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It's a white Wednesday

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    It's a white Wednesday

    Yes we got snow last night. Mother Nature can't decide what season it is yet. I got laundry done again yesterday and hung the second load (towels and small throws) outside. They dried nicely in the wind.

    My brother is coming to see me tomorrow for my birthday. I know, I know, no visits are supposed to happen. So today I will finish up the masks for him and his partner.

    And then I have no idea what I will tackle.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Happy Wednesday,
    Happy Birthday Monique, have a lovely day tomorrow.
    while your under a blankets of snow, we are in full sunshine, at 7.40 am it was 23 degrees in kitchen with the solar through window, there is a chilly breeze outside but in the sunshine it is lovely.
    Yesterday was a bit delicate, all the quilt along fun had caught up. so had the day doing absolute zero but sit in sunshine beaming through window, felt guilty for that to, but was time to stop & listen to body and regenerate some spoons, today still in rest mode with a headache threatening.
    thought a update may help brighten the day, looking through window, the daffodils are still blooming, the pink red currant is fading, but the cherry tree is in full bloom, the lilacs trees are stating to make buds, they are dark crimson at the moment. The birds are still in nest building frenzy, have a lot to say.
    Have a great day have fun in all you do


      Good morning!

      It is another cool day here, with highs in the mid-40's. The temps are supposed to drop this afternoon and we could see some of the dreaded white stuff later on.

      My big project at work has turned into a smaller project. Our I.T. department was able to run a script and complete most of the work for us. One field was not updated and that will need to be done manually, but the task will not take long to do.

      I need to run up to the grocery store today to get a few things. It will be nice to get out of the house for a bit.

      Monique: Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow!

      Have a great day everyone!


        The temp is in the 20's here and our spring oat crop may have frozen. I guess we'll know for sure in a couple of days. I went to the grocery to stock up early yesterday morning. Most shoppers were wearing masks, but several didn't have the mask over their nose. There are 5 active covid-19 cases in my home county and at least 2 of those are nursing home residents. Today, I'm staying home unless it's absolutely necessary to go out. I haven't been sewing anything other than masks, but that's about to change.
        *~* Myrna *~*
        *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


          Good Morning, Everyone ~ Happy Birthday, Monique!

          Today is our BSF discussion group via Zoom. Wow, the guild mtg. on Zoom last night was interesting. There were 3 pages of photos of all of us. I had to scroll back & forth to see everyone. I think the max per mtg. is 100.

          Yest. it was a chilly start at 17 deg., but it got up to 56. Most of the snow melted. We're predicted to get up to another 3" tomorrow. Probably in the 50's again today. I need to run a couple errands later today.

          I made 2 more masks yest. I'm using Donna Jordan's pattern. I've tried other patterns, but I like hers the best. Their quilt store made 80 masks for the local post office.


            Good morning everyone,
            Winter is back, snow - yuck and cold. Much the same for awhile. Monique, enjoy your day tomorrow, but be cautious. Yesterday, got summer tires on and oil change. I stopped by pharmacy, picked up gloves, hair dye, nail polish and hard candy. I was in a bit of a funk, and fell asleep in lazy-boy in afternoon. DH had to pull out more info for tax accountant. This time of year, he is really sullen and with still grieving for his cousin and dad. I think he is not as hopeful for normalcy soon as he sees his summer plans to go gliding are slipping away. I have to keep busy and try to keep him engaged in activities. I did get a delivery of pillows I ordered. Slept so much better. Waiting for him to wake up to give evaluation.

            Today, nothing scheduled but I definitely have to clean up sewing room, and work on something, even if brainless sewing. It will calm me. We are concerned about family & friends in US. Here the worst cases are in long-term care facilities, many that are privately run are not well managed and resulting in many deaths. The govt has brought in measures that workers cannot work at multiple facilities. This has prompted an urgent need for workers, which is getting huge response. Mom's sitter has been asked to assist with meals, but so far declined as he has a senior person in her home she had two clients who passed recently of other health issues. One which was 97 and had 12hr/day private nursing. So sad. I pray mom will be ok. I talk to her everyday and so far, it's consistent, she's bored.

            My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by recent tornadoes in mid-west. Be safe.

            27,063 / 903

            Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

            Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


              Good Morning All. Happy Birthday Monique, hope you have a very Happy One!

              I did wrestle the weeds in my back yard jungle for couple of hours yesterday. Sun again today but I think I need to give the poor body a rest, maybe tomorrow I will do some more for in just a few short days rain is predicted again. My little car has never been so clean on the outside for so long as it has been due to all the rain this year.


                Good morning all!
                Happy pre-birthday Monique! I hope tomorrow is wonderful for you.

                It's still dark here so I can't tell what the weather will be like. I've already fed the dogs. Either I need a cup of coffee or to go back to bed. Hmmmm….



                  Good Morning All,

                  I woke to sirens, police and fire trucks, going behind the house. Must have been something on the Dame's Point Bridge. Traffic was stopped on 295, but the ramp behind the house was still moving. They all converge just past the entrance of our neighborhood. We've had more rain and looks like more for today.

                  I guess Mike and I will head to Walmart today to pick up staples. Hopefully, we'll be able to find what we need, lol, like toilet paper, paper towels, and Kleenex.

                  Not planning on doing too much out and about. I wish the beaches would open for walking, but the mayor has closed all of that down and people are being arrested if caught.

                  Jim and I talked yesterday, he got the job with a competitor to the school he's taken his training with. He'll be teaching what he's learned, it's part time so since he's staying with PEP, this will be extra money until he can find what he really wants to do... which changes every day. sigh

                  Here's hoping this will break soon, so we can all get back to normal.
                  “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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                    I'm sorry you can't walk on the beaches. I know they don't want people coming to frolic and play but goodness, a few residents doing a morning walk shouldn't be arrested.

                  Good morning!

                  Finally Wednesday and a day with nothing on the schedule that has to be done. Lots of things that I would like to get done. It seems one day rolls into another and then it's a week. I need some goal 101 training. I'm struggling with making decisions...paint, fabric, projects. Anyone else in that camp with decisions?

                  We are still waiting for the hurricane shutters install. At least our order and permit were in process before the shut-down. Today, I am thankful that we didn't wait any longer to order them so we're already in line. There is minimal outside work for me as the temps are in the 80's with 90% humidity already. We will hire someone for those projects.

                  Hope your day is filled with happy stitching!


                    Good morning all. It's a cloudy one here. Monique, have a good day tomorrow with your brother.

                    Yesterday was spent cutting and making more masks. Everytime I think I have finished with all the requests, I get another one. I ordered more elastic last night even though I am not out yet. I don't want to be caught with none.

                    I also stayed up until after 1 a.m. in order to get an order delivery time on Peapod. I thought I had gotten one the night before but I was obviously tired and didn't finish the process all the way through and saw yesterday morning that, nope, I did not have a time reserved. I had to wait until they added the next day again and I grabbed a spot quickly. And this time I made sure I finished the process. I checked the site this morning and I am indeed scheduled for April 27. Let's hope I can get the majority of what's on the list. I can make changes to the list up until the day before delivery.

                    Today I will finish up the rest of the masks I cut yesterday and then get started on the next batch.

                    Have a good day all. Stay well.
                    Ginny B



                      I agree about the beach being a wonderful place to walk and rest one's soul, sad that they are closed right now.
                      I spent part of yesterday back to making masks, all 10 or so are already gone to neighbors with more requests. I will make more today. I did a little fmq yesterday which ended in frustration after the third thread shred. I will try a different spool today.🤔
                      I finished the parts of Cozy Quilts so far but have not cut the sashing or setting triangles awaiting further instructions, today I hope.
                      That was a huge turn out for an online guild meeting, wonderful.
                      It has turned back cold here for a few days but will warm back up later in the week.


                        Yesterday we looked at 3 houses. One was a NO NO NO for me but DH said he saw potential. I don't think I can live long enough to fix it. ha ha. The second one fascinated us. It doesn't need a lot of work...hardwood floors, new ceiling fans, some minor repair but it sort of looks like us and has beautiful water. It does have an old house jam up behind it that should be gutted and made into a workshop or something. That would be a project, but DH really does need a project. The third one was a beautiful log home across the street from water with lovely landscaping and NO bathtub in any of the three bathrooms. Thats a deal breaker for me. Anyway, we have lots to consider about house number two.
                        Then we went to New Bern to get a depth finder for the hole in the boat. He found one he wanted because the brand was his middle name. I knew it wasn't the right one but he tried so hard to make it the best one in his mind. He read the instruction manual and talked to the salesman for over an hour. We finally went to the store next door where he didn't like the salesman and got the one he had originally gone to town to get. And, he accuses me of being a "shopper". hump.
                        Picked up BOGO pizza from the restaurant in town. I had had one in January and it was absolutely the best pizza I had ever eaten. The homemade dough rivaled my own and the pizza was perfect. Not so much last night. Dough was tough and pizza greasy. Oh well, Thomas Wolfe said, "you can't go home again" I guess thats true with dreaming about pizza.
                        Its cloudy and rainy out there today. We need to go to a lawnmower shop and see if we can pick up a good used mower. We were sure we could go back and get ours by now but the gov says if we stay overnite we have to self quarantine for another two weeks. We can't make the trip as a turn around without an overnite so I think perhaps buying a used one for now might work.
                        Have a great day and may God walk with you today and always.
                        Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


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                          Terry, I love love the last line in your reply. We will come out of this virus problem as long as God walks with us all. Hope you can get settled on your house choice soon. Gina

                        Good morning everyone!

                        Yesterday I accomplished nothing. The night before I talked to my friend in NC. We talked non stop from 8:30 to after 10 am. I finally told her it was late and I needed to go. ( an hour later for her than me!) She was a really good friend to me years ago when we lived across the street from each other. Amanda found her daughter on face book and got phone numbers so we could chat. Yesterday, I was so tired I just drug around all day. We promised to keep in touch more.

                        Its a little chilly here this morning. I let Sandy out and had to go get a sweater. Today I want to finish putting a quilt on the long arm and a border on another. I miss getting out as I am sure all of you do also.

                        Take care all,


                          Good morning everyone,

                          Still cold here, a high of 34 predicted for today, but lots of sunshine. Weather people are saying we'll stay in the 50's starting next Monday. That would be so wonderful. I'm soooo ready for spring to come and stay.

                          I worked on a couple of masks yesterday. I received an order of elastic that I did on line a couple of weeks ago. Shipping from almost every online retailer has slowed down.

                          The cabinet painting is almost finished...I'll be so happy to put away the supplies. Next will be the backsplash. I'm a little nervous about installing it since a lot of places in the kitchen aren't completely level. We'll see what a couple of amateurs can do without making a total mess!!

                          That's about it for me. Wishing all a peaceful day.