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    Hello Tuesday

    Good morning friends. Well I survived the day yesterday and BOY were we busy. The hours have been reduced one hour in the morning later and 1 earlier at closing. Works for me. I did not wear the gloves but washed my hands so much that they were raw by the time I got home. I used lotion but my hands were stinging. I think today I will try the gloves as my hands can't take all that washing. We are only 2 working this week and it was nuts. A lot of parcels came in and a lot went out as well. At the p.o. where I am supposed to work next week, the clerk refused to go to work. I have no idea if the post office even opened at all. I am not sure what is going to happen. For now we are an essential service I guess. People need to understand that if your letter is ready to mail with a stamp they should drop it in the night deposit slot. They are still coming to the counter. Ok rant over.

    Today is a new day with new challenges.

    Wishing each and every one of you a beautiful day no matter what you do with it. I sure wish I could be at home and sew.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning Monique. Yesterday was a busy one for me. I signed up for adoration from 5-6 on Monday mornings. Then came home for work at 6:30. I was so busy at work, it was 90 when I logged off last night. Needless to say, I slept very well. Home/onliNE school started yesterday for many of the schools around here. Another level of stress for those parents trying to manure working from home and helping kids with schoolwork. Take care everyone.


      Good Morning Everyone. I hope everyone is well and coping.

      We are supposed to get more rain today so Jeff will be housebound. I will continue making masks.

      Our prayers continue for our nation. Stay safe and stay at home.

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Morning all,
        it's early but it looks like the sun will be out today. I've been up a while now trying to get my grocery order at BJ's to go through. Keeps telling me to do it earlier in the day. Guess the system is backlogged(?) I've been trying since 6am. I don't feel comfortable going in the store so I thought I'd give this a try.

        Last night our Governor was on the news NY now has over 20,000 cases of the Covid19 virus. They are turning the Javit's Center into a makeshift hospital that will add another 1000 beds and looking to use the state college near me into one too using the college's sports complex. My county has over 1,000 cases.

        Yesterday I finally made it in the sewing room. I embroidered some more towels and it felt good to finally accomplish something. Now to finish up some UFO's that have been laying on the cutting for way too long.

        Well, time for coffee, and trying BJ's again, I have a feeling it will take more than one cup to tackle that! Wishing everyone a good day and for all to be safe.
        If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

        Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes![email protected]/


          Good morning everyone in the forum, we have some beautiful spring days with a wonderful sun, but we are still in strict quarentine so we only see the sun from the balcony of the house. We have been unable to leave for 12 days and we still have another 18 days left, so the forum and my UFOs make the day not too boring. In my country, all businesses are closed except for those related to health and food and I leave it to my husband to do shopping, carry the garbage and the recycling because the men seem to do worse than being at home, but as we all tell ourselves that we are going to beat this virus and life will be back to the way it was before, that is our hope. So I wish you all the best in these difficult days, ancouragement and hugs


            Good morning!

            We might see some sunshine later today. Temps look to be pretty steady in the upper 40's, low 50's this week.

            Mom is doing fine after her fall. That's all they say -- "She's fine. She's fine." I think the trick is to call at the right time of day. I haven't figured out when that is. It seems like I always call too early or after a shift change when the nurse says "I just got here."

            I don't mind working remotely, I did it a few years ago when I had to take intermittent FMLA to take care of Mom. I worked remote from Mom's house while I took care of her. The only downside this time is that there is less to do. I need to try to find some online trainings to help fill the work day. Yesterday afternoon was spent in online meetings. That gets a little tedious when they are one after the other. The one meeting ran over and into another one. I'm sure we'll get the hang of it soon.

            With a nod to Suzanne: today I am grateful for my co-workers, who continue to have a sense of humor while we navigate this new frontier.

            I think I'll grab a second cup of tea before logging on. Have a great day!


              Good Morning, Everyone ~ I was supposed to start physical therapy today on my L. hip, but they called yest. & have delayed my appts. until April because of the governor's directive to reduce business in the work place. 🙁 Not a happy camper about that. This week is our school system's spring break. Kids will start virtual classrooms next week. There are 45 cases of C-19 in our county.

              I finally made it to the sewing room yest. I finished hand sewing the hanging sleeve, then resumed FMQ on the baby quilt. Made good progress with that. I saw the CPA in the a.m. & left my tax info. Even though the gov't. has extended the deadline, she wants to get all the claims filed by April 15 if possible.

              We had 69 deg. yest. It's supposed to be in the 60's for 2 more days, then cooler again.

              I talked to my niece in TN last eve. She's out of work. She mentioned how rude some people have been in the stores, shoving other people's carts, etc. She ordered T.P. on line from Walmart. The closest available store that had it was almost an hour's drive away. When she got to the kiosk locker, she had to wait 40 min. for someone to bring her order. Customer service mentioned the employees had 800 orders to fill. I'm still not to the point where I want to order groc. on line. I prefer to pick out my items, esp. produce, myself. I'm venturing out early this a.m. for groc.--hopefully to beat the rush. It's been a week since I last shopped. I wonder if anyone will be wearing a mask?

              Monique ~ I know what you mean by sore hands from frequent washing. I dealt with that when I was working as a nurse. The soap they used in the hosp. dispensers was murder on my hands, so I carried a small bottle of Dove liquid in my pocket. I also carried a small bottle of hand lotion.

              Yest. we found a note on our front door from a newer neighbor giving us their phone no. & e-m & said to let them know if there was anything they could do for us. I thought that was such a nice offer. They seem like really nice people.

              Barb ~ Good luck with your mask making. I wonder if the next thing the stores will run out of is elastic?!


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                Yesterday, I had a couple of things to pick up that I forgot to put on my list for the shopper at Publix. Mike and I went to WM, holy cow, I'd never seen so many empty bins. It was midmorning and the stockers were out in force. Nobody had on masks, just a few of the stockers had on gloves.

              • K. McEuen
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                Many places are already out of the small width elastic and have been for about a week

              Good Morning All,

              Yesterday, Mike and I made a quick run out. JoAnns, hardly anyone was in the store. Pet Smart for Gabby, only a few people there. Walmart had the most people, very few were practicing social distancing, no masks but a few gloves by employees. We stopped at Publix for eggs and the rain check for Gabby's favorite treats. Then Mike went to Esther's prek to pick up her homework... it's due back Friday. I guess we'll be taking that back, if we aren't locked down.

              The governor had a press conference yesterday. It sounded like if you were coming here from NY, you're in for a heck of a welcome from the health dept. Going to stay with family, isn't a good reason to come here. It almost sounded like you're going into quarantine, you should just go on and stay home. Especially in those areas in south FL, that are already hard hit. He reinforced, if you're in health care and don't feel good, don't go to work. Which is contrary to what Morgan's bosses are telling her! They still haven't heard back from her test, so Jim's put his foot down, you're not going out. I guess all of those comments by my allergist about Typhoid Mary made an impact on him!

              I'm going to try to figure out what to do about Tammy and Brian's quilt this morning. There are places where the quilting ends before the end of the quilt and I'll have to undo some of it so I can get a knot in there, then bury the knots. My fear is I'll miss something since my field of vision is limited. I'll have Mike going back over areas that I work. I think I'll use safety pins to mark out areas that I work on as I go around the outer edges. Hopefully there won't be too many!

              After that, I guess it's back to SS time or another baby quilt. It should be cleaning up my sewing room, but that just isn't calling my name right now.

              I hope you all have a wonderful day.
              “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                Good morning! I'm up and getting ready for work at home. I made my daughter pj pants last night then went to bed. My job is never dull so the day will go by fast. I still have over 500 emails to file.

                I have to ship an Etsy order today. I keep saying thank goodness for sewing.

                Off to have coffee and clock in. I hope everyone has a great day 😀


                  Good morning all. It's nice to see the sun this morning after yesterday's rainy and gloomy day. Hubby and I worked in the sewing room for a while yesterday. I worked on the log cabin quilt and he cut out fabric for some face masks. I just got to actually sew one and it goes very quickly. I decided that the label on the log cabin quilt will definitely make note of this time period that it is being completed in.

                  We got a video call last night from California. Zeke was asleep but we got to chat with Steve and Ana and interact with little Aviendha and got a few smiles from her. Since we aren't going to be able to make a trip out there anytime soon and their trip here in June is probably not happening, Steve and Ana want to make sure she is familiar with our voices and that she sees our faces on the screen once in a while.

                  Joy, it's nice to hear that you have neighbors who are there to help you. Katrina, yes, we heard that about New Yorker's being quarantined for 14 days when you arrive in Florida. I believe Hawaii is doing the same thing except it's for anyone not just from our state. Cathy, we put in an order with Pea Pod and the first available delivery date is April 3. Luckily we have enough supplies until then. We just don't want to have Kathryn to have to do all our shopping for us all the time. She and Joe have a lot on their plates with both working from home, doing Henry's schoolwork with him and a 1 year old running around. I've never done Pea Pod before but we aren't comfortable going to the grocery ourselves at this point here.

                  Today I am grateful for friends and family keeping in touch and that includes this forum.

                  Have a good day all. Stay safe.
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                  Ginny B



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                    Ginny, finally got my grocery order through, first available date March 29th, but I'm greatful it keeps us out if the store a little longer. I'm like you just don't feel comfortable going in the store right now. I see Nassau county has over 2,000 cases, be safe and happy sewing.

                  Good morning all,

                  There's a light dusting of snow, a few inches from yesterday. I'm almost finished quilting mom's quilt. I only have the 8" blocks not done. I had to stop as my back was killing me. I sewed on the binding and almost done hand sewing. I may work on it today. i also tried a fewvdifferent patterns of masks. I may make some today.

                  Today, all non-essential businesses will close. It's an exhaustive list, but many exceptions. We wil need to make a grocery run later this week. I'm hoping everyone is staying in and safe. Keep in touch with long lost friends. They will be appreciative of your call.

                  Today - I am grateful for my husband Michael. He is a pillar of strength and keeps me sane, level headed and grounded. We share a twisted sense of humour, which is needed to get through these times. He also has many indoor hobbies to keep himself busy and put distance between us while we hibernate.

                  Have be a good day, as much as possible.

                  Edited: Canada has 2094 cases with 24 deaths. To put this in perspective for those around the world. They expect this to peak in next few weeks or sooner as Canadians were urged to return home from abroad and if people are not isolating.
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                  Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                  Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                    Well, the quilt wasn't as bad as I thought. Most of the stray loose strings were caught in the binding since they ran the quilting from the top to the bottom. There are some long hooked together places at the top and bottom that didn't get caught, but they are so close together, there's no way to cut the string, knot both ends and bury them, so I'm just leaving them alone. Since they're at the top and bottom, they won't be noticed, I hope. I'm calling it done, anyway. Sent pictures from my phone to Morgan. She loves it. Now to keep the secret until Christmas!

                    Now, I think I'm ready to clean up my sewing room. Not really, but it needs to be done.

                    Have fun!
                    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                      I keep hearing about making masks and my DH reminded me that you only need to wear them if you are ill to keep from spreading germs from sneezing or coughing. If you are well you do not need them. Makes sense why drs and nurses need them in heath care situations. Of course, staying at home is the best prevention of all. Wearing a mask is a good way to remind yourself not to touch your face, however.
                      I applaud all of you doing something to help others at this time. Being in the group (right now) most vulnerable I am happy to be a shut in and still in good health.
                      May everyone stay safe, sane and happy!
                      No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.


                      • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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                        I have worn the mask going out, not because I am sick, but it reminds people to stand back. It makes them wonder, and think.

                      I agree wholeheartedly with Granny Fran, stay safe, sane , happy. I'd like to add one thing more...stay busy. Time passes a little faster if you're not watching the clock or calendar. Now is a great time to do a bit of spring cleaning. Gina


                        My shopping experience this a.m. ~ I ate an early breakfast & headed out to the stores for groceries. There were many shoppers in the store, but it wasn't crazy. People were courteous & patient. I had a long list. I was able to get most of the items I wanted. No T.P. on the shelves. Kleenex (very few on the shelf) were limited to 1 box. Bottled water (1 gal. distilled) was limited to 1 gal. I was able to get all the produce I needed. My favorite XL Egglands Best veg. fed eggs were available; limit was 3 doz., which is what I usually buy every week. Arm & Hammer perfume & dye free laundry detergent was unavailable as were the Anasazi dry beans. I may have to order them directly from the supplier in SW Colo. Shoppers with >20 items in their carts were instructed to line up in a long row down a certain aisle. & were directed one by one to the open check stands. The line was all the way along one wall to the back. Folks with <20 items were sent to the self-scan area but were given help. Someone was in the cart area to wipe down the handles as carts came back. There were no wipes in the usual spot.

                        At Whole Foods, there was no turkey bacon of any kind. That was the main item I went for. All I bought was some asparagus & some Stevia. There was no baking yeast. None of the self-serve food areas were open. No self-serve cookies or pastries. Everything was either wrapped in cellophane or packaged up in plastic containers. The eating-in area was closed with chairs up on the tables. There also was a long line up to wait for a checker, & they had someone wiping down cart handles.

                        When I was shopping, I saw just a few people with face masks and/or gloves, or both. Many of the store employees were wearing gloves.