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Monday hello.

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    Monday hello.

    Well Monday has come. Why did the weekend go by so fast? We have a very wet start to the morning and I think it might rain all day again today. Boy did it rain hard yesterday.

    Did I tell you that I broke a tooth last week? Yes, one of my back molars. It originally had a crack in it and while eating bacon a piece broke off. I did get in touch with my dentist's office and as long as it doesn't hurt, I guess it will have to wait until it does hurt. They are open for 'emergencies'. So I shall wait.

    We did go for a drive on Saturday and stopped along the way for groceries. I did manage to buy a cleaner to take with me today as there is none there. The PO will reimburse me for it. Today I start at another PO but a smaller one from the one last week. I will be going in a little early so I can see what the previous person has left me. I know the mail carrier and she is the one who is going to let me into the post office as I don't have keys yet.

    Yesterday I got hubby's application in for EI and I also got the neighbour's taxes almost done. I have no other news about my granddaughter's sister so I guess no news is good news. Tomorrow is her birthday so we will do a video chat. I have a small parcel to send her this morning. My birthday shall be a very quiet affair this year. It's my BIG one, 60, in two weeks. I kept telling hubby that I wanted a big party but I guess that won't happen this year, LOL!!

    Anywho, stay healthy and safe my dear friends.

    Thoughts, prayers, blessings, love and hugs going out to those who need them.

    And so begins a new week.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Morning all,

    Waiting to see what the weather will be today, hopefully the rain has ceased.

    Yesterday my grocery order arrived right on time. The delivery person left them by the door, she had her mask and gloves on and so did I. Brought them in and cleaned all the groceries off, then disinfected the kitchen. Thankfully almost everything I ordered was there. Our store shelves have been depleted of some items and limits have been placed on them. This is the first time I used this service and it worked out well. I prefer to do my own shopping but this enabled me to stay out of the store for the time being.

    I made a few masks for my daughter and son in law and will send them. They have both been exposed to the virus. My son in law works in New York City and was furloughed for two weeks, had no symptoms and is now back to work. I hate for him to be in the city but he's an essential worker. My daughter was also exposed to the virus by one of her employees, so we'll see how she does. She is working from home till May 1st, so I'm thankful for that. New York has nearly 46,000 cases and over 600 deaths (mostly in NYC) and we have not reached the predicted Apex yet.

    Hope to get in the sewing room for a bit today, maybe do a bit of clean up, we'll see how the cleaning part goes.

    Off to get my morning coffee, wishing everyone a good day and to stay well.
    Thought for the day-
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    If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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      Good morning!

      It's back to work today -- virtually, of course! I have a meeting this morning, then two more this afternoon. It will be interesting to hear what the boss says about our stay-at-home order after the President's announcement. We were originally told April 30 anyway, I doubt the plan will change much. It also depends on what the governor says.

      I have discovered it's a lot harder to get excited about the weekend after being home all week. I didn't have a lot of the urgency -- I need to do this, that, etc. -- that I usually have. My poor sister is bored out of her mind. She really misses going to see Mom. She said the highlight of her day is going up to the local Drug Mart! I made her favorite creamed chicken yesterday and will take it over to her today. That should cheer her up for at least five minutes.

      My computer went a little berserk this morning. It froze up and did not want to unfreeze. It is five years old, I hope I don't have to buy a new one any time soon.

      Today I am grateful my computer is still working.

      Time for second cup of tea and to set-up my workstation. Have a wonderful day!
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        Good Morning, Everyone ~ We had a sunny day yest. with a high temp. of 61. It's nice to have warmer weather & sunshine. Today will be the usual laundry. I need to get motivated to do some house work whether I feel like it or not. We have the phone appt. with the cardiologist this a.m. to discuss the results of DH's 2 wks. of cardiac monitoring. They will mail us the written report. Many of the dr. appts. now are being done by video conferencing.

        Yest. I worked on snail mail. I made copies of that LOCKDOWN poem & will mail it to some of my friends. Not everyone has a computer.

        Re: our friend who had the fall & hit his head & had the brain bleed. I had inquired if he was on a blood thinner. He was taking a baby aspirin every other day & taking garlic twice daily. They had to give him 2 units of platelets in the ER. He was supposed to have another CT scan yest. I haven't heard the results. So a word of caution when taking medications, herbs, & supplements -- make sure you know the side effects before you start taking them. I know some folks have A Fib. or other issues that require them to be on blood thinners to prevent stroke. But those come with risks. Even meds. like Vitamin C, Ibuprofen, Aleve, Naproxn can affect the blood. Just be aware.

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          Good morning,

          Is it really Monday? really? I guess it is if Monique says so. My first thought this morning was that it was Sunday but no we had that day yesterday. OK, I promise to catch up with all of you and be on Monday time too. At least I don't have to go to my office so it can be another play day in my sewing room.

          Time to pull some fabrics for the dinosaur quilt and get started on a project. The last two weeks of sewing time resulted in two little scrappy placemats.

          May you all enjoy your Monday!


            Good morning all,

            It's early for me; I'm even dressed! Waiting on the carpenter to stop over and straighten out the countertop. I have the disinfectant ready for after he leaves.

            We're supposed to see 49 degrees today. The dogs and I will be going for a walk this afternoon. Not much else planned here. I cut fabric yesterday for a table runner to put on the new peninsula countertop when it gets done. DH and DS will probably work on that this weekend.

            That's it for me.
            Joy, good advice on the meds.


              Good morning everyone! Today will be full of mask making again. My pharmacist asked if I could sew them some and she offered to pay me. I told her no pay necessary of course and gave them some. A quilt store about an hour away from me needs 400 - 200 for a hospital and 200 for some fire fighters. So I am working away. I won't get to 200 I'm sure but I have about 40 ready. I wish I was faster.

              Take care, everyone and stay safe. We will get through this.



                Good morning all,

                Another rainy, soggy day. Snow is down to less than a foot in backyard, starting to see snow. Front yard is another matter, 2-3'. Cats were freaking at times when it pounded on metal roof.

                Yesterday I finished quilting a VQC quilt, using ruler to create orange peel design. Once I sew on binding, will drop off to quilter to sew by hand. We will have many quilts to donate when this is over. DH is still pulling out info for accountants to file US taxes. CDN taxes first, then US. He finds this so stressful, as rules and deductions vary significantly and seem to change.

                From an 8' distance, we had a porch visit with my son. His vegetable seedlings are now at the transplant phase. I gave him large plastic containers when I split perennials. Passed on potting soil, vegetable ties & spikes. Also gave him a variety of mom's home cooked meals. This is how he keeps busy between work periods. He has my dad's love of gardening. I wish he could buy a home with large yard, as his condo is well treed and not much sun. He is essential worker on Parliament hill, but he mostly chooses to work night shifts. I heard that 9 seniors in one nursing home about 5 hrs away have died, and families of other residents have been sent letters to brace them for worst.

                Monique -watch that tooth. I am almost expecting to crack one. I have been grinding teeth & clenching jaw more. I had an appt for new night guard which was cancelled.
                Cathy F - will keep in thoughts & prayers for your daughter and son-in-law
                JulieC - your sister will need to learn techniques to combat boredom and stress, maybe develop hobbies to keep busy now and in future. This will last awhile.

                I am grateful that my family and friends are exercising physical distancing, while keeping in touch.

                Be mindfulful of your actions, stay safe. Sending hugs

                6360 / 66

                Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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                  My sister knits, crochets, tats and sews. She is just one of those people who has to go somewhere every day. I told her to try going for a walk or even a drive.

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                  That's my DH. Has to go somewhere every day. He's so restless, he's pacing. Drives me nuts. I won't be seeing the inside of any store until this is over because he has to be the one to go...if I tried to stop him he'd run me over. He walks multiple times/day. If the weather would just warm up so he could do yard work...

                Hi friends,
                Happy Monday,
                what a weekend it has been, we had hail stones both days,
                Yesterday the clocks changed here in UK sprung forward an hour, awoke to having very warm legs without the weight of a purr, when looked only mischief ears could be seen, the mischief had got snuggled under the covers to keep warm, when checked the temperature we had dropped to 12 degrees c , we were at 20 degrees c when when to sleep, so temperatures must of dropped fairly quickly x low during the night.
                Stayed snuggled in slanket, before the water torture, aka himself fetching many cuppas, finally got me moving. was watching the Raymond Burr doing the twists and turns of Perry Mason, they were written really well.
                Went to finish off the masks, sir joined me in the room, and fell promptly to sleep.
                Attempted some more rolled hems found doing 2 stitches then cutting threads leaving 4 inches to grab hold of, pulling project towards ye then makes it easy to thread through the rolled hem foot, looking at the 201 manual, shows can do a rolled hem and add a ribbon or lace feeding through the slot where the needle goes, may have to try this technique too.😁
                somehow while ironing managed to drop the hot iron on carpet. Pesky hand.
                Quickly grabbed, then swiftly ironed on an paper towel got the residue off phew, the carpet has lifted piles but nothing else. Am so grateful nothing else got injured burned ect.
                Today may be carefully ironing, cutting, sewing and purrs snoring, have fun in whatever you do


                  Good afternoon everyone. The sun has come out for now. I guess we will be getting more rain later today. We have gotten quite a bit done today. DH decided that today was the day he would put the second coat of paint on a couple of things that needed it. Why he didn't do it shortly after doing the first coat while I was away in California I don't know but that's ok because he needed something to keep him busy this morning. While he was doing that, I did a couple loads of laundry and worked a bit in the overflow craft room (aka the upstairs extra bedroom). I have lots of scrapbooking and cardmaking supplies in there and I went through one side of the cabinet. I found quite a bit of stuff that was not usable and/or related to either of those hobbies so I made the "Trash" pile, the "Donate" pile and the "This needs to be in another room, how did it get in here" pile. 🤷‍♀️ After we were done with our morning projects, we went for a walk.

                  As we were getting ready to leave the house, we noticed a large amount of traffic on our street and realized it was a "Happy Birthday parade" for a little girl on our block that turns 7 today. It was so nice to see all her friends driving past her holding up birthday signs and balloons and yelling and singing Happy Birthday to her. I quickly ran back inside and since I had just organized that cabinet, I knew exactly where the markers were, I made a Happy Birthday sign of our own and walked by her car(safely 6 ft. away) and held it up to join in the festivities. Then we headed out for our walk. After that, we had a nice lunch while watching Gov. Cuomo give his daily update and now we have turned the tv off and decided to listen to some music and catch up with e-mails to friends and far away cousins.... and, for me of course, you all here on the forum.

                  Yesterday we had a nice surprise visit from my step-daughter Vicky, her hubby Ken and Max and Lily. The kids had made cards for us and popped them in the mailbox for us to retrieve after they left. We had a nice, if short, visit with them from 6 ft. apart and behind the storm door. Max was telling us all about his garden and what's starting to grow and looking at our daffodils and hyacinths. Then later on we had video chats with Kathryn, Joe, Henry and Tessa and then a short time after that, Steve, Ana, Zeke and Aviendha (although Avi was asleep so there wasn't much chatting with her, lol) It was wonderful seeing all of them. Then we had a surprise second video call later on from the California contingent because Zeke wanted to show Oma his surprise. Of course, it was Oma that sent him the surprise; it was flannelboard story pieces for Goodnight Moon. One of his favorite books. We had fun going through the Goodnight's to the stars and the teddy bears and the moon. And this time Aviendha was awake so we got to see her beautiful face and smile.

                  Today I am grateful for all the family "visits" yesterday. I really needed that. Another month of this isolation seems so depressing and a bit overwhelming. And then, it may go on longer. I've got to just take it one day at a time. I am concerned about keeping hubby upbeat as much as possible since he does deal with depression anyway. I try not to let him see my anxiety and sadness too much but sometimes, it just rears its' ugly head.

                  Enjoy the rest of the day. Stay home and stay healthy.
                  Ginny B



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                    It's going to be more challenging for those who suffer from depression or just get emotional at times. It's important to talk about it, and share our concerns. I know I shed some tears when I heard that the first child under one died in US.

                  Good Afternoon All,

                  Morgan asked for some scrub caps. She found one and sent me the pattern and you tube tutorial. Sadly, I'm spoiled with Jenny's, and Donna's tutorials. It was good enough for me to figure out, kind of.

                  I made one. I told Mike it was mighty snug on me and I don't have a lot of hair. I took it over to her house and it fit fine. I've already finished #2, and have #3 and 4 ready to knock out. She picked out some batik, and I'll be making more with that fabric tomorrow or later tonight.

                  Mike and I ordered dinner from Cracker Barrel. They are having free delivery. So we're waiting for our supper.

                  Have a great day.
                  “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                    Being thankful ~ I've been forgetting to mention something each day like several of you are doing. But I was thinking this week that I'm thankful I got my new computer when I did, that I was able to go to the computer classes & labs in Jan. & Feb. to learn how to use W-10, & to have coach expertise & help to download files from my old laptop to an external hard drive & then on to the new laptop. Since the advent of C-19, the schools are closed, incl. the comm. college where we have our computer classroom, & our senior center is closed. Everything is on hold until who knows when!

                    I'm also thankful for this Forum, the internet, YouTube (music & quilting videos), and Zoom! Had never heard of it until recently. Our Bible study group will be "meeting" every Wed. until May to discuss the lessons.