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Saturday Greetings! :)

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    Saturday Greetings! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I don't see a daily thread yet, so I'll start. I had a productive day yest. I changed the sheets on DH's bed -- always a chore because he has the head of his bed raised up 6" on a special platform (history of reflux). Did 2 loads of laundry. I made a big batch of my Minestrone Soup -- something I don't make too often, because it's a lot of veg. prep. work & takes time. This is soup for me. I added ground turkey for a more hearty soup. It made 13 freezer containers.

    We had some thawing yest. The temp. got up to 36 deg. It's supposed to be warmer today, maybe in the 40's. We have an appt. at 1:10 at our church for a photo session. Our church is doing a new directory. In order to get a copy of the directory, one has to have their pic taken by this company who is doing it. The photography co. will give each one a free 8x10 pic & others will be available for purchase. DH is dreading the appt. & only agreed to go at my urging. We haven't had our pics professionally taken in many years. He refuses to "dress up" & says he will dress for comfort, which is his every day clothes. Oh well.

    Now that the cooking is up to date, I hope I can get some sewing done.

    Good Morning!

    What an eventful day yesterday! The bunny had surgery on her eye. I brought her home last night. She is not a happy bunny and is holed up in her "ouch" spot. She is due for her medication in a little bit.

    As I was driving to the vet to pick up the rabbit, I received a call from Mom's facility that she had fallen and was being sent to the emergency room. Her knee was swollen and she was complaining about her hip. My Ohio sister has night blindness and can't drive when it's dark, and I was miles away, headed in the opposite direction. Visitors are limited at the local hospitals. We decided to wait to hear from either the ER or Mom's facility. I called the ER after I got the rabbit home, and was told Mom was being discharged even though she had a fractured knee. Mom's facility called me a while later and said she was being discharged, but they were told no fractures. I talked to her facility this morning; she is fine and eating breakfast.

    I made the mistake of calling my sister in Texas to keep her in the loop. She became upset with me because I wasn't as upset about Mom as she was. Mom was under very competent medical care at the hospital; they discharged her quickly to limit possible exposure to the virus; and she is back at the facility where she has nurses on staff. While I would love to go see her to check out her injuries, it isn't possible. Why waste good energy that could be spent quilting? She's frustrated because she is far away and I was the bearer of bad news. My Ohio sister called her last night and calmed her down.

    I plan to spend some quality time in the sewing room today. Before that, it's time for second of tea. Have a great day!


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      Poor bunny. Poor you. Sorry to hear about your mom's fall. It's difficult and I am certain she will be well taken care for at her home. Same here for FIL, they discharged quickly to avoid possibly exposure. I guess there's nothing you can do for your sister's anxiety. It's best that you avoid visits. Can they do video chats?

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      No video chats, her facility is putting me in contact with someone to get her a phone with captioning on it. Not sure Mom would be able to use it, though -- she has never been good with technology. After Dad died in 2009, we had to leave her written instructions how to turn on the tv using the remote.

    Good morning Joy,

    Today - I am grateful for our home, which provides for a comfortable safe haven in these trying times. If you missed it, I will list one every day.

    Joy - I am surprised that the photo session is going ahead. I would consider this non-essential, risky at best and should be postponed, given the number of cases in CO. You do not know travel path of this photographer where he could have picked up virus. To note most people are asymptomatic. Just throwing this out, food for thought.

    It rained cats and dogs yesterday. This helped to reduce snow piles. If we don't get any more storms, we might see the patio stones by end of March. See it is going down a lot.


    Yesterday I finished piecing another donation quilt. Today I've cleared space to sandwich mom's quilt. I am going to try the HQ Sweet Spots while FMQ. I picked them up recently at LQS. I hope they are worth their cost.

    Stay safe. Keep in touch with family & friends, by phone, by video chats, and send virtual hugs.

    Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

    Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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      what are the HQ sweet spots is it some sort of brake mechanism for a longer arm
      a ruler or template,
      chocolates ok perhaps not chocolates, but its a nice thought :-)

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      People maintained a reasonable social distance. It was by appt., so not very many people were there at the same time. The photos turned out really good. In addition to the free 8x10 we get, we ordered some others, which will be delivered later by Fed Ex. It will take a while for them to put together the church directory.

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      Sweet spots are like grip paddles for hands, one side is grippy for fabric while FMQ I will try to post picture.

    Good Morning All,

    Mike's gone to work. The long armer called, so a trip to the other side of town will take place when he gets off work. I think he's more excited about seeing the quilt than I am. Alice said it was beautiful, so we'll see what that lime green quilting looks like later today.

    I haven't heard anything from Jim, so I imagine they're busy doing Saturday stuff. No church tomorrow, but they've videoed Sunday reflections for people to do at home. I hope I don't lose my Corinthians book, while we're doing other event related studies. We'll be in Matthew for the next two Sundays.

    Yesterday, I went to HL and picked up grippers for a project, I can't believe I forgot to get them earlier. They were limiting entry to 15 people. Mike went to Best Buy, the computer he was looking at was gone and he was so upset with himself for not getting it when he found it last week. I felt bad, I thought he was short of cash, and just waiting on his next paycheck. But, he had the money in savings, he just didn't want to dip into savings if he didn't have to. Oh well, he found it at a different BB, but the sale was off and it cost him 100 more. He was slapping himself pretty hard yesterday. We stopped at the pizza place, we didn't realize that the gov had closed dining rooms. Everything is pick up and carry out. So we brought our pizza home and enjoyed it here. One plus, I didn't burn the roof of my mouth on that first delicious bite!

    I was planning to start another small project, but I'll wait until I get the binding done on the quilt I'm picking up today. I have everything needed now. Mike will be working the next 6 days straight. They're still short staffed.

    I hope everybody has a wonderful day. It's already getting pretty hot but there's a nice breeze to keep the pollen stirred up. I'm sure there are a lot of people looking at that check list to see if they have the virus, cold or allergies. Mine are allergies that I'm really trying to keep under control!
    “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


      Good morning to all. Spent yesterday sorting all the left over and scrap made blocks, man oh man they must have multiplied in that chest. I swear I didn't have that many! Working on baby donation quilt tops, 4 tops so far and still plenty of scrap blocks waiting. Not much planned for today, need to rearrange my kitchen stuff so I can have room for bringing in more stuff from my fathers house. I will be so glad when that house is cleared out and can be put on the market. In a perfect world lawyer said earliest would be two months, probate is not a quick process for sure. That is for California, I still need to deal with out of state property too and that needs a separate lawyer. One day at a time! ((((HUGS to all))))


        Good morning stitchers and quilters.

        It's a sunny day here. Waiting for DH to get up so I can make his breakfast. Meanwhile, I'll start putting two scrappy placemats together. Has anyone used soft and stable in placemats? I might try it this time. Then it's a good day to finish painting the outside trim. The back garage door needs some TLC (paint) too. Better get busy.

        Julie, You were calm and reasonable with your Mom's event which is much needed. Best wishes.


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          I haven't used soft and stable, but I think it would work. I used Thermore on a recent runner, and this is my go-to for runners and placemats.

        Morning all,

        Looks like the sun has decided to show it's face today. It was rather gloomy when I first got up.

        ​​​​​​Last night I made a large pork roast so tonight will be leftovers. I've been trying to "cook once eat twice". Trying to stretch meals out so I don't have to be in the grocery store too much. All of our non essential businesses have been closed, beauty parlors, nail salons, and sadly the quilt shop. Who knows what my hair will look like when the restrictions are lifted, I'm sure it won't be pretty. LOL!

        I've been visiting by phone with some of my friends that live alone the social distancing has been hard on some of them. Other than that been doing a lot of reading, and watching The Crown on Netflix.

        Well, may you all stay safe. Wishing everyone a good day. I'm off to the kitchen for breakfast.
        If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

        Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes![email protected]/


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          We do a lot of "cook-aheads." Sounds so much better than calling them leftovers.

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          we always cook too much in a steamer on 1 hob, on purpose then can make into pies meals or anything to freeze, makes life easier, saves efforts peeling spuds each day, using stacking steamer pans saves electric too, although there is a height limit. have a great day creating.

        Good Morning all,

        I'm traumatized by this morning's cold weather. Yesterday it got to almost 70 and this morning it's 26. I went for my morning walk with the dog and he was cold too. But at least the birds are singing in the trees and things are starting to bud.

        I got some quilt pieces pinned and ready to stitch yesterday, but really feel no motivation to get them done. I think today will be a day where I do what I want when I want where I want. So for now it's a hot cuppa something and a book.

        Hope everyone stays safe and stays sane.


          National Quilting day/weekend/month is getting a lot of attention in my online world so I have been trying to do my part.😁 Today I am going to try some face masks, not sure if anyone will ever use them but our guild has been asked and I will do my part. I may work on that Gudrun Erla isolation quilt tomorrow, maybe.
          We went to Walmart yesterday and got almost everything, I couldn't find a scale to replace our broken one but we can do without easily.😂


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            I got an email from a LQS that was encouraging quilters to put out a quilt for neighbours to see, those walking pets and kids. Unfortunately, there's too much snow and no place to hang out. Good idea to keep for next year.
            Claire, I had a look at my spare face mask that I carry in my purse. It's an N-95 type. I am going to recreate it. I might make a quick stop at Fabricland for one of the materials used in it. Also I have seen many different types of metal, twist ties used to shape against face. Today, I had an ahh-ha moment. My coffee beans come in a sturdy brown bags and I have always taken off twist part. It's not flimsy. This would work. Elastic I have plenty as I use when making crib sheets.

          Suzanne, you can always hang a wall quilt in your window. This is also a good idea for people who live alone if they change the hanging every day and have a neighbor who will notice. If the hanging hasn't been changed something is wrong.


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            Our guild members posted on Facebook their Quils.

          Good afternoon all,
          Thought I'd post a note about life in S.W.FLa.
          We are pretty much shut down too, churches, schools no groupings of any kind .... all the volunteer activities we do, dine ins...just take out. Spring breakers have been told to go home....beaches closed. Most Spring Breakers drive, or groups rent buses, so no problem. The ones that flew might have problems getting home though.
          Same lack of TP, disinfecting supplies, basic groceries, empty shelves everywhere. Walmart, Publix, Kroger and a few others have changed hours here too, and many stores1st hour of the am is for elderly.
          I live in a mobile home community....Canadian Snowbirds have gone home. Many other Snowbirds are staying over because we have fewer cases than the state they come from.
          Traffic on I 75 is sparse this afternoon both N&S bound. It's usually bumper to bumper.
          On the best part it is a warm, beautiful spring day, for which I am very grateful.
          Blessings Kathy


            Hello Saturday friends,
            Today is resting day from the over do, tomorrow is Mothers Day in UK, himself is in status quo mode bopping across the kitchen, (bopping = intermittent body movement to music while doing something else,) other than get up, read the post from this week, drink cuppa, have been happily watching himself x boys being happy.
            Are you all still getting expected post and parcels? Are planes still flying parcels?, assume imports and exports are still happening with online shopping, with all suggested limits its hard to know what still is happening daily in World.
            The Tv news only seems to have one topic, we sadly lost the channel low signal, accessed the red button news gosh how miss it. Remember one page told of a bear hiding in wardrobe for a sleep last year, of course that must of been a huge shock for the resident at the time, remember thinking the bed must be more comfortable perhaps bed had a bear paw quilt on it, bear did not want to ruin it. Puts a new meaning to needing to update the whole wardrobe! lol
            have a great day creating, happy stitching