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    Monday hellos

    Good morning friends. I slept in this morning without any help. Hubby and I have been sleeping apart the last few days. He hasn't been sleeping well so I thought it would make him sleep better, I snore. LOL!

    I spent the weekend cleaning mostly, laundry, we did go out for our drugs and a few groceries.

    This week I only work 4 days and I pray that the post mistress will be back next week as planned. I really don't want to work any longer. I guess we will see what happens this week.

    Stay safe and healthy my friends.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ What a gorgeous day we had yest.! Our thermometer read 81 deg.! In the afternoon, I opened the front screen door window & one of the BR windows to air out the house. My first daffodil opened yest. The lawn is greening up. Leaf buds are swelling on the trees. I know it's spring, because the Grackles have returned. LOL. I've seen them at the water dish the past few days. It's supposed to be in the 70's again today.

    I watched church on YT. My gr. dau. in TX called; we haven't talked for a while. Some of their church groups & Sunday School for the kids have been meeting on Zoom each Sun. afternoon. Of course, their pastor's sermon is always available on line.

    I'm enjoying the Annie's Attic mystery books. I started book 4 yest.

    Today I have PT. It's hard work doing the home exercise program. A couple of them really hurt to do, but I know those muscles need to be stretched in order to get better.

    Yest. I was reminded of Victor Hugo's statement: "Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake."


    • grammaterry
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      Thats a very appropo quote JOY. Staying positive right now has been difficult

    Yesterday I cleaned again. Tried to get the depressions out of the carpet. Had a little success. If anyone has suggestions as to how to get the carpet to return to flat after furniture imprints have made deep gouges in the carpet, let me know. I have tried brushing, sucking with the vacuum, a damp cloth with the vacuum. Today, I'm going to try the steam cleaner.
    Then I raked the front yard. I filled up 10 big blue tarps with leaves and gum balls and drug them to the back yard and dumped them on a brush pile. Then, I clipped all the bushes in front of the house and shaped them and then I pulled out tons of cat's claw thorns from the side yard. Oh, my aching back. I am paying for this.
    Last night I made a cafe curtain for the kitchen. It works.
    DH has been steam cleaning the sidewalks and steps and he has the kitchen floor half done. The dirt was just ground into the vinyl tile. I had tried a brush and comet cleanser and was making really slow headway. His way is easier (at least for me, ha ha) He has left an area abut 4x8 that he wants to show the rental agency today and then he will finish., any suggestions on what to seal this floor with so it will be easy to clean...wax?, sealant?
    Suppose to be in the 80's this week. Rain this afternoon but the sun is shining.
    DH will be up soon and then the tv so we can have covid 24/7 in our face.
    One more week and I will be allowed to go to the grocery store here and take walks. THat will feel like freedom.
    May God walk with you today and always
    Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


    • Claire Hallman
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      They are going to be so happy that you rented [and improved] their cabin. I know you will enjoy it once you have cleaned it up.

    Probably some slum lord that couldn't care less, but when we leave, the next renters will not be repulsed. Landlord will probably just raise the rent. lol
    Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


      I made about a dozen more masks yesterday and have a bunch more cut out. I am ready to do something else for a while after I finish these up.
      Our weather is improving daily, warmer and warmer. Flowers are blooming particularly azaleas and clematis, our pansies have finally recovered from deer munching with lots of blooms. When we first drove some masks over to DS house we saw trees full of wisteria but they have already vanished into the leaves on our last trip.
      One of my neighbors listed their house for sale last week and have a contract already, pretty amazing to be done with social distancing. I will be sorry to see them move.


        Good morning everyone,

        The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the snow continues to melt. I might start yardwork and unwrap patio furniture today. Not a rush to do it all at once, as massage therapists are not open to provide relief if I overdo it. So will do a bit at a time.

        Yesterday, I finished quilting a VQC quilt, added binding, and have it almost all handsewn. I will add label, wash it and drop off to my GF. She will hold all our donations until head office re-opens. We also talked with birthday girl and her sister on zoom. The baby is 20 months, but he was sleeping. We haven't seen them since xmas. They are growing fast.

        Hope everyone is staying safe. Take care. Hugs to all.

        15,513 / 280

        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

        Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


          Hi Grammaterry
          the steam cleaner with a carpet glide will relax the fibres hopefully will lift, the glide aids movement otherwise the hook loop cloth that goes on bottom would resist movement.
          here we open windows, vacuum, then glide over carpet with steam, then once dry vacuum again.
          try first behind door in case carpet degrades with heat.
          congratulations on your new location.
          Am sorry to hear the state of the property, ours was bad due to the last tenants health. It was a challenge to sort and took a month of scrubbing, a certain carpet had to go, once out the place did not smell so bad. we joked had elephants in yard due to height of the grass.
          hope you took pictures before started the clean up. makes the whole job a happy one when sit down at the end.


            Good Morning All. Well the skies just opened up and "free car wash". Today will be paperwork and some wrangling in of scraps for cutting into more organized sizes. If the garage is not too cold from the rain I will so some more reorganizing, making room for my dads stuff. When this ban is lifted there will be a mad dash to get everything I have packed up out of his house. Time for more coffee and Netflix while I tackle paperwork.

            Hugs to all!


              Grammaterry… Seems to me my mom used an ice cube. I googled it and this is what I found. I don't remember her using steam iron though, but then again she would rearrange furniture often. Guess I got that little habit from her. My late husband used to say to me "you would drive a blind man crazy" with all the furniture rearranging.
              Simply place ice cubes in the carpet dips and wait a few hours or at least until the ice melts. Use a sponge to absorb the excess water, and then use a spoon or a coin to gently lift the carpet fibers. Steam iron. For an entirely opposite approach, lay a clean cloth over the and steam heat with an iron


              • Cokie
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                I'm glad you posted this! I thought I had heard of using ice cubes for this purpose.

              Good Morning All,

              It's pretty quiet here for a Monday morning. I prewashed, in hot water several pieces of fabric. I'm going NOT sew today. I'm planning on ironing those fabrics and then having a fold up day and resorting my fabric stash. I can't take my room any longer!

              I tried one mask pattern out yesterday. Mike didn't like the way it felt on his mustache. Geez, I'll try a different pattern. I have a feeling he isn't going to like any of them. I did find fabric that would go with Office Max's color scheme... the backing I used for Chris's Hip to Be Square.

              Chris's Dad, Howard's cousin Mike had gamma knife surgery last week. Third time, the report was the tumors were sloshing around, he's having mini strokes. I'm so glad I made the quilt for him last year. Bless his heart, he wants to walk his step daughter down the aisle, but now I wonder if he'll make it through all of this. I know this is so hard on Aunt Jean, since he's in TX and she's in NC. I know it's hard on his daughter, not to mention his wife.

              The coffee pot just buzzed, time to start working on something. Have a great day!

              “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                Good morning. The sun is shining a bit this morning. Each day with some sunshine is a welcome site. Joy, I a too am enjoying my flowers. My daffodils, grape hyacinths, tulips and even one of my irises are blooming and bringing some beautiful color to our gardens.

                The weekend had its ups and downs. The down side.....hubby cut his finger and his being on blood thinners necessitated a trip to the Urgent Care to get the bleeding to stop. The up side......we got our grocery order on Friday, Joe picked up our butcher order on Saturday and we had a few video chats with the grandkids. Max is keeping us apprised of his gardens progress and asking us about ours and we had a really long chat with Zeke yesterday where he shared lots of his artwork with us, talked about the cookies he baked, what he hoped the Easter Bunny would bring him (a rainbow kite, which this Oma had already sent him and it is safely in hiding in a closet at their house) and how he is sad that all his friends and even Mickey Mouse is sick and he can't play with his friends or go to Disney.

                Today I will sew some more masks, spend sometime outside and try to keep my thoughts on the positive side. It's so easy to let the uncertainty and fear let negative thoughts take over.

                Besides having great video and verbal chats with family this weekend, I am also grateful for a wonderful evening of music last night. CBS had an ACM music special on where a number of artists performed from their homes and then after that Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood did a live broadcast from their home studio. I enjoyed it so very much.

                Have a good day all. Keep safe and healthy.

                Ginny B



                  Morning all,

                  So glad to see the sun this morning definitely makes things more positive. I am slow moving this morning for chores and sitting with my coffee and enjoyed reading a few chapters of my book. Chores can wait a while since I'll be in all day to do them.

                  ​​​​​​Nothing much newsworthy with me as we are still hunkered down and really hesitant to leave the house as our area is hard hit.

                  I am working on completing some masks now that I have a bit of elastic, and have been embroidering a few more towels to put away for my holiday fair. Seems like a long ways off but I have been makings things to sell at my open house and would like to have a large assortment of things.

                  Wishing everyone a good day, be safe, stay well.
                  If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

                  Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes!
        [email protected]/



                    Hi friends
                    The weather has been sunny, its breezy today.
                    we had a weekend of resting, sorting issues, moving the jalopy to keep battery and brakes right, then did very limited baking,
                    made with mixer some gf bread but forgot to add the xgum, took 2 hours to prove on top of boiler, while oven was hot, made with mixer a small cake with the yokes removed from bread recipe, just put all ingredients in a bowl mixed, tha little cake rose to a gf large chocolate cake😄, added in bi carb soda as a rising agent, cake tastes so nice too, hoping will last 2 weeks.
                    tried to do an online shop but all delivery slots are booked.
                    going out is not an option apparently having certain issues is best to stay home, it takes both of us to do the shopping (after himself ended up on floor / head bang year last jan), with the wheels with trolley on front we exceed 2 metres gap recommended😄 exceeding lines upsets folks.
                    the stores are now limiting to 1 person to do a trolley shop, that is not an option for us due to issues mentioned.
                    we will just grow our own, continue drinking hot water, have very small meals,

                    Going to see if Bonnie's had enough time with all that is going on, am amazed 7 days is enough time, for the next clue, if not, and needs longer, it does not matter will happily continue with the ties.
                    have a great day everyone
                    virtual Hugs


                    • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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                      I may have to make our own bread soon. Trying to see if we can go a full 2 weeks without going for staples such as milk, bread and fresh foods. I have boxed almond and rice milk that has a 3 month shelf life. Not as good, but just use for coffee. Bread is another matter, DH loves his bread and I'm down to 2 in freezer.
                      Sorry to hear that your PM has now been admitted to ICU. Tough times, as I hear many public health officials have also tested positive. Prayers for recovery.

                    • 201 Treadler
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                      we are once a month shoppers, but panic buyers have raised some challenges, supermarkets limited to 2 litres of uht milk for 4 weeks?, drink uht due to eczema that normal milk caused. uht tastes better out the fridge, but we are running low. which stops any sauces, drinks, pancakes, Yorkshire puddings. we can survive without milk and other items, now run out of.
                      But is it really supposed to be this way?.
                      lets hope for the best, prepare for the extra ordinary challenges ahead. let's create some interesting food with the home food items we have.

                      pancakes, crackers, cold Yorkshire puddings with onion in make good choices as a sandwich filler holders instead of bread.

                      It is not good that BJ pm now in ICU, but apparently (ref bbc) not yet on a ventilator, would imagine no electronics are able to be used in that department, so do not interfere with life saving equipment,
                      praying for BJ pm and everyone else in the world, for a speedy recovery from the covid - 19. One more death is one too many.

                    Good morning quilters!

                    Cloudy and dreary here. A perfect day to be tucked in my sewing room. A couple of masks ready for ties. I was so happy to have the packaged double fold bias tape in the stash bucket. Finally using it up.