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It's Monday and a new day

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    It's Monday and a new day

    Good morning friends. I hope you all had as good an Easter as you could. We had a quiet one with one big surprise. Our neighbours across the street treated us to their Easter dinner and brought us turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables, gravy, dressing and even dessert. We are very fortunate to have such good neighbours.

    I got to sewing masks yesterday. Yes I am on the mask bandwagon. I made two different kinds, the one with pleats, following Jenny's video and another without pleats. The one without pleats was the easiest to make. I had trouble with the pleated one. Do the pleats have to all go in the same direction? I now have been asked to make about a dozen (from family). So that is what I will do today.

    I was going to go to town to the grocery store with Doug but I have a feeling that he won't want to go as it is raining cats and dogs. I may go just the same, hopefully the lineup outside isn't too long. It was on Saturday so I didn't go. Let's hope there are still items available.

    So that is my day today. Wishing you all a good day.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning!

    Today is starting off with some rain and temps in the 60's. The temperature is supposed to drop into the 40's this afternoon. It is going to be windy, too; here's hoping it doesn't knock out my internet connection.

    I received word last week that I will have big project to work on today. It is going to be time-sensitive. I may have to help out one of my counterparts from another location complete her part of the assignment on time.

    I quilted my wallhanging yesterday. The new machine hummed along very nicely. I also exchanged Easter baskets with my sister and we had a nice visit. My brother had called her to check up on us. He is still going into work a couple of days a week. I am going to sew some of masks for him -- his car broke down and he has been taking public transportation.

    Have a wonderful day!


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      Sounds like you can prove your worth with this project and helping co-worker complete theirs on time, in the event any cutbacks are necessary later.

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Brrr. Only 20 deg. & snowing again. It looks like a fresh 3" on the picnic table. Yest. we ended up with 3.5" on the picnic table -- a very wet & heavy snow. The streets & walks melted quickly. It brightened up mid-day & got up to 44 deg. Then flurries again all afternoon & eve. We're supposed to get another 1-3" tonight. Denver had the coldest Easter since 1937. I'm not looking forward to going out in the snow, but I have PT at 10:15. I need to go. I had a miserable night of pain -- just couldn't get comfortable. Used the microwaveable Bed Buddy (I think there's rice in it). So it was a restless night.

    Yest. I watched church on YT, then watched the Andrea Bocelli concert from Milan. It lasted only 30 min. The last song which he sang outside from the steps of the cathedral was the best -- Amazing Grace! All the other songs were in Italian.

    I tried Donna Jordan's mask tutorial yest. p.m. It took about an hour. I need to watch the video again, because mine didn't turn out quite right. I had watched it twice & taken notes.

    I missed watching David Jeremiah last eve. That Hillsong channel wasn't coming in. Probably the weather. We just have the antenna in the attic. Maybe it's time to scan the channels again.

    Time to get on with my day.


      There were storms in our area yesterday and last night but thankfully we were not affected. We did lose power for an hour or so and our clocks need resetting. I am so glad the power is back, I can't imagine quarantine without power or the internet. I know our ancestors did it but I am spoiled.😊
      I worked on the Cozy quilt sewquester quilt yesterday, nice to not be making masks non stop. I will probably finish block B today [maybe video 4] I have had to use two different backgrounds so far since I'm using stash, I think it will be fine.
      We got a video of the grands hunting eggs yesterday, fun to watch but not quite as good as seeing them in day we will again.
      The air is washed clean and the birds are singing, just lovely.😁


        Good morning everyone,
        Woke up at 1:30 am to the cats fighting and running around, then I realized there was a cat outside. This really irritates them. Then it poured cats and dogs, which woke me up this morning. Our weather is going to be yucky with rain, wet snow for most of the week.

        Yesterday I cooked a small turkey breast, stuffing and DH cooked his famous ham. I made a pineapple delight. I boxed up meals for my GF and our single sons. My DD dropped by with the gang. They took pictures in front of the Easter tree and with their new masks. They played in the yard, with me & DH at 6' distance. It's nice to see them. Also spoke to my mom and GF & her DH. One of their sons lives in another province, so they can't vsit. Her oldest son and his GF decided not to return home fromTurks & Caicos. They have a business there, and I don't think they thought it was that bad. Now they will have to wait it out and hope for the best as hospitals are not equipped for mass cases.

        I am grateful that our families and friends are safe, bored and lonely at times, but safe.

        Today, DH will drop off his car to switch to summer tires and check up. While the work gets done, we will drop off Easter chocolates to his son & family. Tomorrow, I will drop off my car at my dealer. We won't hang around customer lounges as usual. Nothing else planned at this time.

        Have an enjoyable and safe day.

        24,383 / 718

        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

        Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


          Good morning all. It is one nasty day here. They are talking about probable power outages because of the tremendous winds. I hope not.

          Today I am grateful that the weekend had good weather so that we were able to have a socially distanced visit with John and Rob on Saturday and the grandkids yesterday when we delivered their Easter baskets to their porches. We also had a nice video call with Steve, Ana and the kids yesterday afternoon.

          The rest of our day was relaxing. No sewing, no chores. Just spending time with each other. We had a nice tortellini dinner with sausage and garlic bread. Then we watched a movie. It almost felt "normal"

          Today I need to clean up my sewing room big time. I do have more masks to make too. With this nasty weather, there will be no walks today .

          Be safe all those dealing with the nasty weather going across the continent as well as the virus. Have the best day you can.
          Ginny B


            Raining cats and dogs here too ... but mild. Those heavy winds are supposedly heading our way ...

            We had a "zoom" meeting yesterday with son in Argentina, daughter in the Yukon, niece in Calgary, and several other family members here in Quebec. Nice to see everyone. Most of us are one month into shutdown, and a bit of boredom and frustration is apparent.

            I agree with Ginny: Have the best day you can!


              Good Morning..We had a fairly calm Easter. It was cold so I stayed indoors. We chatted with our daughter and a few friends. Jeff also gave his Mom a call. Our dinner was good, but nothing to rave about. We have leftovers for another meal and turkey slices for sandwiches.

              I'm working on the laundry this morning and will see what the rest of the day brings.

              Take care everyone....hugs....

              Scottie Mom Barb


                Good morning. It looks like we are having a monsoon. The dogs are not interested in going out. We had a quiet Easter too. We gave some of the food to one of my DS’s friend. The apartment. They had to turn the gas off to his apartment complex. So he has been eating microwaveable foods. We will be eating left overs tonight.

                I also sewed masks this weekend. I left the pleating to my husband. I just could not get the hang of it. I have 19 to donate. I may start on my new quilt for something different.

                Have a good day.


                  Hello everyone! My Easter was VERY low key! No special foods cooked, no Easter eggs. And no PEEPS! The day started out with my daughter’s plead for help to get her sewing machine to sew. Thread was glomming up in the bobbin area. This is usually caused by lint under the bobbin case. So I talked her through the steps to clean it. I have the same machine here so I took pictures of mine as I took it apart. Wow, mine sure needed to be cleaned out also! So we were both successful in getting our machines clean and going again. She is sewing masks, and doesn’t really have a sewing area and only sews occasionally so I was very happy to get her going again. New skill learned for her!

                  Got to talk to 4 of 5 grandkids later in the day, and I watched Jesus Christ Superstar on TV. One song in that show makes me cry like a baby so I was glad nobody called during that part!

                  it’s very windy and cold today. I need a new roof, the roofers are supposed to work this week, I wouldn’t want to be on a roof today with 40mph wind gusts. Hopefully it will get nicer later this week.

                  Hope you all have a good week!


                    Good morning everyone!

                    I had a wonderful Easter Meal my daughter brought me and so much ham I will be eating it for days other than that Easter was calm. Amanda sent me pictures of the kids with their Easter Baskets and dyeing eggs. I think this is the first time ever I have not been with them for Easter. We all will get thru this I know and I am staying away from people, but as I am sure all of you do I miss friends and family. I saw a picture of a long line of people in their cars wanting for food. It made me realize I am truly blessed.



                      Good morning everyone,

                      We had some snow overnight, enough to cover everything. It seems just as the yards become visible, it snows again. The only plus is that the house is brighter inside because of the white outside. We had such an incredibly wet fall, and we don't need anymore moisture right now. There is already flooding in the area with lots of warnings posted.

                      I sewed a few masks over the weekend. I've been making the fitted DIL calls them "face bras"!

                      Our Easter was very quiet. DH delivered baskets and cupcakes for the grandkids early in the morning. He put it all on their front step, and I texted that they should look out their front door. DIL sent me a video of them with their baskets.

                      I didn't sleep very well last night. I finally gave up trying, and I got my Kindle and finished a book I've been reading. I think it was 20 A.M. when I finished, and finally fell asleep. I'm feeling a little "blah" this morning...physically and mentally. I need to do something to brighten my day. Hopefully, all of you will have a happy day.


                        Good morning,

                        A cloudy Monday morning here in sunny FL! We had a wonderful visit with DGS and family yesterday. Of course, no hugs but waves and good wishes when they left. Grandson loved discovering his Easter eggs/toys were here to find. Through the eyes of a child - - - brings delight to your day.

                        I'll make a few more masks today so I can send some to my brother. Then DD has tele-appointment with his doctor this afternoon. It's a whole new adventure for us but saves us 3 hours of travel time to appointment and back.

                        A local produce firm is doing grocery orders with pre-arranged pick up places and times. Easy to order and they load your vehicle.

                        Caring thoughts to all as we travel this journey together!


                          For those struggling with making pleats, try making a template out of cardstock. This video explains the process:


                          You may need to adjust the dimensions based on the size of the mask you are making, but the process is the same.


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                            Thanks for sharing template. I had previously made one. Now I see how using two templates would work much better.

                          Hello friends
                          our lockdown self hibernation prevented any visits, we were to told to stay home this Easter weekend and those who did not follow rules would be fined, on news over a 1000 fines were written on Saturday, not seen news since, it was so negative am surprised its allowed to be broadcast for 24 hours.
                          perhaps in these times of lock down the limit of hours news should be locked down to every uneven number, and a book story read in every even number, to balance all the repeating negativity.

                          We heard from a delivery person, of a person down south who came to holiday cottage in county to escape the covid actually brought with them, unfortunately the person ended up in hospital and did not make it, which is very sad for the family and all who knew the person, its also sad that an area that was so far clear is now not.
                          There are many flouting the rules that if kept to would have this nightmare over sooner.

                          Another delivery person told of a story of delivering herring fish to a lady of wiser age, it was a substitution to cod, but the lady said he wont eat that, baffled the delivery person said are you and your husband familiar with war time rations, yes she said but he still will not eat it, my husbands dead long ago, the fish was for the cat.

                          we watched a very funny movie then himself rested, me went to sew, the boys supported himself.
                          its a very strange thing to realise, started sewing around 8pm, when looked again its past midnight when felt like 30 minutes had past. we ate an onion sandwich for lunch, and had biriyani for tea.
                          It has started to cool down, but the birds are busy with technology, they are always tweeting lol.
                          the Jerusalem artichoke has gone to seed, there are big white fairy's dancing round the garden in the gentle breeze, the birds are chasing them for their nesting material, the birds look like little wing commanders, with the little white moustaches made of seed heads.

                          have a great day.
                          hugs T


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                            loved the story about the delivery man story....both of us had a chuckle thank you for sharing