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    It's Tuesday

    In my dreams, I thought it was Saturday.

    It was another crazy day at the PO. At lot of Ontario residents want their mail sent to Quebec because if they leave the province, they might not be able to get back. I keep my mouth shut but I would really like to tell them to go home. There was an exchange of words outside the PO yesterday because one customer had Ontario plates. People shouldn't judge. I was told by the 'big' boss that if there is any trouble I am to call the police. I hope that doesn't happen. And I found out yesterday that the post mistress will be off for another month. I think this virus thing has her scared. Well I am not working past this week. I will not stay for another month.

    On a positive note, a young lady in our community is having twins in August and she just found out they are having a boy and a girl. She already has a girl just about 3 and another just over 1. They will be a busy family for sure. Everyone is over the moon happy for them. Joey gets his boy.

    A couple of weeks ago I purchased the pattern for the Tidy Tote. Here is the link:

    Well I did a search for the 3 drawer unit and found it at the local Home Hardware. I stopped on my way to work and ordered 2. They should arrive Thursday.

    The mattress topper I ordered from Walmart isn't expected until May. 😞

    Next week I turn the big 60. This might just be the quietest birthday ever.

    Have a great day everyone.
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    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good Morning Monique!

    You'll just have to have your birthday on skype/ zoom/ or whatever the latest thing is. Tomorrow is Zeke's birthday. Jim and Morgan have decided that with three kids, they're just partying on the 5's for each of them. Next year is Zeke's big 5 year old party. Anyway, I sent his present with Jim on Sunday.

    I've made a whopping 3 masks, three different styles. My sewing machine doesn't like the pleated one. I'm not sure why, broke another needle. I'm getting really good at that. I'll be buying denim needles, I guess. I can't wait to get it in the shop! Something's not quite right.

    Gabby woke up a little before 7. She's been out and is napping. Tomorrow, Mike goes back to work for two days. It will be nice to have the house to myself.

    Not much else going on, the plan today is timer set cleaning. Part of me feels like I should just dump everything in the middle of the floor go from there. lol, it's the floor that's the biggest mess... sort of. I still have a box of school stuff that Melinda sent. I'll have to deal with that at some point.

    Take care of yourselves. We can meet here and party for a little bit.
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


      Good Morning, Everyone ~ Another beautiful day yest.; it was 84 deg. I would have liked to get outside in the yard, but that didn't happen. Had PT in the morning. That's the only place I went. I wear my mask & gloves when I go. All the staff are wearing masks, but not gloves due to the shortage of gloves. They are frequently washing hands. I'm glad I have a good supply of nitrile gloves. I order them from Amazon on a regular basis, since I do DH's medical procedure every other morning. I also wear them to protect my skin from chemicals when cleaning house.

      On the 5 a.m. news on my clock radio today they announced that our major grocery chain will be limiting customers in their space & some aisles will be 1 way. More restrictions. I was just reading the first hand account of a C-19 survivor. He figures he must have been exposed when out partying & sharing a margarita. He & his room mate both got it.

      Monique ~ Your mentioning the twins reminded me that 10 yrs. ago our neighbors had triplets. They had a 4 y.o. dau. The triplets were a set of girl twins & a boy. Our local hosp. pre-planned for the event. She had them here (without having to go to Denver) & the triplets were fine. I think 1 or 2 had to stay in the NICU a few days, but they came home after a short stay. The couple had lots of help from family, their church, & friends. There was a history of twins in her family. She had not taken any fertility drugs.


        Good morning all. It's Tuesday, right? Difficult to tell sometimes with how each day feels just like the day before. Living the movie Groundhogs Day.

        But yesterday was a bit different since we did get to go outside and do a bit of cleanup. Afterwards we just sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine for a while. It was so nice. Today seems to be a bit more cloudy but I think it will still be fairly warm.

        Last night hubby and I got to see the space station going across the sky. We heard about it from the weatherman on the news at dinnertime and, since it was going to be a clear night and not too chilly, we went outside at 8:30 to see if we could spot it. And we did! It was very exciting to see this dot of light come into view and then watch it travel across the sky. A few years ago we got to see both the space station and the shuttle traveling overhead. And once I got to go to a shuttle landing.

        Today I will work on some more masks but other than that, nothing in particular on the to do list.

        Monique, I hope you don't need to call the police for any issue. And what exciting news for those parents expecting twins. Yes, their lives are going to get very busy. Katrina, good luck with your cleaning plan.
        Joy, it is good that grocery stores are trying different means to keep their customers and employees safe .

        Today I am grateful for the sunshine that boosted my outlook yesterday. Even though there are more clouds today, I will try to keep the sunny outlook going through the day.

        Have a good day everyone. Find something that makes you smile. Stay home if possible. Stay safe.
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        Ginny B


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          Ginny - it does feel like groundhog day. We saw the space station & shuttle a few years ago when we were at sailing club. Everyone was on the deck and a clear night.

          DH has been to launches and worked closely with NASA for over 25 years. His company developed the 3-D laser camera and other technologies that were on space station. It would scan tiles for damage. He really loved his work and very proud of the company he formed with 3 others. They closed their Houston offices after the end of space program.

        Good morning. It will cloudy but in the 60’s. We go back to the low 50’s on Friday. I finished 11 masks to donate to the cafe. I will keep sewing more for them and my dd.
        The new fabric I ordered arrived, so I began cutting out some pieces

        Monique— I would not want to work for another month either.

        Have a good day and stay safe.


          Twins, Oh my. My DD just had baby Luke in the nick of time (Jan 16) and got him home. Now she is very anxious about going out. She is afraid she will bring the virus home and he will get it. She hasn't taken him out of the house. Mostly she is sending the teenagers to get things they need or her husband on the way home from work.
          MY SIL owns a mfg plant with 8 employees. He will not allow them to go without pay so life is tight at their house. He went to one of the two banks that has the stimulous to help keep his employees paid and they wouldn't take his application Monday. There were 2800 people applied in front of him. He'll try again. It is a first come first served . I hope he is successful.
          DH is still working furiously to make this great. He is pulling up pavers from the back yard and leveling them. I could have lived with it but they will be nice. What a lucky landlord we have. The management service came yesterday and you could see she was visibly impressed. The only thing DH wanted was professional carpet cleaning in the living room. It doesn't look bad but when we steam cleaned it so much dirt came up and he wants it gone!!
          I washed sunroom windows yesterday. Its a 40x40 room all glass. Then I just piddeled (sp) I am so tired by 10 pm I go to bed and am back up early.
          Learning to cook on a different stove...whooo.
          Its going to be sad to not go out to church and have company on Easter. No children to be excited about the Easter bunny....I have no idea what I can cook since I haven't been able to go out shopping.
          I'm make a list of things I need from the mountain house when we go home in a few weeks. I ordered a toaster oven and microwave from Walmart. Even though I rarely use them, I seem to find things I might use them for if they were here. I didn't do much research, price was my criteria since I don't think its something I will need later after we decide on a permanent place to land.
          I am hoping we are going to launch the boat today. Everyday he says we will then he gets involved in a repair project. It will be in the 80's for the next 4 days so I am hoping.
          Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


            It’s good hearing from you,mTerry. CV has changed everything for all of us.,.no fun. Wishing you a blessed Easter even without all the trimmings. We cleaned out our freezer yesterday and I found a turkey breast that will become our Easter dinner. I can surely come up with a side dish or two. I may manage a cake or cupcakes for Jeff. Love & Hugs.

            Scottie Mom Barb


              Good morning everyone,

              We will see 50 degrees today, then 40's tomorrow, then back into the 30's. I'm so envious of you gals that are enjoying flowers and warm weather. It seems spring will never come to NW Minnesota. We still have snow on the north side of buildings and in shaded areas and in piles along streets from the plows. But the sun is shining, so I'll be happy with that.

              Yesterday my DIL went to Target in Grand Forks. She asked me if I wanted her to pick up anything, so I gave her a small list of items, mostly healthy and beauty items like toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, etc. We have one small grocery store in our little town of 700 people, so selection on those types of items are quite limited. But so far, we've been able to get food and paper products in town. If we didn't have the local store, the nearest one would be 30 miles away.

              Kitchen redo: the peninsula countertop was installed on Saturday. DH did a great job. I was the "gopher" and the "project manager!" We both love it. Yesterday, the plumbers came and put in the new sink and faucet. (Yes, we did our social distancing) We bought the open style of sink instead of a divided one. Wow, is it ever nice to have all that room, and it's really deep! Like little kids, we've been playing with the motion sensing option on the faucet. That's going to be nice when one has messy hands, instead of touching the faucet. I have 1 cabinet door yet to paint, and 5 cabinet boxes. So, little by little...

              I saw two robins yesterday, so maybe spring will come after all. Have a pleasant day everyone, and remember to look for blessings.


                Good morning all,

                I'm grateful for another sunny day, as the temperature continues to warm up. I was up and out the door by 7:30, home by 8am. I made a run to grocery store while only a few people were there. They had everything on my list, and bonus they had toilet paper. Lots of it. I bought big roll, not for us, but to share with our single sons. I will drop off watermelon, fruits and veggies to my daughter. They are only getting next food order on Saturday, so this will be welcome. The kids love exotic tastes in fruits, but these are in short supply & pricey.

                Today, I need to pick up PJ's Rx at vet, make a few masks for GF, and perhaps tackle yardwork. This is likely to change.

                Monique - it's a contentious issue with Ontario residents invading cottage country in Quebec. To them, I say stay home. That's where you file your income tax and health care. Stay home. I know they are policing border, but some manage to escape. They are being selfish, as small communities are not equipped to handle C-19 cases.
                Similarly, I saw one small town mayor begging people to stay home, off the beaches in their area. The Governor of Geogia has lifted ban. The small town is not equipped with EMS for C-19 and do not even have lifeguards hired at this Tim. This is sad and irresponsible. People need to take this seriously. Rant over.

                Play it safe, today and this week.

                16,667 / 323

                Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                  I have been making masks all day most days, more than 125 but I have lost count. Many neighbors have wanted them and I put a box out on or porch. I have received several nice notes plus some money. I really didn't expect payment but will put it toward replenishing my Project Linus stash. I have been using up lots of that as well as yardage that I ordered that wasn't quite right for whatever I was doing. I guess that is what everyone's stash is comprised of.
                  A local man works for the phone company and has asked for masks for his crew since they are going into homes daily. I actually have some fabric with little telephone poles and birds on it. I cut that out for him yesterday. He was gracious enough to collect things for hurricane victims a couple of years ago and deserves pay back.😊 Some good karma coming back around.


                    Good Morning All. I actually didn't get up before the sun was up this morning. Last night the honey fell and I must have been in deep sleep coz I never heard him. Thankfully no need to go to ER. His balance is definitely an issue now. I went over this morning and retrieved my dad's walker for him to start using. I asked him when his next chemo is scheduled, his answer … it is NOT. They are not doing any more treatments. I suggested then it might be a good time to enter the hospice program, boy that didn't go over very well at all. We have phone appt with reg. dtr today and on Thursday with the pallative care group. Maybe by Thursday he will be more open to the idea. Told him at least he would get a better bed and meds would be brought to us, actually get nursing care on regular basis.

                    I am trying very hard to be supportive and understanding but this time around it is more physically draining on me for sure. I just went thru hospice last month with my dad, but the virus ban was not an issue and friends/family were there to help me. This time a lot falls upon me. His ability to dress/undress by himself is not possible now.

                    I don't mean to sound whinny or ungrateful …. I am grateful for what time I do have with him, but I am NOT superwoman!

                    Hugs to All !


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                      Mom went into palliative care. They were so kind and helpful. We had help for about a year and a half. They were a Godsend to me.

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                      You need to give yourself a break. You've dealt with a lot so far this year. I hope that he is reasonable or at least willing to listen to options. Is it still possible to get in-home outside assistance? This could be too much for you to handle on your own. The only dilemma might be that you may not be able to visit with him.

                    Mimi ~ There was an article in our newspaper this week about home health care workers & the precautions they're taking during this pandemic. Some of these are not trained professionals for nursing care, but more helpers with house work, running errands, etc. They are being very careful to change clothes between clients, wear masks & gloves, etc. I'm sure Hospice workers would be even more vigilant. It would be great if you had some help with the care of your DH. Going into hospice, does not necessarily mean a person's death is imminent, but it can provide you with some much needed resources & help that would help ease your burden of care. It also would provide emotional support.


                      It's DONE!! My sewing room is cleaned up, and I've made a dozen face masks for Mike and his co-workers. Didn't cook today, Arby's for lunch and Zaxby's Zalad for dinner. Now, I'll watch NCIS and wait for the dryer to finish the face masks.
                      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                        there only one problem with machine washing, the ties knot up, making some challenging / enjoyable untangling🤔


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                          Have you tried putting them in a lingerie laundry bag?

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                          I have seen on one video where you knot all 4 ties together.

                        actually do not have one, have undergarments though.
                        will go see what the bags look like.
                        thanks 😊