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It's another white one this Friday morning

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    It's another white one this Friday morning

    Yes it snowed again last night, just enough to make the grass white. GEEZ LOUISE I thought it was Spring.

    Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. I did have a great day. My brother came with gifts including Maple Syrup that he and his daughter made. So I made pancakes for breakfast. Delicious. He made a pestle for my mortar (or is it a mortar for my pestle?), and he made tongs for removing toast from the toaster. I have a metal one but always a little leary about using it. Both of my sons called, my younger brother called which was a big surprise. He is on the west coast and we don't speak very often. I told him not to wait a year before he called again, LOL!! I received other phone calls as well as facebook and forum messages. It sure made me feel special.

    I unpacked the foam topper and let it expand. It really didn't take long. In the meantime, I stripped the bed, washed and hung the sheets outside. They dried nicely. The bed is all made up again, I just need to wash the quilt, which I will do today and hang it outside too. Then I may have to sleep in the spare room to try it out. It is a 3" topper that I bought. Hubby went out and brought home chicken and fries so I didn't have to cook. I didn't even do dishes.

    Not sure what this day holds for me yet. Too many things I should make a list.

    Enjoy this day to its fullest, no matter what you do. Stay safe and healthy.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Monique ~ When I need to get toast out of the toaster, I use the handle of a wooden spoon -- never use anything metal. Or else unplug the toaster first. Glad you a good BD.

    Brr! It's a cold morning, only 15 deg. Clear skies. It's supposed to be in the 40's today. The streets are clear. I'm going to venture out after breakfast for groceries. I need to make chicken soup tomorrow. I hope there isn't a limit on the chicken, or I may have to go to 2 stores to get everything I need. I usually buy 1 whole chicken (5-6 lb.) and 2 pkgs. of legs. The last time I bought 2 family packs of thighs.

    DS#2 made it to work okay yest. a.m. He said the roads were fine coming home. There may be patches of ice this a.m.

    DS#1 (lives in MD) said they're starting to require everyone everyone there now to wear a mask when they're out. I'll try to make them some. I still need to make a few more for my son here as well as for myself.

    The paper this a.m. said our town got 12" of snow yest. I measured 9" on our picnic table yest. a.m., but it snowed probably another 2" throughout the day. When the snow started to blow off the tree branches yest. it looked like a blizzard white-out. Most of it still remains on the branches.


      Good morning!

      Yesterday's snow is gone. There is more snow in the forecast for today. They also said we could have snow turning to rain this afternoon, so I'm not anticipating any accumulation. That is the only nice thing about getting snow this time of year -- it doesn't stay long.

      Today is a first since I started working meetings! My last day on site was March 18. I have had at least one online meeting (usually more) every work day since. Our work chats in the mornings have turned into more of a check in...everyone posts a "good morning" and that's it. Today will be a good day to take advantage of some online trainings.

      I am going to see my sister for lunch tomorrow. She is bouncing off the walls and needs company; I need to get out of the house. Olive Garden is running a buy one take one special. I will have to go for curbside pickup, our order is less than $40 and will not qualify for delivery.

      Our governor is talking about lifting some of the stay at home restrictions after May 1. There are discussions at work about what that will mean for us with the social distancing. We will probably be on rotation at first (one day on site, four days remote). I should get busy making masks.

      Have a wonderful day!


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        My daughter also has many meetings a day, but with DH also trying to WFH and 3 kids, they have had to work out a schedule. She also has 10 employees and they stagger their work hours, not to overwhelm system. They have had daily check-ins as well.

      Good morning all! Seems to be a late spring in a lot of places. Cold and very windy here north of Montreal, Quebec. Might resume yard work. I started about 2 weeks ago when we had a nice mild few days. Snow is almost all gone, except for a few patches on the north side. From inside, it looks nice and sunny out there, but I'll have to start out with winter jacket, scarf and warm gloves ... we'll see how it goes.

      Hope everyone has a safe and pleasant day!


        Good morning all,
        The sun is out, but still in low 30s (going up up to 6C), no snow.

        Yesterday I sandwiched a VQC quilt and started SITD. I will probably finish quilting it today and sew on the binding. I got a delivery from M*. It took longer than usual, but it wasn't anything I needed immediately. I delivered masks, fudge (sucre à crème) and baby/toddler toys to GFs for family. DH has started moving bins of books in the playroom/guest room closet. I talked to 3 GFs. We all agree that we miss each other, spending time together, sharing a coffee or glass of wine together. I made a turkey casserole with leftover turkey, a large salad with ham, cheese for lunch. I cooked a roast beef in crock pot with vegetables. DH participated in an on-line mandatory class for gliding club. It remains closed as restrictions are in place.

        Today I will cut up the meat for beef pot pies, and slices for sandwiches. I am craving lemon meringue pie. Have never made, but I might tackle it on the weekend. I plan on heading to the sewing dens

        Yesterday saw some stats on deaths in Canada -- 93% are persons 60+ yr old, with nursing homes and long-term facilities hardest hit. I pray for the families of all who have lost a loved one.

        Take care of yourself, be safe, stay warm and dry. Be kind.

        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

        Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


        • LauraP
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          A funny lemon meringue pie story. When I was a kid we lived in San Diego and the people across the street had a lemon tree. My mother decided to surprise the men in the family with individual pies for super bowl watching. She got some lemons from across the street and followed the recipe, pies came out beautiful. There sat eight pies with their lightly toasted meringue sweating in the sunshine. The guys were so impressed.....until they took the first bite. Homegrown lemons are the size of baseballs!!! The pies were so sour they couldn't eat them. My poor mother never lived it down.

        • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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          That is too funny Laura. There's no guarantee how my pie will turn out. I do remember that my DH once made a lemon pie from scratch for his son's birthday. It was very good, but the mess in the kitchen would not be worth it.

        Good morning all,

        It's a cool start to the morning, but we're supposed to see 50 degrees today! ❤ The snow is almost gone, just a few mounds on the north side of houses and in the tree areas.

        Yesterday I finished up some masks, and now I need to get them to the nursing home. I'm thinking of starting Jenny's tulip table runner that was in the tutorial this morning. My sister's birthday is in a week, so I better think about getting it started if I want to get it in the mail to her.

        Nothing much new at our house, so I'll go get another cup of coffee. Have a blessed day, everyone.


          Yesterday I worked in the yard, finished getting the driveway widened from all the debris and we took the boat and put it back in the water and tried out the new GPS. DH said it was great . Hes raring to go right now . Said the wind will kick up this afternoon so we should go this morning. I'm still having coffee.
          Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


            We have sunshine today, hopefully the temps will end up in the 70s like yesterday. We took a walk and chatted with our neighbor about a french drain between our houses. I think it will help a lot if we both put in the drain, not just him. We are only about 15-20' apart and it stays wet there for days after rain.
            I made a few more masks yesterday, a niece and my dbil both need some as they are going to be going to work some beginning next week. A trip to W-mart today will include fedex. We haven't gone anywhere for about 10 days so I am looking forward to this simple trip.
            I haven't watched today's video but headed there right now to check it out. I am ready to do some fun sewing.


              Good morning all. It's a sunny but chilly one here this morning. I had a difficult night last night. Just couldn't get to sleep. I got up around 1 and the last time I looked at the clock, it was 3 a.m. Maybe I just didn't do enough yesterday to make me tired enough to fall asleep. I had sewed masks in the morning but spent the afternoon reading and even fell into a little nap. Well, no nap today! I'd rather just have a good nights sleep.

              I watched the Disney special last night and was grateful for something fun to watch. I was even more grateful for the video that my dil sent me later in the evening of Zeke singing along when it aired on the West Coast.

              It's time to catch up with my day. Have a good one everyone.
              Ginny B



                Good Morning All,

                I'm back on the scrub cap job. I've done a baker's dozen and have a stack ready to go if and when Mike gets up. Second load is in the washer, jeans are in the dryer, so the laundry is getting done today as well.

                Jax is opening up the beaches, for a few hours in the morning and evening. No gatherings or sports and you must practice social distancing. The middle of the day when the sun's rays are the strongest the beaches are closed. No camping in the beach parks either. I'm just glad to be able to go and sit on beach and watch the waves for a bit, or walk on the beach.

                Monique, it sounds like you had a great birthday.

                Time to get busy, or at least warm my coffee. Have a great day!
                “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                  Morning all,

                  Haven't stepped out on the deck yet to see how the weather feels but the sun is shining brightly so all's well.

                  Not much new here each day is pretty much the same now, homebound. It looks like our stay at home has just been extended till May 15th.

                  Well, I am giving the online groceries one more try, don't know if I'm a glutten for punishment. My last order was lost in the system due to high demand. I have enough in the house for a while so willing to wait and give it another chance. If it goes through I will be stocked up for a while. Having to go out is the last resort.

                  Will probably sit outside for a bit and take a walk through the back of our property. Last year we put a path through the woods will have to see how much is grown up if we can still walk through.

                  Well, that's about it for me. Wishing everyone a good day. Be well and stay safe.
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                    Happy Friday!

                    Finally back home after a morning of errands. Picked up my take home hair color kit from my salon, paint order, and groceries. Everyone was so nice and respectful until I asked a lady to move her cart in the aisle so I could pass keeping the required distance. Why do people block the grocery aisles right down the middle and then get cranky about it too? Time to put that one away and enjoy my weekend.

                    Finally managed to decide on a new color for my bedroom/eventual sewing room. It's a very pale cream color which I think will be easy to work with when it comes time for new flooring.

                    Time to finish two more masks that didn't get done yesterday. Then start the place-mats and napkins project.


                      Today is my last day of babysitting DGD for the week. I love this child dearly, but nothing else gets done when she is here, and she eats all day long! Although I will moss her, I will be glad when DD comes to pick her up this afternoon. This evening I will attend my godson's wedding online via facebook live. Not what any of us had planned, but they decided they did not want to postpone the wedding. Nothing else on the agenda.


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                        Oh my a wedding with no guests. Please post tomorrow or when you have time what it was like experiencing a family wedding on the computer. I canot imagine. It must have been an awful ordeal just trying to notify the guests of the change in plan. These are sure strange times.

                      • LauraP
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                        a girlfriends niece is getting married outdoors in Denver today. I suggested they make snowpeople and dress them up with name labels so they would have guests. The family thought it was a good idea and would make cute pictures.