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Saturday Greetings! :)

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    Saturday Greetings! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I don't have much time, but just popped in for a min. I just viewed Jenny's message.

    I had PT yest. The 6 min. on the exercise bike seemed like a very long 6 min. Several new exercises to do. It's going to keep me busy at home. The PT increases my pain, but I know I need to do the hard work.

    DS#2 who works at a Walmart dist. warehouse, e-mailed me that a worker has tested (+) for C-19. Because of the shortage, they are not able to provide masks & gloves to all the employees. He already wears other types of gloves & can wear a bandana. I offered to make him some masks, but he'll use the hanky.

    Today I'll be mixing up my batch of turkey patties. That takes about 2 hrs. DH is restless for his breakfast, so I need to get going.

    Good morning. Never got to check in here yesterday. I had a few requests for face masks so hubby and I spent a good part of the day deciding on fabric, cutting and then I started sewing. We've got about 40 all cut out and I got a bit over a dozen sewn. It was a rainy, grey day so it was a good day to spend time in the sewing room. I'll be back at it in a little while. I want to get some child size ones made too just in case any of the grandskids might need to go into a more public space. So far, they all have only been outside in their own yards or in more wide open spaces but I'd rather they have a mask that fits them if needed.

    We also hope to get outside for a bit today. Sitting at my machine makes me a bit stiff so I need to walk it out.

    Joy, I watched Jenny's message last night. Brought a smile to my face.

    We got to video chat with Max, Lily and Vicky. Kenny was upstairs working. It boosts our spirits so much to see them and talk for a few minutes.

    Enjoy your day everyone. Stay safe; stay healthy.
    Ginny B


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      Are you using Jenny’s pattern for masks or another pattern? Did you make any adjustments to the pattern you are using?

    • Ginny B
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      Yes, I am using Jenny's patterns. I've done them with both elastic and ties. The only adjustment I made was I did 3 pleats instead of 2 and I experimented with a bit of a bigger size for a man (I made it 6.5 x 10 instead of 6 x 9).

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      Thank you very much!

    Good morning,

    It is sunny today and warming up. Today, is my father-in-law's funeral. There will be only DH's niece, her DH & son. They will take pictures to share with family across the globe.

    Ontario has released sobering projections and more restrictions for construction industry and other sectors. While measures were already in place, people will be increasingly be fined for not observing law on social gathering. We have been under isolation for over 3 weeks but we are planning for a much longer time, not just weeks, months, but up to 2 years. If you read about the 1918 Spanish flu, it lasted 2 years. For some of us, this will seem like a bad time in our lives, but others who are older, well much more difficult.

    I slowed down yesterday and had a nap. My knee was bothering me from all my cleaning on Thursday, so I kept it iced. I made bourbon ribs, bacon wrapped chicken and baked potato for dinner. This was clearly too heavy a meal for DH.

    Today I might tackle items on my TO-DO list, go for a walk and call mom to check on her.

    Hugs to all, and be safe.

    12,549 / 187

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


      We arrived in Oriental on Wednesday and started the move in process. Had a bed in a box that had to be assembled. The house was filthy and the cleaner was here and she was really trying to get it clean for us. She wiped out all the cubboards and swept and mopped the floors and filled up two big trash receptacles. I can't believe people would leave a place so nasty.
      We unloaded all the furniture except the freezer Wed. The rest Thur. morning. Then I began cleaning. Washed window sills Thursday, windows yesterday. Took down all her nasty pet infested drapes and hung the ones I brought. Amazing that I brought enough and they fit. Yeah! Got the kitchen stocked and put dishes away and yesterday I started on the yard. Driveway looked like a vacant house with the pine droppings, gum balls and weeds and I chopped down an overgrown azalea and got it shaped into a nice bush.
      DH repaired the boat dock, fixed all the locks on the sliding glass doors in the sun room ( 7 of them). He painted the rusted out doors on the storage building and scrubbed the mold from the trim on the outside.
      The neighbor is so nice. They are thanking us across the yard for the work . Said no one has done anything with the place for 3 years and they wouldn't even talk to them. They are a delight.
      The sun is shining, the house is full of light and space and we will be comfortable once we get it repaired. Dh is being a real trooper but is really anxious to get the boat in the water. I need a table to set up my sewing machine and then we will be all set.
      I love you all. God bless and keep you all.
      Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


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        Glad you are getting settled in, I know you will be w noting it once it's done. Looking forward to seeing your new place!

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        I am happy that you are getting settled in, and able to make it your home. The world will be alright once you can get to some sewing.

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        Terry ~ So glad you were able to move & are getting settled in. It sounds like you have your work cut out for you with clean up, etc., but it should be comfortable for you when you get things like you want them. Then it will sewing & fishing.

      Good Morning All,

      I watched a different face mask tutorial last night. Maybe I was tired, but her voice was very soothing.

      Anyway, when I get started, I have another 8-10? scrub caps cut and ready to put together. I have a dozen sitting on the sofa, a bag of apples in the refrigerator, Zeke's birthday present, and there's something else I'm supposed to have ready when Jim picks up stuff. Now to remember what that's flax seed conditioner for Morgan. I found that on a youtube, too. I've been using it all winter. It's really helped my hair not be like straw in this beachy water.

      Mike works today and tomorrow. Then he'll be home for 3 days. I teased him, told him to tell his boss, I said that was unacceptable. I might kill him if he's home that much all in a row. He's my ADHD child, 3 days, no where to go. Oh boy!

      Publix has an ad, reminding people, they are restocking everything. It had pictures of workers spraying down frozen food cabinets, getting the check outs ready, and restocking toilet paper and paper towels. The gist, remember your neighbors need these things, too. Be responsible and take only what you need. At that, I hooted the first time I saw the ad. I haven't seen toilet paper, paper towels, or cleaning products on a shelf in weeks. Jim has decided they need a basic supply list, to have for grocery orders. I laughed, I used to do that when the kids were little so I wouldn't forget stuff. I had my notebook of main dishes with a list of shopping supplies in the front. I'd pick menus by the sales ads that came out on Wednesdays, and make my lists. It made life so much easier.

      Well, I'm not getting anything done here. I'd best get busy.

      Have a great day! It's beautiful here, I wish you all could come and we'd have a big quilty party!

      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


        Good morning!

        Best wishes in your new adventure. Glad you will be able to spend some time sewing too.

        Happy that is finally Saturday which is one of my favorite days. Many days are just the same routine now but Saturday just seems fun. I made a few masks---nothing special but used some flamingo and turtle fabrics to bring smiles. DH doesn't go out so I just need a couple that can be washed.

        I think I will start on the embroidery quilt for a nice distraction today.


          Good morning all. Today is rainy and gray but I am happy because we are driving into the city today and I'll get to see my DD. I need to deliver masks for her, her BF, his sister and husband and his parents. Even though I can't hug her, I'll at least get to see her at a distance of six feet. I'm almost out of elastic so I won't be sewing any more masks for a while. I have it on order and it should arrive between the 6 and 10. The need is so great. Well I better go get ready. Have a wonderful day everyone!!



            The rain finally stopped and the sun is shining. I haven't been able to do much over the past couple days. I have UTI symptoms and am waiting on test results; in the meantime I'm pretty uncomfortable. I did manage to sew 20 masks for a local nursing home the other day. Oh, and when I was feeling a little better last night I made 2 little house blocks. I'm going to make 2 at a time and send them to DGD to sew into rows. When we see each other again, we can sew the rows together. She's 8 and likes to hand sew. Our own sew-along, across the miles.
            Hope you're all in good spirits.

            to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world...


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              Having a UTI sucks, but at least it's better than a URI! (That's upper respiratory infection.) I love your sew-along idea.