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    Bargain Hunting Night Owl

    I needed to go to the post office, the bank, and probably Home Depot. The idea of the final stop made my last nerve jumpy. I really just needed twine for the baby peas and beans to climb.
    Ugh. I did not want to drive 30 minutes to wait in line for a danged ball of twine.

    Haaaay! The Dollar Tree is open. They had a garden section last time I was in. I'll check there, if not, I'm 15 minutes from HD.
    Well, well, well! They had the twine I needed. The new spray nozzle to replace the one the mower ate (I buy them cheap for a reason). The pool noodles I wanted, to keep the interior trailer door from banging and the new portable pens from scratching the paint on the trailer.

    I just happened through the craft section and they had a box of fat quarters. I know, fabric from the $ store! Are you nuts?
    Apparently. It's a nice tight weave and of surprisingly hefty weight. I will surge the edges and wash it tomorrow. Then I can give y'all a complete run down on the quality.

    For those of you desperately searching for face mask elastic, they had ponytail elastics too.

    A little more gardening was done today, and I bought a new thyme plant to replace the one we accidentally murdered earlier this spring.

    Tomorrow is the grocery run for the family. Since we are on spring break, I don't have to wait for 5th grade Zoom to be done before I head out! Whoo Hoo! Perhaps it will be an early day for me.

    These are the fun prints I picked up today. They are intended for zipper bags, but may end up as masks as well.

    I hope all is well in your neck of the woods!
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    Cool stuff. We have Dollar Tree in Canada but sadly not near me. I prefer that to Dollarama. Again none of those near me either.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


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      The Dollar Tree opened this last fall. It was hotly contested in the community. It has been mostly a good thing though. They were certainly important for the supply of soap, hand sanitizer, and cleaning products at the beginning of this situation.
      I haven't seen a Dollarama in our area.

    Good purchases. We have Dollar Tree, Dollarama and each carries similar but some have bigger stock of what I need.

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      Dollarama has gotten expensive.

    Congrats. on your dollar store purchases. We have 3 Dollar Tree stores in our town. Not sure if they are open or not. One time I found some bargain FQs at Tues. Morning. There were not top quality, but useful for some projects. If I were to use them for masks, I'd probably need to do 3 layers of fabric.


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      I have seen some of those in the past in there and left them for other people's creativity.
      I always give fabric two basic tests. Can I see through it? What does it feel like?
      The fabric I have found recently at TuesdayMorning has been more expensive than I think it was worth. The one that is closest to my regular route hasn't had decent fabric crafting stuff in a while.
      As long as you check the quality, I say get your fabric wherever you can find it!

    Those fat quarters look great. I wouldn't have thought to even look at a dollar tree. My dd took me to one in Winston Salem once and we got some really neat gooseneck lights that are awesome. I bought some FQ's at Tuesday morning once and they were just fine. In fact I think they were a brand name like Robert Kaufman or Michael Miller. Color / patterns were a little "last year" but good.
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      The dollar stores do admittedly have some junk, but there are other things that are good deals. I don't know what I'd do without their gift bags!

    Cathy, where did you find an open fabric store??? I was thrilled my favorite, down in Longview, was open for business!

    No rainbows!


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      It was a box of fat quarters @ the Dollar Tree out here on the Key Peninsula. Normally I'd have passed it by, but the prints were cute, so I checked them out and they were pretty nice.

      According to the note on the door, it looks like JoAnn is open Noon to 4? I was going to stop in and find some thread for the After Ours kids's send-home sewing supplies. I got there too late to even find out if they had any.
      I also stopped @ Walmart to see if I could find any there. I have never seen the fabric section so bare! There was one spool of red thread. I did find a box of pre-wound bobbins in black & white that will work just fine if the kids want to play around with sewing.

      I'm never going to regret buying "too much" thread of fabric again!

    • bubba
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      Oh, I know!!! I have plenty of both and could probably sew thru the end of the year or longer! It's to the point now that the fabric I have is fabric I have a hard time parting with!

    Oh, I definitely checked the quality of those FQs! I took every bundle apart, held the fabric up to the light, checked for flaws, etc.

    Gift bags --the only place to buy is Dollar Tree. One buck apiece for those nice big bags. I buy the large ones for babies; they're big enough to hold a baby quilt. I also buy sheets of smiley face stickers there.