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    It's Tuesday

    Good morning everyone. I see sunshine in the horizon. It won't be as warm as yesterday but it is sunshine.

    Yesterday morning our friend Doug did not feel well enough to go get some groceries. He gave me a small list. I set out very early with rubber boots and umbrella in tow. I thought if I had to wait in line outside I would be prepared. No lines, hardly anyone in the store. I managed to get everything on my list and Doug's list as well. I never did make it to the sewing room. I may try that today.

    I look around the house and think, I need to do this, I need to do that. Where to start? Today I am going to try and get those masks done.

    Here in our municipality we are less than 5 confirmed cases of the virus. We are basically ordered to stay within our municipality to keep that number as low as possible. I think it is working. A lot of events are cancelled, the Jamboree in July, our huge Fair at the beginning of September. So sad to see this happening. BUT if it keeps us safe then we shall do what we have to do, right?

    And so have a wonderful day friends no matter what you do. Stay safe and healthy.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Yesterday is stormed...not rain...storm...wind (50 mph) torrential rain...lots different than mountain rain.
    I sewed a little, after the rain I went out and dug dirt from around the drive way. I got it a foot wider. Another foot to go and it will be a double car drive. Amazing how the landlord has just let this place go . The dirt build up is 6 inches thick with tangleweed intertwined all along the driveway.
    I cleaned the air duct vents and did some laundry.
    Today we are going with the realtor to look at 3 houses. I don't have much hope for them but you never know unless you look.
    The sun is bright this morning. It should reach 70's today. I will say, the weather reporters are much more accurate. If they say rain will be over at 3 I could set my watch by it.
    Then I guess we will drive the 45 min to town and get DH a new Garmin depth finder for the boat. Apparently what they say about boats is true..."money pit"
    The village here has BOGO pizza night on Tuesday so I will order and pick up on our way back from the big town.
    Unless we get the boat working right, there just isn't a lot to do here. Probably as much as there is at home, but its hard to improve a place you don't plan on living long. No fish ponds to visit, no birds that I know their names, I guess familiarity is a blessing.
    Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


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      Terry, I think the landlord should be paying you to rent this out instead of you paying them. That property will be worth so much more or at least be more presentable with all the work you and hubby are doing on it.

    • grammaterry
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      Karen, I just don't think thats going to happen. The neighbors are all saying that he is a slum lord that has never even been to the property. He inherited it and just wants money. But thats ok. We just can't live this way so fixing it is our option to be comfortable for 6 months. Almost done.

    Good morning!

    We have sunshine to start the day here. The high today will be in the mid-40's. There are two chances of snow later in the week. That is just wrong. It's supposed to be spring!

    I had a migraine yesterday afternoon and decided to have dinner delivered. Surprise! The delivery person was a former co-worker. It was contactless delivery, but she was in the driveway when I opened the door. I didn't recognize her; she told me her first name. We made some small talk and she left. Then I texted a friend of mine and she figured out who it was. I felt like such an idiot! I have never been good at recognizing faces. My only defense is that she worked at a different location, and was someone I saw only a few times. I really wish I had inherited my Dad's memory. He could meet a person once, see them 10 years later, and know exactly who they were.

    Since migraines and quilt math are not compatible, I didn't finish my wall hanging yesterday. I am also minus my sewing station -- I had to move my sewing machine so I could use the table as a desk for work. I hope to finish it in a day or two.

    Time to log in for my morning work chat. Have a wonderful day!


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      DH never forgets anyone. He recognized everyone that he went to kindergarden with even when we are in a foriegn country or different state Its amazing to me. ME? no way. I can't recognize anyone that isn't where they are suppose to be or if I haven't seen them for 4 months. Memory is weird.

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ It promises to be a nice day. It's a chilly 18 deg. this a.m. At least no more snow over night. We got 3" of snow yest. So our 2 day total was 6.5". The streets are bare now, which is good. It's supposed to reach the 40's today.

    My PT session was yest. a.m. The therapist said she noticed improvement. That's positive news. She did some massage over that hip area that was so tight. I actually had a good night's sleep last night, for which I am grateful.

    I sewed 2 masks yest. afternoon. I used Donna Jordan's pattern. One mask I altered to use elastic for the ears. I've been using some of the fabric from that mystery 1/2 yd. bundle I bought, which had some fabrics I wondered what I ever would use it for. It's fine for masks.

    On the 5 a.m. radio news they were speculating it might be 2021 before things like concerts & sporting events are allowed. I.e. big crowd events. These are strange times. Only the good Lord knows what's in our future.


    • grammaterry
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      All of the info seems really contradictory. Fox news is having a positive comment day. Somedays I feel so paranoid and hopeless, other days I am certain its almost over. You are right, only God knows

    Good morning all. It's sunny today but not going to be higher 6C. I bring my car this morning to switch to summer tires and check up. Yesterday was DH's wheels. All appointments are fo touchless. Drop off keys, leave, come back, pay with credit card which they process by entering numbers. Don't touch anything your invoice and keys left on front seat.

    We also dropped off easter treats to SS's family, birthday gift for my GF, easter meal to single sons. I also did drive through banking wearing a glove. There is starting to be sporadic community spread, fast food & grocery store. Procedure is they close and clean for few days before reopening. This is a scarry to me. We were gone a good part of day, driving, so I was pretty wiped afterwards. The winds last night were wild and frightening. Still windy but not as strong. They say it's the remnants of the storms in the US.

    Please be safe and i hope that everyone is safe, whether it's from Mother Nature or C-19. Take care.

    25,680 / 780

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


      Good Morning All. Well I did venture out yesterday, quick stop at a postal center (very few people there) to send masks to cousin up northern calif. and did a stop at grocery store. Quick shopping but long wait for checkout, keeping 6 ft distance and all. Sticker shock on some of the items too. Still have to go out on Friday to pickup the meds for mister, but they are going to do a meet me in parking lot for pickup. So I never have to get out of my car.

      Supposed to be sunny and warm for couple of days, who knows I may visit my back yard jungle, and do some weed wacking.

      Hope all are staying healthy and safe. Hugs!


        Good morning everyone. Well my stay at home vacation from work has officially begun. Was out in the front yard when I saw someone spreading mulch at a neighbor's yard. Asked him to come give me a quote when he was done. I will be making a trip to the ATM machine this morning to have cash to pay him. He is coming back today to clean my beds and mulch. It really does need it.

        Sewed up two masks this morning before DGD woke up. Not sure what else is on our agenda. The sun is out, so I'm sure there will be some outdoor walks at a minimum.


          Good morning. We just say had a few branches down from the rain and wind yesterday. We had a few breaks so I was able to get the dogs out and walk the pug. We will have more rain tomorrow. What grass we have is looking quite green.

          I went to the cafe to get a coffee and donate the 19 masks I made for them. I hope to finish 5 more this morn.
          Have a good day.


            Good Morning All,

            We had storms last night after two days of blustery winds. Gabby certainly doesn't like thunder! A second wave of thunder storms blew through around 4:30 this morning. I put Gabby in the bed with me. If you want something fun, take a shivering pup and put her on the waterbed. I rolled over and went back to sleep while she snuggled in the small of my back.

            I worked on a flying geese project yesterday. I really enjoyed the process and glad to have it done.

            My MIL sent my birthday present early. She mailed it the same time as the kids letters. It was just a bit slower getting here. It is a beautiful opal necklace. It's bigger that what I usually wear, but the created opal is just so stunning! I do love my opals! I talked to her yesterday afternoon to thank her and let her know the kids got their letters. I don't know that Jim called her yet. He usually calls her one morning a week on his drive to work. Now that he's not driving, I don't know that he's calling.

            Not sure what I'm going to work on today. It's dreary out and I have a feeling more weather is going to move through. Gabby's under Mike's bed. He's gone to work, I guess I need to make a grocery list. I need to get out of the house for a little more than just walking to the mail box.

            Have a great day!
            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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              Wish some of your rain would come this way. We are so parched down in S.W. Fla.

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              Katrina, we used to have a dog that didn't like thunder. She would look up and bark every time it thundered! She also didn't like people sneezing - she would look at us and bark if one of us let out a sneeze!

            Monday was an interesting day. I confronted Mom about the check she wanted to send to that random person in CO. It was a total scam. They contacted her pretending to be from Publishers Clearing House, and telling her she had won, but need to pre-pay the taxes and fees. (I'm pretty sure PCH is one of the biggest legal scams out there, but I digress.)
            I have contact info, but nowhere to really use it. Our state Attorney General's office can take the complaint and share it with the Federal Trade Commission, but since it's not a "real business", they can't do much. The lovely young lady really wanted to help, but other than telling me to call the FTC and possibly the Colorado AG, she couldn't do much. It's so frustrating. I know they are doing this to other people.
            Today, I will go to the Food Backpack warehouse and help my friend unpack any bags that weren't handed out last week. We will also get stuff staged for Wednesday's pack up. (Note to self: wear knee brace.) Depending on how long that takes, and what my knee feels like, I'll work out in the garden a bit and or sew some more masks.
            I hope all is well with you all!
            Be who you are and say what you feel
            because those who mind don't matter,
            and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss



              I decided I needed to go to the grocery myself. We have been using the order ahead and pick up at Kroger. 7 to 8 AM is senior hour, so I left at 6:45 to get there at 7. I need not have hurried. I was the only one in the store for at least 15 minutes, and then only a few. I found everything on my list which was pretty long. That's my first trip out, except in the car last week, and I felt like I was out of prison. I haven't felt trapped at home. I stay at home most of the time anyway. Tomorrow a quick trip to Target, and home to clean up a bit so I can sew the rest of the week. I have finished 2 UFO's and have to put the last 2 borders on another. I have 2 more to finish and 3 to quilt. They are table runners, and simple enough for me to quilt.


                Busy days working from home for me. I'm so busy but thankful I have a job. My daughter is on online HS now and doing well. We got out tonight and enjoyed Applebees take out. We drove to the mountains and enjoyed a picnic. I love the sho fly pattern this week and I picked out the fabric to give it a go...excited. I was thinking about masks...if you covered the elastic in fabric wouldn't it work? Just a thought. I had thought to make them for our gas stations as the foot traffic is huge. I hope everyone is safe and healthy!!


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                  If you cover the elastic with fabric, it increases the bulk. If the elastic is for ear loops, that would be uncomfortable. Not sure what the advantage might be for covering the elastic.

                • Momofmonsters5
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                  Just a thought, thanks for replying. This forum is for different ideas after all.

                Momofmonsters5, You mention covering the elastic with fabric. I’m using Bonnie Hunters method of using T-shirt strips. They can be used as behind the head ties or behind the ears. They are very stretchy and soft.