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Sunday Morning Greetings :)

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    Sunday Morning Greetings :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ It will be a relaxing day at home. No church, of course. I will attempt to watch our church service on YT. It's a new process for our church, so there were some glitches last week. Who could have foreseen what we're going through now?! I really miss our weekly Bible Study Fellowship. We can get our lessons on line, but it's the group sharing that is so meaningful.

    We had a sunny day yest. with a high temp. of 56 deg., so most of the snow melted. Our lawn already is looking much greener. Spring officially is here, but not weather-wise. The tulips are coming up. A couple days ago I had to go out with the broom & scare off the rabbit that was nibbling on them.

    My gr. dau. in TX. is adjusting to having her husb. & both boys home. My niece in TN is out of work until May 8. Her bro. in MI who works for a movie theater is out of work. So many changes in the past 2 wks.

    I'm hoping to get some sewing & FMQ done today.

    Good morning!

    It is a beautiful, bright sunny day today. It is also a little on the cool side -- highs predicted in the low 40's.

    Bunny is doing much better today (she had surgery on Friday). I was getting concerned yesterday because she didn't want to eat. Her appetite is still off, but she has been eating a little. She still isn't moving around very much, which is to be expected. It will be be time for her daily dose of medication soon.

    I mostly finished my wallhanging yesterday. I still need to sew down the hanging sleeve in the back and clip a couple of threads. I am very happy with the quilting, which was done on my domestic sewing machine. It is a walking foot design (triangle meander) from the book Walk, by Jacquie Gering. I think it was Joy who mentioned this book in a previous post or two. I wouldn't want to quilt a large quilt this way, but for a small wallhanging it worked just fine. The wallhanging is from a kit by Shabby Fabrics.

    Time to give the bunny her meds, then go to the grocery store. Here's hoping most of the panic buying has quieted down.

    Have a wonderful day!



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      Very nice. I like the bright colors.

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      So bright and cheerful! I have Jacquie's book and it's been so helpful for me.

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      I love this quilt! It is so happy!

    Good morning Joy and all to follow. Not much exciting to report here. We got a lot of housework done yesterday, planned our meals out for the next 2 weeks based on what we have in our pantry and freezer, we put a Pea Pod order in that is scheduled for delivery on April 3 (first available slot) and took a walk.

    I found out yesterday that 2 of my 4 sons are out of work now as well as my youngest sons gf and my step-daughter who is a special ed early childhood teacher who works 1 on 1 with a young boy. My other 2 sons are still working from home for now and my 2 sons in law and other step-daughter are also working from home.

    I am going to take a page out of Suzanne's book and post something I am grateful for each day. I am so grateful for social media and video calls that enables us to see what our family members are doing while we are all separated and talk to them on video chat.

    Be well everyone.
    Ginny B


      Good Morning All. Predicted to get heavy rain this afternoon so going to make a few trips this morning to dads place and bring more of kitchen stuff home to be merged with mine. The house is just across the street, so get my walking and fresh air in. My son dropped by yesterday and got some tools and storage racks from the garage. Just taking it slow and little by little it is getting done. What a process in clearing out an entire house. My daughter is homebound with the little ones, hopefully in few weeks she can come up and take stuff too. Both my parents were collectors and over a 40 plus year span, well lets say I have LOTS to pack and store for now.

      Be safe and well my quilting family.


        Good morning, I am working very hard on trying to stay positive. Last week when I was in a real funk, my DD had called and said I should only do things that made me happy. 1) I had a cup of coffee. 2) I cleaned off the island in the kitchen and counters. That was all I could accomplish that day. So everyday since I focus on positive. Yesterday I was able to finish a binding and embroider a name and birthdate on a blanket for DGD, a gift for a friend. Today I will try to make blanket number two for another friend who just had a baby.
        GinnyB I like the page you are taking out of Suzanne's book, I will add that to my day too.
        And I am very grateful for this forum, which helps me daily!!!


          Doing what makes you happy is one way to stay positive. I'm not one to be a negative thinking person & always try to be optimistic about what I do & feel. Sometimes, it's harder to do. Like now. Everyone should do what is safe & healthy for themselves & their families. Please keep in touch with our quilting family so we know how you all are doing. Take care. Gina


            Good morning everyone,
            it's a beautiful sunny day, but not to be fooled, it is cold with high temps to rise to zero.

            Today I am grateful that family members are safe and mostly hunkered down in self isolation. My son is essential prtotection worker, as is his roomate at a hospital. They are both keeping safe, have access to protective gear and my son, being having inherited his dad's OCD compulsion, is a clean freak. We keep in touch daily.

            Yesterday i sandwiched my mom's quilt (62 x 78") and have it about half done. The first part was ruler work, next will be FMQ. I plan to work on it more today, but I will take more breaks as my back and shoulder are sore. I am determined and more focussed to tackle tops that need quilting. DH & I went for a walk.

            Our bunnies have been coming to eat the carrot and celery scraps that I leave on the steps. Joy - I am not worried they will eat our flowers and garden as there is plenty for all. I know at any time over the summer, the hawks will reduce their population. In the meantime, they provide enjoyment and entertainment for us and our indoor cats.

            JulieC - your wall hanging is beautiful.

            Stay safe, my friends.

            Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

            Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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              Suzanne ~ I agree about the rabbits providing entertainment. There were 3 in our back yard this a.m. & another in the neighbor's yard. The most I've seen at any one time is 5. We also have squirrels around. Many species of birds visit our water dish. I hope the hawk's stay away!

            Good morning. Another slow day here. My DH went out earlier this morn to get a few groceries. I am very thankful for him and my son. I have walked the pug ( 1 of 3) and after taking a rest I will sew so more blocks.
            We will have a sunny and cool day here. Tomorrow we get rain. Hoe we get a few breaks, so we can get out.
            Julie— glad your bunny is getting better.

            Stay healthy


              Good Morning All,

              It's been a busy morning here, sort of. I've been watching a live stream of Blind to Billionaire. He and his wife are so cute. They're bored, so they're doing a 12 hour live stream. While they're chatting and going on, I've been working on binding the quilt for Jim's in laws. I was starting to sweat, it looked like I was going to run short on binding, but there was enough about 18 inches left! Whew!

              Mike's working this morning. I saw an ad for Texas Road House, it's tempting to have him pick up one of their dinners for 4.

              Not sure what this afternoon will bring, probably should start straightening up my sewing room. That just doesn't sound like a lot of fun!

              Have a great day!
              “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                Hi all,

                Sunny day here but a bit on the cooler side. Yesterday we got in the car and took a ride down to the Bay and sat in the car and watched the water. Felt good to get out but not be out amongst people.

                Today is a lazy day and I'm baking some oatmeal cookies for my husband. He has a sweet tooth and those are his favorites. Not much else is new. Hope everyone is having a good day.

                If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

                Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes!
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                  Good afternoon everyone,

                  Not much happening here...I'm staying home. Church us closed. DH still goes to the office, (we have a printing business) but he says it's been pretty quiet. I'm still chipping away at the cabinets. All the top ones are done, and about a 3rd of the bottom. DH and DS will pick up our new countertops tomorrow. That will require a trip to Grand Forks, about an hour away. I don't know if they will actually start installing it as well, or wait for the weekend.

                  It's cloudy and lower 30's here in NW Minnesota. I wish it would warm up so it would be nicer to go out for a walk.

                  Well, I'm off to find something to keep me busy. Stay well.


                    Sunny but cold here today. Ohio has a shelter-in-place order beginning tomorrow night - not sure exactly what that means for my job. I do payroll and HR (among other things) in a manufacturing facility. The company is huge world-wide but only about 125 in our facility. Guess I'll find out tomorrow when I go in. I can do some work from home but not everything. Such crazy, scary times. We have enough groceries, medicine, coffee, cat food, even TP to be OK for a while. Praying everyone stays well.