stretches to 2 hrs)
          Do any of you do that?? I do this for MANY things, but not everything but I try to give something I'm in the process of SOME time each day. It may be an hour, it may be 15 mins or heck, it could be an 'all day' thing. Like 1 hour or more each (sunny warm) day on the camper, 1 hour or more each day sewing, cleaning, reading, napping ..etc.
          An avid believer it 'eat the frog first'.. (if you haven't heard of that..ask..I'll explain)

          But..all that said, I'm still working on more than one sewing project..I have a needlepoint picture that I'm trying to work on for that hour each day ( or more) I have a tendency to do that at night, I'm searching for a new quilt pattern to make, and I have one cut and ready to sew that was originally intended for the retreat (but that was of course, postponed).

          I hope each of you have a great great day (and since I've had so many interruptions while creating this post..(an hour! cause it's 10:30!!) I'm off to the camper! Adios!
          😎 Happy Thread tails and trails



          • JCY
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            What kind of renovation are you doing on your camper? Is this a camper on the back of a P/U, a 5th wheel, or a trailer type camper? I would think MT has many wonderful places at which to go camping.

          • 201 Treadler
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            used to take a cuppa and just go sit, if a spark of inspiration happen while there was happy, if not still had the cuppa.
   a camper build good air conditioning lol

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            If there is a big job that seems overwhelming, we set a timer. 15 minutes (or whatever is reasonable) of serious work on the project, then a break, again timed. I have found that this reduces the anxiety of the huge project. We have A LOT of anxiety around reading & writing school work in this house.
            We have found it to be useful in other endeavors too.