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Sunday Greetings! :)

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    Sunday Greetings! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Another Sunday without being able to attend church. Watching on line just isn't the same, but I'll watch until we once again can meet together. It's mind boggling the way our world has changed in the past month.

    Yest. we had 70 deg.; it promises to be the same for 2 more days after today. I have some daffodils that are budding out. Grape hyacinths & reg. hyacinths are blooming now. It's good to see spring. Of course, that always brings pollen allergies. I had to start using my Flonase maybe a week ago. The stores have been out of the sinus packets I use in my Neti Pot. I might have to order on line.

    The friend who loaned me this box of books offered to share some yeast with me. She buys the 1 lb. pkg. I explained what I bought from Amazon; she said once the seal is broken on the vacuum packed pkg., it will be loose granules. She stores hers in a Tupperware container in the frig. It stays good up to a year. So that was good news.

    A friend from our church is making face masks. She asked for DS#2's address & said she'd mail him a couple. He's appreciative. I need to make myself a couple more masks. I'm concentrating on the hard work of my exercises. I think I can feel just a slight improvement. It's going to take time. In past years, I've worked through 2 "frozen shoulders", so I know how long it can take.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

    Good Morning All. Well I was going to try and do some weed wacking today but alas rain is predicted at 70% chance, laundry day will be out too since I lug it across the street to my dads place. As soon as the ban is lifted I shall go shopping for a washer/dryer for my house. Got a feeling it will turn out to be more of a sewing day. My son did bring one of the big screen tvs from dad's to my place. My bedroom can not handle a big screen so in my sewing room it went. Be a good time to turn on a movie and clean up the sewing room, try and get some inspiration for a project. I finished the last request for masks so it is kinda of a mess in there.

    Hugs to all.


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      My room is a disaster! I feel your angst. I wish I could twitch my nose and make it all clean!

    Good morning,
    It's cloudy & supposed to rain lightly for next few days. This should help with snow mould I see everywhere. Neighbours have started raking their lawns. We will tackle next week, but I will start my Fluconase before I do. I will also wear a mask as I always get major allergic reactions in the spring.

    Yesterday, we went for a nice walk and I iced my knee afterwards. Houses in the neighbourhood sell within a few days of sign going up. Selling by virtual tour. The construction industry had new restrictions imposed recently in ONT. I was on laptop, messaging relatives around the world. A GF lost another uncle in Italy to the virus. I also ordered fabric from a Cdn site in Nfld. It's a lighthouse panel with quilt designs and matching fabric. Very colourful. I watched a chick flick - You're bacon me crazy. Cute, distracting.

    Today might be a cleaning day, a sewing day, or a cooking day. One thing for sure is we are going to virtually celebrate grand-daughter Matilda's 8th birthday at lunchtime.

    Enjoy oy your day. Stay safe.

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    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


      Good morning. I am also making masks for a fundraiser. I even enlisted my DH to use stitching skills. We will continue to sew away today. I received some of my fabric that I ordered for my new quilt.

      It is is cloudy here again. I feel so much better when the sun is out. However I would want to sit outdoors and not sew A whole lot. I am starting to see yellow pollen on my car. Spring is definitely here.

      Have a good day.


        Good Morning Joy and all who follow,

        I took it easy yesterday, only made 6 scrub caps. I have 4 more to make then I'm calling the scrub cap shop closed, for a while anyway.

        This morning, I'll try my luck at watching the Sunday reflections at church. Mike is home for three days, I don't want to be too loud before he wakes. Hopefully, I won't be in the spin cycle like I have been every other time I've tried to watch. I have no patience for the spinning circle of say 3 words and start the cycle again.

        Jim called at 9:30 last night. I'm loading up the couch with everything I'm supposed to send to his house. I'll call when I finish the last of the caps. I told him yesterday that I wanted printer ink for my birthday. He laughed. I'm serious, I'm running the Education weekly workbooks for Jonathan and it's eating up my ink!
        Yesterday was the year book turn in. His last duty for that group for the year. Heaven only knows if they'll get them printed or not before the kids get out for the summer. I wouldn't think that would be an essential company, but who knows.. I guess if they do office printing it possibly could be.

        Mike had someone with 4 3D printers that was looking for any kind of material he could use for mask visors for his family members in health care. He was printing the bands and needed something for the face shield, I guess is a better term. They couldn't think of anything.. he was thinking heavy duty sheet protectors... that got me thinking and I spouted off several ideas. Mike said, I should have called you! Apparently, I was thinking really out of the box. My first thought was heavy duty laminating film. I don't know if it would work or not.

        Hate to say it, but since Mike's going to be home, I'm going to break down and spring clean. He's going to be glad to go back to work! Of course, my sewing room will probably take the longest. I haven't been neat and tidy while making these caps.

        Question for anyone who has an idea. I have a cutting mat that belonged to my friend. The first 10 inches are bubbled terribly. I have no idea what she did to it. Jim has a variety of saws at his house. Do you think he can 'rip' off the end that's bubbled and leave me with a shorter but flat mat? I think I'll put it on the sofa to give him something else to think about, as if having 3 kids at home and a wife that works in an ER isn't enough.

        Time to warm my coffee cup and decide what I want to start on first. Have a wonderful day.

        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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          Yes, you can use a power saw to cut the mat. I've used a jigsaw to make my oversized mat fit my sewing table. The saw blade will get very hot and will melt the cut edge, but once cooled, you can just brush off the small melted areas. It's fast and easy.

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          Thanks, BarbaraB.

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          One of the high school robotics teams was making the 3D printed visor frames and they were using clear, 2 liter soda bottles for plastic.

        Good morning. No sunshine here yet today. The grey days just don't help my sad mood.

        Yesterday definitely turned into a very different day than expected. I was sewing masks and hubby came up to help. He cut some strips for me to use on the masks I was going to make with ties, some larger size pieces of fabric that I am using for masks for men and some smaller size ones for our grandkids. All went well. He cuts fabric for me all the time and is always very careful since he is on blood thinners. Well after he was done with the fabric cutting he asked if there was anything else. I said I needed a few pieces of elastic cut for the kids masks. Well, instead of using a pair of scissors, he grabbed the rotary cutter and, whoops, he cut into one of his fingers. We just couldn't get it to stop bleeding. We spoke with his doctor and he said to get to an Urgent Care center instead of the ER. He suggested we call first so that's what we did and they said to bring him right in. They would take him right away. So that's what we did. They got the bleeding to stop and sealed up the wound with some magic gel and bandaged him up tightly with instructions to come back if we saw any new bleeding. Thank God, so far, no more bleeding. His doctor called last night to check on things.

        Between that and then seeing a picture of my sons at my sister's house (socially distanced of course they were dropping some things off that my sis needed), I just had a mini breakdown last night. I was so upset about us having to go out into an area that could expose us to the virus and then seeing the picture of my sons and the ache of missing them....well I just couldn't stop the tears. Hubby was dozing on the couch so he was not aware. I didn't want to upset him. After a bit of a cry, I felt better. I guess it released the tension of the day.

        So today I will continue sewing the masks and focus on them. Today I am grateful for the availability of the Urgent Care to help yesterday much more safely and quickly than it would have been than if we had to go to the ER.

        Joy, that's great news about the yeast. Once you said that, I remembered that years ago when I used to make 4-5 pizzas on Saturday night for my boys and some of their friends, I would but the yeast in a package like that and it was hard as a rock until I broke the seal. I'm sorry I didn't remember that when you first mentioned it to save you some frustration.

        Well, have a good day everyone.
        Ginny B


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          I'm glad that your husband will be ok. It's so frustrating when trying to stay home is a priority, and then you have to go out unexpectedly. It's ok to break down and cry. It helps.

        Morning all,

        ​​​​I just returned home from a very quick trip to a small market 5 minutes from me, I was there when they opened at 7:30 am. Last time I was in a store was before St. Patrick's Day. We were all out of fresh produce. I've been ordering groceries online from BJs to stay away from the store but depending on availability not everything on the list arrives. My daughter just sent us a large meat order for the freezer so we should be good for a while as we continue to hunker down. Our numbers here in NY are increasing each day and yet I see people who are not socially distancing so sad.

        On a happier note my sewing room is showing some improvement, and I received a small order of elastic yesterday so I can finish off some face masks that I've been making. Grass is getting greener everyday and plants are poking their heads out of the ground, spring is on it's way, I am healthy so far so I have much to be grateful for.

        Wishing everyone a good day, be safe. Here is a picture of some chalk messages of thanks to the medical staff on the walkways of one of our local hospitals that people have been leaving for them.
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          Good morning to all,

          This morning it was supposed to be cloudy with a good chance of rain, so when I opened my curtains I wasn't expecting much. But, today I saw one of the most beautiful things I've seen in a long time. There was a double rainbow right in front of me.....the sun was coming up and it was peeping up over the hill in back of us, and lighting up the tips of the trees to the northwest. The sky in that direction was dark and stormy looking. The rainbow was magnificent....I wish I had the words to describe it to you. All I know is that it filled me with joy and the sense that everything was going to be all right. It lasted less than ten minutes. It was a beautiful way to start the day.

          I hope you all have a good day!


            Thanks for the rainbow description. I am enjoying hearing birds through our open back door. I will just live with the pollen that is probably entering the house.🙄
            I have been making masks, over a hundred but I have lost actual count. I plan to make more, washed and dried fabric for them last night.
            I, too, have cut my left index finger and I sure understand about the blood. There was lots but it eventually stopped after lot of pressure and patience. It is finally healing well, just a bit shorter than the finger on the other hand.😂