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Good Morning Saturday! :)

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    Good Morning Saturday! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ The day before Easter. Yest. I ventured out to a couple stores for things I couldn't get earlier in the week. My first stop was Safeway, where I don't shop much since their prices are higher on many things. There was a "door keeper" - one customer out, one allowed in. I wanted eggs; limit was 1 carton, so I bought a large carton of 2 doz.! Ha! There was no limit on distilled water, so I got 4 gal. Safe. is the only place I can buy my favorite flavor of Sobe vit. water, so I got 8 of those. I didn't need any, but I noticed there was NO toilet paper on the shelves. I did pick up some paper towel.

    My next stop was Whole Foods. Also a gate keeper at the door. There were maybe 5 customers ahead of me waiting to enter the store. It didn't take me long to get my favorite flavor of kombucha & 1 produce item. Then the l-o-n-g wait for the check-out. They had yellow tape markings on the floor to space carts out the required 6 ft. The line snaked around the store for a long ways. When I left the store, the line of people waiting to get in had extended clear across the front of the store.

    I watched a Good Friday devotional on YT last eve. Then after some browsing, I found Gerald Wolfe (sings with the group Greater Vision) and the Gospel Music Hymn Sing. Oh my, what a treat that was! All the hymns I grew up with in church. So inspirational. I watched 2 videos & will return for more later.

    It's supposed to be 70 deg. today. We had an unusually warm day yest. of 86 deg.! Another "warm before the storm." We're expecting snow tonight into tomorrow a.m. It will be a cold snowy Easter, perhaps one for the record books.

    I plan to bake DH's spelt bread today. Have a wonderful Easter week end.

    Good morning. Looks like our weather will be sunny and breezy today. We had such gusty weather that no one wanted to be out. Our pug is wild , so she could benefit from a number of walks today.

    my DD who is a nurse at a hospital stopped by yesterday to pick up a package and play w our dogs. She stayed in the yard and we stayed on our deck.

    I plan on sewing more masks today. I wish I could sew more accurately when I do the binding. I have to do a lot of ripping and starting again.

    have a good day.



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      How are you doing the binding? I struggled with the binding part also.

      I made the mask pattern with the side binding pieces. Cut them a little longer than needed, glue them onto the mask edges, and let dry. Then sew onto the mask and then trim down to length. The glue helped keep the mask edges in the binding when sewed. Prior to glue method there was lots of ripping when I missed the edges.

      The other tip is to find a point on the foot for the edge of the binding. I use the right and left forefingers to guide the binding straight into the sewing foot. Right finger is closer to foot. Left finger is down the edge about 2-3 inches. Hope that helps.

    Good morning,

    Finally some sewing time in the sewing room today. I dream of a bigger sewing room but right now I am so very thankful for my current set-up. We are supposed to have a rainy day here which is good for the grass and plants.

    I love the extra home time and using it to organize. It may just be one kitchen drawer or a linen shelf but it is progress.

    Hope your day is filled with sunshine and happy stitches!


      Good morning everyone,
      It's sunny and cold, but I see that many parts of Canada & US have had snow storms. Yuck, I hope we are done. Yesterday I made 10 masks in afternoon for grandkids & others. Still not liking the finickiness of them, but they work. I like the fitted mask tutorial by Donna Jordan posted by Swedish Leo. I might give that one a try. I have made a list of friends and family for whom I will make masks and drop off. Our optometrist dropped off DH's glasses that came in the day of store closure. Great service. It was too cold and windy for a walk. I did get a call back from a fence company who can do installation starting mid-May provided restrictions remain the same. We wouldn't have to be outside while they work and doesn't affect any neighbours as it's on street side. We will go see a fence like the one we want.

      i am thankful for our family's blessings and good health.

      No particular plans today. Sewing, cleaning, sorting. Still too cold to do yardwork.

      Have an enjoyable day. Stay safe.

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      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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        I watched Donna Jordan's mask tutorial today. I'm going to try her pattern next. I watched Leah Day's yest. Not satisfied with pipe cleaner. I had the metal poke through the fabric & damage it. I may try those coated twist ties that come around the romaine. I should be able to get 3 pieces out of one length. They're sort of water proof. Not sure how they'll hold up with multiple washings.

      DH and I plan to go out this morning to get some sand so we can fix the wonky pavers in the back. we will have to travel 45 min. to a town with a lowes. Then maybe I can pick up a couple of things at a grocer. Its been weeks since I've bought any grocery items. Walmart is suppose to deliver laundry detergent today sometime...good news.
      Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


        Morning all,

        The sun is a welcome sight this morning after a chilly and windy day yesterday. Will have a cup of coffee out on the deck and enjoy being out there.

        We had a caravan of nurses arrive from Albany to work at one of our local hospitals they were given a police escort and the staff stood outside and cheered them as they came in. Our hospitals are so overwhelmed down here and their unselfish dedication is greatly appreciated during this time.

        Well looks like my grocery order that was placed almost two weeks ago and was supposed to be delivered this past Wednesday and wasn't has disappeared into cyber space. I checked on it's status yesterday for a delivery date and the order was there, today it is gone and the cart is empty. The demand for online groceries is so high here as no one wants to be in the store to even pick up an order. Such is life for a while.

        Hope to spend some time in the sewing room today have plenty that could be done in there.

        Tomorrow will visit with the kids and family members by phone and wish them all a Happy Easter. Wishing everyone here one as well. Be well, be safe.
        If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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          Good morning!

          The sun is shining today, with a high around 55. Tomorrow we will see the mid-60's. I want to spend some time this weekend cleaning up the yard and maybe trimming up some of the landscaping.

          My sister and I will exchange small Easter baskets tomorrow. She does not know I found her Jelly Belly's, so that will be a nice surprise for her. We will probably swap them out on the porch to maintain social distancing. The local grocery stores are closed tomorrow to give their employees a much needed break.

          Have a wonderful day!


            Yesterday, Amanda came over and we worked in the back yard trimming bushes, pulling weeds, putting down bark and cleaned the screen porch. I am so out of shape! I am achey this morning with all the bending and stooping. In one of the flower beds I touched something soft and mushy feeling. It was a big fat brown frog. I have never liked things like that.

            Sandy!! I let her out last night turned my back for a split second and she was pulling up the landscape fabric and throwing bark everywhere. I really shamed her screaming bad dog and she came running into the house and got on her bed. She turned 3 in March and she is still doing things like that. She does understand its wrong. I let her out this morning and she looked at the bark then turned around and looked at me.. Ohhh she knows.

            It late and I haven't got dressed yet and I need more coffee. Take care all!



              Good Afternoon All,

              Mike called out this morning. I think the kid has over done it. He slept until 11 and says he feels great. No work for him until Tuesday, I think, so maybe he'll get rested before he has to go back.

              I'll be getting mail from Dot today for the kids. Just in time for Easter. They'll like that. Jim's going to come pick that up, and I have their soft toys I found a couple of weeks ago, and I have Jonathan's school work run. I'm out of ink! I've already told Jim I want ink for my birthday! I was joking, but I really need it now!

              I have 3 sets of Swifter dusters cut out of fleece. I'll sew them together shortly. Then I'm moving on to something fun. I'm out of wire, elastic, I think I'm shutting down the mask shop, unless someone calls and asks for some. Then they'll have to get the 'extras'. I still don't have the filter fabric, sigh.

              It's been nice to slow down for a few days. Now I'm ready to do something, go somewhere, shop, pet fabric, anything! It will wait, I will wait.

              Gabby needs a shampoo and cut, almost as bad as I do. I'll trim her up, but I bought barrettes for for me, by the time we get to go to the salon, I'll have enough hair to change hairstyles!

              Take care. Happy Easter!
              “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou