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I had a stray thought

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    I had a stray thought

    And I had to get it out before it dribbled out of my ear.....

    Since home made face masks need to be washed and dried after each use, and the heat in the dryer is high enough to kill germs, would it work to just use a long blast from a steam iron to "sterilize" a hand made face mask? Assuming of course that you haven't been splattered with anything....then it would need to be washed. I looked on line but didn't see anything relevant to my question. All thoughts appreciated.

    I like your stray thought. I don't know the answer, but I like the idea.

    The soap is what would emulsify and slough the grimy gremlins off. Would steam alone be enough... or how long would you have to 'steam' it to work. I wonder if Alton Brown could figure that one out!

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      His Baked Macaroni and Cheese is to die for!!!!

    So many unknows with this virus. Interesting idea , but I think I would feel safer washing mine. What if you spread it with the steam. I have a sanitize cycle on my washing machine.. My sister said she uses the sanitize cycle on clothes they wear out now.


      I don't know about the ironing thought. I do press the daylights out of them. I also turned my hot water heater to 140 degrees a couple of months ago. I was so tired of waiting on hot water to come through the pipes. The kitchen sink water is now.