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A call for Face mask for our medical people

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    I read on a KFC support not to use Kaffe fabrics because the weave is too loose.


      The link I gave, the women was on the news just now and they got 74,000 masks made already and don't need anymore. The shout out was to other health organizations to join in.

      Until I know the proper way to make one that they will except I'm going to skip it. Good for them though, that was fast!
      "People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used"― Dalai Lama XIV


        I am wondering if MSQ could help us find out if homemade mask are needed ? Please note I am not asking you to organize this. There is so much out there about the need for masks. I think everyone of us have tons of scraps and we all feel helpless when it comes to helping our communities. I am afraid I would make something that didn't help at all and gave people a false sense of security.



          may make one just to see how to make them
          will make great nose warmer, often suffer with a cold nose.
          would not like to put others at risk, somewhere read folks suggest vacuum bags for a better protection, am assuming that is the floor cleaner not duvet storage


            You know why all the people in China wear masks? It's for air pollution. Their #'s went down because the government made them stay home. Although a Kaffee Fassett mask would look pretty cool. I went out to the street yesterday and this young lady crossed the street when she saw me. She didn't even say hi. Then two other ladies walked by me asking how was I doing. Don't know why I just told that story, Just strange how some people are to each other.
            "People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used"― Dalai Lama XIV


              Jenny has a tutorial on making a quick and easy face mask. and I added the link here..
              These mask are not made for stopping the virus. They are used in addition with surgical masks, to prolong the useage . The Cloth masks are not thrown away after one use.
              The masks are gathered, soaked in bleach or rinsed in alcohol by the facility staff.. washed and sterilized before reuse. Thus your fabric should be washed before using it to make sure the colors won't fade completely back to white. The 2 colors-one light and one dark is to help the users know which side was out and thus they WILL NOT turn that side to their face when they reuse After adding a new surgical mask...

              Check with your local facilities: hospitals, nursing homes, doctors offices, ERs and home health care givers. Some type of barrier is better than NO barrier. Each place/need will have advised their people what to use with the cloth masks for greatest protection. Time is running out and we can make a difference.

              I've got 10 going to a family member in a different state and 10 going to an in law who works in the hospital here.

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                I was wondering about the safety of these and went to the website of our local hospital. Found the Director of Supply Chain's name and contact info and sent her an email asking if this was something they could use, if not for the nurses/doctors then maybe support staff, lab techs etc to free up more of the N95 that they can now use. She replied the same day, they had discussed it at the daily meeting and were in need of children's masks as well. The nurses can wear a DIY mask over the N95 that they have and can use if for more than one use before it has to be discarded.
                In the meantime, I received an email from my guild asking that we make masks for the hospital. We will work together for pick up and delivery to the hospital to minimize any exposure for anyone. Make one for yourself to wear when you do the drop off.
                So if you wonder if your LOCAL hospital or any medical group in your area can use them. Send off an email or a quick call and ask.


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                  I posted what's happening in Minnesota cc DIY masks. The pattern link is CDC approved. I posted under general discussion.

                Jenny's video on how to make a mask

                Thank you!


                  If you don't feel comfortable making these for medical personnel, consider your local veterinary office. I make them for my daughter's clinic and they are using them for things like dentals on the animals and for general surgery. They are so appreciative since they can no longer get surgical masks thanks to the hoarders among us.
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