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    It's Wednesday

    2 more days to go and then I am DONE!! I am so looking forward to having some time to myself. I have found a friend who will come in next Tuesday and work until she comes back.

    Yesterday was a relatively quiet day as far as mail goes. There wasn't much 1st class mail but boy oh boy, a lot of parcels. A lot of customers at the counter keeping me busy. It has been very frustrating as I am left to figure things out by myself. Or seek help from others. Yesterday was a very stressful day. Thankfully help is only a phone call away and I was able to resolve a problem with a customer. I felt good afterwards to be able to find a solution that would work for both of us. The customer walked away satisfied and thanked me and I felt good as well. I was very close to tears when I spoke with a boss higher up and thanked her for all her help she gave me yesterday. She also praised me for my work. I have tears as I write this. I didn't sleep well last night.

    The sky is really pink this morning. Pink sky at night, sailors delight, pink sky in morning, sailors take warning. I think we are expecting rain today and possibly a little snow tomorrow.

    Today I will do the best job I can and be hold my head up high.

    Thank you to each and everyone of you for being here to support us all in our daily lives. We are all dealing with 'something'.

    Have a great day everyone and stay safe and healthy.

    P/S The Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy have been declared "ESSENTIAL SERVICES"

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    I had a little (young( employee that worked her tail off on her last day she worked for me. I said, "wow, good job, your last day you could have just sluffed off" She said, people only remember what you did last. And she was right...I remembered.
    Yesterday, after another marathon cleaning and weeding morning, DH launched the boat from the wildlife ramp in Oriental. One anxiety down. It went off without a yelling, no blaming, all good. Then, we got into the boat for the maiden voyage over to our house dock. It is probably a couple of miles by water.We got out on the Neuse river to head to Whitaker creek (he has been studying maps all winter) and the humingbird (that is a fancy navigation device that tells depth , etc) said that we were in shallow water all of a sudden. He panicked. Then, just as fast, it read we were in really really deep water...back and forth...something is haywire in the electronics. He studied on that last night when we got back. So we head across and turn onto whitaker creek and see that there are about 6 little channels we can take....oh my, which one is the canal that we live on. He started floating along and looking and then headed around a bend and about 20 min. later, we spotted our neighbors gigantic sail boat and said, look there, its the lady hawk. So, we docked (again, no incident other than I said, you want me to tie up the front or the back first and he said, its called the bow and the vocabulary needs a tweekin") Then, we took my car back to the ramp and picked up his and had a joyful evening.
    I'm about ready to think about sewing. I don't want to be inside in this idealic weather but I am physically spent and could use a sitting hobby.
    Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


      Good Morning, well I am back to normal routine, up before the sun. Today is a no rain day but tomorrow is predicted to be a different story.

      Thank you to those that posted suggestions and words of support yesterday for me. Not much is planned today, other than maybe a nap or two. Finally finished the wrestling wrangling match getting scraps cut into more organized sizes. Put them to bed along side all the other string/scrap and left over blocks from previous sewing projects. Looking like plenty to pull from for some charity quilts.

      I agree Monique on Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy being "essential".

      Hugs to all !


        Good morning!

        Looks like we will have a high around 60 today. We had thunderstorms last night, with more in the forecast for tonight.

        I felt a little down on Saturday. I found out late last week that if we go back to work on May 4, we will be on rotation -- on site one day a week, teleworking the other four. That could last for whole summer. In addition, there are some major budget cuts on the horizon, which will guessed it...layoffs. I am 31 months and 3 weeks away from being eligible to retire with full benefits. A layoff could extend it to 10 or more years. That is a scary prospect!

        Sunday I decided to spend some time in the sewing room, and made a house block. Which I decided wasn't quite what I was after, so I made another one the other day. Now I need to quilt it and turn it into a wallhanging.

        Mom is doing very well without us at the memory care facility. My sister is a little disgruntled by this. She thought Mom would miss us more, but Mom didn't know who we were most of the time we visited anyway. I am just glad she is ok and did not catch the virus when she went to the ER over two weeks ago.

        Time for a second cup of tea and to log into my morning work chat. Have a wonderful day!


          Good Morning, Everyone ~ Another beautiful day yest. & 80 deg., but it was very windy. The wind blew over our recycle toter cart & spilled some items. The glass peanut butter jar rolled down the driveway & was out in the middle of the street. Fortunately, it didn't break. Today it's supposed to be 68. Our lawn service is coming this afternoon to do our spring clean-up. Chance of rain & snow on Sun. & Mon.

          I had a work out with my home exercise program yest. a.m. By the time I finished, I was really sore. I iced my lower back & thigh for 15 min. This is hard work. The ortho. center sent an e-m informing everyone they must wear a mask when they come in the bldg. I've already been doing that. I heard on the 5 a.m. news that LA now is requiring everyone to wear masks.

          This a.m. is our weekly BSF discussion group on Zoom. They've added an extra precautionary password for us to use.

          I cut out fabric for more masks yest., but I haven't sewn them together yet. Just haven't been motivated to sew.


            Morning all,
            Doesn't look like the sun wants to smile on us today, driveway and deck are wet so it must have rained last night. Hopefully it will clear up.

            Today we are scheduled for a food delivery, they haven't given us a time as yet so hopefully it arrives.

            Made a few more masks yesterday for some friends that would be considered high risk if they must go out for groceries. Will leave them on their doorsteps.

            Not much else is new, pretty much same thing each day staying in or sitting on the deck enjoying the sunshine on days it's out.

            Monique, hope you get time at home from work.
            Wishing everyone a good day, be well, stay safe.
            If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

            Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes!
  [email protected]/



              Good Morning everyone!

              We got started early today because we had to go to the store and get fresh milk and veggies. I'm going to make a bit pot of lentil soup and I put loads of veggies into it. I was very surprised that there was lots of produce this time, and......and......they had toilet paper and paper towels. And bleach. And eggs, yogurt and cheese. I'm puzzled as to why some of these things were out of stock for so long, but I see it as a positive sign. There were many, including us, wearing masks in the store, but there were many people ambling around who just didn't have a clue. And a man who I recognized as working at the local hospital shopping in scrubs. I made my feelings known to the management.

              We also needed to go to the local ag store to get dog food. They had their social distancing policy listed on the website, so all we had to do was call in the order, give our credit card info, and they would have our items waiting out front. It went off without a hitch, and we were thanked for making it easier for them. I say Thank You for making it so easy for us.

              When we came home our masks and outer clothes went into the basket on the porch; everything was disinfected, sorted and put away. Then another round to clean door knobs, handles etc.

              Yesterday I finally had the urge to sew, so I worked on the current project for a few hours. I'm in a sewing slump right now.

              Now it's time to chop veggies and make the soup. I'm looking forward to fresh soup and hot crisp rolls from the oven.

              Stay safe, stay sane...


                Good morning!

                It's a bright and sunny day here. It will be a play day for sure. I cleaned and organized the garage yesterday morning. We do park our vehicles in the garage so it just the perimeter areas. Done in a couple of hours.

                The afternoon was spent with grandson letting him play in the sprinklers and a kiddie pool. He had a blast and we forgot about any troubles (none really) for just a few hours. DD took a turtle print mask when she picked up DGS. I mailed two masks to a special friend-one flamingo print and one football print for her DH.

                The 24x 48 workbench/table is in my room now. I was so proud to put it together at my office and then load into my truck. Brought it home and unloaded only to discover it wouldn't fit. I couldn't turn it in the hallway so it had to be turned upright to go in the room. What a pickle! DD helped and together we did it!

                May your day be special!


                  Today it looks a bit like rain....again.๐Ÿ˜“
                  I need to go to UPS to mail off some masks to my niece and some friends. One works at a hospital making up the chemo solutions and I really worry that he will bring the virus home to his wife who has cancer. He said he is taking every precaution but I still worry. I will run by the grocery, too, and see what fresh stuff they have.
                  I am making masks for a telephone crew, they asked for 50๐Ÿ˜ฎ but they also brought me some plastic coated copper wire for the nose and some T shirts for ties. My local winery/restaurant owned by a neighbor has asked for some, too. They are next in line then I think I will take a break for my sanity and actually work on a quilt project.


                    Good morning everyone,

                    It's overcast with temps above zero. I kept busy yesterday, picking up groceries, washing things down, dropping stuff off to my daughter. I saw the GKs. The oldest hot a hair cut, half of his head is short, other side long, so he's sporting a weird haircut. Oh well, it's all for fun and keeps them amused. I made banana choc chip cranberry muffins last night. I vaccumed main floor.

                    Today our neighbour will pick up a cast iron bench frame. I have a full box of oak hardwood flooring from my previous house. We never made any projects, so time to pass it along to make a single seat bench. I will drop off VQC quilt & thread to my GF. We have a lady who has always been housebound who sews VQC bags. She has run out of thread, so I'm sending her some & GF will give her fabric donated to her by a LQS that closed.

                    Clutter has always driven me crazy, and DH is getting worse being housebound. This morning, I mustered up some energy & like a hurricane, I went through rooms, picking up and putting away. Lots more to do. Time to switch closets from winter to spring, put away boots. I will apologize now, when I do this we usually get a snow storm.

                    Monique - I hope today goes better, and that you will soon be enjoying well deserved time at home. You are doing a great service to many people. I can tell you the joy from a cousin when she received the quilt I made her. I wasn't allowed to drop off at her residence, but mail packages were delivered. It is offering her comfort in this difficult time.
                    Terry - I got a chuckle when you mentioned sailing terminology. It's a whole different vocabulary. Glad that you enjoying nice weather.

                    I am grateful that mom's residence is well managed and that after talking to director yesterday, there are no C-19 cases. This is a 250+ residents home. It is sad to see the number of deaths in long-term homes. One in particular has had 28 deaths in the 63 bed home facility. I pray for the families who have lost relatives and for staff who show up for work every day.

                    Find joy and happiness in your day.

                    17,887 / 381

                    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                      Good Morning All,

                      Finally finished cleaning up my sewing room yesterday, then made a dozen face masks for the folks that work with Mike. All washed, dried and re-ironed. We'll see what happens with that. Morgan posted a collage picture with thanks from the nurses at her ER. It was cool to see them being used.

                      Today is Zeke's birthday, a big 4 year old. Nana said potty training is over. I'm glad! I guess when we get to go back to church, I'll take the extra pull ups to the toddler room. They are going to do a Zoom call for him so he can see everyone for his birthday. I think that will be nice. Now to make sure we're on time. lol

                      Mike was up and down all night. I'd just about be dozing off and he'd shut his door again. After his door shutting at 2, I was wide awake. I finally dozed off around 5. I heard him at 7:30 when he left, but I just couldn't get up. He'll be tired today, since it's truck day! I have a feeling, we'll both sleep well tonight!

                      Now to figure out which room is next on the cleaning binge. I guess the dining room area, makes the most sense as that's where I've been cutting fabric for a couple of weeks. Time to shampoo the conditioner out of my hair and get ready for the day.

                      Have a great one!

                      โ€œNothing can dim the light which shines from within.โ€ Maya Angelou


                        Wow, you all are so busy making masks. I wish I had brought some fabric so I could make a few but all I brought was my sewing machine and the pieces I had cut out for a new quilt. I think we might be able to go home in a couple of weeks to pick up another load but I really hope this will all be over and we won;t need the mask materials. I'm not allowed to go out to get groceries for another week here since we are new to the neighborhood. Not good timing to get acquainted like I had planned. My groceries that I had in my pantry are a particularly strange assortment of this and that but we are not hungry. Its hard to think up things to make from whats here though and fresh stuff is something I'm really craving especially since its getting so warm.
                        I sewed a little today, washed a couple of windows, made a pie and......the new toaster oven arrived from Walmart. I ordered it Monday! Its a cute little thing for only $27 but I'm sure it will make toast. The microwave and laundry detergent haven't been shipped yet.
                        Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


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                          My son commented today, "You've made masks for everyone else, where's yours?" Well, uh??
                          One guy that Mike works with requested an all black mask. I had Mike find the box with the extra black layer cake pieces. So I guess I'll have a few more to make. Mine won't be all black.

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                          Yep, Katrina, we are the shoemaker and his shoes aren't we?

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                          your suppose to wear a mask, while making, so do not contaminate.
                          if making for vulnerable people consider if 14 days have passed since went out. or if have a cold, do not make, that was the advice for cancer medicine bags. so may apply here with this virus.

                        hello friends,
                        We have had another lovely sunny day, saw the sun come up, due to not able to sleep, we have a full moon in sky tonight,
                        we, sir and i went into the sewing space around 4 am and started cutting Unity part 2, realised needed more space to layout, so temporary put items away was using to make ....s, it was nice to see what had done so far, have been cutting x sewing most of day, sir has been helping ensure have rests by borrowing the chair, treadling stood up is certainly a skill have not mastered. resting is easier.
                        covid 19 diet is going well, yes a positive of this nightmare, have become lighter on the scales. is it the food or the treadling?
                        tonight we had a vegetable biryani the veg was already cooked so did not take 45 minutes, the recipe is in Hugh's veg book ๐Ÿฅ˜ but missed some ingredients. we also had sweated onion with a spoon of sweet sour mixed in for a sandwich for dinner, was yummy.๐Ÿฅช
                        the onion is for allergy's, apparently the digestive system super food is onion, how that came to be even thought of that reduces allergies is beyond my understanding, but am willing to eat an onion a week, if helps at all to reduce wearing masks and glasses.

                        we heard on radio today that cats cannot go a roaming, its thought the friendly personality's will accept a stroke from a person on their route and possibly pass on to owners who stroke afterwards. someones thinking about the little details, but trying to convince a purr who is determined of wishes will be a challenge.
                        Am pleased sir and mischief drag himself round yard on a lead which they enjoy so much, they have certainly had enjoyment from that skill, including a picnic on the beach it was a lovely sunny day till got to beach, where was thick fog, we will never forget, that outing of a few years ago. ๐Ÿ˜.
                        have a great day, stay safe, keep happy memories at forefront of mind.
                        thank you all that are keeping the world moving.
                        virtual hugs,


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                          We saw report also on pets and not let strangers pet them. Thankfully our boys are indoor cats, and we haven't had visitors for over a month. Re- onions -- when someone had cold in house with ex, he would cut up a few onions and leave around the house. Don't know if it did anything, but kept him busy.