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Distance Learning, part 2

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  • Cokie
    That was certainly the long away around to find the answer - lol! Love these stories. Of course you can't really blame "J" - we have Alexa, not Siri, and she sometimes gives us answers we don't understand either! 😃

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  • SallyO'Sews
    started a topic Distance Learning, part 2

    Distance Learning, part 2

    DD the Kindergarten teacher is meeting daily with her Kindergarten students (and their parents) via Zoom:

    Setting: A rainy day, online classroom (*read all answers as being yelled simultaneously*)

    "J, you told us you were growing plants with your mommy! Who knows what plants need to grow?"

    S#1: "Sunshine!"
    S#2: "Dirt!"

    "Very good! What else do they need?"

    Students: "......"

    "Okay, does anyone know what the weather is today?"

    N: "Oh yeah, it's rainin'!"

    J, loudly (whilst sitting by a window): "WAIT -- let me ask Siri!"
    J's mom, aside: *whispers urgently* "Boy, look out the window!"
    J: *ignores mom* "Hey Siri! WHASDAWEDDEROWSIDE?"
    Siri: "........."
    J, more aggressively: "SIRI! WAAAS DA WEDDDDDDER, OWSIIIIIIIDE?!"
    Siri: *pulls up non-audio weather information*
    J's mom, laughing: "She's not gonna tell you, baby, you have to read it!"
    J: *opens eyes wide, plants face directly above the phone, lips parted* "It's..... .... DA WEDDER IS FOURTEENSEVEN TODAY, GUYS." *triumph face*

    In conclusion, it was 47°, and plants need water to grow.