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Thursday has come!!

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    Thursday has come!!

    Good morning everyone. Not much new around here. Maizyn had her hair appointment and she did pretty well for her first time. The hairdresser made two french braids and put Fairy dust in her hair. Picked up a few groceries and then back home. We had our weekly movie night last night, we watched Onward, it is a new movie I downloaded.

    Today I have to take Dougie for a test that he needs for his driver's license. Then probably a quick trip to Walmart. Maizyn and Papa will hang out together today. Movie night tonight is Jumanji.

    The tea party tomorrow will go ahead but it looks like it will be just the 3 of us.

    So that is it for me. Stay healthy and safe everyone. Thank goodness we have this forum.

    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Good morning everyone!

    How fun for you Monique! Enjoy the time you have, it flys so fast.

    GM has closed all the assembly plants, they have kept the facility that my DH works in open through the end of the week. Rumor has it that they will close it next week, but so far no word from GM. The building where the one man tested positive was cleared, cleaned and reopened quickly.

    I have heard on the news last night that what was first reported about the virus - it can live for 9 days, was wrong. The New England Journal of Medicine has issued new info. They have recently retested.

    As aerosol in the air: up to 3 hours
    On copper: up to 4 hours
    On cardboard: up to 24 hours
    On plastic: 2-3 days
    On stainless steel: 2-3 days

    The link to NEJMm

    Also it was reported that in 2018 there were 80,000 (yes, that many zeros, I checked) deaths from the flu in the US alone.
    I don’t remember hearing that, I do remember that it was a really bad year for the flu.
    Just some perspective. We’re following the guidelines and are staying indoors. I think the fear may come from (in my opinion, so hopefully no one is offended) that the corona virus was man made. Who knows how it will behave.

    Hope everyone is doing well. Prayers for Kathryn, her DH passed away and she is distraught and feeling alone. 💗
    💫 Anita......Star lover❣️


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      Updated report from the CDC says approx. 61,000 flu related deaths. That's still an amazing number. The difference is the medical people just don't know what this virus is going to do because they have so little information.

    Good morning!

    The rain is out of here for now and today will be almost 60. Bunny has a follow-up visit with the Vet this morning. Then I'm going over to my sister's to get some of Mom's mail and visit with her for a bit. She is bouncing off the walls with so much being closed.

    Work was very quiet yesterday. Last night I upgraded the software that lets me work remotely and received an error message about an invalid server. ⁉ ! This morning, I logged into my work email via a different system, and there was a notification that tech support was performing maintenance. There hasn't been a follow-up email with the all-clear. The network maxes out at 500 people, they sent an email out yesterday about which systems you can access without it. I will try again this afternoon.

    I'd better have some breakfast before taking bunny to the Vet. Have a wonderful day!


      Hi Everyone...Just a quick wish for you in between the storms we have had all night. The lightning has been very bad and so much rain!

      Kathryn lost her husband and needs our prayers. I'm praying that someone will show up for her to help her through this. Her attempts at reaching out have been negative so far. I have walked in her shoes and it's a hard place to be.

      Wishing everyone here a healthy and peaceful day. Love & Hugs, Barb

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Good Morning, Everyone ~ I don't have much time. I'll be making chicken soup this a.m. & DH is anxious for his breakfast. I did the veg. prep. yest. afternoon so I'd be free to watch Survivor in the evening. At least I won't have to cut up a whole chicken. I can just rinse the thighs & get them in the kettle.

        Jordan's Fabrics has a special today on Matt's hand-cut 5" charms of Grunge fabrics. I ordered 2 packs.

        Our governor has announced school closings to continue till April 17 -- also same for the ski resorts. The Vail Hosp. is only 50 some beds; they easily could get overwhelmed. Eagle Co. & Denver Co. have the highest incidence of C-19 cases. Total now is 216. Apparently 1 of the CU students has tested (+). Ignoring the mandates, there were several parties over St. Pat's Day.

        We're under a winter storm warning; 3-9" of snow is expected tonight into tomorrow. Since it will be a wet, heavy snow, the potential for tree limb damage is increased. A blizzard warning is posted for the N.E. Plains. Yest. we had 72 deg. & sunny. The typical warm before the storm.


          Question: Is Kathryn "ktdid"? Sorry to learn of her loss.


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            Yes, Joy, she has a post today... somewhere. I commented but when I went back to New Topics it was gone to find the morning thread it wasn't down there. It will pop up again.

          Good morning to all.

          I'm not sure what is on the schedule for today. The pantry is reorganized and restocked. I shopped for DD yesterday and she is set now for at least a month. Plus she is welcome to "shop" my pantry too. She normally does drive-up grocery orders as she has a 3 year old. Available delivery times have been pushed out a few days now. Dinners will be different from her normal routine as I had to make choices based on what I could find in the stores. Finally found milk at the 4th stop on my journey.

          My days at home will be used to paint the outside trim on our house. The new mailbox was installed by Dson on Sunday with lots of nice compliments from our neighbors. It is a small change that makes a big difference.

          I have two placemats to sandwich and quilt. They were scrap strips left overs from a prior quilt. Then it's time to start a dinosaur quilt for grandson on the embroidery machine. This one includes the official names done as sashing strips between the dinosaur blocks. It will be a fun project.

          The luncheon for one of our LQS friend was cancelled for tomorrow. I will email her with best wishes for her move. Hopefully, it can be rescheduled for a return visit back here later this year.

          Happy stitching to all!


            Good morning everyone. Right now it's a bit gloomy and wet out there. Yesterday was a pretty nice day and we got a nice long walk in. I also did some laundry and, yes, I spent some time in my sewing room working on the log cabin quilt. It felt great. I will get in there again today.

            We had a nice long video chat last night with Steve, Ana, Zeke and even little Aviendha. She is getting so big. My plan was to be heading back out to CA around this time to spend some time with them but I don't know when that will happen now. These calls are extra important for us now. Zeke was so animated telling me about his day: how he played with his hot wheels cars and tracks and how fast they went and how Aviendha was crying earlier and how loud she was. So loud! Then he told me how he saw a plane and asked his dad if Oma (me) was on it to come to his house. He melted my heart.

            My heart is hurting for Kathryn (ktdid). Such a hard thing to go through but so much more so when a good support network is not alongside.

            I hope you are all getting through these very different times well. Stay safe and healthy and quilt on.
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            Ginny B



              Yesterday I went to Newport TN (about an hour away) and met my friend who lives in Knoxville (also an hour or so) and we had lunch. NC restaurants have all been closed except for takeout and later in the day I discovered outside seating. We had a good lunch, went to some small stores and did minor shopping. I found a pair of Sperry topsiders in my size for only $20. Not my favorite color but a good extra pair of shoes. Also some all cottont-shirts with pockets for DH for $2 . They'll be good on the boat. he ha.
              The weather in TN was 15 degrees warmer than Asheville . Two hours away. Amazing. Anyway, its rainy today. I thought it was going to be a great sunny day but I think Joy's weather is coming my way.
              I've run out of things I want to do. I had wanted to go visit the SC bunch but don't know that I should with all the sheltering in place. I sure wouldn't want to get or give anything to them.
              Going to post pictures of Gertrude the scarecrow in a few minutes.
              Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


                Good Morning All,

                The sun is shining and it's not too hot, right now.

                I finished up Alex's quilt last night after Survivor. They should start calling it the Blindside game. I was shocked! I keep wondering about those on extinction island, and how many are going to get to go back to the game, or if it's going to be just one. I guess we'll see.

                Yesterday, I fixed the Corn beef and cabbage. Packaged up a bunch for Jim and Morgan's dinner. I'd already started it before he called to tell me they weren't coming. I ran a bunch of fun sheets for the kids. Mike brought home bright colored folders and each kiddo has their own 'school' work they can do. Zeke got the folder with Tangram puzzles, with instructions he has to share. J, well, he got his home school work that I was planning for the week and the new workbooks that I purchased. Oh boy, won't Dad have fun with all of that! Jim called right before as I was packing everything up. They can't find any thermometers. I have two, no batteries, but we stopped at CVS. A brand new store, not a single thermometer. Not even the high dollar ones were to be found! We tried.

                I guess Jim will be Zooming from home next week. Keeping home schoolers on task shouldn't be that hard. Parents are going to have to step up and grade more papers, I'm wondering about those classes that have more essays than 'math' type right or wrong answers. So glad I'm out of the classroom! I have no idea how a Montessori approach would work in this type of situation. I can't ask Mel, she's not even allowed to go to school until this is over and done with.

                The plan today, call JoAnn's and see if their sewing machine guy is still picking up. If he is, I'm going to drop off my Husky and get it tuned up/ cleaned up. Not sure what's going on, but it will be a speed demon for a bit, then won't push the fabric through for a bit. I'm hoping a good cleaning will straighten it out. I'll call the meat market and see if they're open today. Since it's a small family business, I imagine they are. There's a brand new restaurant that opened up, and they're putting the word out, they're still open. We may stop by there and get take out. Jim's like if you do, get some for us! They're still dine in or pick up, even curbside service if you want. Everything is fresh, so the basic menu is small, but they have a board as you walk in with the daily specials. I hate it for them, with the limits on how many people you can have in the buildings, it's a hard time to build your clientele.

                Well, on with my day. Gabby is taking her morning nap, Mike is still asleep. Have a great day!

                “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                  Good morning everyone,
                  It's warming up, snow will continue to melt. Still have 2-4' snow in front and back yard, it's down and starting to see patio stones. Just in time for spring equinox.

                  Life as as we know it is changing. DH picked up loaner car, it's nice - a white Infiniti small SUV. We both pitched in to clean the house, vaccum, washrooms, laundry. We will do this for awhile until our cleaning lady is well, and totally safe. DD picked up our portable air purifier to run, as bedroom carpets are being replaced by hardwood floors. the guys are working fast, so they expect life to return to normal next week. I have been getting calls from friends who live close and far. I also spent time in sewing room. Finished a VQC top, so may get batting & backing from GF to quilt it. Also worked at making 9 patch border for a VQC top. I can really focus on anything complicated but this is getting me in sewing room. Last night got panic visit from GF to borrow cooler and bins. Her fridge died and wanted to put food in coolers on her balcony. It was cold enough to keep food safe. I feel for her. She is alone and scarred with all this. She has to work, and her boss told her to stay home. I wish she would learn to quilt, as she is my enabler. Might make her less anxious.

                  I spoke to mom, a daily event since her place is in lockdown. Today I will sew some more. Also will make chicken and dumplings and a soup from chicken I cooked yesterday.

                  Sending virtual hugs to everyone in need. Stay safe, keep your family safe. We will get through this.

                  Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                  Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                    Good morning everyone . . . I used one of the local grocery stores pick-up program. I picked a time to go (first one available was yesterday from 2-3), chose the items I needed/wanted and then went yesterday to pick it up. I pulled into the area in the parking lot designated for the program, called the number on the sign, gave them my name, told them I was in slot 1 and a minute or so later my groceries were delivered. I opened the back gate, the groceries were loaded in and the gate was put back down. I was also handed a printed receipt. Never had to get out of my car. The problem was that I received only 13 of the 25 items I had ordered. Disappointed in that. Other than that short jaunt, I haven't been out of my house since Sunday.

                    Another cabinet was delivered yesterday for my sewing room. I am hoping to keep most of my machine embroidery supplies in it. This afternoon I will start assembling it. Hope it isn't difficult and all the pieces and hardware are there. It's not IKEA, I ordered off Amazon, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

                    Other than that, I am trying to keep myself busy around here. This whole self-quarantine is very lonely for a widow. My daughter delivered some books this morning on her way to work and just left them on the front porch for me. Hopefully, this will be over soon.

                    Take care and stay healthy!!!



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                      Nancy, my daughter uses this order-pick up service also. Great time saver for mom of 3. Kids stay in car. She is going to show me how easy it is to do.

                    Hi, All ~ Back again after a busy morning in the kitchen. It feels good to sit down. Whew! Those boneless chicken thighs made a big bunch of meat for soup. I had to dig around in the cupboard to scare up more qt. size freezer containers -- odd shapes & sizes, but they worked. I ended up with 21 qts. That's the biggest batch ever! I had to rearrange items in the freezer to make room for all that soup.

                    At daylight (dark & gloomy) it was raining steadily. It switched over to snow at 9:30 & has been snowing ever since. It's mostly sticking to the grassy areas, but the street looks slushy. It may snow until tomorrow a.m. I've heard anywhere from 6-12". It's packing a lot of moisture. Good for the lawn which was aerated yest.

                    I have an appt. for Mon. a.m. to meet with the CPA re: my tax return.

                    Katrina ~ I'd forgotten you also are a Survivor fan. It's been an interesting season with all the contestants being former winners. I was glad to see Sandra blindsided & sent to Exile Island.

                    For those Angela Walters fans -- she's starting a new FMQ series: "Echoes & Curves." I get the notifications in my e-m.


                      Good afternoon everyone!
                      My DH is working from home today. It feels less lonely with him here. Nancy, I tried to order groceries last week and the first available date was Saturday the 21. I feel that, like you, I won't get even half of the things I've ordered.

                      However, I thought of something fun we could all do. Zoom will let you have as many people as you like in an audio/visual meeting. So those of us on the forum who would like to see some friendly faces, why we could all do a meeting! If you have a camera on your pc/laptop then you are ready to go. Let me know what you think of this idea - we could all have coffee together one morning or afternoon. Since most of you are in an earlier time slot, I'll even get up early (gulp!) to have coffee with you. Its just an idea, let me know if you are interested. We could show each other what we are working on too. Zoom is free btw.



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                        Terry, I used Zoom for a work meeting the last two days. It was super simple. You don't have to do more than enable the video by clicking a button on the screen.

                        It sounds like fun! I'm busy running errands for parents & friends who can't get out through Saturday. I'd certainly be up for it next week!
                        Pacific Time Zone here.

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                        I am up for that too. I work all next week until early afternoon, but don't hold back just for me. We could hold a couple of gatherings a day as time for everyone allows.

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                        That could be fun. I will try to figure how to load app. I have old iPad, so will try & figure out.