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Easter Greetings

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    Easter Greetings

    Wishing all my forum friends a Happy Easter!
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    If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

    Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes![email protected]/

    Happy Easter to you and yours.
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


      Good Morning, Everyone ~ It's a snowy Easter morning. The snow came as predicted. Yest. it was 82 deg. & sunny. It started snowing some time during the night. Snowing now, with 26 deg., & there already is 2.5-3" on the picnic table. We're supposed to have snow on & off all day today, into tomorrow, & maybe even a little bit Tues. a.m. The lovely spring flowers are covered.

      Yest. I baked DH's spelt bread. I love the smell of baking bread. That was my major accomplishment of the day other than doing my hip exercises & finishing another book. I'm sorer today.

      Today will be church via YouTube. I also plan to watch the Andrea Bocelli concert from Milan, Italy.

      I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter day in spite of the circumstances. Count your blessings!


        Happy Easter to all. May we all have hope during these trying times and find ways to spread kindness.
        No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.


          Good Morning all and Happy Easter!

          Not much on the agenda today, going to facetime the little ones later on and see if Easter Bunny was able to visit them. Finish up mask request for my cousin up in northern ca., she doesn't sew at all. Running low on food basics and trying to hold out for another day or so, the monthly run to pharmacy for the honeys pain meds is this coming up this week.

          May even venture out into the backyard and work a little on jungle clearing, man with all the rain the weeds are thick and tall.

          Stay safe everyone and HUGS!🤗


            Good morning. Happy Easter everyone. It is a beautiful, sunny morning.

            Yesterday we had a nice visit with John and Rob. They decided that they would get us some groceries and take the trip down. They brought Auggie for me to pet too. We sat outside in the backyard in a large, socially distant circle and had a nice, if short visit. It was hard not to hug them but it was wonderful to be with them.

            This morning we will head out to deliver the grandkids Easter baskets. It feels good to have something on the agenda today that involves getting out of the house. And it will be great to see the grands even if it is through a storm door or window.

            Have a blessed Easter Day.
            Ginny B




              Happy Easter / Joyeuses Pâques,

              It's crisp and sunny and I was up early decorating our Easter tree. Daughter and family will drop by for treats and photo op. I've got a turkey breast in oven and DH will cook his ham recipe. We will drop off meals to a GF and single sons. It will be a lay-low kind of day, counting our blessings.

              Yesterday, it was time to put away xmas light bins in basement, store all sailing clothing and paraphernalia in bins in garage. Also sorted and tosses stuff in garage. We will have a lot more space once we are able to sell the boat, but that won't happen until we can have access to storage yard.

              Have a good day and practice physical distancing. Be safe.

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              Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

              Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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                Love your Easter tree!

              Happy Easter 🐣. Not a lot on my agenda for today. I will tackle more masks. My DH had to go into the hospital to do a case. Hopefully it will be a short one. We pick up our ham dinner from a restaurant at 5.

              Suzanne — very cute decorations!

              have a good day



                Happy Easter!

                We had some light rain overnight. Temps today will be in the mid-60's, with more rain tonight and into tomorrow. The yard guy came yesterday to do the spring cleanup.

                I am going across to the street to my sister's this afternoon to exchange baskets. Otherwise, today will be a lazy sort of day. I want spend some time in the sewing room and start quilting my house quilt block. I set-up my embroidery machine yesterday and it is ready to go.

                Have a wonderful day!
                Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 9.38.48 AM.png


                  Easter Greetings to all!

                  Another quiet morning here. It will soon change as the little will visit to find his eggs and a few toys from grandma too. They are dinosaur eggs so he will love the adventure. Then we'll spend some time in the kiddie pool this afternoon.

                  Easter Blessings!


                    Happy Easter to all of you. I'm grateful for each one of you.



                      Happy Easter to all,

                      Amanda and I worked out in the yard a little yesterday. We found two large holes (at least as big as a dinner plate) about 5ft apart. I have no idea what is or has lived in the hole. My yard is fenced in. Without knowing what kind of critter we are dealing with her searches on the internet came back with things that were really strange to put down the holes. We put Epson salt around both and piled rocks on the holes.. I don't think the rocks will keep the critter from digging out. Whatever this is its big. Early in the day my son n law came by to fix a leak in the master bath that had got way out of control. ( first time he had been out in over 3 weeks!) I was emptying a large mixing bowl every couple of hours. They didn't want me to call a plumber and have someone in the house right now. I don't even know if one would come to fix it. He also got a trunk load of stuff to take to the salvation army out of the garage and put the xmas tree in the garage for me. The tree has been in its container since the end of December in the living room. I am still cleaning and painting a little at a time. I want the energy of my youth back. Its so frustrating to want to clean and lift and you can't .

                      Enjoy your Easter Sunday and everyone stay well.



                        Thank you all for Easter greetings. and may you all enjoy a blessed Easter as well. We are taking time to reflect on the meaning of Easter. It is pretty quiet here today. Not many people walking or even driving their cars.