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Thursday has come!!

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    Thursday has come!!

    Good morning my forum family. Today will be a good day no matter what because I said so, LOL!!

    As luck would have it, my parcel arrived at Walmart yesterday and my brother was able to go pick it up for me. It is a foam topper for the bed in the spare room. So he will deliver it to me sometime this morning. Hubby was out yesterday morning and bought me a really funny card, a nightgown and a size big sized coffee cup with "60" on it. The coffee tastes pretty good in it. I also paid some bills yesterday on line and paid for my driver's license as well. I finished off the masks I made and washed and dried them. They are ready to go. Hubby is always teasing me about how much 'older' I am than he is. (1 year) But I always tell him that I will get my pension sooner than he will, LOL!!

    I keep looking online at quilty stuff but you know, I really don't need anything. I am trying not to impulse buy. Our dollar took a hit against the US$ so I am being very good about spending right now. My sister-in-law gave me some money so I think I will just hang on it for now and when the quilt stores re-open I might just buy 'something'.

    Have a good day everyone. Let the sunshine warm your hearts today.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning. It turned muggy and I'm tossing and turning. I had a thought in my head to make a road map play mat for my grandson and looked around for ideas. I just bought some darned fabric instead. lol I'm going make some pop up trees and a bridge and animals maybe. Using some bag foam should do the trick. While looking around on Etsy ( looking for the fabric) there is an overwhelming amount of masks for sale. $12.00 for a mask? geesh.

    Yesterday was the first time I saw someone wearing a mask, the delivery guy from Instacart. His wife works in the health industry and was using medical grade. We talk a lot because he is my regular person mostly and he told me we only have five cases on the island right now. Our mayor is pretty strict, road blocks even. Can't slip away from those because we only have one road going around the island. lol

    it's good night for me and good morning to everyone😎
    🌺 Lorie


      Morning all,

      Still too early to tell whether the sun will grace us with it's presence. Hopefully it will be a nice day where my husband can get in the garden and out of the house for a bit. He's has his tomatoes and eggplant in the greenhouse they are doing well, they will be ready to go in the raised planters once the soil warms up some more. Nothing like a tomato fresh from the garden, can't wait! Last year he built raised beds for all the vegetables it was much easier to care for and weed ( getting too old to keep bending over).

      Well after two weeks of waiting for a grocery order that was scheduled for delivery and never arrived on the date they gave me I was able to finally get through to BJ's. I understand the system is overloaded but a little communication before this would have gone a long way. The customer service rep said there are no more delivery times available and I won't be receiving the order even though it was paid for so now to get a refund. If that's the case you shouldn't still be taking orders knowing you can't deliver them. Rant over.

      Monique, wishing you a very Happy Birthday, enjoy your special day!
      Hulamoon, everyone here wears a mask when they're out as the virus is very prevelant here.

      Nothing new on my agenda today, each day the same staying home. Will be glad when the restrictions are lifted somewhat miss seeing my children and grandkids.

      Well, off to the kitchen to fire up the Keurig, maybe sit out on the deck with my coffee and enjoy watching the birds at the feeders for a bit. Wishing everyone a good day. Be well and stay safe.
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        Lot of differences about masks here. We were in two marine stores side by side in a shopping center. They allow 10 people at a time into the stores and we are two of them. Actually, we were the only two of store has about 10 young (20 somethings) employees roaming around and no masks. Everything looks pretty normal but vacant. The other store is dark with only a couple of lights , 1 visible employee to direct us and call for an expert to help us from the back room, both of the people we saw were masked and gloved and suited up like hazmat people and a big sign that said credit cards cash due to covid.
        We are not wearing masks ourselves yet. I think the gov. is ordering it as of yesterday. Not sure.
        I hear there are protests from people that believe they are being restricted. I wondered how long they would stay in. I think we are all getting a little antsy.
        Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


          Good Morning All. Finally got one of my batting orders in and started quilting last night. With all the scrap busting I have been working on my tops are backing up on me. It is nice to have a sewing break from masks. I learned yesterday that a daughter of one of my cousins has signed up for "traveling nurse". She will leaving soon for New Jersey (bout 45 min from NY), guess they are desperate for nurses. Her parents are riding an emotional roller coaster on this one, we all are.

          My social calendar today: Visiting with JuJu-B (my sewing machine)

          Hugs to all!


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            My boss has nephew who is a nurse and a reservist in the military (not sure which branch). He was just deployed to NYC.

          • K. McEuen
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            I have friends in upstate NY that are working as traveling nurses, he is an RN and she is a respiratory therapist, both are now in NYC. Each are being paid almost $5000 a month, but I'm not sure I could do it, even for that much.

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            They are heroes.

          Good Morning, Everyone ~ Oh my goodness! So much SNOW! They predicted 3-6", but there must be at least 8" on our picnic table on the back patio., & it's supposed to snow all day. We are under a winter storm warning until 6 p.m. today. Everything is coated with thick, wet, heavy snow. It's a winter wonderland out there. Our snow angel will have his work cut out for him today. With a spring storm like this, there is the possibility of tree limb breakage. After daylight, I'll try to take some pics. I'm thankful I don't have to go anywhere today. In anticipation of the storm, I called yest. & canceled my PT appt. that was scheduled for 1:15 today.

          DS#2 is heading out early to work. It will take time to clear off his Explorer, then the 30 mi. drive to work. I expect the roads will be slow going. He starts works at 8 a.m.

          I ran my errands yest. while the weather was nice. It was sunny & got up to 68 deg. At Vitamin Cottage I found some good looking beets, so a bird in the hand. Hadn't planned on that job yest., but got them cooked up in the afternoon & in the freezer. Next job will be chicken soup later this week, then I'll be caught up with all DH's foods.

          DH is getting antsy for his breakfast, so it's off to get my day started.


            Good morning all. The sun is shining here now. That's a good start to the day.

            Hubby joined me in the sewing room yesterday to cut mask fabric. I got a couple more requests for masks yesterday. I had just about caught up with the requests I already had. Effective Friday here, everyone out in public who can't be 6 ft. away from others has to wear a mask. So I may be getting more requests.

            We are getting anxious to get out in the gardens and get ready for the growing season. We're trying to figure out how we can safely get our plants. We have some things started from seeds but not our tomaties and peppers. Cathy, I think we need to consider a greenhouse too. Then we could more easily start our seedlings.

            Time to get to whatever this day holds. Have a good day everyone. Look for something in all the little things all around that brings a smile to your face. Today for me that is my tulips. They have joined the daffodils and hyacinths in bringing some beautiful color to our flowerbeds and that is definitely making me smile.

            Stay safe and healthy.
            Ginny B



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              Eric built me a small cold-frame, but you could buy one of the plastic trays with the clear domes to put in a sunny window to start your seeds. Some are full-sized, but we found some that are narrow and fit in the window sill.

              Our garden centers are open using the agricultural clause. You might try a weekend drive to see if there are any on the outskirts of the city that are open.
              Some of our grocery stores also sell plant starts during the spring months. I hope you can find your starts.


            Good morning all,
            The sun is shining for you today Monique. Have a good visit and birthday. You won't soon forget your 60th. Best of health and happiness. Yesterday we picked up some spray glue from Lowes, only car pick up. He ordered last week, but wait in parking lot was over 30 mins. I am clearing out baby toys from GKs playroom. I will drop off to several GFs whose niece & nephew are having babies, dress-up clothes up to size 5 to a GF who has 3 GKs. DH needs space to store books, so they will go in that closet. I look forward to the day when this playroom can revert to a guest room. It's just too small a room for 6 GKs. We drove by a house that has fence recommended by fence guy. Didn't like the colour, and we're on the fence for style.

            I made 6 more masks, one with adjustable tie. I liked this one best, but will have to scrounge to find hardware. I tidied up and vacuumed the basement and sewing area. Today will be a sew day as its too cold for yardwork. I also got an order from Clothesline in Newfoundland. Lighthouse panel & coordinating fabrics.

            We are not mandated to wear masks but a good majority of people have been wearing them and gloves when out in stores for a few weeks. Most employees are wearing both gloves and masks. If we are ever obligated, I do not see a major issue, as we understand this will offer some protection and mitigate risk. It is sad, we have now reached 1000 deaths across Canada yesterday, mostly in senior's long term care facilities.

            Have be a good day, whether it's resting, sleeping, sewing or just enjoying the weather. Be safe.

            28,379 / 1010

            Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

            Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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              Love your lighthouse & the colors in those fabrics. Is it a panel?

            Hello to all!

            I have a couple of masks to finish and mail to my brother. Then I need to start on some placemats for a May birthday gift. I scored some Downton Abbey fabrics so will make placemats and perhaps a table runner. The original idea was to make a casserole cover but I like this new direction better.

            Today, I am thankful to score one pack of TP with an on-line order.

            I'm still working on color choices for the house-outside. It's hard to commit even though it's only paint. The process is similar to picking fabrics for a quilt. We don't always know what the end result will be until it's done. Just like a fabric stash there are 20 little pots of paints samples in the stash. I still cant' choose.

            May your day be filled with sunshine!


              Good morning!

              Today is starting off sunny and cold. We awoke to snow on the ground! Not as much as Joy, just enough to cover to the grass. The driveway is clear of snow but there is ice in patches.

              I thought I had a good handle on working from home, then I missed an online meeting yesterday. Two half hour meetings were scheduled back to back; when I looked at my calendar I thought it was one, one hour meeting. Oops! That's fine, they sent written instructions for what we have to do. I have several meetings scheduled again today.

              I finished the binding on my "stay at home" or "home is where the heart is" wall hanging this morning. I need to sew down the hanging sleeve in the back and it will be ready to hang in my front window. I think I will work on one of my UFO's next.

              Have a wonderful day!


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                That turned out so cute, and the quilting is perfect for that. Great job.

              Good Morning All,

              Yesterday was a wash out. Mike and I went to Walmart and finally found some toilet paper! and paper towels! Have mercy they had so many eggs ( I didn't need any, but hardly any butter (didn't need that either). We picked up ink while we were there. The cotton section was just about empty, no elastic, but plenty of buttons. It was wonderful to be out, even if it was just Walmart. We stopped at Zaxby's for lunch to bring home.

              It's brighter today, I see blue behind the light clouds. So hopefully, we'll make some electricity and I won't feel bad about doing some laundry. It's also rather chilly for this late in April.

              I found out yesterday, not all of the nurses got scrub caps from the first round of caps. So yesterday after seeing a new scrub cap tutorial, I pulled out my fat quarter stash and started all over again. I've finished 5, and this pattern is a lot easier than the first one!


              Time to warm up my coffee and hit the sewing room again. Have a great day!

              “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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                I really like her, she looks good in anything she puts on. It is a very good pattern, it would could also be good for chemo patients

              [QUOTE=SuzanneOrleansOntarioI also got an order from Clothesline in Newfoundland. Lighthouse panel.

              Joy - it's a panel.
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              Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

              Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.