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Thursday has come!!

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    ABA1DB54-CB1E-4C77-ACA3-D7EB8B22ACCF.jpeg Good’s sunny here today but breezy and cool the Girls enjoy this weather.

    My daughter took a ride yesterday to see the USNS Mercy docked in the LA Harbor in California. The picture is above. They don’t let you close enough to take good pictures. This is a floating massive hospital normally used in wartime.

    I’m so thankful that Jeff’s retirement date worked out so he could stay at home with me during the virus. We are eating too much but we get outdoors almost every day to give the Girls long walks around our house and into the woods.

    We made a quick food run Tuesday morning early and I think we have enough for the duration. Shopping is such a huge task now that everything has to be sanitized. My hands look and feel awful.

    Since I finished making masks I haven’t sewn anything. I may set up my machine for embroidery and make something colorful.

    I’m encouraged by the posts today. Everyone seems to be hanging in there.

    Wishing everyone a safe day....Hugs
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    Scottie Mom Barb


      Checking in in the afternoon.
      We had zoom meetings this morning for work/school. They are finally setting up a schedule so the kids are having meetings about once a day and, hopefully not at the same time. They are pretty much asking the kids to do one subject per day. That seems to have helped with the expectation of full days of school without direct instruction.

      Yesterday we spent most of the day outdoors. We replaced 2 fence posts. I weedwhacked the lower level, behind the barn, and the slope along the barn entrance and the raspberry patch. I also weeded the next 1/3 of the orchard area. The perineal herbs needed to be cleaned up in that bed too. We let the milkers up into the upper pasture to work on some of the grass that's going crazy while we had the fences down.
      I have to say, the school closure and rotating slow-down schedule @ Eric's work has certainly meant that some of the projects around here are getting knocked out! They garden beds haven't looked this good this early in the season ever. I was hoping for a bit more rain this week so I didn't have to feel guilty about staying in and spending time in the sewing room!
      I think Eric's on the schedule for next week since the county sheriff wants their police boat back from repairs! I think Emily and I will work on the house painting once he's back to work. He doesn't like the way I paint, and I don't like the way he does, so we'll just do our own thing. It looks the same when we are done, it's all good!

      The house has gotten chilly, time to go make a fire and make sure I have everything ready for supper. We are having breakfast!
      Have a good rest of the day!
      Hugs! Cathy
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      because those who mind don't matter,
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