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    Scam warning reminder

    Being in the Accounting profession, specifically Income Taxes, a warning came across my desk today that I felt I should share with everyone. I'm gonna paraphrase it though.

    Beware of scammers trying to steal your tax refunds and now your Stimulus payment. They (the scammers) will be out in full force!

    First and foremost to know and be aware of: IRS will NOT call you - period! Nor with the Social Security Office!

    If anyone calls you claiming to be with either the IRS or the Social Security Administration - hang up! They may try to convince you that they need information to process your payment (SS#, bank account, etc). Do not give them any information.

    If anyone calls you (or email) and offers to "expedite" your stimulus payment "For a Fee" , or "advance" you your stimulus payment - Hang Up!

    It seems every few years, at least one of my clients falls victim to these scammers, no matter how many times we send out warnings. It would break my heart to find out any of my forum friends became a victim of these scammers. Please, be over cautious, especially during these difficult times when we are all looking for a little relief, either from the worry or from the financial uncertainty that is before us.

    Thank you for this very timely warning! I used to work in a CPA office & I know from personal experience NO taxing authority, neither federal or state will call you out of the blue. We used to have enough trouble getting them to call us back when we had a problem. Haha.
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      It's gotten so bad with People calling my home with phone numbers I don't recognize I let the answering machine pick up ALL calls.
      About 3 months ago, I got an email that said it was my credit union and that there was an issue with some charges on my Credit Card. Well, I knew this was B.S. because I had been sick before this and hadn't used my card in MONTHS. I didn't think the Credit Union would call me on an 800 number (it's a very small Credit Union) and so I called the Credit Union and talked to the Fraud Dept....and the kicker of this was that I am friends with the gal that is in charge of Fraud for the entire Credit Union and it's four branches in other small towns in my state. My friend was shocked, no one else had called her, but it was a FRAUD and she again reminded me to NEVER give out private information over the phone....
      Nowadays a lot of these Robo Calls can be brought down to a trickle if you write down the phone numbers and then BLOCK them from your phone. I believe that dialing *60 * is UNIVERSAL the number for blocking ALL calls (but check with your phone company to make sure. I have Comcast for my landline phone) and then waiting for the prompts (to put in the ten digit number that called you.....this is so the phone number is blocked from calling you.) and then follow the prompts.....You can only block 25 numbers at a time and I've found that erasing the oldest numbers after awhile still works because by the time you erase all of the "old" numbers....whomever is doing these calls has went on to another no#.......

      Being diligent with these calls and blocking them, I rarely get more than 2 calls per week now.
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        I have a setting on my phone where I block all calls except those that are in my contact list. All those annoying robo calls do not ring through. If someone wants me badly enough, they can leave a voice mail message.


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          I use the same setting. My phone has never been so quiet!