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    Sunday Greetings

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Yest. I learned that our friend from church died at 1:30 a.m. In his family's words, "He flew home to Jesus!" He worked for our police dept. for many years. One of his 2 daus. became a police officer. His body had a police escort when he was taken to the funeral home at 4:30 a.m. Of course, no funeral now due to C-19. A memorial service when this C-19 crisis is over. He was only 60 y.o. Prayers for his family would be appreciated.

    Another friend from church, who has Parkinson's, fell yest. & hit his head. He's in the hosp. with bleeding in the brain. He's allowed only 1 visitor at a time, & they would not permit his wife to stay overnight. A friend stayed overnight with her at home so she wouldn't be alone.

    Our test mtg. yest. on Zoom went well & was fun. I discovered I could not use Firefox to get on. I had to use Google Chrome. There were 6 of us; one person doesn't have a web cam; we couldn't see her, but she had the audio. She may try to buy a web cam. We're still learning the various features of the program. One can have up to 100 participants at a time. Two of the older ladies in our group have chosen not to participate. The technology can be challenging for seniors.

    I kept busy yest. Cooked up beans for DH, did 2 loads of laundry. It was sunny and 61 deg. Today will be "church" (on line), working on my BSF lesson, and sewing if I get to it. It seems to be on the back burner right now. I'm feeling a bit "down" with all this C-19 business. Plus, I think the pain in my hip is part of the problem. It limits what I feel like I can do.

    I've shared that Irish priest's poem with several folks. I first saw it on Bonnie Hunter's blog. I searched for it on line & found at:

    Not sure why the web address is being altered here. It should say coronavirus before the lockdown. It's worth a read.
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    Good morning, everyone!

    Today is starting out as a surprise -- the sun is out, and temps are in the upper 60's. I opened up the windows to get some fresh air while it is warm. Temps are supposed to drop throughout the day into the low 50's, with temps in the 40's for the rest of the week.

    I'm trying to decide when to go to the grocery store. Last week I went in the afternoon and was surprised how busy the store was. I don't need much -- just milk, maybe a potato or two, and some greens for the bunny. I may see how the meat department is stocked, I was thinking I could make a pot roast in the slow cooker one day this week.

    Joy: I am sorry to hear your friend passed away. Sending prayers for his family.

    Today I am grateful for the warm start to this day. I am going for a walk to enjoy it while it lasts.

    Have a wonderful day!


      Good morning. It's an overcast, grey morning. Yesterday was the same with some rain.

      I worked on the log cabin quilt yesterday. Which brings me to my "grateful" thingvfor today. I am very grateful that, with hubby's help, my Pfaff is working again. We were able to get things opened up and found a ball of lint in the arm uptake area keeping it from smoothly moving up and down. I had cleaned the usual areas when it started acting up but this is a spot that isn't easy to get to. So, I was able to get the last section of the log cabin completed and attached. I just need to add my borders and then bind it. 20200328_165537.jpg As soon as I get the border fabric from M* I will get back to work on it.

      I think today I will figure out what I want to do for Easter baskets for the grandkids. I also think I will bake some cookies.

      Have a good day everyone. Stay home. Stay healthy.
      Ginny B


        Good morning,

        We are under rainfall warning, so this will be good to wash away more snow. Not much planned for today, usual household chores and continue quilting.

        Yesterday, pharmacy called that Rx ready for pick up. Unfortunately they only had 1 of 5 ready. Could I come back Sun/Mon. No. Call me when you have them all. I don't want to keep going out. Since its in grocery store, I picked up fresh fruits, veggies and meat. Meat counters were full, but no canned goods, frozen veggies or toilet paper. Another drug store had toilet paper, but they were not honouring sale, but still reasonable. I don't need any, but was going to buy to donate. I picked up up some yeast for my girlfriend and left on my bench. She left some fabulous home made cookies. We miss getting together a lot.

        i am grateful for good friends. We keep in touch by phone or email. We share our worries about our families, and how this will have changed our children and grandchildren. We help each other, either by picking up food items and dropping off at door. We share and lift a glass of wine virtually. We know that by staying safe, we will once again go to restaurants, go on roads trips, quilt retreats and shopping sprees together.

        Have be a good day. Thinking of everyone as Mother Nature is also stepping up with tornadoes, floods and storms.
        Be smart and stay safe. Hugs to all who are alone, fearful for themselves or family.

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        Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

        Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


          Good Morning All,

          It's beautiful and sunny. I woke when Mike left for work. He's looking forward to having Monday and Tuesday off.

          I'm not sure what my week will hold yet. It's really up to Morgan and Jim. Morgan is really conflicted about germs coming home on her and being transferred to the kids, then to the older generations. I get it, and she would feel horrible if anything happened to her elders. She's between a rock and a hard place. Nana and Nandy miss the kids so much, that they are laying it all on Morgan.

          Yesterday afternoon, Mike and I went to the grocery store and picked up some fresh goods. We stopped by a family owned restaurants in the neighborhood for a pick up dinner. Oh, it was delicious and enough for me to have at least 2 meals. I'm still shocked to see no paper towels or TP in the grocery aisles. That's just mind blowing to me.

          I worked a little in my sewing room. Pulled out the box of itty bitty quilt parts that I started in NC. I have the patterns all run off. I was making it with snow and batiks. I quit when they used a log cabin. I just couldn't wrap my head around it. I don't know if I'll continue with it as a whole quilt, but I may use the pieces for something else.

          Joy, I'm so sorry about your friend's death. Lifting prayers for the family. It sounds like your group will enjoy your time together responsibly social distancing. Thank you for sharing the poem.

          Take care of yourselves. Have a wonderful day. It's time I've open the Sunday service from Friday's email.

          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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            Katrina - Nana & Nandy have to realize that Morgan is doing the right thing not bringing the kids over, and that goes for you too. Think of it as being in your own bubble. Everytime you add new people to your bubble you risk bursting it, and infecting themselves, their GKs. This is not a time to be selfish. They can always talk on phone.

          Good morning everyone. We've got a rainy, cool day here. I had a lovely day Friday...thanks everyone for the b'day wishes! Spent the day outside in the yard and went for a hike. Had take-out fish and chips for dinner from our local family restaurant. We're trying to give them some business so they won't go out of business. They have served 3 meals a day since 1911. Though I had asked for no gifts this year, I received a box of chocolate dipped fruit from Edible Arrangements from DD and she also sent me a pic of the quilt she's been slowly hand quilting over the past 4 years...for me. It's absolutely beautiful and it's her first big project so I'm very honored to be the recipient. And I'm happy to have passed down the quilting bug to her.
          Yesterday I did a little housework and then made a shepherd's pie for DS and DIL. They were running out of food, waiting for a big order coming in on Tues. so we brought them a couple of items from our shelves. We drove over to their house, met on the sidewalk, handed over the pie and they handed us the pup in exchange. We'll keep him for a couple of days. He's fun to take on a hike. All the dogs must be loving having their humans home so much. I've never seen so many folks out walking their dogs before.
          Not sure I'll get much done today as this pup is very snuggly...maybe just reading while the little guy sleeps right next to me. If I take him into the sewing room he wants to eat the fabric. Still has those puppy tendencies. Today I'm grateful to have such a precious grand-puppy to love.
          Joy, I'm sorry about your friends. I did read that poem when Bonnie posted it the other day. It's beautiful.
          Stay well everyone and have a peaceful day.

          to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world...


            Hello & good morning,

            It's a little cloudy here today in Sunny FL. I'm not hurrying to get the day started though. The chicken is cooked and de-boned for the pot pie. I still need to cook the potatoes and make gravy. It's a two day process but there will be two meals so win-win.

            Finally found new outside lights for the front door and garage. It's taken quite a while and now shipping is delayed until end of April. That's ok too.

            DD shopped my pantry for cooking oil and spaghetti sauce. It keeps her out of stores with Gson.

            Joy, Prayers for the officer and his family too.


              Good Morning Everyone,

              I have a sinus head ache this morning. I have been taking a generic allergy tablet that is working great for me and I sure can tell when it has worn off.

              I am so thankful for the neighbors and family that call to check on me. I was out getting the mail yesterday and I older neighbor from down the street I barely know stopped and ask if I had plenty to eat and did I need anything. Everyone is trying to feed me! Amanda brought over Sugga (not sure I spelled that correctly) Its meatballs. She brought me three containers. We sat outside and kept our distance. She has been taking the grands on walks almost everyday. She said, she isn't letting them play with the other children in the neighborhood and trying to keep them busy. She is concerned that most of the kids and their parents are not really practicing social distancing. Why do these parents think school is out ? Yesterday, the yard man came and cut the grass. It was so bad in the back yard from all the rain . Sandy is out now enjoying watching the squirrels and birds. I will have to brush the oak tree tassels off her or we both will sneeze for days.

              Joy, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. Sending prayers for the officer and family.



                Good morning all. I got a few masks done for my DIL at her work (she is still working full time) and rearranged my sewing room yet once again, this time for a storage rack I brought over from my dads place. I have commanded myself... you CANNOT bring anything else unless you take something in return that can be donated along with the other stuff in his place. I am doing pretty good following that command so far. Downsized my clothes closet, heck I am retired now, I don't wear 1/10th the amount hanging in there. And the fact I have grown to a bigger size, or I say .. just more of me to love now. Back to my dads to clear out all the arts/crafts stuff the grandkids had over there and somehow fitting them somewhere into my sewing room for storage. I think my house right now would drive a minimalist over the edge!

                Joy.. Sorry to hear of your friend passing. (((HUGS)))

                Monday I have to go out to get meds for the honey. My son has been doing errands for both me and his in-laws during this time. He is not on the list for getting the meds (controlled one) so I am it! He is working from home but they did cut his hours almost in half.

                Hugs to all !


                  Good Morning, What I am thankful for, is this technology can communicate with others far and near! Yesterday, cut up and sewed strips together to make 9patch on point. I'm using all my left over 2.5 strips to make it. I just cut and sewed them and sub cut, how big or how many I don't know. Have lots. Planning to make something for my BIL, since he just lost his Mom. He had told me before that he would like a snuggle quilt to wrap up in. So, I will put my scraps together with love and get him warm. and then deliver it to them after this C-19 goes away. Or they may travel here, that would be happiness! In between that and making face masks for the hospital. Thanks for listening. Have a good day.


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                    If necessary, you could mail it to him. Looks like travel will be curtailed for at least another month.

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                    I couldn't drop off quilt to mom's 90 year old cousin, as they live in residence less than 2km away. They would not accept any packages at door. I bought a pre-paid mailer box through Canada Post. Dropped off late afternoon Tuesday. They received on Wednesday 10am. Come rain, snowopr Storm, Canada Post is still delivering.

                  Good afternoon all,

                  I'm pretty lazy today, still in my jammies.

                  We ran into a snag installing countertops (sigh). Our house isn't "square", and even though our measurements were accurate, one of the back corners isn't a 45 degree corner. So one piece of the counter has to have its 45 degree angle recut just a little to make it fit. DH doesn't have the tools to do it, so he asked a carpenter friend (one of my former students back when he was is 5th grade!!) if he could help. He's always in such demand so is really busy, but he said he'd stop over at about 70 tomorrow morning. Yikes! I'll have to get up early so I can be presentable. It wouldn't do for him to see his former teacher in her pajamas😮We'll practice social distancing, and I'll wipe down everything he touches. I'm hoping DH can install the sink later tomorrow...doing dishes in the bathroom sink is getting old.

                  I've spent a little time in the sewing room over the last couple of days. Stuff from the kitchen cabinets is piled allover the dining area and living room and it just makes me stressed to look at all of it. I've been trying to retreat to my happy place where I know where everything is. The sewing room kitty is happy to spend time with me. I think I'll work on cutting scraps to day.

                  Temps today will be around 40, then almost 50 for Mon. and Tues. Yessss! That will be the first time we'll be that warm in just forever. There are actually buds on the trees despite the cooler temps. Just so we don't get any more snow.

                  Enjoy your day everyone. There's always something to be thankful for....
                  Joy, prayers for your friend's family. It must be so hard to not be able to gather for a funeral. I guess the same would happen here too, since we under a "stay at home" order.