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    It's Friday

    Good morning everyone. Another day has dawned. We have rain this morning and the temperatures are to be very very warm. Our tea party will be a party of 3 today, with a 4th doing a video chat. We made our cake yesterday and Maizyn decorated it herself. I think she did a pretty good job. Tomorrow she will be on her way home. She doesn't want to go back to her Mom's house (she says she is a prisoner there) and would rather be at Daddy's. I think Daddy will keep her for the week at least. I really hope so. She doesn't even miss her mom but misses her daddy terribly. I keep hinting that he keep her there.

    Well Doug's appointment didn't come to fruition yesterday and it wasn't any surprise but they should have notified him to the fact. In any case, we stocked up on groceries and he got his medication replenished so we should be good for a while.

    I have to work next week and I don't know what measures they have in place at the post office.

    Our crematorium in town blew up yesterday. I am not sure how it happened and no one was injured which is the main thing.

    So yes today we will have our own little tea party. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are both sick with the cold. I don't think it is the dreaded corona.

    And so that is why is happening right now, although it isn't much. Our last movie night is tonight and I think we will watch the Lion King.

    Have a wonderful day friends. Stay healthy and stay safe.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning. This has been a long week for me — probably for most of us. I keep having to think is it Thursday, Friday etc. We should reach a temp of 75 today. Then much cooler for the next 3 days.
    I cont to work on my quit blocks, clean, and do laundry to help pass the day.
    Monique— enjoy your tea party and movie night!

    have a good day.


      Good Morning, Everyone ~ It snowed most of the day yest. It was a wet snow. Early on, it melted & didn't stick right away. After all, it was 72 the day before. I think it must have snowed a bit more after dark, b/c our neighbor had shoveled our driveway & then more snow showed up. He's already shoveled this a.m. Bless him! It looks like maybe 3" on the picnic table. Areas N & E of us got more. The mts. & foothills always get more, too. There won't be any kiddos walking to school, of course, but many people get out to just walk or walk their dogs.

      I need to do laundry today, change the sheets on DH's bed, make some minestrone soup for myself for the freezer. I bought all the ingred. earlier this week. I'll have to juggle things again in the freezer to make more room for the containers. I add ground turkey to the soup to make it heartier.

      My recent DD purchase from M* of the batiks layer cake came yest. They were the fabrics which had the turtles, fish, & sea horses. I'm looking forward to making something from them.

      Our Lady Bugs lunch is canceled this mo. We are a group of >10, & the restaurants are closed. Bummer.

      My gr. dau's husb. lost his job (a small business) due to the C virus; he was applying for unemployment. The impact of this social distancing, shutting down major auto manufacturing, etc. is devastating to our economy. We need to pray for this to end soon.


        I keep feeling a little trapped and am really tired of coronavirus being the only tv news out there. Doom and gloom. I know that there are other things going on in the world and it is just tiring. When I speak with my children on the phone, thats all they have on their minds.
        I started cutting out a double wedding ring to take to the coast. I think the cutting is the biggest challenge. So many pieces. 1500 "B"s, 500 A's, whoa. I'm about 1/2 done cutting.
        DH has gotten all the utilities ready to turn on at the new rental on April 1. Seems a little weird to move on April fools day. Almost makes me think we are fools. ha ha.
        Since all the restaurants in NC were closed mandatorily, I don't know how our owner financing contract can possibly be paid. Of course, that is our income so like everyone else, I guess we are just "unemployed:" I wonder if she will just quit and go into foreclosure or contact us to see if we can come to some terms. Who knows. Just more anxiety.
        In the mean time, I'm just trying to make my life as normal and routine as possible.
        Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


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          Terry ~ It does seem like the C-19 has taken over the media. But I was just commenting to DH this eve. it is so nice not to see Pelosi & Chuck Schummer's faces on the TV & all that impeachment news we were enduring for a while.

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          Yeah Joy, I totally agree. I keep thinking of things I need to do and I need to turn that into things I WANT to do.

        Good Morning All,

        Mike is off today, then on for 6 straight, so the last of our running around has to be done today. He has a couple of places he wants to go and get things from. They're both just around the corner from the pizza place I like, a small family run shop. I'm doing my best to keep the small businesses running.

        I called the meat market yesterday. They were open, and the guy sounded excited when I told him I needed to restock my freezer. He said he had everything except chicken and the truck would be there in about 15 minutes. lol, it took me longer to get ready. This morning we'll finish packing stuff up.

        Jim called, we had a couple of stops to make for him. Mike and I ate at the brand new, just opened last week, seafood restaurant. They had closed labels on the tables to make sure people didn't sit close to each other. After one person left, they scrubbed the booth down. I know they're doing everything they can to stay open. I picked up a 3 meat combination for Jim's family- chicken tenders, Mayport shrimp, and the fresh special Trigger fish. Jim said they had plenty with the added veggies he made. He'd never had trigger fish, I thought he'd like it and he did.

        Not too sure what else the day will bring. I'm going to enjoy the sunshine while I can.
        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


          Morning all,

          Not sure what the weather is in store for us looked a little foggy this morning but seems to be clearing now.

          Yesterday I was at the small grocery store when it opened at 80, I was able to find most of the things on my list. Compared to last week the shelves are still pretty well stocked. They had toilet paper and towels. There was no chicken in the store but they had beef and some pork. No crackers and soup and rice products were very limited. It's strange to hear the different things that aren't available depending on where you live.

          I've been keeping myself busy reading and watching The Crown on Netflix, no sewing going on yet, seems it's feast or famine with that.

          Must make a quick run to the bank today. Only the ATM and drive up window are open till further notice. I'll stay in my car and do the drive up window.

          Well, must be getting on with my day but first I have to get some coffee. Wishing all a good day and hoping everyone stays healthy.
          If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

          Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes!
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            Good morning all!
            Well, I think it’s morning. I was so tired this am, I went back to bed after DH left for work. I’m having a hard time focusing....I have “floaters” in my eyes (normal), but this am I seem to have acquired a boat load! Not a good time to go to the eye doc.

            Things where DH have changed. He will be laid off next week. He may then be transferred to another group to lead. The worst group in the place. He said he will retire before leading the group of loafers, malcontents and good offs. He was going to retire at the end of the year....maybe not. If he does, I won’t be able to be here much 😭

            Seem like everyone is finding things to keep busy and happy as much as possible. Prayers for so many. Thinking and praying for Kathryn (ktdid). 🙏
            💫 Anita......Star lover❣️


              Good morning all,
              It's a dull looking day, but it will warm up some. Snow continues to melt slowly. I don't find the need to get dressed early, not going anywhere. I haven't worn make-up in isolation, but I do keep up skin care routine - moisturizer moisturize and moisturize. Going through a lot of cream with all hand-washing, feel like I'm drying up.

              Update on father-in-law - he was taken to ER after a fall on Wednesday, released yesterday. He has bruises all over his face, and cut which required stitches. Looks awful. We will speak to niece and the home staff. He has had many fall as he has dementia and forgets to use his walker. We would love to speak to him, but he can't hear, we haven't been able to talk to him in years. Maybe FaceTime but last time he didn't know my DH. He is sad that distance prevents a visit.

              I finished sewing the 9patch border blocks, and layed out on my design wall. It's a VQC quilt, and I'm hoping to get some backing and batting to quilt at home. I am getting my sewing mojo back slowly. I š tarted with 'brainless' sewing, not tackling complex projects yet. I am inspired to make surgical masks with filter pocket insert. There is no shortage here yet, but I think I will make some for family if they go outside.

              I think it's important to pull ourselves away from the TV and all the coverage on the virus. Set a limit. It could drive us nuts. This is a serius virus and we need to limit exposure by only going out as absolutely necessary.

              Everyday, I will post something I am grateful for. Today, it's having ability to connect with people in a social setting, without physical contact.

              Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

              Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                I like your idea of posting something you're grateful for, Suzanne. I'm grateful for living in a small town (less than 700 people) where everyone knows everyone.


                  Happy Friday!

                  I just finished a phone conference for work. We're waiting to hear if administration decides to close all the buildings. Right now, our buildings are open but there is very limited staff. Everything changes so fast, we prepare for one thing and have to turn a dime.

                  I took my fur baby in for eye surgery this morning. Her eye was noticeably worse when we went for her follow-up yesterday. I'm hoping the vet calls soon to let me know how she is.

                  Joy: you're lucky you received that layer cake already, mine hasn't shipped yet.

                  I'm grateful for this wonderful day -- temp got up to 70 this morning. Of course, temps will be dropping into the 40's by sunset, but I plan to enjoy the warmth while it lasts.

                  Have a great day!


                    Terry, here's my non virus chat.

                    We are camped at Lake Mead, Nevada which for those who don't know is close to Las Vegas. We were up by the dam yesterday and I saw a Gambril's quail up close. His little topknot was so cute and he was really talking. Then on the way home we took the back road. We noticed that there were short three foot tall chicken wire fences along both sides of the road. They looked like rabbit fences to us but there aren't that many rabbits around. Come to find out they are to keep the desert tortoises off the road. Who knew!!! I have been watching for bighorn sheep but haven't seen any yet. Supposedly there are a lot around.

                    On the sewing front I bought a couple more t-shirts to embroider and a set of burlapy place mats so I will try to get those done.


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                      Any Road Runners?

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                      not today but did a few days ago

                    It's a warm day with rain, but I'll take it. I went out for a walk this morning in sneakers instead of boots.

                    We went out for our last store run this morning before we got news of just how close the virus is to us. As of now we are isolated and will not be going anywhere for a few weeks. Our daughter is in Illinois at a job site that refuses to closes down in spite of bad weather and the virus. Chances are that she'll be told to shelter in place in a motel in MO. The virus is very close to her now too. Being separated is the hard part.

                    I have oodles of projects and plenty of fabric to see me through the next few months. Hubby has things to keep him occupied. And warm weather is coming and there will be plenty to do outside. We live in a very rural area with very few neighbors but plenty of ground to mow and take care of. I will soon be building up my puny winter muscles with weed wacking and gardening.

                    Hope everyone stays smart, stays safe.....


                      Good afternoon! Yesterday was a beautiful day here and you could also feel the storm in the air in the afternoon. We did have a small storm but thankfully, no tornadoes. I spent most of yesterday sewing. It was wonderful to get several tops finished. I will probably work on quilting some tops next week. Our stores are really cleaned out. I ended up going to the local Mennonite store which they have been restocking and was able to find yeast and flour. I thought I might teach the children how to make cinnamon rolls and work on their pie baking skills.

                      The local public school had to send out a reminder notice to parents the reason why school was not in session as the children are still getting together, parents are having playdates, going out to eat, taking the children to the parks and to the local school playground. Many of the businesses are making changes including closing or doing take-out food only.

                      I am going to do some sewing this afternoon on a quilt. Pizza is for supper so not a meal with a lot of prep.

                      Have a safe day everyone


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                        Play dates, sleep overs, & kids getting together has been discouraged in Colorado. I just read that the mayor of Vail has tested (+) for C-19.

                      Good afternoon all. I'd like to say it's been a busy and productive day, but no, it has not. I heard last night before going to bed that the state of California is basically shut down. I woke up thinking about that and then it also occurred to me that today was supposed to be when my youngest son and his gf arrived for a visit. Those two things put me into a very down place. Being so isolated is a lot worse on me than I thought it would be. I thought at the beginning of this that I would spend so much time in my sewing room sewing up a storm. But alas, I just don't have the inspiration or motivation. Yesterday I did spend time in there working on the log cabin quilt and got three of the nine rows needed sewn together so I did have a feeling of accomplishment last evening. However, the mojo wasn't there this morning.

                      So, after watching the Governor's update and the Task Force's too, hubby and I decided that going out for a longer walk would do us both a bit of good. The weather was supposed to be real nice today but the sun hadn't really put in a strong appearance yet. That didn't stop us though. We still headed down to the beach to get a bit of fresh air and a fresh perspective. There were quite a few people there walking on the boardwalk and getting some exercise. It helped my mindset get back on track. It was great just walking and talking about how lucky we are to have the availability of all manner of communication so we can keep in touch with our kids and grands by voice and actually see them with video chatting. Feeling much better now. I won't be in my sewing room this afternoon but I plan on spending time in there tomorrow because I know that once I actually get in there and work on a project, I will feel a bit better.

                      Here are two pictures from our walk.

                      Have a good Friday everyone. Stay safe, sane and healthy.
                      Ginny B



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                        I miss the Oregon coast, where I lived at one time. The board walk is a wonderful place to walk. I've been keeping busy in the house, but it hasn't been with sewing.

                      Happy Friday all,
                      Another week has flown by, the highlights of the week,
                      The sun has been out, birds are singing, red currant is now in flower, humming with insects x bees, daffodils are blooming, its nice to see bright colour outside again.
                      Both purrs have exorcised, one had his razor sharp claws trimmed after perforating himself's bottom.😮 due to close contact rules, I got to use the binoculars to inspect the damage.
                      Watched the news, although am thinking of giving that up in favour of watching reruns of Mimi Vice. Amazes me did not, loose the shoes when chasing the offenders😁. Gosh great sound tracks.
                      have a great day