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Welcome Friday!!

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    Welcome Friday!!

    Good morning. I am so thankful it's Friday. I am also thankful that I have a job right now.

    Maizyn and I had a video chat last night. OH LORD! She wanted bangs so her mother cut her hair. OH LORD! I cringed. At least CUT IT STRAIGHT!! OH LORD!! I will send her dad a message and see if he/girlfriend can straighten them up. Her surprise today is a sleepover at Jamie's and movie night. She has no clue what the surprise is.

    It was another busy day at work yesterday. I am all caught up and I seem to be getting a little quicker at it. I was looking at the calendar yesterday and realized that I only work 4 days next week. Friday and Monday are holidays for Easter. Yay for me.

    Today is a rainy day. That will make the snow melt and the flowers grow. There is always a bright side.

    I am thankful for this forum where I can share my days with you all. Stay safe and healthy everyone.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good Morning Monique and all who follow.

    I've been restless last night, pretty sure it was the caffeine (soda) I had with my dinner. I know better, just didn't do better.

    Yesterday, I finished going through one box of fabric, pulling pieces big enough to make scrub caps. I cut 12 yesterday and put 6 of them together. I have a stack of fabric ready to cut today, but I'll finish the other 6 first. I'm just waiting for Mike to get up and go to work. My sewing room is next to his bedroom and it disturbs his sleep if I sew at night.

    I'm not sure how many more caps I need to make. I'll finish what I have out and ask Morgan about it.

    Jim has a job interview this morning. I hope it goes well. I don't really want him to work for PEP next year. He told to go ahead and put him on the schedule, but if he had a job by June, he would be turning in his resignation.

    I ordered new flatware for my birthday. It came yesterday. I love it. It was on special on QVC over the weekend and it was a good deal, to boot. I think the kids are going to love having sporks to eat their dinner on Mondays... when we get to have family dinners again.

    Have a great day, I'm going to have a cup of coffee.
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


      Good morning!

      It is another bright, sunny day, with highs in the low 50's. There are a lot of walkers in my neighborhood, it will be a perfect day for them.

      Lots of meetings on the schedule today. The governor extended the stay at home order through April 30. There will be discussions about this, although we planned on April 30th anyway. I think our president was hoping we could re-open with skeleton crews next week.

      Hard to believe it is Friday already! I have noticed the weekends feel less like a weekend when I'm home all week. The only difference is, I don't have to log in to work.

      Since it's not the weekend yet, it's time to log in to my workgroup's morning chat.

      Today I am grateful for the camaraderie of this forum. Thank you for making my days a little brighter!

      Have a wonderful day!


        Good Morning, Everyone ~ Chilly this a.m. Only 24 deg. We had a mix of rain & snow yest., with all snow late in the day. It didn't amount to much. It's mostly a light dusting on the grassy areas. It must have snowed more in the night. The picnic table & driveway look to have maybe 1/2". It's supposed to warm up quickly, so it soon will be gone.

        Yest. I ventured out to the groc. stores. I wore my mask. (It sure gets hot in a hurry!) Whole Foods had my turkey bacon back in stock. They wanted $2.79 for a gal. of distilled water! That's hwy. robbery! My Kroger store sells it for 99 cents, & 79 cents when it's on sale. But, right now, each customer is allowed only 1. Produce was in adequate supply. Eggs were limited to 2 doz./customer. (Last week it was 3.) T.P. & Kleenex are limited to 1. I did find 4 lb. of Anasazi beans. I bought 3 large filets of salmon for DH. Got those cut up & stored in the freezer. It made 41 individual servings, so he's good for a while.

        More people were wearing masks (or scarves, or bandanas) than last week, but still the majority of people are not. Groc. store employees are not wearing them. Most employees are wearing gloves. The only down side to the mask was when I came out of the store, my glasses fogged up. I had to take off my glasses in order to see to drive home.

        I have another PT appt. at 11:45 today. I did my home exercises yest. I guess "no pain, no gain", but I sure was sore afterwards.

        Time to get on with my day. I hope everyone has a good week end.


          Good morning. I think we will have similar weather today—windy and partly cloudy. I had to get up and moving this morn. I had a video chat with my GI doctor. Not s good time for this issues to start up again.

          I completed 2 rows of my quilt. I should have this quilt done by this weekend. I ordered some fabric of Etsy for another quilt I want to make soon. I hope they ship it quickly!

          not a lot new going on here. I may go the vet’s office and pick up meds and food. My DH has to operate today, so it may be a late day for him.

          I am am thankful for this group and hobbies!



            Good morning everyone,
            It's very chilly and the sun that was shining has disappeared behind heavy overcast. It has been a busy day. Last night I spoke with DD living in Cape Girardeau (she works right across the river in Illinois) and she is hurting pretty badly for food supplies. She works for a construction company and the entire crew live out of motel rooms which have no cooking or kitchen facilities. She is gluten intolerant, which makes it harder. There is not much GF food near her, and restaurants have reduced their hours and gone to drive through only. With people stocking up it's very hard to find packaged food that she can keep in her room. Anyway, this morning we went on what seemed to be a raiding party through two food stores to buy gluten free foods which we can send down to her. We were up at 50 and out of the house before 70. We boxed up four boxes of food and some clothing that she needed and went to send it FedEx, but FedEx was closed. We had to send it via the post office; that cost an arm and a leg.

            The town closest to us is like a ghost town. Everything is closed except for hardware and some restaurants and gas stations. And the post office. This is the time that tourists start coming to visit; it's a large part of revenue for the area. That won't be happening this year. It really scares me that we may be witnessing the death of the town. The other town has instituted a curfew because people are still going out at night to gather and party.

            On the bright side, the grass is getting greener and may need to get cut soon. That's got to be some kind of record for us. The trees are getting greener and most of our summer birds are back. Hubby and I blew the layers of dust from a set of dominoes that we've had for years and rediscovered how much fun that game is. As long as he doesn't suggest chess, I'm fine.

            Now it's time for lunch and a cup of something hot. Be well my friends, stay safe and sane!


              Good morning,

              I'm posting later to the forum daily discussion, but I'm trying to establish a daily routine. At least that's what I will challenge myself to do. I'm waiting for 2nd load of laundry to finish. Already cooked boiled eggs. Picked up around the kitchen and sunroom. I have made a list of what I hope to tackle today.

              Yesterday, still making lots of calls to friends who live alone, no family and far away, to keep in touch while they face isolation. I pulled out the 7' ladder to take down winter paintings and decorations, and replace with spring/summer paintings. I also dusted walls and washed the glass on French doors leading to sunroom, dusted all 3 ceiling fans on first floor. Since the ceilings are cathedrals, it was a good workout. I washed kitchen windows and blinds. It's a good start to spring cleaning that we will have to do ourselves. Sanitized the main floor bathrooms, as we are not letting anyone, even the cleaning lady, enter our home. DH has removed the outdoor xmas lights in the back & side yard. Still needs to do the front & 2-40' blue spruces, when snow us gone.

              Today, I am thankful that we have relatively good health that we can provide for ourselves in our own home. Oh sure, we have aches, pains, sore this or that, but we are becoming self-reliant. We are doing exercises provided over the years by PT and other health care providers.

              I had a thought that we should take a picture of ourselves (not necessarily to share), and take a picture every month. In talking to friends, we agree that with no hair salon, nail places open for over 3 weeks, we will all start looking rather different. Some of my friends do not colour their hair, so not an issue except for scraggly hair. But most of us are at an age where we do colour and get nails done. I noticed our neighbour who retired in December going to pick up mail. He has always been clean cut hair, now he's looking like he's going to Woodstock again.

              Stay safe. Take care.
              11,285 / 166

              Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

              Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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                I don't color my hair. Never have my nails done. I cut my own hair as needed, something I've been doing for >30 yrs., so I'm looking the same. The only make-up I use is lipstick, just when I go out shopping, etc.

              Good Morning All. Wow Suzanne you are like the energizer bunny. We made a trip to ER last night, called my SIL to drive us, the mister can't get in/out of my little car. We did a drop off, they have make shift tents triage outside and no visitors allowed. They gave him meds and did blood work and ultrasound and then we went back to pick him up. It all has to do with side affects of the cancer. Got to bed around 1 and woke up at 4... little bathroom break and decided to lie back down for a few more minutes before coffee. Opened eyes again and it was 4 hrs later, guess I needed it!

              Son will be making our weekly grocery delivery today and picking up some more masks that I am sewing for DIL's place of work. Found out yesterday a good friends mom passed, she caught the virus and with poor health just could not fight it. My friend was caregiver so I hope she didn't catch it. They won't test her because no signs showing yet, come on' people, she was her 24/7 physical caregiver and had no clue her mom had caught it until it was too late. She is no spring chicken herself. Basically her mom went to bed early, said she was tired, woke up a few hrs later drenched with sweat, called 911 and they took her to ER. Few hours later my friend got the call her mom had passed. She was not allowed to go to hospital.

              Time for a second cup of coffee, maybe I will get some bunny energy too!

              I too am so thankful for this forum and our quilting family! Hugs to all !


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                So sorry you had a less than restful night. Hopefully he will feel better. It's definitely safer for you to stay indoors.
                Condolences to your friend. I am appalled that they will not test her, given they shared living quarters. I think we will see more of this. I pray that the virus will not run through mom's nursing home

              Good morning all,

              Yesterday was windy, cold , and snowy. At least we didn't get the 5-9 inches they were predicting. At least I don't think we did....the snow was coming horizontally because of the wind, so we have drifts. That's typical here...we rarely have vertical snowfalls...always windy.

              My DIL is a professional photographer. She has a small, intimate wedding to photograph next weekend, and she asked if I would make her a mask with camera themed fabric. I dug through my stash and found 2 in my novelty pile. I had my fingers crossed that I had some elastic, and hooray! I found an unopened package of 1/4 inch. So, I'll be attempting my first mask today. Think I'll make a practice one first since I don't have much of the camera fabric and don't want to mess it up. I see that a few states are now requiring people to wear masks when they are out in public.

              Our governor has said he doubts schools will open for the rest of the school year. Right now it's officially closed until May 4. He's also thinking about extending our "stay at home" order, but no official word yet. As of now it's supposed to expire on April 10. So much uncertainty in our lives right now. That's what is causing stress for so many folks.

              BTW, I was looking at, and they had elastic in stock for home delivery if anyone is looking for some. Of course, that was yesterday!


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                My first 2 attempts at mask making were no good. The 3rd one is usable. I'm wearing it when I go out. Definitely do a trial run in plenty of time before you need it.

              Haven't been on in a few days cos' DH is now working from home & is using MY computer! He gave me his chrome book to use. Boy, is this keyboard tiny!! We are adapting to the new normal but still is hard to deal with. DH is keeping his work day hours the same as he had. Now we get to have breakfast & lunch together. That makes me happier & to top it off I get to keep MY regular hours in my sewing room! LOL! I can tell you I really don't know what I'd do without sewing & the normalcy of our forum friends & phone contact with them. Thank you ladies & gents for always being here. Please take care of yourselves & each other. You're important to a lot of people. Gina


                Hi All,
                Well the morning has flown by, time sure has a way of getting away from me but all my household chores are done. Our daughter and son in law sent us a freezer order that arrived today, what a generous gift. Got it unpacked and put away and kitchen cleaned up. I'm thankful we won't have to be in the grocery store anytime too soon.

                My Dr's. office called today to cancel an appointment I have in two weeks due to the Covid virus. I was relieved to hear that and have enough medication to hold me over so all is well for now. Our numbers are still going up steadily each day with the virus so I am trying to be very cautious and staying in the house. Unfortunately our parks have had to be closed as there are still people who think social distancing doesn't pertain to them. Over 75,000 cases and 1,500 deaths here, I don't know what it will take to get people to stay home.

                Think I'll head back up to the sewing room for a bit and do some more straightening up. Boy, whoever's been sewing in that room sure is messy. LOL!

                Wishing everyone a good day.
                If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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                  I'm glad to hear someone else has "gremlins" that sneak into their sewing room and make messes! I'm tempted to set up a hidden camera to try and catch them in the act...LOL!

                Good afternoon all!
                Today I am thankful that we are not sick and are able to help others. I just dropped off another 40 masks at the LQS for the fire department. She just received another request from Hospice Petaluma for 140 masks. At this rate I feel that I will have all my fabric used up by the time the quarantine ends. Thanks for the tip about elastic at JoAnns; I'll go check it out. I hope you all have a good day

                Edit: no more 1/4inch elastic at JoAnns. They are out of stock.
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                  Boy, that elastic sure went fast. I imagine they'll keep trying to have it in stock.

                happy Friday friends,
                its been sunny today with a chilly breeze.
                himself had lots of plans wanting to do today, he has been supporting the collective on the bed all in dream world.
                treadled more mask ties today.

                Was invited to go scare the wildlife perhaps humans on doorstep at 8 pm last night to make noise for the workers of the nhs to thank them for everything doing, been making masks was slightly late. But thank you for everything.

                Firstly to friends must say, am so sorry for the hair do, and the strange clothing, honestly if had more notice, may of looked better, than a person dragged through hedge backwards, in mismatched attire that was worn for comfort not public outing. The hair had planned to attack at a later hour feeling other tasks were more important, now feel the hair was more important after seeing your reaction, oh dear, am sorry for the shock you went through.
                Also very sorry for getting slightly over excited tapping the pan with spoon, if could have the pan back that be wonderful, after you have iced the bruise, of course, that was quite unexpected that it flew through the air at such a pace, regret that happened, again very sorry, please you were OK, do not worry will screw the handle back on when pan returned, we located screw just by the step. many thanks.
                😁stay safe folks