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    It's Wednesday

    Good morning friends. What a difference a day makes. The day yesterday was not as hectic but still busy. I will be working the next two weeks at another po that was shut down for 2 days because they are short staffed.

    I heard from Phil last night that Maizyn's sister may have the virus. She was taken to emerg and she is a probable cause. They were to send an ambulance to Phil's to test Maizyn. I haven't heard any more.

    I have had no direct contact with Sadie or her mother so I am fine. I just spoke with my boss and she is okay with me going to work.

    I did not sleep well last night at all and I was in kind of panic mode but feel much better after talking with my boss.

    I will keep you posted when I get more information.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good Morning MoniIque and those who follow,

    What news to get! The good thing is kids seem to bounce back easier from this virus.

    Yesterday, I worked with fleece instead of cleaning up my sewing room. It was probably the best idea to get this project knocked out first. At least it wasn't clean before I played with the lint mega producer!

    I didn't sleep well last night. I watched a remembrance video of a youtuber that passed away from cancer last week. He left a wife and two children under 4. It played on my mind and every time I woke, I said another prayer for her and her new journey. I am thankful that they moved closer to his family and they'll be there to support her during this transition.

    Today's plan... not sure. I think I'll be tackling one room a day. The sewing room needs the most work, it will probably take two days, because I know I won't stick with it until it's done. Lots of decisions about projects and getting what I have pulled out organized into specific projects. I'm really taking advantage of this time without kiddos to work on SS projects, and Christmas presents for family. My cedar chest didn't stay unstacked long.

    Mike's laptop will arrive today. I hope it comes after he gets back from work. I know he'll be excited to work on it this afternoon.

    The chicken from Bono's is going to get deboned and used in chicken salad today. It's supposed to be in the 90s, and humid. Hopefully, the breeze will keep the air moving so it won't be too bad.

    Time to get started! Have a great day!
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


      Good Morning, Everyone ~ We had a beautiful day yest. High temp. was 73 deg. Katrina ~ I'm certainly glad we aren't having 90's! That seems like it's too hot too soon.

      Monique ~ Sorry to hear about Maizyn's sister testing (+). I hope the family will be well.

      Today I want to do some sewing & also watch more of the how-to videos on YT to learn how to use Zoom. In this time of having to stay at home, many are using it. DS#1 called yest. afternoon. He said Zoom is "easy to use". We'll see. We had a long chat. He's working from home most days. He called after he was done with working & while he was taking a walk in the neighborhood. They're doing ok. Their planned trip to the Netherlands this spring is canceled. My DIL's niece was planning to get married. Now the wedding is postponed till Sept. Holland has really cracked down due to C-19. He said they've closed their borders. No social gatherings of >3 people (not 10 like here). Her bro's planned trip to the US for late July into early Aug. may not happen.


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        Joy, I had to set up something that sounds similar to Zoom to have a virtual doctor's appointment the other day. I had to change my browser settings to allow camera, microphone and pop-ups for that particular website. Then I had to re-start my computer.

      Joy, I used Zoom for the first time last weekend. I got really frustrated trying to set up an account and join a test meeting. However, when my friend sent me an email invitation to join her meeting, all I had to do was click on the link and I was taken right to the meeting. It really was easy to use.


        Good morning!

        It is a sunny day today, with a predicted high in the low-50's.

        I'm going to run up to the grocery store in a little bit to buy some greens for the bunny. Her appetite has returned with a vengeance! That's a good thing. She wanted to play this morning.

        Monique: Sorry to hear about Maizyn's sister. That must be very scary for you!

        Not much else going on here. Work is very slow. One of my afternoon meetings was moved to the mornings to better balance the day. I decided to start cleaning during lulls in my house should be spotless when we go back to work May 1.

        Have a wonderful day!


          Good morning everyone. I've been blessed to be able to continue my work at home. This morning, I had a virtual doctor appointment with my neurologist using the Zoom app. Went well. I wonder how I'll be billed for that one! Monique, sure pray Maizyn and her sister are ok. Sure is crazy times isn't it?
          I am Sew Blessed!


            Good morning everyone . . . I used Zoom just last night for a meeting. I am a board member for my quilt guild and they had an emergency meeting last night. Well . . . . . First of all, I did not find out about the meeting until about 15 minutes before it was scheduled to start. I called the lady who had set it up and she walked me through getting it set up on my computer. She said to click on the blue number in about 10 minutes. That was the easy part!!! So at 5:59 p.m., I clicked on the blue number and I was into the meeting. I could see everybody but could not hear anyone talking. I used the volume button on the keypad to make sure the volume was turned up. It was but I still could not hear anything.:30They told me to try on my phone --- they used the chat feature. So I switched to my phone. That didn't work because it said I needed to download the Zoom app. When I tried that I needed the password for the account linked to the iStore, but it has been years since I used it that I couldn't remember the password. So, I called my daughter and she and her husband tried to figure out how to get the volume up on the computer but he said I probably needed to use Google Chrome instead of Safari. By this time, I had changed to my iPad but still couldn't remember the password to download Zoom. I called my son in San Diego but he didn't answer. I went back to the iPad and, all of a sudden, I remembered that my husband had changed the password for that yahoo account (that is a whole other story). I tried it and --- WOW, Zoom loaded, I figured out how to get into the meeting and "Hey, I'm in!!!" I had missed about 45 minutes of the meeting and it ended about 15 minutes later. Oh well, next time will be better . . . hopefully!!!

            Yesterday, I worked on organizing my new sewing room. I think I can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel. I am trying to figure out how I want to face the table my embroidery/sewing machine sits on. Right now it is parallel to the long wall (I face the wall) but I am thinking I might like it perpendicular to that wall or maybe keep it parallel to the long wall, but move it out from the wall so I would have my back to the long wall. The downside of that is that the table would be partially in front of the window. I was awake at 5:30 this morning and could not get back to sleep so I just laid there for awhile thinking how each of these scenarios would work in the room.

            So that will be my day today --- trying to finish organizing that room. The good thing here is there are no more boxes left to open up in that room!!!!

            Have a good day and stay safe and healthy!!!



              Good morning everyone,

              Monique- I hope that Maizin's will be ok and that she is able to isolate the kids on the home.

              I am am grateful that we have access to telecommunications, social media, so that we can continue to stay in touch with our loved one.

              DH was up middle of night again, which wakes me up and not great sleep Fr either of us. He's still sleeping, and will probably have a nap again. This is a difficult cycle to break. I think this pandemic is stressing him more than he realizes. He spends more time on computer. I think I will have to become enforcer. No more than 1 hr in morning and afternoon, and not at all in evening.

              Yesterday, we ventured out to LQS to pick up seam rippers and Thermore batting. They will be closed as they are non-essential. Also went to grocery/post office to pick up prepaid box. 10 days ago, I tried to drop off a quilt at mom's cousin résidence. They would not accept any package at the door, but still delivering mail to residents. I was furious as I believe sending by mail, a lot more individuals will be touching box. I sent it $30+. But I think this will bring her joy. She was 90 in December and their 65 yr old son has been undergoing brain cancer treatment & therapy. They have not been able to see him in hospital now for over 2 weeks. I had made a VQC quilt for him, and when she visited him, they would wrap each other in quilt. I cannot imagine visiting a loved one in hospital. In afternoon, we got a call to return car rental, or we could do next week at a further location. Since his car won't be fully repaired until next Monday, not a problem. We aren't going out much.

              Today, I need to kick butt and do housecleaning. I need to get under the fridge to remove cat hairs/dust. Fridge has been making noise and this is my reminder. I don't want to be shopping for a new fridge at this time. My GF will drop off batting and backing for VQC tops recently made. She is going toeart institute to pick her DH 3 month supply of anti-rejection drugs. He was anxious, that she would not be able to get. They have a process in place for pick ups.

              i feel that the past few weeks are but a teasing and preparation of a much longer isolating-quarantine period, into the summer months. In the meantime be careful and listen to health officials. I was sad to hear about a Texas couple who tried some of these 'untested' ingredients/medicine to cure. Husband died, woman seriously ill. Prince Charles has now tested positive for virus. Prayers for all who are battling this.

              Take ke care and stay safe.

              Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

              Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                Wow, you guys are all so busy. Our county has gone on lockdown and told us to stay on our own property unless its an emergency. We have zero cases here and I guess they want to keep it that way. They have told us not to use our computers more than 15 minutes at a time and no streaming . The kids need it for their school work so all "fun " stuff should be limited. We have satalite tv so thats our entertainment for now.
                Going to try packing some more today. I still feel up in the air about moving right now.
                Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


                  Hi & good morning!

                  Being lazy with my second cup of coffee this morning. There is still one window trim to paint. Hopefully, I can cross that one off the list today. The pantry is calling for a total reorganizing soon. Extra food plus a food processor, crock pot, etc have filled every inch.

                  I'll check on DD and GS later today to make sure they have any supplies they need or if the M&M's need replenishing. They are her favorite pleasure for sanity moments. LOL!

                  Beth, Congrats on your sewing room progress!

                  Monique, Prayers and best wishes for your GD.


                    Good morning. We had sun yesterday and clouds today. Being outside makes the day go faster. My DH cont to see patients via telemedicine. I asked him how much is the hospital charging for this type of visit. He had no idea. I am curious how much it costs. All doctors have to wear masks when they are in the hospital now.
                    I have been cont to sew my blocks for my horse quilt. I am half way done. We decided not to have our house cleaner come for a few weeks. So I am trying to do a little cleaning every few days.

                    Stat well and have a good day
                    Beth S


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                      Have also done without regular cleaning lady. We both tackle together, like we used to.

                    Morning all,

                    ​​​​​Today I am thankful for a surprise phone call from my dear friend Bubby, what a wonderful way to start the day in spite of all that's going on in the world.

                    Doesn't look like the sun is going to show it's face, but one can hope.

                    Monique, hoping Maizyn stays well and shows no symptoms.

                    Will go up to the sewing room in a bit just a few more chores to be finished. Itching to start a new project but trying to be disciplined and stay on track with what I've got started before they end up a UFO in the ever growing pile.

                    Wishing everyone a good day, and good health, stay safe.
                    If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

                    Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes!
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                      Good afternoon all. It's a grey day today. I guess we will be getting rain later. We took our walk after breakfast this morning so we wouldn't get rained on later. I've been doing laundry today and getting a couple boxes ready to mail to out of town sons. I had a nice long conversation with Tim last night (he's my youngest). He and his gf, Carrie, are doing fine. They are both out of work for now. I had sent Carrie a book and a FSL bookmark for Christmas. She loved the bookmark and since she is an avid reader who sometimes has a couple of books she is reading at the same time, she was wondering if I had anymore. I do have a few, so I am popping them in the mail today.

                      Monique, so sorry to hear about Maizyn's sister. Prayers that all in the rest of the family stay healthy.

                      Today I am grateful for the forsythia bushes and spring bulbs that are blooming. They make me smile and remind me that there is color and happiness after grey and gloomy times.

                      Back to the laundry. Stay home and stay well everyone.
                      Ginny B



                        Hi friends,
                        Well today started too early, the walls were vibrating with a noise, this stated mischief off in panic mode and sir had his issues.
                        We opened curtains early, this led to the sun warming us up nicely from 15 to 20, as the sun has gone round the rooms have been cooling,
                        we have just been existing today, too early a start.
                        we did a online grocery shop 4 weeks ago, today was the day.
                        last night tried to add 1 more item but the system would not work, eventually did get in to see the order, and looking at it, less then half would be delivered, it was what it was and looking at the lack of booking slots this probably will be the last grocery's for a while, we can survive.

                        So we made sure we had a table near the door for the crate to be placed, this would of worked if the gentleman stopped close to gate, as it was his brakes worked further away, the gentleman off loaded the bags from the crates further away, himself spoke 2 metres apart from the gent, once empty the gentleman tootled off on his way and himself carried the bags in home, he washed hands, we have some super reusable bags now 😀 when this immediate threat is over will hand them back, to be reused, nearly all but 6 items ordered were delivered, even the items saw were not in stock last night on the system, We are so grateful for all the behind the scene efforts.
                        To make everything last longer we decant into lock & lock containers, its amazing how much this makes a difference for us.
                        Am thankful the cat food was delivered, hungry cats lead to sleepless nights if no food, am not keen when vet say stop feeding at tea time so can clean teeth next day, the purrs are a tag team when they think we forgotten to feed them, we arrive worried, and frazzled due to the lacking sleep. thankfully those teeth are OK at the moment.
                        fingers are crossed prays are being said that maizyn sister, family recovers.
                        Stay safe everyone.
                        Have a great day,


                          Just thought I would pop on here for a minute. It is still overcast, chilly and wet here. Yesterday there was sun but not today or Monday. I checked my pick-up order from the grocery store this morning to add a couple of things onto it. The total was around $106., but is now down to $46. That is an awful lot of items not available. And I didn't even have any toilet paper on the list.

                          Suzanne --- I heard that couple from Texas drank/took fish tank cleaner. The woman thought one of the ingredients was the one drug for malaria(?) --- not sure which disease but the drug starts with a "C". They did not take the drug itself.

                          Time to get back to work in my sewing room and see if I can get it finished. Take care, stay safe and healthy and stay home.