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It's Thursday (My Friday)

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    It's Thursday (My Friday)

    Good morning dear friends. Yes it is my Friday as Friday and Monday are closed because it is Easter. I really can't say that I am sorry it is my last day. Yesterday wasn't too bad, I didn't feel rushed. I got done what needed to get done. I will tell you, for a small office, it sure is busy. I had taken my quilt to work on last week but never put a stitch in it.

    My 3 drawer units arrived yesterday. The hardware store is on the route to home to work, that worked out well.

    I ordered printer ink from Walmart yesterday. We are not allowed across the border to Ontario. If we are stopped, we are given a stiff warning, they take your id information and upon your return to Quebec, you have to be quarantined for 14 days. If you are caught out during that time, you will be faced with a $1000 fine. I have something that I will need to be picked up Walmart in a couple of weeks. I am not sure how I am going to get it. Oh well, I will figure it out.

    Today Hubby is taking Doug out, he wasn't feeling good yesterday.

    Have a great day everyone. Stay safe and healthy.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning!

    Today will be a cooler -- highs in the mid-40's. We had some rain this morning.

    Today is going to be full of meetings. I am grateful my computer has a microphone built in so I don't have to use a headset. They can get a little painful after a while. Several of my co-workers have been complaining about using them. They can also be glitchy at times.

    My sister saw a fox in her front yard! I'm a little disappointed I didn't see it, as we live across the street from each other. I have never seen a fox in this neighborhood before. The critters are getting brave and exploring while we are self isolating.

    Have a wonderful day!


      That is something I hadn't considered Julie...critters taking over because no one is out.
      Monique, I guess I don't totally agree with the fines and isolation and I don't really understand the limitations. We need to go back home and pick up a lawn mower and a few other things. Are we not allowed to do this if we aren't coming in contact with other people?
      I sewed a bit yesterday. Don't really like being in the space we have chosen for the machine. Its dark and isolated back there in a spare bedroom. It stormed here last evening with lightening and rain. It was nothing like the mountain rain. Kind of interesting.
      DH has been painting the interior of the storage building so he can put his tools away. And, he is taking up all the patio pavers and resetting them. They have settled into a wonky mess that is probably dangerous for walking on them. Some are sitting on angles to others with as much as 3 inch difference in the corner heights.
      DH has to make some ajustments to the depth finder on the boat before we take it out. Electronics are way above my pay grade.
      Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


      • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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        Terry, I guess it is difficult to understand the limitations and restrictions in place. But Monique and I are in adjoining provinces, and usually seamless travel. Unfortunately at this time both provinces have the highest number of cases & deaths, with Quebec highest number of positive cases. The risk is greatest now, and to stay home so far, the total number of deaths in Canada was 435 yesterday. Most people are reasonable but like everywhere, we have Covidiots.

      • Nwmnteacher
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        Suzanne, I chuckled over the "covidiots"!

      • LauraP
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        I had a picture of Monique and Suzanne on opposite sides of the line with a remote control car. They could tape the package on type and send it across. Funny picture

      Happy day friends
      Happy Easter wishes to everyone, with all this mix up in our lives thought was a week later, time to get the potato chits out and plant ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

      Monique have a great last day ๐Ÿ˜, fingers crossed your parcel does get to you somehow.

      Today it is cloudy, all the daffodils are out in force with the pink red currant behind looks very bonny, the leaves are now starting on thorn bush, they are new vibrant green, that tends to darken over the year. we have little yellow flowers in the grass, not dandelions, and a few daisy's, before long the red and pink clover will start to flower, with the white blossom on the fruit trees, the primulas in hanging baskets are flowering, the ever lasting sweet peas are about a foot high, both the tulip and firework bursting flower magnolia trees are flowering, the grass is growing, was cut in January just before the daffodils sprung through. the birds are singing, its quite loud, but nice too,
      today there is no breeze. making it easy for a butterfly to flutter past.
      over past weeks, himself has cleared some of the veg plot, the old growth into bags and stacked on sides with openings to hedge it seems we have made a waterproof bird hotel, it was only suppose to be temporary till could add to green recycling. birds are good, at keeping the insect levels down, the black birds are a treat to watch with there worm listening antics.
      All in all its a good day.

      today may sew.
      once saw a fox stare at me through living room window, the fox had white eyes. then decided to carry on journey, certainly a blessing.

      just read, as upsetting as this is during these times, it does make a strong point why we always wash everything.

      have a grand day in whatever you do, lets make the day be a positive one
      happy sewing
      virtual hugs


        Good Morning, Everyone ~ We had our Bible study lesson on Zoom yest. a.m. During our session, a box popped up wanting me to sign up for an upgrade (cost $ of course). When I x'd out of it, I got dropped so had to sign back in to join the mtg. A bit frustrating. We were able to complete the lesson, minus another person who was dropped but didn't sign back in. Zoom is supposed to be free, but they pester you to sign up for more.

        I have PT at 10:15, after which I need to get groc. It should be interesting with the now required spacing of customers. If it's too much of a hassle or wait time, I may just go to another smaller store to get what I need. I saw on the news yest. where now they're wanting Walmart & some other stores to quit carrying "non-essential" items, probably an attempt to get customers to move more quickly through the store & get their "essentials". Well, what might not be non-essential to one might be essential to others. There is too much gov't. crackdown, IMO.

        Monique ~ Is your Walmart item something that can be mailed to you? One time I ordered something from WM & it was delivered right to my door. How frustrating to not be able to cross the border.

        Our lawn service came for the spring clean-up yest. a.m. I wasn't expecting them till after lunch. The yard looks so much nicer now.

        I sewed two face masks yest. p.m. I made one for myself & one for my DS. (He's currently using a bandana.) I used Jenny's tutorial for the one with strings. I opened a white JR I had on hand. It takes considerably longer to fold & press the strings, etc. than to make the one with elastic. But the finished mask was satisfactory.


        • Monique
          Monique commented
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          Yes Joy it will be delivered to my home/mail box.

        • Momofmonsters5
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          I saw a tutorial where you can use a bias tape maker to do the strings. If you have one. I don't ...I thought I had everything lol

        Good morning all. Looks to be a rainy day today. Yesterday turned out to be a not bad day andcwe got to be outside for a bit and had a nice walk. The rest of the day was spent doing housework and sewing masks. Today I will mail a bunch of them and drop some off to a former co worker. Contactless of course. I will just hang a bag with them on her car mirror and text her so she will come out straightaway and pick them up. Of course, I thought I was done with masks but then I got a request for 4 more last night. I need to get some names on Easter bunny ears finished today too.

        Monique, those fines are pretty steep. I understand the reason for the travel restrictions if there are climbing #'s of the virus in the areas. The city here has a $500 fine in place for those violating certain social distancing/gathering limits. I hope you can get your package somehow.

        Joy, good luck with your PT and grocery trip.

        Time to get the mail ready to go. Have a good day all. Stay healthy.
        Ginny B


        • Claire Hallman
          Claire Hallman commented
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          I know what you mean, when folks realize you are making masks they come out of the woodwork wanting them. I am working on a request for 50 by a telephone repair group.

        • LauraP
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          It will be interesting to see what happens to all those masks when the pandemic eases.

        Good morning. We have a cooler day today. No sitting outside with the dogs. I plan on cutting more pieces for my quilt. I will get some more mask pieces cut out too. The elastic that my SIL sent should arrive today.
        I did order Easter dinner from a local restaurant. We will pick it up Sunday afternoon.

        have a good day.


          Hello and good morning,

          Another slow morning here. I'll finish coffee and sew for a little while. I have to go into the office later today for just a couple of tasks.The rest of the day is mine. It's time to start the inside painting projects. Our local store has call ahead ordering and delivery to their back door for curb-side pick-up.

          Monique, Good luck with your project and getting your order. That tote pattern looks so useful. Please let us know how the project works for you.

          Blessings and Happy Easter to all. We will quietly remember previous celebrations shared with loved ones. I will place the flowers and memorials on Friday. We will have a dinosaur egg hunt for the little one and more pool time.

          Happy Stitching!


            Good Morning All,

            It was a pretty quiet day yesterday. Zeke's birthday was neat. Everyone had sent gifts early and we all got to see him open them. Singing Happy Birthday was hilarious with all of the different lag times on Zoom. So bad! I dropped off some things at the Salvation Army and Mike went to the storage shed to swap out some of his toy cars... can you say, he's his father's son. At least his stuff is in his room and I don't have to look at it.

            Last night made up for the calm of the day. Storms moved through, Gabby jumped and barked every time the thunder would roll. It came in spells. We managed to get her last potty break in before it started again. I was thankful, walking Gabby in a down pour wasn't on my list of things I wanted to do last night. After we went to bed, it started pouring again. While I was reading, I put her beside me on top of the covers. When I was ready to go to bed, I put her in her bed. She stayed there for a few minutes, when it thundered, she moved over beside my bed and laid down. I have no idea, when she went to her bed, but she was curled up in it this morning.

            Mike gets off at 1 today. He said his boss passed out the masks. They have a skeleton crew working. I had one request for a solid black. I'm going to make some more, if I get in the mood. Mike's off Friday, so I may wait until then. I need something for a change of pace so I don't get burned out. I'm thinking one of my SS projects might be a good thing to work on today!

            I guess I better get started. Have a wonderful day.
            โ€œNothing can dim the light which shines from within.โ€ Maya Angelou


              Good morning everyone. I was here earlier, then Internet froze. I guess it's overloaded with everyone at home. It was pouring when I got up and I remembered my dad this morning. 20 years ago today, he passed away, and there was a huge snow storm about 18" of snow. He was a quiet man, talented, creative and very patient. He taught me how to upholster, this was his second job at home as a business. Today I will draw on his strength to help me tackle these stupid glider seats we said we would rebuild and recover. I am thankful for his wisdom, his love of gardening which he imparted on my kids and myself, his self-sufficiency and drive to problem-solve, his resilience. He would have taught us how to survive this. Mom and I said a prayer together.

              Yesterday, I dropped off a VQC quilt and picked up another top to quilt and fresh eggs from my GF's coop. We also dropped off cast iron bench parts and a box of hardwood to our neighbour who will rebuild us a new bench. We also picked up DH's car, which has taken almost a month to repair. Not because of the damage, but because parts were slow coming from Subaru.

              Today will be an indoor day keeping busy, Rain has changed to wet snow. I hope this will wash away the snow mould while we wait to do yardwork. I am visualizing all your beautiful flowers. We are stocked up for ourselves and to share with friends as needed. Don't need to go out as this is crucial time to stay home.

              Enjoy a good day at home, staying safe. This cannot be stressed enough to avoid the spread.

              19,291 / 435

              Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

              Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                Good afternoon everyone! All I can do is sew masks. As soon as I think I'm done another request comes in. I'm grateful that I have the time and materials needed to sew them for friends and family and neighbors.
                Have a good day!



                  Good afternoon! After 2 beautiful days in the 50's today it is only about 30 and the wind is bitter, and it is snowing. So much for spring. I worked on a quilt almost all day so just put it away. Lots of hq and I only have 2 rows done, with 6 more to go, but with the shelter in place I am glad to have a big project to work on every day.

                  Now I know we have rules here of no politics, but I hope I can get away with saying this. I am in Wisconsin where we have a shelter in place order from the Gov. Me, my family and just about everyone we know have been sticking to the rules and strictly adhering to social distancing, wearing masks when we go out. I live in Milwaukee, the biggest city in the state. On Tues we had our primary election. We voted absentee but thousands of people had to go in person to vote. Only 5 polling places were open instead of the normal 180, for a pop of 600,000. Well people in Milwaukee are hopping mad bc the Supreme Court refused to postpone the election to June like the Gov wanted. Now we are all scared that all our shelter at home time will be for nothing. We wonder if there is going to be a big spike in virus cases in about two weeks because of the election. Will we need to shelter for another month if there is a setback? Everyone was worried enough before this latest development. Thank you for letting me vent, and Karen I am sorry if I pushed the envelope by bringing this up.


                  • JCY
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                    IMO, they should have done mail in ballots or delayed the election. We have voted by mail in ballot for many years.

                  • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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                    I saw that while watching US news. This is inhumane and strategic for an unfair election. Sad to see this in a democracy. I certainly hope that more people were not exposed to the virus.

                  • KarenC
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                    I saw this on the news last night and was flabbergasted. I can't believe they didn't postpone it.

                  that is some interesting ๐Ÿ˜ฌ sheltering policy, during this crazy time.

                  today sew all my off cut fabric back together that had used for another project, and re cut for unity, I use it all. himself spent most of day on bed, the purrs woke him every 2 hours during night, mischief rattled anything he could, lets just say, the bedroom has been removed of any rattly things, but that does not mean mischief will be defeated, nope he hunts round the home and carries items in to rattle, it is my main reason do not use pins.

                  made a chocolate cake to night finishing off the yokes, himself got carried away cutting last one. it took 2 hours to bake, should only take 45 minutes.

                  last night had toast and marmalade, it was a round loaf, so himself asked how did you get it in the toaster, its one of the many questions now a days, in reply said we cut the centre out didn't we? then to get in toaster cut it in half like a half moon, he seemed happy with that.
                  have a great evening


                    The movers are here today. We will clean the house through the weekend, as we really didn't want to drive on Good Friday or Easter. We head to our new house on Monday!
                    Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?


                    • KarenC
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                      Congrats Toni! Hope you have a safe trip to the new home.

                    • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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                      Toni, I'm happy to see that you will be on your way home. Safe drive. Happy Easter.

                    This work week is finally over. I don't understand how things can be so calm in the morning, and explode in the afternoon when you are trying to sign off. It's cooling off today. The rain hit a few minutes ago, but it's already stopped. It's supposed to rain Saturday and Sunday. I haven't had time to sew masks thus far, but think I may try to do some this weekend.