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Thursday has come!!

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    Thursday has come!!

    Good morning everyone. All still good here on the home front. Work continues to be busy. I can't wait for the week to be over. My feet are killing me so I will try another pair of shoes today.

    I haven't heard any more about Maizyn's sister. Saturday promises to be a beautiful day so I think hubby and I will take a drive to nowhere, lol, and get out for a bit. He hasn't been out in almost 2 weeks. I appreciate all the prayers coming our way.

    Not much else to say except stay away, stay safe and stay healthy.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning! I have to go out today, although I really don't want to. Our tax person called yesterday saying she may have to close her office to traffic due to the governor's latest order and asking if we could drop off our info today. I got everything ready last week, so I'll take it in today then go flying through the grocery picking up needed items. This afternoon, I'll be isolating myself on the lawnmower for awhile. It's time to start cutting grass here.
    Everyone be careful and try to stay safe!
    *~* Myrna *~*
    *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


      Good morning. It's a brighter day here this morning but chilly. There is frost on our cars. But no matter. We aren't going anywhere yet this morning. I think we might get out and take a ride later today.

      While the weather forecast is brighter today, not so with the covid 19 forecast. The numbers are still going up. Last I heard we had close to 5,000 out here on Long Island. So the curve isn't flattening just yet. We'll get there.

      I chatted with my bff in California yesterday. It was nice to talk about quilting and sewing projects for a while.

      Monique, glad you and hubby are still well. Myrna, hurry back home to your lawnmower.

      Today I am grateful for the sun shining a bit more brightly this morning. It definitely helps get my day off to a more positive start.

      Have a good Thursday all. Stay home, stay healthy.
      Ginny B


        Good morning!

        Yay for Thursday which has been my Friday (start of the weekend) for a while. A limited work schedule makes every day like a Friday lately. It's cloudy here so maybe the painting will be finished today. It was in the 90's yesterday and just too hot.

        Our LQS is open today for a few hours for curb-side shopping or machine drop off. I don't need any supplies so no visit today. That must be another reason as to why we build a stash. I was surprised to find the same batik fabrics used in a vendor's dinosaur quilt. The fabrics add the perfect dimension to the embroidery designs so I'll follow along on a similar style.

        Hope your day is filled with sunshine and stitches!


          Good Morning, Everyone ~ Yest. we had sun & a balmy 74 deg., but it was quite windy in the afternoon. I thought about going out to trim up a few perennials, but... no, it was very windy, & I didn't want to aggravate my hip pain, so I stayed inside. I need to cut back the clematis & a few things. Our lawn service will be doing a spring clean-up next week.

          I was just reading an article from the Wash. Post that hospitals are considering having a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) policy for C-19 patients, because it would put their staff at risk. Not enough protective equipment, etc. There could be some tough choices ahead.

          I need to go out today to the bank & groc. store. I'm still looking for T.P. & yeast. I was thinking yest., that if I run out of yeast, I could go back to using sourdough starter. Years ago I did a lot baking with sourdough. I made my own starter.

          I hope I find time soon to do some piecing & FMQ. I miss it. Too many other things going on. I still didn't get signed up for Zoom. I need to watch those tutorials on YT.


            Good morning!

            It is another bright, sunny day here. Temps will be in the low 60's. I think I'm going to take a walking break at lunchtime...while practicing social distancing, of course!

            I thought I had a meeting this morning, but when I checked my calendar, the meeting is tomorrow. I need to browse the online trainings and see if there is something I can take. It's hard to stay occupied for the whole day when there isn't a lot of work coming in.

            Today I am grateful for the staff at Mom's memory care facility. Sending prayers the staff stay healthy and the facility virus-free.

            Have a wonderful day!



              Good Morning...After a relatively sleepless night I feel sluggish. I hope my cup of tea perks me up a little.

              I'm still making masks and will take a batch to the hospital tomorrow. It looks like financial help is on the way and hopefully soon

              It's supposed to warm up today and if it does I want to sit in the sun for a bit.

              Whatever you do, keep away from others as much as possible, wear gloves and wash your hands as often as possible.

              Love & Hugs....

              Scottie Mom Barb


                Good morning everyone,

                It continues to be quiet here. The county I live in is literally surrounded by counties with the virus. It can't be more than a couple of days before we have our first positive case. We're rural and people travel long distances to get things done. The population is mostly elderly, with two nursing homes in town as well as private care homes scattered around the area. Hubby and I have been self isolating for a while. Our daughter who works in Illinois and lives right across the river in Missouri has decided that when she gets leave she will not come home. She has been categorized as essential and must keep working and therefore potentially exposed.

                Yesterday I worked on some quilt blocks and decided that I needed chocolate. I checked recipes and I had everything I needed to make home made brownies. They taste so good and go so well with a cup of coffee. Hubby is on a diet and won't eat them, so I think I'll try to freeze them in baggies so whenever the next chocolate attack occurs, I'll have them.

                It's very overcast and cloudy this morning, but supposed to get warmer and brighter later. I so need a couple days of least it's bright enough to sit at the machine and sew by natural light. Bye bye for now.


                  Good Morning All,

                  The plan to go to the vet this morning got put on hold. I just need to pick up the heart worm and flea meds for Gabby. I'll call later. Nana brought the meds that they'd bought for Dandy. it's a different brand but the shelter wouldn't take them when they returned the dog after she snapped and broke the skin on Zeke's face. Anyway, I'm going to see if I can just use that instead, since the meds the vet gave Gabby upset her tummy for a few days.

                  I started cleaning in my sewing room. That didn't last long. I started in one corner and found some blocks that I'd sewn together. I stopped cleaning and started fiddling with that. You guessed it, I started something else. Sigh. Mercy at this rate, I'll never get this room done! What's worse, I don't really care! I'm really lacking the motivation to clean anything.

                  This was supposed to be Mike's day off. They called him in, an extra 4 hours. He wasn't too happy, but kind of was happy. He just bought a laptop so the extra money will replenish his savings account. Office Max/Depot is still really busy as more and more folks are setting up home offices. His next day off is Monday, so mornings are going to be pretty quiet around here until then.

                  I have a feeling once this passes, nobody is going to be staying at home for any length of time. I know I'm getting stir crazy.

                  The local news had one man on that has the virus. His descriptions of how resting almost was like being on a drug high, but it wasn't good because it limited your lung capacity. His advice, no matter how rotten you feel keep moving stay up. Move around because when you lay down to rest, it really messes you up and you don't want to get back up, but you have to you have to keep moving.

                  Time to start something... probably not cleaning my sewing room. I think I'll finish what I started yesterday. Mike won't be back until around 2. Plan is to have left overs for lunch, and then Green Beans, potatoes and smoked sausage for dinner, crock pot meal. There's chicken salad in the refrigerator.. Discovery last night, I had some Lighthouse coleslaw dressing that needed to be used. I used that for my dressing for the chicken salad instead of mixing mayo and seasonings. It was really good! Even better since, we don't eat coleslaw that often and it would have gone to waste.

                  Okay, I'm rambling, time to get busy. Have a great day. Stay well, my friends.

                  “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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                    That was an interesting comment from the infected gentleman about moving. I hadn't thought of that.

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                    There was a first hand account of a CO man who survived the virus. He described the terrible pressure he felt in his lungs. Maybe it would help to sleep propped up on pillows or in a recliner. He complained of pain in his back & kidneys, had the sore throat, cough, fever, etc. and said it seems to ebb & flow -- felt better one day & worse the next.

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                    The gentleman's comment about keep moving would help to lower the risk of the chance of pneumonia. Pneumonia is just one of the reasons why the hospitals want patients up moving around as soon as possible. Another is the chance of blood clots.

                  Yesterday the MN governor put the state of Minnesota on a "stay at home" order. Like CO, we can leave home for necessities. Schools were closed through this Friday, but now will be closed until May 4. Starting this coming Monday, there is supposed to be some sort of online curriculum following the Dept. of Education guidelines. Not sure what happens if someone doesn't have a computer at home. is offering free kids' books....I think it's until June. My DIL said DGD found a book on the site and just fell in love with it. It's something to break up the day.

                  Work continues on the kitchen redo. DH and DS started to install countertops yesterday, but ran into some hiccups. We had to have the plumber make a quick stop to install 2 new shutoff valves under the sink. The sink has been there for 45 years, and the valves had corroded. Maybe today the guys will be able to continue with the countertops and get the new sink installed.Right now I can hardly walk anywhere because there's so much stuff from the kitchen cabinets sitting all over. I finished the uppers, but except for the doors, I'll wait until they're finished with countertops to paint the lowers. There was lots of "cowboy" language flying around yesterday, so I think I'll migrate up to the sewing room today while the guys are working.

                  Stay safe everyone.


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                    The school districts here are providing Chrome Books or tablets, etc. to kids/families who don't have a computer at home. On line schooling starts on Mar. 30.

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                    Jim has finished his first week of online teaching. He said he was tireder than driving and doing class in person. It's a lot harder for his introverted middle schoolers to have discussions or be responsive online. Hopefully, the shyness will wear off soon. Not sure how he's going to deal with the kids at home next week and Morgan going back to work. I guess they'll be figuring out my duties. Is it horrible to say, I've enjoyed my elongated spring break?

                  Good morning everyone,

                  Its a dull day and we will see some light rain. This will help melt the snow. I am looking forward to seeing some grass and getting my hands in the dirt in backyard.

                  Today I am grateful that my family have hunkered down and staying safe. In these difficult times, there is a silver lining. Parents get to spend quality time with their kids.

                  Yesterday, DH & I did extensive housecleaning. Also designate 1 day/wk to declutter one area of home. DH have discussed & prioritized wish list for household renovations. So while businesses are closed, I will email a few to obtain estimates to replace the side fence, update master bathroom and powder room.

                  We discussed a sensitive issue to sell catamaran. We have not used in 3years. We pay club storage & membership fees. Also a good portion of our garage has extra sails and gear. We have not been going to the club much in past years as our bodies have not favoured sailing & volunteer activity as race officers. DH agreed that we would get this going once the club re-opens. I know this has been touchy issue, but he realizes he can't do it all. His son is unlikely to take up hobby with 3 small kids. He enjoys the gliding club and this is where we will focus energy. It's a big relief.

                  I haven't been able to reach mom, so called out to nurse. They were to connect us, but this hasn't happened. It's not good news coming for DH's dad in KS. He is on last leg of life journey. It's difficult not knowing. We will have to postpone any in-person service and memorial.

                  Mom's cousin 90 received the quilt I sent by mail. Dropped off at 3:30 on Tuesday, they received 10am next day. She was surprised, so grateful and appreciative and lifted their spirits! I sent a microwave bowl.
                  Monique, kudos for your service to Canada Post. I plan on sending personal notes to friends and family.

                  Please take care and listen to mandatory lock-down and isolation. This is a time to be ingenious with things we use and need, and evaluate against high risk. STOP, THINK. Going out is not worth the risk of infecting a vulnerable family member at home.

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                  Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                  Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.