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    It's Tuesday

    Good morning. It is WAY too early for me to be up and I may go back to bed for a bit.

    Yesterday was a crazy busy day at the PO. And here I thought it was going to be quiet. I am hoping it will quiet down in the coming days. Today is Maizyn's birthday. We will do a video chat this evening. She is getting a new bike for her birthday.

    I really wish I could be sewing right now but it isn't meant to be for a while. I am just too tired when I get home at night.

    Today I am thankful to be here with you all. Stay healthy and safe everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning!

    Temps will be cool today, with highs in the low 40's. It is also going to be dry, which is good news for a couple of my co-workers, who had water in their basements over the weekend. That is no fun to clean up!

    The bunny has a follow-up appointment at the vet today. Humans are not allowed in the building and have to stay in their vehicle. When I arrive in the parking lot, I have to call the main number. One of the techs will come out to the car and take my fur baby in to the clinic. The vet will call me to discuss the results of her exam. Finally, the tech will bring the bunny back to the car. I expect a good report from the vet -- bunny is back to her happy self. She has a lot of energy and a good appetite. She has even started playing again!

    Mom's memory care facility sent me a form to sign yesterday. They made arrangements for her to have a phone with closed captioning. One of the staff is going to make an appointment for us to call Mom and talk to her on the new phone. The staff member will help Mom with the technology. It will be nice to hear her voice again.

    Today I am grateful for technology, which allows us all to keep in touch.

    Have a wonderful day!


      Good Morning, Everyone ~ It promises to be another nice day. It was 70 deg. yest. & mostly sunny. That sunshine helps to lift the spirits.

      We had the phone appt. with the cardiologist yest. a.m. DH had worn the cardiac monitor for 2 wks., so this was to get the report. He had A-Fib. about 1% of the time, with the longest episode being 90 min. He felt no symptoms or palpitations at any time while wearing the monitor. Due to the increased risk of stoke with A-Fib, the dr. recommended taking a blood thinner, probably Eliquis. DH doesn't want to take it, so I guess we take our chances. His sis died of a stroke, but hers probably was more related to high B/P.

      I contacted the physical therapy dept. yest. to see if I am going to get PT for my hip. I will have an appt. Wed. for an evaluation & be given exercises to do at home. She mentioned having future appts. on face time. I told her I didn't have that capability. (My cell phone flips open, has an antenna, & is 20 y.o.! Hey, but it still works!) So, I guess I'll be doing the hard work alone at home. Pooh.

      I've been debating making a few masks for myself. I saw something about the CDC recommending wearing them. I do have some elastic on hand & certainly plenty of fabric in my stash. We now have 100 cases in our county. Did you see on the news that they're establishing a field hosp. in Central Park in NYC?!

      Today I'm thankful for Tylenol (I use the generic Acetaminophen), & that I have enough on hand to last a while. I saw on the news that some of the hosp. in NY don't even have Tylenol.


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        Joy - if you can do Zoom on your laptop, you can do FaceTime. I do it on my 9+ yr old iPad.

        I chuckle as I remember the flip phone. I took battery out of mine, and kids play with it. Their favourite.

      Good morning everyone,

      The sun is expected to show up and temps will be above zero. Yesterday, I picked up remainder of Rx, should be good when allergies start to kick in. I'm allergic to snow mould so I must be cautious when doing yardwork in early spring. I also stocked up on items with longer shelf life. The only thing I noticed was that there is lots of produce and meats. So much meat, they are discounting it a lot, as demand is not as high. I picked up great deals on chicken and x-lean ground beef. I use this a lot for freezer meals.

      DH's car was still not ready. They are waiting for one part from Subaru, which they are at mercy of dealer to get from manufacturer. It could be awhile, but we arent going out. I am grateful that we have the luxury of a second car, and option to obtain a rental.

      Yesterday, I printed some class lessons the kids have been receiving from teachers. I dropped it off along with grandma supplies of paper, cardboard and books at my DD. With open door, I had a visit with GKs 8' apart. I noticed that they did not appear as 'wild' and more relaxed. I MISS hugging them. I think this new normal is good for families. Less stress of getting up early, going to bed, exposure to sick kids in class and more time spent together.

      Today I plan to stay in except for a walk, sew - binding on one, sandwiching another. Maybe some decluttering as garbage home-items pick up is Thursday. DH's niece in KS has been laid off. She plans to depend more time with DH's dad.

      Have a safe day. Be cautious and treat everyone you see as if they were asymptomatic. Physical distancing is critical in slowing down the spread. Hugs to all in need.

      7448 / 89

      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


        Good morning. It is grey and misting here. I hope we see the sun one of these days. I have to go to the post office to mail some bills. I will bring my gloves.

        I only have only 2 more blocks to go before I can start sewing all of them together. I think I will have to wait until the stores open to do the borders. I will have to find another project to start from my shelves.

        I am missing my PT and massage therapist. My neck and leg really hurt. I ordered a neck massager and hope it helps.

        Have a good day and stay weall.



          I finally got my anxiety under control over the move and we spent the weekend loading up our belongings and were ready to head out when the town called and said we couldn't come. What a roller coaster. Now, we are waiting on a call to see if they are going to exempt us as a long term rental. All of our necessities are in the trailer so we really aren't living anywhere right now. I guess we will know by tonight whether we drive or unpack. lol. Nobody knows whether we can cancel the lease if we aren't allowed to go there. Just the timing is amazing. I will understand either way .
          Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


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            Oh, Terry, it must be so difficult to live with that uncertainty. As if corona virus anxiety isn't enough.......

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            Oh Terry. Could this be a sign to stay home! If you went, I think you would be restricted in your comings and goings, and lack of support system if needed. It's difficult decision, but I would stay in my bubble.

          Good morning all. It's a bit of a grey day here. Not sure what's on the agenda today. Hubby wants to do a bit more painting. I think I'll make some chicken soup for the freezer. I hope to get to be in my sewing room for a bit today. I have a number of projects and Secret Santa things to work on.

          Today I am grateful for having things around the house that need doing to keep us busy.

          Monique, I hope it slows down just a bit at work. Julie, happy to hear the bunny is doing so well and also that you are going to be able to talk to your mom. Joy, I was thinking the same thing as Suzanne. If you have Zoom, there is probably a way to connect for your therapy. Suzanne, it's great that you got to distance visit with the grandkids.

          Beth, I hope your neck and leg start to feel better with the help of the massager.
          Oh, Terry, what a rollercoaster ride for you! I hope you get an answer on whether you are staying or going very soon. I imagine your hubby is quite disappointed with this turn of events.

          Yesterday the USNS Comfort arrived here in NY. And Samaritans Purse set up a mobile hospital in Central Park. There are hospitals being set up in all the outer boroughs of the city (Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island) as well as out here on Long Island. I pray that this social distancing will start to have a big impact and slow the spread down.

          Have a good day everyone.
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          Ginny B


            Ginny , I know that the virus must be having a huge impact on your life and all the folks in high hot spots. It doesn't feel very real to those of us that haven't had any impact on our communities other than the shut down. I have't been in the car for three weeks but that isn't too abnormal for me. the tulips are blooming and the wild iris are popping up in the woods (not blooming yet). The fish are swimming like its summer. We've had 80 degree weather this week but its suppose to snow tonight around midnight. Then we'll be in the 50's for a while. Typical spring weather.
            My Christmas Amarylis is blooming for the second time right now. I've never had that happen before.
            Joy, I think there are good ways to face time on your computer.
            Julee, the bunny sounds like its doing well.
            Most of my GC are homeschooled so no changes for them. But some are not and the differences within a household are great. Two boys 13 &: 15 both in gifted is accepting the rules with no problem, the other has decided he just wants to do the work one day a week and doesn't want to attend the online meetings. Says he doesn't have any questions so no need to attend. Two others are in private schools and they only have one household computer so life has been difficult for them to share the computer. The "mom" of the household is a public school teacher and needs the computer to correspond with her classes and DS uses the computer for his days off to manage his pharmacy. DS is considering getting some laptops but doesn't know how long this is going on. I'm sure he's ready now.
            Well, my internet time is up.
            Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


              Partial sun today, temp in the 40's. When will this winter end? Hope to bundle up and get out for a long walk this afternoon. The grand pup went home yesterday afternoon. It was fun having him here for a few days and hubs took him on some hikes despite the rainy conditions. He's about 18 months old and still has lots of energy. We love him to pieces and like to puppy sit anytime our DS and DIL will allow.

              I've been keeping busy cooking, made a few dishes for DS and DIL. I made DH a chocolate birthday cake from scratch with what I had in the cupboard. I'm pretty pleased with myself, lol. Told hubs the cake was brought to him courtesy of the coronavirus.....if it wasn't for that he would have had a store bought cake. Talking about food, hubs did the weekly shopping at 6am today. Shelves fully stocked except for eggs and dishwashing liquid. Isn't it weird that entire categories of things aren't available? He went to a second store and found eggs but still no dish liq. Also no TP but that has been sporadic and forget clorox or lysol wipes.

              I heard someone on the news say that things will never be normal again; that this will change us forever, like after 9/11.

              On a happier note, I got back into the sewing room and picked up my mess from the last time I was in there. Today I'll work on the pinwheel quilt, give my blocks a good pressing and start the sashing. I have another top in progress; it needs setting triangles and borders cut. I had toyed with the idea of starting the Bonnie Hunter mystery but I already don't care for the center so that's not going to happen. My LQS finally closed to the public yesterday but will still fulfill phone orders. I hadn't been there in over 2 weeks. I hope this situation doesn't cause the business to fail. They don't have an online shop.

              Hope you're all staying busy, in good spirits and that you don't run out of background fabric!

              to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world...


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                There is no doubt that this virus will change us forever. This will change demographics, families and maybe propel us to consider changes in how we live. Things that are important to us, will become our new priorities. My grandmother told my mom stories of 1918 Spanish flu and its devastation. Many family genealogies were altered.

              Hello Tuesday,
              gosh have slept, for 5hrs, its a miracle, felt fairly groggy when awoke,
              Am great full for the extra sleep, pleased managed to cut out and iron safely.
              have a great day everyone


                I just feel cheated about not getting my physical therapy in person, with hands on help. I did think about Zoom, but I keep my laptop in a BR where there really isn't room to be doing exercising. And we still don't know about insurance reimbursement for these remote appts. For the phone appt. yest. we were told we might have to pay $25-45. out of pocket. They don't know yet about Medicare & ins. supplemental reimbursement.

                I've been thinking about setting up a Zoom appt. with my gr. dau. in TX. Finding a time that would work might be difficult since she has 2 very active boys. We'll see.


                  Good Morning All,

                  Julie, that's so cool, what folks can do with technology.

                  Well, yesterday happened and my fabric closet looks worst than it did before I cleaned it up. Sigh, but I have fabrics out and will continue making more long hair scrub caps for the nurses at Morgan's ER.

                  Jim has set up a shower tent outside their back door. Morgan gets home, walks around the house. He puts her robe and zip lock for her clothes to go in. She hands off the bag to Jim (he goes straight to the laundry and puts it in the wash with the UV filtered water and sanitizer) while Morgan goes straight to the shower. I asked if they had showers at the ER for the nurses. He said he didn't know. I would think she could shower before she leaves. What do I know! They're still keeping the kids home as much as they can.

                  Jim asked if he could bring Jonathan today at his first break, he has a long 3 hour stretch of classes this afternoon. I told him I was planning to make scrub hats. Boy, he jumped on that, NO, I'll keep him, you do that! There really must be a need! He came and picked up work I'd pulled together for Jonathan. There are two weeks of independent study from That was an investment that Howard and I talked long and hard about, they were having a half price sale for the life long membership and I thought it was a good idea. We figured on using it for at least 9 years, so it was well worth the half price sale at the time. Who knew that I'd be using it so much- from pre-school work for Esther and Zeke to real work for Jonathan. I'll have to ask Jim and Morgan for ink for my birthday this year!

                  Time to warm up my coffee, and get busy for the day. Have a great day!
                  “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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                    Apparently, I'm doing really well at writing posts and forgetting to post them today...

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                    A tip to make sure that she wipes down surfaces on the car.

                  Good late afternoon everyone. Today has been a busy day at work. Tomorrow is my end of quarter analysis meeting. I'll be glad when that is done. It's the one task I dread every quarter. At least it is not every week. Things will slow down a bit, but not too much. Today I received an email about some of the latest updates regarding tax impacts of COVID-19. I guess I need to review it and decipher exactly what it means to my company.

                  My thanks to all of you who have time and have been making masks and other items for our healthcare workers. I know they appreciate it. (Katrina, I enjoyed reading your posts about Morgan's shower adventure and Jim's reaction to you sewing scrub hats).

                  Darling niece just announced she is having a baby girl in October. DD and I have already picked out her quilt. Now to finish others that need to get done.