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    Hello Wednesday

    Hi friends
    Hello Wednesday,
    It is sunny again today, missed the sun coming up, was actually asleep, now have a headache alas will muddle on.
    Last night got on and finished part 3, then washed some layer cakes, they have shrunk 1/2 inch in one direction, just with cold water. drip drying.
    will iron and cut later.
    Have a great day in what ever do

    Good morning I guess we were writing at the same time. It is too darn tooting cold this morning. And here I thought spring has sprung. Will have to wait a little longer for the warmer weather. Have a great day T.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


      no worries, have a great day Monique, am sorry its so cold,
      just been over on you tube watching Misty and Ashelyn


        Good morning ladies! Cold here too. -6C when I got up, that's about 21F, I think. Definitely no yard work this morning ...

        Found a recipe on Epicurious for "Very Versatile Spicy Baked Beans" ... definitely in need of comfort food. Going to make that today.

        All of you in Eastern Canada, stay warm (and safe) !!!


        • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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          I'd be interested in your review of these baked beans. I make baked beans and family & friends rate them as the best. I have debated entering a baked bean contest in a village out of town. Maybe one day.

        Good morning everyone. It looks like a decent day here in Alabama, warming up enough that the ants have appeared with all their friends.๐Ÿ™„ DH is going to spray today but I need to get the cat and dog outside for a while when he does. No problem, I would love to hang out on the porch for a while. I think I will bathe the dog and brush the cat while I am at it.
        I am about ready to plant some things in pots around our patio but will have to visit the garden center and we have been in and intend to continue that for the foreseeable future.
        I have been working away with quilting a double wedding ring and so far so good, I need to do lots more but can only do about 1 1/2 hours at a stretch. I am ready to proceed with the Cozy quilt sewquester but alas no more videos yet and I do not want to start another project since I have that started and two in the quilting process.


          Good Morning All,

          Yesterday was peaceful. Mike was off, Jim and Morgan with kids in tow came by for a few minutes. (According to Zeke, they were coming to my birthday) no party here, that's for sure. They brought flowers, so far my allergies have been alright. I put them on the dining room table, lol, I'm socially distancing my self from them.

          Mike bought dinner from the new local seafood place. He said they had 1 waitress and 2 cooks working. They're brand new, I hope they'll be able to weather this storm.

          I've got to reload my printers ink today. Hopefully, the new lesson on the sewquester quilt will be out today, as they're starting something new on Monday. I need a trip to the fabric store to pick my contrast fabric. I have an jelly roll I want to use up and plenty of snow for the background, but don't have anything that I think would be a good contrast.

          Not sure what today will bring, would like to get some veggies for a nice salad, but that will depend on Mike.

          Take care and have a great day!

          โ€œNothing can dim the light which shines from within.โ€ Maya Angelou


          • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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            Was it your birth day? I thought you were May baby.

          • KPH
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            Yep, Tuesday, along with Queen Elizabeth and my cousin that was born on my 16th birthday.

          • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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            Happy belated birthday Katrina.

          The rain has returned to Western Washington. It sounds so peaceful and smells fresh.
          I have a couple of Zoom classes with students today. I'm waiting to hear from the tech department to see if a wireless hot spot will help our connectivity. If Emily and I are both trying to Zoom we will certainly get booted off repeatedly. Ugh.

          I have about an hour before I need to be in there. I'm going to sneak into the sewing room for a bit. After "work" I'll head to the food bank for a couple of hours to help prep for their big packing day.

          Take care! Cathy
          Be who you are and say what you feel
          because those who mind don't matter,
          and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss


          • JCY
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            For Zoom, are you using the free service, or are you paying the monthly fee? With our BSF discussion group, they end our session when we're only half way done. We all login again to continue for the rest of our time. With our virtual guild mtg. last week, they are paying the monthly fee, so we had no interruptions in our mtg. There were 67 of us on. I think it makes a difference if one is using the free service or paying.

          • toggpine
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            We are using the free service. Zoom offered to remove time constraints from school districts. If I use my school email to log in, there is no limit once they verify that my email is registered and valid with the district.
            Mostly I just attend, not instigate them. I think it's the host that has the time constraints.

            It does make a difference. The time limit is 45 minutes or so, it also limits the number of attendees in a meeting for the Free program.

          HI all..looking to be a great day here in MT..I'm off to hang some laundry and then work in my camper for a bit.. Maybe a nap after and then to some sewing...or at least watching some sewing videos. I can't decide which pattern I want to do next!! Have a great day all!
          ๐Ÿ˜Ž Happy Thread tails and trails



            Captain Tom who has raised money for the NHS is in the news for receiving many birthday cards, he has got a team opening them, apparently turns 100 years old next week here are the stories so far to brighten your day


              I just realized there were 2 threads today. I'm back. Did a load of laundry, fence guy came to discuss options and will send estimate. Given the current situation, they may not be able to book until end of June-July. I also went with DD, DH & Gks to visit a building lot. They are looking at building a house on 1+ acre of land, so the kids can run around. It's great to plan, but new construction is halted for now. There would be enough clearing of lot. Then I picked up donuts for DH. Enjoying a tea to warm up and an out. Supper later tonight

              Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

              Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.