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    Well Monday is here

    Good morning friends. Yes, Monday has arrived. We took our little pumpkin back on Saturday. I would have kept her longer except I have to work this week. Made me sad but I am hoping to have her back in a couple of weeks if she is allowed. Her mother is being a ......

    I have to work this week and it is making me a little nervous. I did find a bag full of gloves that I am taking with me. I promise to take all the precautions I can.

    These are definitely trying times. Quebec announced schools will close until the beginning of May, restaurants, shopping malls, hair salons, spas and the like are all closed. Grocery stores, pharmacies and liquor stores remain open. No quilt stores open, although I don't need anything. Trying times for sure. I do hope the small businesses will be able to recover once this is all over.

    I did get our taxes done yesterday and both receiving refunds. I just received an email from Victoria's Quilts that they have halted deliveries and group meetings.

    Have a great day everyone. Stay healthy and stay safe.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning!

    The governor of Ohio issued a stay at home order through April 6 (at a minimum), effective 11:59 pm tonight. Only essential business will remain open. Quilt shops are not considered an essential business here, either. ☹

    Bunny is definitely feeling better, she begged for carrots this morning. The only downside to her feeling better is that she will probably not cooperate when it is time for her medicine. It is not easy to wrestle a 3 lb. rabbit! 🐰

    I went over to my sister's last night to celebrate my birthday. We ordered delivery from Red Robin through Door Dash. There was cheesecake for dessert. The way the living room is laid out, I can honestly say we practiced social distancing while we ate. (She was in her recliner and I was on the sofa.) She is going to go stir crazy when the new restrictions go into effect. She is one of those people who doesn't like to sit still.

    I am in a bit of a quandary as to where to set up my work station here at the house. I am working remote through April 30. Usually, I set up on the sewing table. Blasphemy, I know! Maybe I will start at the kitchen table and see how it goes. I don't want to lose my sewing station for six weeks.

    Have a wonderful day!


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      Happy birthday Julie. This is going to be one heck of a birthday that you will never forget. All the best of health through these challenging times.

    Good morning. Yup, it's Monday. Not much different from other days. All blending together.

    Not much new here. We did take a ride over to Kathryn's yesterday to drop some cat food off to hold them over until their delivery arrived and to pick up some groceries Kathryn picked up at the store for us. We just dropped off/picked up on their porch with everyone separated by the requisite 6 ft. and the storm door. Broke my heart to see Tessa reaching out to me to pick her up. I cried all the way home.

    We took a walk yesterday and I spent time working on the log cabin quilt. Both of those activities help boost my mood.

    My "what I'm grateful for" thing today is Netflix. We found a movie to watch last night. The Two Popes. It was very intetesting.

    Be well everyone. Stay home and stay healthy.
    Ginny B


      Good Morning, Everyone ~ Our governor held a 1 hr. news conf. yest. p.m. announcing a 50% reduction in the work place. People are to stagger in-office days of work, teleworking, etc. People are encouraged (not yet mandated) to stay at home except to go out for medical reasons, groceries, exercise, etc. He stated people should shop less often to limit their time in the stores. Two of our LQSs are limiting their hours & staff, alternating days so at least one of them is open most days. I'll be very surprised if the schools ever open before the end of the year. He made it sound like this is going to last several weeks yet. Maybe even months. The goal is to prevent people from getting sick, cases peaking too quickly & the medical system being overwhelmed. To "flatten the curve". The no. of cases in CO now is at 591, with 7 deaths.

      I've noticed several tutorials have popped up on line, including one from Jenny, about how to make a mask. If one doesn't want to mass produce them to aid health workers, it might be a good idea to have one for ourselves. Other suggestions were to wear a large handkerchief to cover the nose & mouth (bandit style!).

      I watched church on line yest. It was just 2 of our pastors -- no in-person audience, of course. It just wasn't the same. David Jeremiah must be airing previously filmed programs; his still have a full audience, choir, etc.

      I didn't do a whole lot yest. I was feeling tired & my hip was hurting. This a.m. is my tax appt. with the CPA.


        Good morning to all!

        We are having a breakfast picnic in bed today. Fruit loops and waffles with DGS while our DD checks in at her school. She is preparing for remote teaching. It will certainly make lessons interesting with a toddler on her lap.

        After pick up, I’ll go to my office for a couple of tasks. I’m the only one ever in there and quite happy about that right now. I have a work table there to put together for my sewing room.

        Two simple placemats just need the binding done. These have already taken over a week to finish.


          Good Morning All,

          I spent yesterday socializing on line with the Blind to Billionaire community. He had scheduled guest calls, and then sent out a call to email with your telephone number and he'd call you. It was so cool, talking to visually impaired to blind folks all over the world. The live chat was so much fun, there are a lot of witty folks that participated. I worked on binding the quilt while they got started and finished it up before the end of the day. It really made for a fun day.

          I ordered dinner from Bono's BBQ. Their special was the Family Feast. We'll have probably 3 meals off of it. It has a pound of meat, we got beef brisket and pulled pork, a smoked chicken, three sides and Texas toast.

          Not sure what the day will bring. I'm hoping to get to Joann's to get some fleece. I forgot to get dishwasher soap, so that's on the list to pick up as well. I should make one more round about the whole house to see if there's anything else before Mike gets up. He's off today, so I want to make sure we're tucked in if necessary. FL has closed all of the state parks for 60 days. The beaches are closed. It feels like they're getting closer to a stay at home order every day.

          My new vacuum came, it sat in the box in the living room for a couple of days before we opened it. I like not having a cord to get tripped up on. The filter keeps it so quiet, but even after just a little bit of trying out, it was dirty. Something tells me it's going to be a deep cleaning spring if everyone is stuck at home for too long. I'd rather be sewing... which is the room that needs deep cleaning the most! I donated my embroidery machine, I never got it to work right. It would work one day then jump and leave whole rows the next. It just sat in the closet and gathered dust. So that and the big vacuum that made my wrist hurt to use are out of here! Mike had a truck bed full and the guys at the Salvation Army emptied the bed in no time flat.

          Time to get busy. Have a wonderful day.

          “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


            Good morning! All non-essential stores in KY must close to in-house traffic at 8 pm tonight. Our governor has been very pro-active with orders closing businesses, schools, churches, etc. and folks seem to be staying home as much as possible. There are currently 103 confirmed cases in KY, 2 cases are in a county next to my home county.
            DH and I took a drive yesterday afternoon to combat cabin fever. Didn't come in contact with anyone but each other. The days just blend into each other...but so far we're staying well.
            *~* Myrna *~*
            *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


              Good morning everyone,
              There's light snow falling and this should continue all day. That's enough for me to make this a 'snow day'.

              Today, I am grateful to all the staff at mom's residence, keeping her and the 250+ seniors safe and healthy. This is one less issue for me to worry about.

              Yesterday, I ventured out. Prepared with wipes, disposable gloves and N-95 mask. Some might think this is overkill, but I don't really care what people think. This reminds them to stand back. I needed to get a seam ripper. I'm a big recycler, so over the past few days, I have been removing clasps, zippers from my GKs backpacks and clothes. Well, the seam ripper slipped across my index finger on left hand. Blood everywhere, and deep cut probably requiring stitches. I know my tetanus shot is up-to date and I was definitely not going to a clinic. So I pulled out some surgical tape and it should do the trick. It's getting better. Well Fabricland are closed here, our version of JoAnn's. So since I also needed food, I decided to go to Walmart since they have a small sewing section. I found seam ripper, elastic and roll of non-woven fabric. I picked up extra food and made a door drop at my daughter. She ordered for pick up last week but earliest date available was next Sunday. The shelves were pretty empty but DH urged me to pick up coffee, just in case.

              I didnt do any sewing yesterday, instead I enjoyed the sunny day reading in the sunroom. I am concerned about my girlfriend who lives alone, no family. She would be considered high risk for health - having had cancer, heart surgery and paralysis. She does go out for walks, but her life has always resolved with social gatherings. She keeps going out to stores. I am worried. Her friends are older, and we are self isolating. She has no hobbies and resists learning to quilt, although she is one of my biggest enabler on road trips. Does anyone have suggestion for something to keep her busy and sane throughout this?

              Our daily life as wee have known it has changed, but we are ok. Last night we lit our outdoor xmas lights. We still have too much snow to remove them. We noticed that other neighbours turned on their lights also. Some people are putting out their xmas trees and decorating with bunnies and eggs. It's the little things that bring a smile.

              Be cautious, stay safe.

              Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

              Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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                how about a jigsaw puzzle

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                My friends and I are scheduling virtual happy hours using Zoom. We held our first one yesterday, and are planning another on Thursday. It's a great way to feel less isolated and to check in with those we are worried about.

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                Dolores, I will suggest puzzles. I know she used to enjoy these before. Hopefully she keep some after she downsized.
                MSN - have to figure out Zoom. I'm not very techy but may ask son-in-law.

              Good morning everyone . . . Not much new on the corona virus front here. The governor closed everything "non-essential" supposedly as of this past Friday. The last thing I heard was that it was switched to today by either 8 pm or 12 midnight. Haven't heard much else on that. I am just spending my time here in my house, alone. I have been trying to organize my sewing room but am quickly running out of space. I am hoping I can keep the space neat and orderly instead of messy and a complete disaster!!! I want to put in an order for groceries, but I am sure there will be a waiting period of several days before there is a time slot open.

              Today is a very difficult day for me. Two years ago today, my husband of 48 years, 3 months, passed away after a short illness. I wanted to go to the cemetery, but it is raining today. My daughter wanted to go but did not want to go together since she is still working and doesn't want to take a chance on passing any germs to me. Indiantown Gap National Cemetery where he is buried is about 45 min. to an hour away from my house and with the rain, I really don't want to drive all the way up there and not be able to get out of the car.

              I talked with my son in San Diego yesterday. They are both working from home, but the kids are also home from school. The 11 year old is doing fine. Her homeroom teacher does a "conference" call with the whole class everyday. My son told me she goes up to her room to do work, read or log into the call and puts signs, like reading, doing schoolwork, etc. on her door to keep her 6 year old brother out. During the calls with her class, the sign reads, "In a Meeting". I thought that was pretty clever of her. The 6 year old is very active and needs a lot of 1 on 1 attention. My son said he has really been enjoying working on his school with him . . . he just isn't getting as much of his work done that he needs to do. I told him I wish I was able to get out there to be able to help but I can't travel right now. He told me he does not want me to travel right now. I do miss not being able to see any of my family right now.

              Well, I better get busy on that grocery order. Hope you all have a safe and healthy day.



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                May your special memories of your DH give you comfort today. It is sad that you can't make your visit today but perhaps another time.

                Love the door sign idea. Keeping the young ones entertained can make a long day. We just do our best.

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                I can see why today is a difficult day for you. Even though you can't make it to the cemetery today, spend time thinking about your DH and reflecting on your years together. Hugs to you.

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                Nancy, this must be a difficult time but I'm certain that your husband would want you to be safe. Hugs.

              Hello everyone, happy Monday.

              I know it's one of the least popular days, but I've always loved Monday's. It's a chance to reset our goals, get done what we couldn't do last week and just start out fresh. I look forward, not back.

              To be honest it's a yucky nasty day today. We had some snow overnight and it was startling to wake up and see it. Right now something is falling from the sky, but I have no desire to go out and investigate. In spite of the weather, the birds are all over the yard searching for bugs and nesting materials. The cats are in the windows watching the birds, and they're making those endearing cat sounds they make when they see something outside that they can't have, and their tails are twitching like mad things. It's hubby's turn to cook today, and dinner is finished and in the fridge.

              I did manage to get out this morning and walk before the weather got bad. I have a goal of walking 50 miles this month and as of now I've made the goal. So now I think the goal for next month should be a bit bigger since the weather will improve. I'm thinking 65 for a realistic goal, and fantasy goal will be 80 miles for the month. I'll be glad when I can switch from walking in boots to going in sneakers.

              I spent a little time working on a quilt this morning, but now all I want to do is settle with a good movie or a book. It's so dark and dim outside that I think my body it telling me to get ready for bed.....I think it's time for some hot tea.....

              Everyone stay safe, sane and healthy.



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                Barbara, my cats are also very busy at the windows. Somehow they don't make the sounds when the bunnies are there. I like the idea that it's your husband's turn to make dinner. I think I will try this. DH stopped cooking a few years ago, no reason. I need to encourage this again.

              Hi all,
              Not much going on with me. Staying in the house trying to stay busy. Our county is showing great increases in the virus, and we now have people showing positive in my town. Trying to be as vigilante as possible. Tried to order groceries online today but it was really backed up and site said to try early tomorrow. Will see how it works out.

              My son -in-law is an electrician in NYC and is on 2 weeks furlough, two of the another electrician's he works with tested positive. I'm thankful my daughter will be able to start working from home tomorrow. Unfortunately my son works for Verizon and has to enter homes on a daily basis so far they are still in the field. Scary.

              I'm heading to the sewing room this afternoon and will find something to work on as I need some peace of mind and forget about the troubles of the world for a while.

              Well off to get on with my day, chores are done, and dinner things are prepared. Wishing everyone a good day, be safe!
              If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

              Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes!
    [email protected]/



                Crafty Barb invited me to learn to zoom with her. DH suggested I call the elect. co. who secured the internet for us on a grant. They said they would rather we didn't as all the kids need to use the broadband(?is that what he called it) and it was already maxing out. He said that using it for email and quick searches was okay and try not to be on it for long periods of time.
                Packing some stuff today. Guess I need to call the town we are moving to and see if they are going to let us come. Could they keep us out?
                Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


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                  Terry, do I sense more reluctance on your part to the move. I feel for you, and this may not be your husband's dream time, as activities will probably be limited.

                Terry ~ Re: Zoom ~ I learned today that Bible Study Fellowship is going to use Zoom so we can have our discussion groups on line. We have a couple older ladies in our group who don't have a computer, & a couple more who may be technologically challenged with it. Also, not everyone has a web cam, but they can participate anyway with the audio. It's the format many of the school teachers will be using for virtual classrooms. I just watched a how-to video on YT. There are several videos available. I know I'll need to watch them more than once. The instructors go through the directions too quickly for me. It's free. I plan to set up an account. Our discussion leader will provide a member ID number.


                  Julie, wrap your bunny in a towel to give medication. that is what the Veterinarians do.


                    I've been working from home for a week now. I'm thankful that I have a good job with a great company. The CEO sent us an email today and giving every employee 1K on our next check to help out with our families and expenses. I'm greatful.

                    Sewing has really helped the stir crazy. We went grocery shopping last night, they are only sold out of a few things, we're good for a couple of weeks.

                    I hope everyone stays healthy!!