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Good Morning Saturday! :)

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    Good Morning Saturday! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I baked DH's spelt bread yest. The house always smells so good with bread baking. I also gave myself a hair cut. I set up an acct. on Zoom. Our Bible Study group is going to do a test mtg. today at 1 p.m. I've been trying to call someone each day that may need to hear a friendly voice. It's difficult with all this social distancing. I've also sent several e-mails.

    The rain & rain/snow mix started yest. about 5 p.m. It had quit by bedtime. Skies are clear this a.m. It was a fast moving storm.

    Bonnie Hunter had a posting about social distancing on her blog on March 26. She shared a writing by an Irish monk, Brother Richard Hendrick. If you click on that date & then "read more" & scroll down, it comes after the pic of the robin on the tree branch. It's quite lengthy, so I will not print it out here, but it's worth reading.

    I learned yest. that a friend from church is in his final days/hours. He's the police officer, only 60 y.o., who was diagnosed with cancer several months ago. He had a very major abdominal surgery, a long "recovery", and was about half way through his chemo when he got another blockage. He went to Denver for another surgery; he was full of cancer -- nothing they can do. It's been a rapid decline the past 2 wks. I talked to his wife yest.; he's very close to the end. My heart breaks for them. And of course, there can be no funeral at this time because of C-19 & no group gatherings.

    Today I'll be cooking up DH's Anasazi beans. I have enough on hand for a few more times. Maybe the beans will be available before too long. Still looking for yeast. Have a great day.

    Good Morning All,

    Started the day with a mess. I got the coffee pot out of the dishwasher, set it up to make my coffee. I poured the one mug it made and realized my mistake. Put the lid on and stuck the pot back in. The coffee started pouring in. I'll be taking the slider that the pot sits on and cleaning it all well, once I've finished my coffee this morning.

    Jim came by yesterday and picked up a bluetooth set from Mike. It was nice to see someone different. I still don't know what the plans are with the kids next week since Morgan's back at work. She's having to take the left over spots, so her hours are WEIRD!

    Yesterday, I didn't sew. I did start folding up batting scraps, and backing scraps. At least the area to the printer is safe to walk through. The closet looks nice. I'll tackle another area today... like under and around my desk. That might be fun?

    I read an article that the folks for instacart are planning a big strike. That will hurt all of the folks like me that can't get to the store without imposing on someone. With Mike's store being so short handed, he's been going in every day. I understand what they're asking for, but the timing sure does stink. I hope they're able to negotiate something so that doesn't happen!

    Sunday's service is posted already. I'm debating on going ahead and doing it today. Some of the small groups we have are meeting on Zoom tomorrow. I guess Skype on my phone is in my future. I'm not really looking forward to that either.

    Time to refill my coffee cup and finish cleaning up the mess I made. I need to figure out what Mike and I are going to do for dinner. Perhaps, we'll hit the Publix this afternoon, so I don't have to order on Instacart next week. We'll see.

    Have a great day.
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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      Oh Katrina, so sorry for the mess. I never heard of Instacart before this. I hope they use some common decency and put their strike off.

    Good morning Joy and all to follow. We had a really good, productive day yesterday with a lot of time spent outside. Not sure what's on the agenda today. One thing for sure will be to check out my Pfaff again and see if I can find out what is happening with it. It just keeps getting sort of jammed after a short bit of sewing. If I can't find the issue, then I will set my embroidery machine back up as a sewing machine to finish what I am working on. I need to use a decorative stitch so I need a machine capable of doing that. Then I will set up one of my other machines as a substitute until I can get it in to get repaired. I do have my faithful Featherweight to use for most other things.

    Today I am grateful for the restaurants that are still there for us with No Contact delivery or pick up. We got our favorite pizza last night. I'm a New Yorker....I needed some pizza! It was extra delicious.

    Have a good day all.
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    Ginny B


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      Oh I know what you mean about pizza. Love ours too.

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      Our pizza place is temporarily closed. :-(

    Good morning Joy & all who follow.

    Today I am grateful and proud that Canadians are innovative, self-reliant & resilient. Companies have been working quietly for past weeks, re-tooling their manufactures to make protective equipment. Sail making & clothing companies have been making gowns, breweries and distilleries have been making sanitizers, sport equipment manufacturers and universities & businesses with 3D printers are making parts for plastic face shields. Cheers to all pulling together.

    I am encouraged to see that everyone is practicing physical distancing, while being social. We went for a walk yesterday morning. When we would cross others, they would move to the street. Some of our neighbours are starting to sit in their driveways, enjoying happy hour from a safe distancing. I thing spring is near. We are starting to see our patio stones. I had a craving for fries, so we stopped at McD drive-thru. First time for non-home cooked meal. Soon we may be able to BBQ.

    I finished quilting mom's quilt, washed it. I just need to make a special label and ask staff to give to her. I started quilting a Victoria quilt. DH is working on glider cushions. Slowly he/we will get them done.

    Our guild's quilt show in May has been cancelled. This is not surprising, but still waiting to hear about a fabric market scheduled May 1. It's a city facility which is closed. The decision will be made for the organizer. In any event, I would rather lose money than participate & be put at risk.

    I have been in touch with DH's cousin in CO. Her mom, DH's aunt who is 97, was in bad accident this winter and had her foot amputated. She had been living on her own, but she is now in senior residence. Unfortunately it went into lockdown the day after she moved in, so is now feeling isolated and abandoned. We will try to call her and other relatives.

    Today is up for grabs, nothing scheduled. We have a long spring to-do list, so lots to pick from. Have a good day. Please, please exercise the utmost of caution as the U.S. is now the epicentre of this pandemic. Hugs to all.

    4757 / 55

    Note - many may wonder what the above numbers I have been posting over recent week. These are C-19 cases in Canada. First number persons who are positive, second number is deaths. We have as of today over 350 people who have recovered.

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


      Good morning. It is pouring here now. I hope it lets up, so I can get the dogs to go out. I actually drove somewhere yesterday . We needed more dog food from the vet. I paid for it over the phone and they loaded it in the back seat. We had nice weather yesterday. We spent a lot of time outside. So very little sewing done on my blocks. I only have 4 more to piece together!

      Stay well.
      Beth S


        Good Morning, Another day and new slate.

        We had some very bad hailstorms in our state last evening, with hail stones up to the size of baseballs. Many residents have had their vehicles, homes and farms,including cattle and horses, destroyed. We had another storm similar to this in 2008 and let me say it was a nightmare to get everything restored. After all of that, and being a natural disaster, our homeowner's insurance doubled our rate. This time we personally were spared from major damage, though our gutters got dinged. Please pray for our state. Jeff's brother and his wife lost three vehicles and it's unknown about their house.

        Wishing everyone a good day....

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        Scottie Mom Barb


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          Wow! Those are some big hailstones. It's very sad that people have to deal with this on top of the virus.

        • Debbie Watters
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          Wow! Those are huge!

        Good morning everyone,

        It's pouring rain here and it should rain all day, so no walking for me today. Since it's my turn to cook, I chose to make a Tuna Casserole. I used to hate it when I was growing up, but now it's one of my favorite meals. Since I have whole milk left over, tomorrow I'll make chicken a la king and put it in the freezer. With the food shortages and rationing and skyrocketing prices, I've had to really get serious on my meal planning so nothing is wasted. A side benefit is that we are putting out less trash, and we get charged by the bag, so our trash bill will go down.

        Yesterday I sewed some more quilt blocks. This is a quilt for my DD; she picked out the fabric and I chose the pattern. Yesterday I realized that I hate this quilt. That's the real reason, I think, that I've been dragging my heels. Today I think I'll pop in a stupid brain cell killing movie and work on it.

        Otherwise, things continue to be quiet here. We have our first positive C-19 case in the county, and according to Facebook, the person went everywhere. I went to the store yesterday to try and get some fresh produce, but no luck. They had nothing fresh, the deli is shut down, no canned veggies, no rice or beans or noodles, no yogurt or eggs. But plenty of chips, dip and soda.

        Our semi-paved road has become quite busy, everyone is taking the opportunity to walk everyday. I think everyone is out of work except for one woman who works for a company that is essential. But the trees are beginning to bud, and if the temps stay like this we should have a bumper crop of lilac blooms and daffodils. Our pond is finally ice free. I think soon we'll need to jump in the car and just drive so we can get away from the house. Poor hubby is getting cranky.

        Time for another hot cup of something......may you all have a good day.


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          Barb, I want to make a quilt for my DD & SIL and SS & DIL. They both have King-size beds. I worry if I ask them to pick fabrics and patterns I may also hate making it and it would become UFO. I might just skirt around by getting their style for colours, and making it my creative decision. At least your daughter can say she doesn't like it. You can get it done. Go for it.

        • Granny Fran
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          Last year DD and DSIL wanted an oversized king quilt. They picked colors and pattern. I didn't like it, but when finished they loved it. It was worth doing just to get the love and appreciation they continue to give me for it. Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder.

        Good morning everyone. I hope that everyone continues to remain safe. Monique, any news on Maizyn's sister? How is Maizyn?

        Yesterday morning, I took a break from work in the morning and took advantage of the hour reserved for senior shopping at our local grocery store HEB. First time I have been there since this mess started, so I really needed groceries. They actually had some nice produce, so I picked up some fruit and a few other fresh veggies. Everyone was practicing social distancing. They also had security at the entrances to the store. I'm guessing that was to stop the traffic if it got too crowded. There was one gentleman however who made me a bit nervous. He would pick up some fruit, examine it and then put it back. I wonder how many other things he fondled and put back. Sure hope he never tests positive.

        There has been absolutely nothing done in the sewing room over the past week. I really miss it, but this is my busiest time of the quarter at work. Hopefully, next Friday I will have time to get back to the sewing room. I do find myself finding those small moments to pray more for God's help in stopping this virus.


          Good morning!

          A thunderstorm woke me up around 6 am. We just had another quick downpour. There is a bit of a pond on the sidewalk. I probably should have had that section raised when I had other parts leveled three or four years ago. It wasn't a trip hazard, so I opted not to do it.

          Bubby: Sorry to hear about the hail damage, I have never seen hail that large before!

          I started working on my spring twist quilt again. Specifically, the after quilt. Although, is it really an after quilt if you haven't finished the quilt top? I will work on the borders today, then I can figure out how I want to piece the back. I'm going to quilt it on the embroidery machine I bought last year. It has a larger hoop. I haven't used it for quilting yet, I'm looking forward to trying it out.

          Not much else planned for today, just laundry, reading, and maybe a movie tonight.

          Today I am grateful for all the healthcare workers who work so hard to take good care of the rest of us.

          Have a wonderful day!


            Barb ~ Those are big hail stones! We've had them that big in Colorado. Years ago when the kids still were at home, we had roof damage from hen's eggs sized hail. I saved some in the freezer to prove to the ins. adjuster just how big the hail was. The first agent turned us down, so I asked for a re-eval. We got a new roof. I think the Front Range area is hail stone alley. It can be very bad sometimes.

            Yeast ~ I decided to buy a 1 lb. pkg. from Amazon. It's more than I need, but the smaller sizes seem to be scarce. Thanks to those who offered to send me some.

            The beans are simmering on the stove. They take 2 hrs. to cook. We stir the pot every 30 min. I just put a 2nd load of laundry in the dryer. The sun has popped out & it's in the 50's. It's good to see the sun.


              Good afternoon to all!

              Finally taking a break from the day. The outside painting is finished and clean-up is done. I'm eating either a late lunch or early dinner. Skipped breakfast and by-passed hungry already as there was just no stopping the painting project.

              Time to stitch something!