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Social Distancing Guidelines Extended to April 30 :(

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    Watching and listening to all the nurses the last few days, it's going to be until the end of the year.😷



      As a health care professional, I am considered an essential employee. I still go to work every day. This morning, I was asked to volunteer to be cross-trained for the ICU, as my facility ramps up bed capacity for the onslaught that is surely coming our way. As of today, 10% of my state's ICU beds are filled with COVID-19 patients. With as fast as this disease spreads, I anticipate that we will be overwhelmed within a week. This evening over dinner, DH and I talked about whether or not we would want to go on a ventilator. He wants more time to think about it. I told him that we do not have the luxury of time. If his lungs fill up with fluid, I will need to be prepared by knowing what his wishes are. And we also need to communicate them to his adult children, who may become the decision makers by default if I am incapacitated. It's sobering to have to think about all of this.

      The silver lining to being an essential employee is that we do not have the additional stress of losing our income. I am most thankful for that. My heart goes out to those who have been laid off and the small business owners whose livelihood has been snatched away.


      • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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        God bless. These are difficult discussions for sure for everyone but should be made when we are able to.

      • chelea
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        DH and I are retired RNs and have had that conversation. This is a discussion everyone needs to have, regardless of age. This disease is striking old and young alike and the prospect of being on a vent long-term and unable to wean is a real possiblity. MSN, thank you for what you do. I never did work in an ICU...can't begin to imagine the stress of those that are on the front lines right now.

      I agree about making the hard decisions for end of life. I've been on that soap box previously. Regardless of one's age, you need to have a Living Will, Medical Durable Power of Attorney, & end of life preferences in document form as well as communicated to your family members.


        We both have DNR, durable power of atty but is being put on a vent considered "resuscitating"?


        • Claire Hallman
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          Thanks for the definition, Joy.

        • MSN
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          Claire, DNR (do not resuscitate) orders are frequently addressed together with DNI (do not intubate) orders. They are, however, two separate decisions. Resuscitation basically means chest compressions. Intubation is the insertion of a breathing tube, which can then be connected to a ventilator if needed. It's important to discuss your wishes with your family, and to make sure that your advance directive is clear about what measures you want or do not want to accept.

        • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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          I guess definition has different legal applications in states, provinces, countries.
          My dad did not want to be intubated after first few times, but they did, puncturing his lung as they said he resisted, causing pneumo-thorax (think that's the term) so they had to blow him up (no medical term). He did survive this miraculously, but only for months afterwards. My mom does not want any life saving measures if there is no reasonable expectation.

        Just heard someone has passed in local town of the virus.
        Thank you all who are on front lines of this virus, and thank you all who are helping in all ways possible for cures, machines, food supplies, delivery people, medical staff and the many others out there.
        thanks for mentioning about deciding our next wishes before needing to. we have just discussed. think need another cuppa. hugs to all


          I am so very proud of our governor of Ohio for the guidelines and stay-at-home orders he established. We were one of the last states to get infections and one of the first to issue stay-at-home orders state wide. According to our health director we are flattening the curve of the virus and, so far, our hospitals have been able to keep up. I cannot understand how a state (NY) with one of the largest city's population(NYC) could have been so slow to recognize this danger.
          Thank you all for observing the right thing to do at this time. I make it a point to thank anyone I see on the front lines (necessary) for working so we can have the supplies we need.
          No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.


            I really don't have much problem with remaining isolated. Its my usual state anyway. I live alone in the country, and get to town about twice a month for what I need. Only real problem is getting what I need when I DO go.
            TRUTH is seldom appreciated, unless you happen to agree with it. When you don't agree, you just call it rude.


              They have just extended school closures until May, and this will undoubtedly be extended for everthing else as well.

              Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

              Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.