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    It's Good Friday

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I think Monique must be sleeping in (well deserved) this a.m., so I'll get us started. Our church will have a Good Friday service on YT at 6 p.m. Easter Sunday certainly will seem different this year.

    Well, that old skunk woke me up at 1 a.m. The odor still lingered at 5 a.m. when I got up, so I left my BR window closed.

    Yest. was PT. That went well. She had me use some different equipment. The 6 min. on the bike went easier than the first 2 times. My hip & lower back bother me all the time, but I know I'll eventually get through this.

    After PT, I headed to the groc. store. Wasn't sure what to expect after reading that customers were being spaced out for social distancing. There was no line waiting, no "store police", people were moving freely about maintaining a good distance. I found everything on my list. Eggs still are limited to 2 doz. Distilled water limited to 1 gal. They were restocked on Anasazi beans, so I bought 6 lb. I was able to complete my shopping at one store.

    The headline in our paper this a.m. states the CO virus peak may not come until mid-May.

    Thank you Joy, I didn't get up until 7:30. I really slept well last night, with a little help of course. I feel ready to tackle my day today.

    I had a good day at the PO yesterday and feel that I left things good for my friend on Tuesday when she comes in. I will meet with her tomorrow to hand over the keys.

    I awoke to snow on the ground this morning. UGH!!! It won't stay but still yucky.

    Tomorrow I will do the running around that I need to do. Not sure what is left in the grocery stores. I was at a convenience store close to the PO yesterday and their 10lb bag of potatoes were $6. No thank you.

    There was a community message on FB that stated that the church bells will ring at noon on Sunday as show of support.

    Not sure what my day will hold just yet. I do have laundry to do. I also need to repair my clothesline as it fell down during the winter. But I won't try that today as it is a little too cool to work outside.

    Wishing all my forum family a wonderful Easter weekend no matter what you do.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


      Good morning everyone. My goal today is to do something outside. I'll start with edging and mowing, since we have rain predicted for Saturday and Sunday. After that, we'll see if I am up for a walk or not. I do need to sew a few face masks for some friends and drop them off. I made one last night and was surprised at how quickly it went together.

      Most likely I will get on the computer at some point and check email to see if I can tidy up a few straggling items for next week's payroll. If time permits, I may try to finish the blocks for my pineapple quilt top. Only have 5 more to go. Ok, that's probably the goal for the weekend, rather than today. At some point I will need to v I sit the grocery store. DGD is coming over Sunday, as I will be her daycare next week. The plan is to attempt potty training. We'll see how that goes.

      hoping everyone has a blessed Easter weekend, or weekend in general if you don't celebrate. I will attend mass on Sunday online and be thankful for my blessings and health. I pray that all of you may stay healthy and not be exposed to this ugly virus.


        Good Morning All. Today is supposed to be cloudy and tomorrow is sunshine predicted. Man oh man it rained so much yesterday, luckily it was not a down pour just a constant light rain. Brrrrr is sure was a wet cold for sure. Having a hard time finding batting in stock that is in my budget. Last year I bought some blankets on a clearance and thinking I may try using one as batting. Just a thought. Time for another cup of coffee and finishing up my current batch of masks. Son will be by later today with weekly grocery run and I need to have them ready to hand over to him so he can deliver them for me.

        Hugs to all and please stay safe.


          Good morning!

          Today will be cool, with a high in the low 40's and windy. The grass in my yard is starting to green up and soon it will be decision time -- do I hire the yard guy again this year or not? My sister and I have discussed it. She said she wants to mow Mom's yard this year. Which is fine, but she has told me that in other years, and then she complained all summer about how her knees hurt and how hard it was. As for me, I don't mind mowing the grass, it's the fall cleanups that wear me out. There are lots of leaves around here! I am also looking at the possibility of a layoff, and need to conserve my resources where I can.

          The boss signed me up for a breathe & stretch yoga class through our employer. It's her way of looking after the health of her employees. Our HR department sent an email the other day with a list of on-demand courses we can take related to self care. I hope the class will be easy (it is beginner level), because I do not do yoga.

          I think I will check out the class -- my morning meeting was just canceled. Today will be a slow day because of the holiday; a lot of employees take the afternoon off.

          Have a wonderful day!


            Morning all,

            Sun is poking it's head out although it sounds windy outside, but since I have no place to go it won't bother me. My grocery order that was to be delivered Wednesday between 12-1 never came, then it was supposed to arrive in the evening but never showed up. Now it says it may be delivered between Saturday and next Wednesday. Such is life now. Will just wait and see when it shows up. Nobody here wants to be in the stores now so online ordering is backed up.

            Still want to make some more masks but need a break so will look through some of my UFOs and see if anything grabs my attention for a bit.

            Easter will be a quiet day for the two of us and if the weather is nice we may put something on the grill and I may bake some cookies for a treat.

            I am thankful for my family's health to date as my son and son in law are essential workers and exposed to this virus everyday. Plants are poking their heads up and trees are flowered and look beautiful at this time of year so it lifts my spirits.

            I wish all of you a wonderful Easter, be well, and stay safe.
            If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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            • Ginny B
              Ginny B commented
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              Cathy, I can't even get a delivery time set up on any of the online ordering platforms. They all say check back tomorrow. But tomorrow never seems to come. We are trying to not go into the stores or put too much on Kathryn and Joe. John and Rob said they would be down with groceries too. But that's a 2 1/2 hour round trip for them. We are good with pantry stuff. Just milk and produce that run low.

            • K. McEuen
              K. McEuen commented
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              There is a trick that was shared with me as far as getting a pick up spot when doing online grocery ordering. Times were showing a week out for me. I was told to shop after midnight and I would get a next day delivery time. So, last Saturday night/Sunday morning I couldn't sleep and decided to do online shopping at Walmart (at 3 am). I was able to pick my order up on Mnnday. I got everything except eggs, which they ran out of because theyw ere on sale. Late night shopping might work with delivery as well.

            Good morning everyone,

            Its looks like it will be rain / wet snow / cold kind-of-day. Yesterday, was pretty much the same but add wind. We went for a walk after dinner, and boy, it was so cold, we came back sooner. I made it to sewing room, and made a few masks. I have been trying different models and I wasn't very happy with any of them. Maybe I'm too fussy. I will try and tackle again today. DH is struggling with cutting foam for glider cushions. I asked my dearly departed dad for inspiration and guidance. I cut and quilted some of the ulpholstery fabric for 2 cushions. I am happy with these. I can't do the rest until DH cuts foam. I think he is overthinking this and may have to come up with other solution.

            Today, I hope to tackle more masks and a bit of cleaning, picking up and moving xmas light bins to storage in basement. The latter is quite a chore.

            I am grateful that my mom is well and that so far, there are no C-19 cases in her residence.

            I'm hoping that Mother Nature has spared your area of storms, winds and fires. Take care, be careful and be safe.

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            Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

            Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


            • Claire Hallman
              Claire Hallman commented
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              The very best way to cut foam is to use an electric knife. If you don't have one of those try this. Mark your cutting line then use a razor knife to cut along the line over and over until you are through the foam. That is really only good for straight lines. A serrated knife will work like an electric one but is much slower.

            • SuzanneOrleansOntario
              SuzanneOrleansOntario commented
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              Claire - he has been using the electric knife for straight cuts, but this doesn't work well for angled cuts. The width of foam is ~20"w & 3" thick. Try to cut is jagged at best. I am thinking just leave it and add extra outdoor polyfil to even out.

            Good morning. It's a breezy one out there today. We had a good bit of rain yesterday and even some rumbles of thunder. By the latter part of the afternoon, the sun made an appearance.

            I got a few chores and a lot of mask making done yesterday. I did have a bit of wave of sadness and feeling of isolation wash over me yesterday afternoon when my son Rob posted that the buyer for their place got the clear to close so another step to their moving. I felt so sad that it may be that I don't get to be up at their current house. I absolutely love the complex he lives in and his place. I feel so disconnected from family. I should be there helping Rob and John pack. I hate when this weight of sadness overcomes me. I know that on the scale of things, this is not that terrible of a thing to have to deal with considering what the world is going through so I get angry with myself that I get so upset about a relatively small thing.

            I am grateful that I have a hubby who is there with his arms ready to hold and hug me until the wave leaves me and he helps ti get me back into a more even emotional state.

            So today I will deal with laundry, Easter bunnies and mask sewing.

            Have a good Friday all. Stay safe and healthy.
            Ginny B



            • Cathy F
              Cathy F commented
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              Ginny, yes we had the same thing tried for a week to order and finally tried right before BJs opened and the order finally went through but now waiting for it to be delivered. We ordered last Saturday. I think it's worse this week because of Easter/Passover.

              I hear you about the stores. I am just so saddened by all the deaths around us each day I am fearful of being in the grocery store too. Yet people are going in there without masks or gloves and not social distancing while in there. Wake up New York, what will it take to get through to some of these people.

            • SuzanneOrleansOntario
              SuzanneOrleansOntario commented
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              It is quite reasonable to be overcome with emotions with all this going on. NY state is being hit so hard, it is overwhelming. We feel for you and the frustration by officials to getting help they need. In the meantime, you can control nothing but your own actions. So stay safe. Take all the hugs from your husband, and call relatives and friends to keep in touch.

            Good Morning All,

            It seemed weird not to go to the Lord's Supper last night. One member is dropping off elements for Sat/ Sun delivery for families.

            Anyway, Mike called the bug guy. Apparently, he's had a spider issue in his room and bathroom. He doesn't do spiders! I guess I'll have a visitor today. I'll have him treat the whole house, since I don't want then run to my side of the house.

            I made a couple of masks yesterday, but not much else. I'm really lacking motivation to do anything.

            Have a wonderful day.
            “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


            • JCY
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              Katrina ~ Get some glue boards. Colorado has a lot of spiders, etc. We use them all over the house. We have 1-2 in each room & several in the garage. You can buy them at Walmart or probably on line. They come 4 in a pkg. We switch them out every 1-2 years, depending on how many insects they've caught. We've even caught mice with them in the garage.

            Our church is having services at 7 pm tonight, on Facebook.
            I am making a small amount of the Clear Vinyl Face Masks for friends and family. I found some Clear Vinyl at Walmart.....and after lunch I am going to start cutting them out.
            To everyone here on the forum, have a pleasant day. Contact someone you haven't heard from lately. I've been doing that this past week. I've also heard from a couple of people I haven't heard from in ages.
            After dinner tonight, I am going to contact a gal that used to live above us when my husband Terry was stationed in Germany near Frankfurt. I just learned that her husband died in a car accident several months ago. I am having trouble finding a phone number for this gal, hopefully I can get her phone number by calling one of her children whose phone numbers are listed!!
            Take care everyone! thI5M6K2GUBlessings .jpg
            Jacqueline ( Sugar ) Dorer-Russell

            "I miss the me I was when you were here"


              My brother has asked for some masks, so I will check out some videos to see which are the easiest to make. Any suggestions are welcome. Soup is on, hubby has taken our dear friend Doug for groceries, I didn't want to go out today but have to go tomorrow. 1st load of laundry just about done.

              Have a great day!! It sure is nice to be home.
              Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


              • chelea
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                I think Jenny's versions are the easiest. Bonnie Hunter has a good one too, using old t shirts for ties.

              • SuzanneOrleansOntario
                SuzanneOrleansOntario commented
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                There are so many listed, some seem easy. I made a few tests with insert pockets. Liked one, other one, thumbs down. Now that they want kids and adults to wear them, I cranked out a prototype based on a few patterns. I've made a few, no using elastic š but a soft tie.

              A blessed Good Friday to you all. There are several online services being broadcast on Facebook Live or YouTube Live, so we have been "experiencing" Sunday Mass—and now Holy Week services—online. It's the best that can be done right now.

              The one advantage for us is that we get to "video see" our Illinois daughter. She works for a diocese and actually lives on diocesan property, so she is able to serve as a lector for many of these services.

              May the blessings of Christ's sacrifice on the cross enrich the lives of all forum members!
              Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?


                Hello to all this afternoon.

                Resting and relaxing this afternoon. The pantry is organized...again. The KAF order arrived and I was able to buy 2 sugar on sale yesterday. We are a happy house with supplies in the cupboards again. Now they are called cabinets in most places.

                The one lesson through all of this event is that it is time for me to get back to basics and a simpler way. More time to cook and bake. Remember when brownies, cakes, cookies and muffins didn't come in box mixes? Lots of recipe books to crack open again.

                I hope each of you enjoy your celebration no matter where and how or what time. Happy Easter.