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Welcome to a gloomy Tuesday

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    Welcome to a gloomy Tuesday

    Good morning everyone. I wasn't able to get here early yesterday as I got called in to work, the same place I worked on Friday. Another small post office where I was able to get some hand quilting done. Not much happened on the weekend, except on Sunday we take a drive on some back roads. There is still snow in some places. It was a nice drive.

    So other than work there isn't much happening here. I did get a quilt onto the quilt frame. That is about as far as I got.

    It looks like rain is happening today. April showers will bring May flowers, right? And I think we are getting the S word tonight, I hope not.

    So have a great day everyone.

    OH NO!! We are having a snow storm. UGH!! 2cm expected.
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    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning Monique and all to follow. The sun was a beautiful red ball in the sky as it came up over the horizon this morning. But as it rose in the sky, it had gotten covered by the clouds. I think we are in for some nasty weather later today.

    It was a busy day yesterday for both hubby and myself. I did a bunch of laundry, worked on masks and made dinner. Hubby gave the front and back yards their first mow of the season and prepped a door for painting. We got a request last night for another 13 masks. So I will add them to the request for "as many as you can make " we got Sunday night and the 6 more for my son and his gf. Guess I will be busy for a few more days.

    It is hubby's turn to cook dinner so I won't be in the kitchen today. Other than masks, I am not sure what I will get up to today. It is my step-daughters' birthdays today. Maybe we will take a couple drives and wish them a happy birthday from 6 ft. away. Thursday is our grandson Max' birthday and, depending on the weather, there will be a birthday drive by parade.

    Have a good day all. Find something to do to make you smile.

    Ginny B


      Good morning. We are expecting strong storms this afternoon. I will have all 4 dogs in the kitchen with me. One barks at the thunder and is now teaching the puppy to bark. The other 2 just shake.
      I am planning on making some kid masks today to drop off for the fundraiser. I am trying to keep up with the cleaning around here. I do miss our house cleaner.

      Have s a good day.



        Good morning!

        Today will be cold and windy, with temps dropping into the 30's by lunchtime. Brr! I may need to put the liner in my coat. I need to run up to the grocery store on my break for a few things.

        I have three meetings for work today. The last one is always the hardest -- the daily 2 pm meeting follows the daily 1 pm meeting, and covers the exact same information as the earlier meeting, in excruciatingly painful detail. Honestly, I tune a lot of it out. I have a counterparts group that just set up bi-weekly meetings at the same time as the later meeting. I was going to decline it due to the conflict, but I think it will be nice to get away from the monotony of the other meeting.

        Speaking of work, it's time to log in for my morning chat. Have a wonderful day!


          Good Morning, Everyone ~ We had such a beautiful day yest. It got up to 72 deg. It's supposed to be in the 60's today. Our lawn is really growing. That snow moisture must have given it a boost. It may need to be mowed pretty soon. There were 4 rabbits in the back yard yest. eve. When the weather gets warm, they look so funny when they stretch way out trying to stay cool.

          Our governor has begun phase one of relaxing some of the restrictions on businesses; it starts April 26. It's called "safer at home." Some retail businesses may be allowed to open with curb side service. Hair salons, barber shops may open. People still must wear masks when out & about. Restaurants & bars are to remain closed until maybe mid-May. Schools remain closed for the rest of the year.

          I finished the masks for DS#2 in MD & mailed off 2 pkgs.--one to him, his wife & dau., one to his son & his wife. I had meant to take pics before I mailed them, but forgot. I made more masks in the afternoon. I have 5 of 6 finished for DS#2 who lives here. He's been using a large handkerchief/bandana until he gets these. I still want to make a couple new ones for myself.

          I had PT yest. a.m. I did 6 min. on the exercise bike. I noticed my RPMs were higher & I went a further distance than previous times, so I guess that's progress. The therapist did some massage on my lower back & hip which really helped loosen up things. I think I'm making slow progress.


            Good Morning All,

            It's a beautiful morning here in Sunny FL. Mike wants the family to do something for my birthday but I'm like we can wait until later. I received a thank you note from baby Wesley's mom. He's still having difficulties with his heart valve. I know he'll be monitored for a long while from what's been said. It's what's not being said that worries me. I received a birthday card from Wesley's grandmother and she thanked me, too for the quilt. She and her husband, have hunkered down with her brother, he's disabled and she's the designated care taker since her parents have passed. Hopefully, her husband (big Wesley) will be able to keep him in line!

            Mike didn't go in until 3:30 yesterday, so I fixed him scalloped potatoes and ham for lunch yesterday. There's a little left over, not enough for the two of us. Maybe we'll have ham sandwiches today for lunch and I'll pick a drop off for dinner.

            After he left, I worked in my sewing room. I've started a messenger bag for my DIL. She loves purple. Once I started, I realized I didn't have the right hardware, so Amazon got an order. I should be bag strap ready for a while! Everything is ready to assemble once the hardware gets here next week. Cross your fingers I don't have to move anything. I'd put all of my interfacing in a scrap paper box, it took me almost an hour to find it. I'd forgotten what I'd done with it. Time to get the label maker back out!

            Time to get started doing something productive! Have a wonderful day!

            β€œNothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


              Good morning! Getting ready to login to another busy day working from home. I love it, so productive but wowser I'm so busy. I forgot a break yesterday, lost track of time. Not today, I want to clean doors and cabinets around the house during breaks.

              I've been struggling with sciatica for a year now, in Dec it got so bad it has been affecting my mobility and I'm 41. I tried everything...Dr, meds, PT, yoga and no relief. Finally found the answer bf bought me a teeter inversion table....less than five minutes and I feel like a new person! Since I do have a desk job we're doing treatments throughout the day. You have no idea how good it feels not to be in pain 24/7 I couldn't even walk more than 100 ft without resting. End rant it was good news!!

              I have been in a sewing quilting slump but got inspired by a couple tutorials....I have plenty of fabric....thanks retail therapy! I sent a download to my bf email from Shabby Fabrics so now he's getting e-mails and ideas lol The latest now he wants a jelly roll rug. They look easy enough, I'm up for it!

              I hope everyone stays safe and healthy. Off to make coffee and dress for work to start the day!


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                Am so happy to learn your not being in pain 24/7 with your new teeter, have fibro its so tiring to be in pain. Alas so pleased for you.πŸ‘

              Good morning everyone,
              It has started to snow since we got back from grocery store. We were there after 7am, I picked up fresh vegetables and fruits, which we were about to run out of, and doubled up on items we have run out of. Again, we should be good for 2+ weeks. We will drop off toilet paper to his son. None in his area, and he doesn't drive.

              Yesterday, cleared out the GKs playroom, and DD came with GKs at 6' distance to pick up play costumes and closet organizer. They were running on front lawn, screaming and yelling. Just having fun. They have so much energy. DD was dropping off package for mom, so I added items for her. She also picked up Tim coffee and timbits for staff.

              I haven't identified today's activities. Probably a nap as I didn't sleep well. Probably some cooking and sewing. I did make a new ironing board cover.

              Take care and be safe.

              36,831 / 1690

              Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

              Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                Hello friends, happy Tuesday
                we have sunshine again its amazing so many days with out rain, it got up to 25 degrees c in kitchen this morning with the solar heat through window.
                Has been a strange day with a nap needed in it.
                Noticed at 9 pm last night there is a star in the west that flashes. will see it again tonight we are expecting many sparkles appear outside (a frost), look forward to seeing the spiders webs outside glinting in the mornings dawn, hopefully will not upset the flowers on the blooming trees.
                Having to readjust seam allowance on part 3, it all measures as should as the finished size but does not match up, to the finish size of the quilt which is as it should be the numbers are the same, will keep at it. its a while since was in touch with seam ripper, may have to get the vice out to hold it πŸ‘€, everyone should have a vice in their life teehee.😁 renewing old skills 😜.
                Have a fabulous day in whatever you do.


                  Back again. I had a lovely 2 1/2 hr nap. I think I will have a light snack instead of dinner.

                  i just checked my emails, and had another update from mom's residence sent an hr ago. A caregiver has been identified as Covid positive. Prior to a week ago, caregivers could work at multiple facilities, this is no longer allowed in our province. This person worked at both of their other facilities. As a precaution, their building has declared an outbreak, which means that residents on her floor will now be tested as this is where the employee worked. I haven't spoken to mom, but I am sure she will have plenty to tell me when I do.

                  Please keep my mom and the residents in your prayers that the virus has not settled in there.

                  Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                  Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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                    praying for negative tests for residents, fingers are crossed. hugs too.

                  Well, I noticed you're all senior members, but I really want to jump in and say HI!..GOOD EVENING! (even if I am a newbie! LOL) Instead of replying to each post, I put my comments for the posts in this one..hope you don't mind, it seemed the best way to catch up after coming in late to the game! I'm not one to always jump on the computer first thing in the morning (sometimes I do..for sure) BUT today the weather was looking to be beautiful again like it was yesterday so I had plans to jump into the yard and tackle some more on my Camper. (You can find out about that in the intro section of the forums) .. Anyway, Since I'm doing this alone, (with my sons help when he can) I'm having to work very slow on the camper renovations for various and sundry reasons, so today my goal just finish off two specific things and I did it (Total time was about 2 hours). Now, onto some sewing, probably not quilt related but a needlepoint I pulled from my UFO pile.

                  Suzanne, will remember your mother and the residents in my nightly vigil. Sorry to hear it has happened. (I snuck in a 1/2 hr nap after lunch myself!)

                  Treadler do you mind me asking where you are located (or close) We've just gotten the last of our most recent snowfall melted off with the 70 degrees we hit today, but it doesn't mean it will be our last snow. Montana is surely a fun and new place for me to learn the weather patterns, specially different from the old south.

                  Momofmonsters5: Oh boy do I understand Sciatica pain. It is horrible. I sure do hope your solution works for you permanently. I've been on meds for about 6 years for it, but recently reducing the amount with walking, some yoga and stretches. They work for me, granted only temporarily, but I did get the opportunity to stop doing what caused mine to come on (my office job of extended sitting (dispatcher))

                  KPH: I'm just starting to make some bags, simple ones for now, but I have a goal of making more 'handbag' like, Is that what a 'messenger bag' is. Would love to see some pictures of bags you have made!

                  JCY: Great on the masks, I've only managed to make a few for my in residence family. We live so remotely here, we never see anyone but ourselves! (Just the 4 of us here, DS, DIL and GD (along with 5 furbabies). DIL is the only one traveling out and about, she goes about once every 3 weeks to shop..I think she stretched it to 4 weeks once. We've kinda been hunkered down since Dec or before really. Not due to virus, but just due to lifestyle and remoteness of where we live.

                  JulieC : I laughed at your meeting posts! Are you enjoying the ability to work from home?? I think I would love it!! Where are you that it's so cold!?

                  baslp: Ha! I used to have two dogs afraid of storms..thunder specifically.. I always joked and called them "THUNDERPUSS" Good luck with the dogs and stay safe from the storms.

                  GinnyB : Thank you for the mask making..I'm sure they are appreciated. Happy Birthday to your step-daughter and the drive by parade for your grandson Max's birthday sounds SOO CUTE!!! My oldest grandson will be 12 next month, they grow so fast, time sure does slip through the fingers! I will of course, not be able to visit, they are in PA and travel is of course, not possible yet.

                  Monique: What type of frame and long arm? OR is it for hand sewing? I just recently purchased a qnique 15 with a hoop type frame. I'm still learning and it's surely different than the a regular sewing machine! Trying to get used to it!!
                  😎 Happy Thread tails and trails



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                    Jump on in, any time. I think most of us check the thread through the day so we won't miss any messages.

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                    Hi Saged Crone,
                    welcome to the forum.πŸ‘‹
                    Am across the water in the UK, it is currently 03:52 am, just finished sewing. Thought would pop in.
                    The camper sounds like a happy challenge, was a tent camper way back. fond memories.

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                    Welcome to the forum. We can only help for best.