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Thank you for Friday

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    Thank you for Friday

    Good morning friends. Things are still all good here. The morning was quieter at work but got busier throughout the day. There are still a lot of parcels going out.

    For the next two weeks I will be working at another post office. My delivery person called last night and she seemed pleased that I would be working with her. We get along well together. I will meet her in the morning so she can let me in as I won't have keys until I do so. I don't know what the state of the po will be as the person who has been there these last few days doesn't have a lot of experience. I did get out at lunch for a few groceries. Hubby took our friend Doug out for some groceries yesterday as well. So he is okay for a while.

    Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet or hail, shall keep me from delivering the mail.

    There is nothing to report about Maizyn's sister. Maizyn continues to visit with her Dad.

    I will be glad to have a few days to myself this weekend. I think hubby and I are going to go for a drive tomorrow.

    Have a great Friday and weekend friends. Stay safe and healthy.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning! I went out yesterday in a mad dash to deliver tax info to our accountant and get groceries. In less than 2 hrs, the taxes were filed, groceries were bought and I was back home. Whew! I'm a people person and usually like to be out and about, but I just wanted to get home asap. I mowed our lawn yesterday afternoon and ran the roller over it to try to smooth down the mole runs....I hate those critters. If anyone has a sure way to get rid of them, I'd like to know it.
    No definite plans for today. I need to do some serious cleaning in the sewing room...maybe, maybe not. Stay safe everyone!
    *~* Myrna *~*
    *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


    • Granny Fran
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      If you can control the grubs in the ground, the moles will leave. Worked for us years ago.

    • MRoy
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      Yes, I have a sprayer on the 4-wheeler. Need to find a good spray for grubs.

    • 201 Treadler
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      this may interest regarding moles, the bonus are the flowers :-)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ Yesterday's shopping was interesting. Due to the stay-at-home order, fewer people were out & traffic was less. My first stop was Target. I was able to get 1 pkg. of TP, but it was high on a top shelf, so I had to get help from an assoc. to reach it. Both checkers were wearing masks & gloves. At Safeway I also got a few things. The delis are closed. The branch bank at Safe. was closed, so I had to go down town to the main bank drive-through. Chipotle's was open for take out, so I got a chicken bowl. It makes 3 meals for me.

    My order from Jordan's Fabrics came yest. It was the 2 charm packs of Grunge, Matt's hand-cut squares, that recently were on special. They will make great blenders. It was neatly packaged, and...there was a receipt of the order enclosed. That was nice. M* no longer sends out even a post card, just a business card now.

    I got an e-m from our lawn service. Due to the stay-at-home order, they are closing for 2 wks., so my spring clean-up scheduled for next week is on hold.


    • KPH
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      I've found Quilted Twins have lots of nice blenders. Right now the store is closed, but they're still doing their online business. I get their email every day, and buy package deals, and panels from them quite often.

    Good morning all,

    Today I'm grateful for good weather. It's a sunny day. Snow will melt. Yeah.

    Yesterdday, We stayed in, no walks. I paid bills, checked Facebook (haven't gone on for weeks). I spoke to my mom., she's been having hip/knee pain but otherwise just bored. Spoke to GF to walk her through steps to make fitted cushions for her daughter. I miss our weekly chats over coffee & shopping We also spoke to DH's niece in KS. My father-in-law is being heavily sedated for pain, and they do not give him very long. We discussed that when he passes, it will a small gathering with military honours. Nephew will film. We will have a memorial and celebration of life later when safe to fly and virus is eradicated.

    Today, going for a walk and hope to get some sewing done. No real plans as of this time.

    Have a good day. Thanks to all those working on front lines. Stay safe. Be kind. Hugs to those in need.


    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


      Today is my birthday. Hubs made an early run to our favorite bakery and got me a Bailey's Irish Cream zeppole which will serve as a birthday cake. It's going to be in the 60's and sunny so I'll be outside in the garden; a perfect day in my book. Daffodils are blooming and the flower beds need sprucing up. Maybe a hike at the monastery this afternoon.
      Work on the pinwheels quilt continues. I've been praying for all our health care workers and first responders. Have a peaceful day.

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      to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world...


      • CraftyJnet
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        Happy Birthday!!!

      • JCY
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        Happy Birthday & many more!

      • MSN
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        Hope your birthday was fabulous. That dessert sounds amazing!

      Good morning!

      Thankful for Friday too. I'll make breakfast for DH soon and then figure out the rest of the day. Finally stitching the binding onto placemats. They are just scrap fabric but will work fine.

      Thinking of inviting DD and GSon over later for a pool and pizza picnic. We don't have a pool but a 5 gallon buckets and sprinklers works for DGSon! It will keep him entertained and give DD a little time out break in her day. I can put a quilt down in the driveway (clean driveway LOL) and call it a picnic.


        Hi all. The sun is shining a bit now and we took a nice long walk after breakfast. My sis and I had a good long chat too just to catch up on things. Not that much is new but we talked about what we have been doing to heep sane and calm and exchange ideas about what we have been planning for our gardens, etc.

        Today I am grateful for nice weather. We are going to do a bit of work outside in the yards in a few minutes. We were originally going to work on figuring out what is going on with my Pfaff. She started acting up yesterday . But I decided that I didn't want to waste the good weather inside possibly just getting frustrated.

        Have a good Friday everyone. Keep safe and healthy.
        Ginny B


          Good Morning All,

          Late starting, had my appt with my mobility instructor over the phone. I'm to download skype so we can do some training outside. We'll see how that goes. I was on the phone with her for over an hour. She's having to meet with all of her clients this way.

          Jim called shortly after she hung up, so my ear is flat! He was telling me about his job search meeting, the kids, the guilt trip Nandy is laying on Morgan for not bringing the kids over. I have a feeling, sparks are going to fly before too long. Jim won't put up with him using the kids to guilt Morgan into bringing them over when she has a high risk job. They're both mid 70s, they don't need the grief of this virus! They just miss the kids so much, since they've basically been their day care since Jonathan was born.

          Once Jim was off the phone, Mike started texting. Office Max/Depot is changing their hours. Starting ? they'll open at 9, Sunday hours won't change. I'm not sure about closing times. We'll see what happens to Mike's schedule, since he's usually there by 7:30. After that exchange, and the question that Jim had was asked and he's taking that issue up with Jim (or Dumbo as he called himself... big ears). Jim's wanting some kind of earphone with mike set up. Earphones that cover the ears mash his ears and hurt after a short time. So he's looking for something else while he's teaching from home. I'm out of that loop now.

          By then it was 11, and I finally got to my bath and getting dressed. Mercy, the day's half over! While I was on the phone with Jim, I started folding left over batting, and scrap fabric. I made a little progress in my sewing room. I think I'm going to set a timer and go in for little bits of time, and just take care of one area at a time. Looking at the whole it's over whelming. I've been going strong since the first of the year, and starting something new before cleaning up the previous project. I know better, but I just haven't been doing better. Time to get back in the clean as you go habit again.

          Yesterday, Mike and I had a crock pot meal, potatoes and carrots went into the bottom, green beans on top of that, then smoked sausage. I tried a new brand, I won't be buying that again, it had a lot of red pepper flakes. I froze one container that we can pull out later, and one for lunch Saturday or Sunday. We need to finish the chicken salad today.

          Time to get busy, Mike will be home before I know it. Have a great day.
          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


            Good afternoon!

            It is a little cooler today, but the sun came out. High in the 50's. We may see 60+ tomorrow.

            My afternoon meetings were canceled. That leaves me with a lot of extra time and not much to fill it. I've had technology issues all day -- I've been kicked out the network, then I couldn't get some software to work for a virtual meeting. We postponed it until Monday.

            Mom's facility called while I was on the phone with my boss this morning. The one gal is using her phone for FaceTime calls between residents and their families. They wanted to know if we were interested. We hope to have something set up soon. My sister is going into withdrawal not seeing Mom! In other Mom news, she made a friend! She is hanging out with a new resident. Neither one of them can hear well, but they sit in the new resident's room (she has a sofa), watch TV, and complain about how bored they are. 😃 I'm so glad she has some company!

            Enjoy the rest of your day!


              Good afternoon all,

              I actually got in the sewing room yesterday!! Yay!! I've not spent any time in there since the beginning of February. Darn kitchen redo has been taking up all my time. I worked on a set of Christmas placemats that I had started last Dec., but ran out of time to finish. DH and DS have been working on the new countertops, so my painting of the lower cabinets is on hold until they're done. DH says they will finish up this weekend, and the plumber will be here Monday to install the new faucet. DS didn't want to tackle the faucet since it's one of those motion detector ones. It will be interesting to use.

              I've decided to stay away from work (across the border in ND) for a while. I've been working only 1 day a week lately, so I don't think they'll miss me. The manager was so very understanding. With my age (I guess I'm "elderly"), and having diabetes, I didn't want to take the risk. Also, DH is older than I, and he's a smoker, so I don't want to bring anything home to him.

              MN has a "stay at home order" as of midnight tonight. Good thing I have more fabric stashed away than I can use in this lifetime. (But I'll sure try!) DH will continue to go to work since we own a newspaper, and news media is considered essential.

              We're finally going to get some temps in the 40's during the next 10 days. I hope to get outdoors for some walks in the coming days. I hope you are all doing well, staying home and being creative.


              • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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                Wise decision to stay away from work. Physical distancing from people is a good defence, especially for at risk people.
                I chuckled when I hear that you are putting in motion sensor faucet. My daughter and many friends have them. They call them the ghosts. Every so often they just turn on for no reason. Make sure you never leave plug in sink, and especially if you have cats.

              Originally posted by chelea View Post
              Today is my birthday. Hubs made an early run to our favorite bakery and got me a Bailey's Irish Cream zeppole which will serve as a birthday cake. It's going to be in the 60's and sunny so I'll be outside in the garden; a perfect day in my book. Daffodils are blooming and the flower beds need sprucing up. Maybe a hike at the monastery this afternoon.
              Work on the pinwheels quilt continues. I've been praying for all our health care workers and first responders. Have a peaceful day.
              Happy Birthday to you, Michele! Enjoy your special day and the warm weather.
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              Scottie Mom Barb


                I feel better today because I go some good sleep last night and Jeff let me sleep late.

                Jeff drove me to the hospital in Houston (Missouri) and I turned in the rest of the fabric face masks I made. I made 125 masks total and gave a few to people I know who need them and would never be able to get one. This big drop off wouldn't have been possible except for Marcia (MHG Winnower) who generously shared her elastic with me. Forum friends are the BEST!

                We had a beautiful warm day yesterday but its gloomy today though it's not cold. Jeff is working on the floorboards of our big trailer today.

                Myrna, glad you got your errands done. I feel like mine are done now, too.

                Stay safe and healthy everyone.

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                Scottie Mom Barb


                  Hello friends,
                  We have had another sunny day, so been opening curtains allowing the solar heat to come in, perhaps did a bit of sun worshipping too while inside today, we have a cooling breeze. both boys have been enjoying the sun too. Saw a butterfly flutter past swooping and landing bathing in the sunshine.
                  Was sewing masks yesterday, cut with the 1.5 inch strippers die 36 wof, joined strips together then popped through a binder tool to iron, folded over binding sewn with one line of stitches to make ties.
                  been cutting strips of fabric to the depth then do a rolled hem on top edges of the strips of fabric, cutting one strip into rectangles lay on good side to good side on other uncut strip, sew round leaving a gap on rolled hem side, turned out press create tucks press sew then finally add the ties, tuck ends in pocket. will keep making till run out of fabric.
                  had to learn how to use the presser foot to do rolled hems, am sure the users will not mind slightly wonky seaming, but its great practice 😁
                  watched the bbc news, then watched sky news with the gentleman speaking in a large room about the latest USA figures,
                  its very scary to learn there have been 91026 people in USA as of 9 am this morning, please stay home folks, kinda like you all being around 😊.

                  Watched knight rider it is great all these 80's shows being repeated, wonder if kit spurred on the technology for the sat nav, alternative fuelled cars, computer driven cars, am not sure if want the leaping ability just yet, lol. now wonder if can get a red strobe light for the bicycle😂
                  have fun in what ever you do today,
                  just doing one thing, makes the day count, that include just making a cuppa!


                    I'm happy to be healthy. It's been ten days since I was on an airplane, and most cases manifest within seven days, so I'm feeling pretty hopeful.

                    Due to the strict measures by the California governor, both we and our buyers have grown worried that the entire world of real estate will shut down. So by mutual agreement, we are closing escrow on Tuesday and DH & I will rent back from them through the middle of April. We are packing furiously!

                    It turns out that all Goodwill donation centers—and any similar centers—have been deemed non-essential and are shut down. We are moving into a home 1/3 the size of our current home, so we have a lot of furniture we had hoped to donate away. We contacted a junk hauler with whom we've worked before who also refurbishes and recycles. He let us know that he can haul our goods to the dump, but he can no longer refurbish and recycle. It is really hard to think about our furniture just getting thrown away, but such are the times in which we live.

                    It sounds like everyone on the forum remains healthy. I'm glad to see this. Blessings to you all!
                    Toni ... If I keep sewing long enough, will they make their own dinner?


                    • Claire Hallman
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                      Our neighborhood has a facebook group and pieces of furniture are often offered for free pick up. I think things rarely last long without a taker.

                    • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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                      Our neighbourhood also has FaceBoook Buy Nothing group, but due to the virus, they are not recommending giving/taking things, just offers of service.

                    • GuitarGramma
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                      Thank you for the Craigslist and Facebook ideas. We had planned to have a one-day garage sale, but that's not allowed in these days of shelter in place. We hesitate to advertise an "It's All Free / Come and Get It" event for fear that the authorities will show up and charge every taker with a misdemeanor. I've already heard of a local who was cited for going fishing. That's wrong on so many levels! He was practicing social distancing AND obtaining food. These are scary times.

                      I do have good news, however. Our wonderful neighbors contacted a friend of theirs who owns a huge trailer. Their friend is offering to load all our "donatables" onto his trailer and then take them Goodwill on our behalf once the quarantine is lifted. We have wonderful neighbors! I'm really going to hate leaving them.