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Sunday Morning Greetings :)

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    Sunday Morning Greetings :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Other than doing my PT exercises, I plan to take it easy today. My lower back is acting up. Very tight & painful. I really need a full body massage, but all those businesses are closed due to C-19. I've got heat on it as I sit here. Hopefully it will loosen up a bit as I start my day. I'll watch church on the computer at 10 a.m.

    On the 5 a.m. news, it was announced our governor has made it state law that everyone must wear a mask or face covering when they leave their homes. I noticed on the eve. news he was wearing his mask when he met VP Pence, who was in CO to address the Air Force Academy grads. Pence was not wearing a mask. There was a fly-over from Greeley all the way down to the Academy, honoring all the health care workers & the grads.

    I spent the morning yest. doing the chicken soup. It made 16 qts., so the freezer is well stocked.

    I hope to get at least 2 more masks made this afternoon. I'd like to get 6 in the mail tomorrow for DS#1 & his family.

    Good morning Joy and all who follow. I kept busy yesterday doing more laundry. Luckily I got the sheets and quilts washed, hung outside and back on the bed. Today it is raining. Doug mentioned going shopping today but everything is closed today. A rest day for all the front line workers. Today I will make a few masks for my neighbour. Other than that, I really don't have much planned. In a bit of funk in regards to sewing but I have no doubt it will come back. I have been looking online for some white tone on tone and found the best deal at Hancocks. Bought what I needed now will wait until it arrives. The ink I ordered from Walmart doesn't even seem to be moving, I will call this morning to see what is going on with that order.

    Happy Sunday everyone. Stay safe and healthy.
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    Good morning all. I was able to facetime with the little ones last night, heart happy for sure! Did some wrestling with the back yard jungle yesterday and boy oh boy I am sore today. Whatever I decide to do today, outside chores or inside chores or even sewing, it will be at a slow and go pace for sure.

    Hope all are staying safe and healthy! (Hugs to all)


      Good morning Joy and all who follow,
      Today will be a take-it-easy kind of day. My back and hip are also acting up, but I put ice on mine as its a recent aggravation from yesterday's yardwork. I plan to do stretching exercise, followed by heat.

      Yesterday was a beautiful day for working in the yard. The winter shovels & snowblower were moved from garage to shed. This meant we had to empty it. So out came the pots, lawn ornaments, bird baths, benches, chairs and bicycles. You get it. Then cleaned up and reorganized it for summer. Ornaments are lined up on garden wall until the flower beds are cleaned up. I like my little critters - rabbits, frogs, owls. I plan on remodelling the gnome village. I may get the GKs over to remove the dry river so it can be re-done. It has gotten overgrown. I did rake and fill 2 large yard waste bags. It's raining lightly today, so indoor day.

      Today, I am grateful for technology. Internet, TV. Last night we watched the special "One World - Together at Home" with performances by many artists.

      Enjoy your day. Be safe. Stay well.

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      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


        Good morning everyone. Today is supposed to be a rainy day, at least as of the last weather report I watched. I did manage to get two pillows finished yesterday for a customer. I may work on the remaining two today. Tried to buy some sod, but the nursery was out. They will call this week when more comes in.
        I will try to tackle the clutter in my desk area so I can be more productive when I return to work in the morning.


          Good Morning,

          I finished the last (hopefully) of the scrub caps yesterday afternoon. I have 2 fat quarter sets left if more are needed. Last night I rewarded myself with an order of 1 more fat quarter. It has some pretty grays and I'm needing grays to make the AT AT paper pieced square for the front door. Mike thought it would be the perfect thing to put on the door for May. Maybe it will get here so I can have it ready for May.

          I found out the Filti filter material I'd ordered has been lost by UPS, so they're sending another pack. Mike had already said it probably wouldn't get here until we didn't need it. The company is apologetic and sending a new pack knowing that the 'lost' shipment probably will be found sooner or later. We'll see.

          I've found my dining room table again! Today, the dusting and vacuuming will commence, since I watched today's church service before I went to bed last night. Then I think I'll go back to work on a SS projects for a couple of days. I need a break from quarantine sewing.

          Today, since I'm not spending the day sewing, I'm going to bake a little boneless ham. Mike wants scalloped potatoes and ham. Hopefully there's enough for two meals. The boy does love his ham!

          Time to warm up my coffee and get ready for the day. Have a great one! Looks like it might rain here.

          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


            Morning all,

            The sun is shing and looks to be a nice day. Still a little chilly but it's early yet and may warm up as the day progresses.

            Well as you may have read in my previous thread I decided to give BJ's another chance with an online order for groceries. My last one was stuck in the system somewhere for nearly two weeks and I was told it would not be arriving and given a refund. So by some fluke I managed to get in the system and reordered on the 16th and got a delivery date and lo and behold it was delivered yesterday morning. All the items except the brownie mix were there. I felt like I scored a major achievement! Getting groceries here with all that is going on is not an easy task.

            Brought my daughter in law some eggs as she was running low, we dropped them on their doorstep and the grandkids were waving to us from the door. Will be glad when we can all be together again and give them a big hug.

            Well that's it for me, made omlets and hash browns for breakfast now sitting here enjoying my coffee while perusing the forum.

            Wishing everyone a good day, be well and stay safe.
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              We are having intense thunderstorms today, our weather radio has alarmed twice this morning.😮 That means no sewing for me today at least until much later. DS came over yesterday to borrow some yard equipment, it was so very nice to see and talk to him. We took a chance and were closer than 6' but didn't hug or touch. He has been working from home and not out in public so I felt pretty safe. He played with my computer a bit and fixed a little problem, nice to have a tech come visit.😁
              He said the kids were so far advanced that losing a couple of months of school isn't a problem. Going from Montessori to pubic school has been very easy for them. My almost 6yo dgs is reading an adult book to his sister, kids are so smart these days.


                Good morning all,

                The sun is shining this morning, and we're supposed to see 49 degrees today. Of course it will be breezy too. It's ALWAYS windy here on the prairie. Sometimes it really gets on my nerves. If I were in charge of the weather....

                Yesterday we started on the kitchen backsplash. Don't you just love it when the product is advertised as "so easy for the diy person?" Ha! That's all I have to say about that. I worked for a while on the tulips table runner. I just have one end border to finish. It really is an easy block. I'm so wanting spring to come, so I'm enjoying working with some bright happy colors.

                I hope you all have a peaceful Sunday.


                  Good morning!

                  Today is starting out sunny, with a seasonal high near 60. We may see some light rain showers late this afternoon.

                  I had a nice visit with my sister yesterday. The take out from Olive Garden was very good. I am not a regular at that restaurant, the local one is very hard to get in to and out of under normal circumstances. The main dish had enough food for two meals and they give you the "take one" cold, so at least three meals for the price.

                  Not much on the agenda for today. There is the usual laundry, etc. I want to go outside this afternoon and tackle the shrubbery in front of the house. They are getting very tall. I was going to have the bushes removed, but don't want to spend the money right now.

                  Today I am grateful for the the good weather. Here's hoping spring is on the way.

                  Have a wonderful day!


                    Hello to everyone,
                    Today is a vast improvement over yesterday, when we woke up with six inches of snow on the ground. That was just plain rude! Today its sunny, but very windy and cold.

                    It is still quiet here in north central PA. In my neck of the woods people are still visiting each other, children are still having play dates, and the neighbors get together for walks down the road. I feel like Paranoid Pammy going to Weis in my mask. As of tonight I think, a mask will be mandatory when going out in public.

                    When I made masks for us, I asked my DD if she wanted some. The answer was an emphatic NO, they're useless. OK, less work for me. The other night she called and requested some masks, the numbers are climbing where she is, and there is a good chance she will be sent to a job in New Jersey. So I made seven masks and they're in the washer now. I'll mail them tomorrow. Of course I have to be seeming to hold it all together for both her and hubby, but inside I'm very scared. Illinois is scary enough, but New Jersey is terrifying. While this is going on she won't come home because I'm immunocompromised and at high risk. I haven't seen her since early February.

                    We'll take a walk on our empty rural dirt road this afternoon with the dogs and enjoy some sun. Then I'll finish up the laundry, press the masks and get the box packed. Then I'll continue to binge watch The X Files. I haven't seen the show in years.

                    Hope you all enjoy this day.



                      hello friends happy Sunday,
                      its sunny here with a breeze, am happy its nice out. The birds are happily churping,
                      Friday we watched De ja vu movie with Denzel Washington, while what happens at the start was well not something do not want to happen in real life, the movie is worth watching right through to end.
                      we watched this gent play Jan Hammers Crocketts theme. Then saw Rachels song.
                      Am going to see if can do some sewing, am worn out today, what does not get done today will be done next day, and so on, so forth.
                      Enjoy the day and everything you do,
                      hugs T


                        Hello and good afternoon,

                        Another quiet day of stitching here. Started the place-mats project but my machine isn't scanning the back ground fabric/image correctly. I'll keep working with the machine and call next week with a tech problem. The LQS is doing curbside but I don't want to give up my machine right now.

                        I picked up an order with curbside delivery for pantry organizers. I like using this type of system and will probably continue to use it. No need to get out of my vehicle or wait in line for check-out. Wonder how much time in life will be saved? LOL. I am doing more on-line ordering as available too. Nice home delivery works for me.

                        Hope your day is great and stitches straight!