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    Welcome Wednesday

    Good morning everyone. Maizyn isn't up yet. She and I ended up going into town for some groceries. She stayed in the van while I went into the stores. I got her an appointment for her hair this morning at a different hairdresser and I have received approval from her mom. Seems she is very paranoid about this covid-19 virus. She told my son that if Maizyn should develop a fever I need to take her to hospital for testing. His reply was basically my parents aren't idiots. She didn't like that response.

    Word was received from the military that they are restricting travel for personnel to within 250km. Now he won't be able to spend a few days with his brother. We will meet again half way on Saturday to return the little munchkin back to her father.

    The last few nights we have had movie nights. During the day we take a little walk to get the mail and playing games. NO SEWING!!

    Have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Mornin Monique and all!

    Sounds like a wonderful time with Maizyn, so very happy for you. Hope the rest of your time together is as nice.
    We haven’t even doing much. Staying in, watching old movies. I’ve been hand quilting away on a quilt for my son and DIL. I think it will be done in record time.

    We decided to go to Kroger's early Sunday am, right when they opened. We thought it would be safer. No cars on the road....cause they were all at Kroger’s! Waited for awhile before entering. Got our produce and headed to check outs. A women was demanding a clerk (who was cleaning) sell her the disinfectant that was on the cart. The clerk explained she was using it.....didn’t register with the woman. A male clerk came up and things were finally settled quietly. My goodness! They still had a few containers in the aisle, but she HAD to have that brand. They are limiting amounts of paper and cleaning products.

    I’m running low on produce and meat.....really hate to go to the store....

    We’ve gone from 3 Friday to 65 yesterday. 8 in my county. 1 was positive diagnosed at the place where DH works.....he works for GM. So far they are keeping it open. There’s been lots of pressure for them to close. Time will tell.

    I hope everyone is safe and healthy. We will get through the this. Many will see what the world went through during the depression and world wars. The rationing and limited supplies and the need to think! I know it’s not exactly like it, but there seems to be similarities. I hope I don’t offend anyone.....

    Have a peaceful day.
    💫 Anita......Star lover❣️


      Good morning! Today is the start of the "new normal" at my work. As of today, most employees will be working remotely. A limited number of us will have to go in to keep the place running, but all areas will be operating with very limited staff. Four of my co-workers and I will take turns staffing the office one day each week. I work on Wednesdays; another employee works tomorrow, another on Friday, etc. We will work remote the other four days.

      Since yesterday was the last day we would all be together until May 1 (tentatively), they surprised me and celebrated my birthday a week early! We had brownies and they sang Happy Birthday deliberately off-key, which was hilarious.

      Bunny still has her vet appointment tomorrow. I received an email from them earlier in the week, they are taking precautions and limiting some things. For example, if your pet needs a nail trim, they will come to the car, retrieve the pet, and bring it back to you. The local credit union sent an email that lobby traffic will be limited to appointments only for loan applicants. Anything else you need to go through the drive through lanes or use the ATM. And my dentist is taking emergencies only for the foreseeable future.

      I want to run up to the local Fresh Thyme at lunch for some produce. I need to remember to check if they have eggs, my regular grocery store was out on Sunday.

      Have wonderful day! Stay safe.


        Good Morning All,

        Last night the DOE said FL public schools will be closed until 4/15 at a minimum. I can't help but wonder what parents that have to work are going to do. Jim's school is going to start teaching remotely online. Next week, he'll be teaching the tutors the ins and outs of Zoom. His treat trip this year was cancelled. He was taking his physics class to do ax throwing (all seniors over 18 even then the parents had already signed waivers). Can't say I was sad to see that field trip cancelled, but I know he was disappointed. He still can throw his hatchet in the back yard, I can't believe he set up an area to practice.

        Yesterday I worked on Alex's quilt. It was a lot easier to sandwich the throw on the dining room table. My Husky was not happy with it. I may have to take it in to be cleaned and check on the timing. It would sew with ease and then go through a spell that it felt like I was having to force the fabric through the machine. When I finish with the quilting and binding, I'll call and see if the Husky guy is still taking in machines while this virus mess is going on. It will limit what I can work on as far as bigger quilting projects, but I can still work on smaller things with my Brother. Secret Santa, here I come!

        Tomorrow, I'll go to the meat market and restock the freezer. Which means, sometime today, I need to go and check the freezer to see what we have.

        Mike's scheduled for 30+ hours next week. Yesterday, their manager worked over 12 hours, I fussed about that. Mike said he was going to tell him, laughingly, that his mom was fussing at him and she didn't even know him. I told him go on and tattle on me, I'd do it myself, if I could drive there to tell him.

        Well, time's moving on and the crock pot is empty. I guess it's about time to start my corned beef if it's going to cook low and slow all day. Have a great one!
        “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


          Good morning. It's a sad day here. We had our dog, Jake, put to sleep yesterday afternoon. He'd been in failing health for the past several months and it was time to do this so he wouldn't suffer. DH is taking it really hard. Jake was his little buddy and constant companion for the past 12 years. Please keep him in your thoughts.
          I'm working on tax prep. When that's done I'm hitting the quilt studio for some mindless sewing.
          *~* Myrna *~*
          *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


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            So sorry for the loss of your furbaby.

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            I'm so sorry for your loss.

          • Star lover
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            I’m so sorry for you. Many of us have had to let our fur babies go. It’s never easy. You’ll always have the memories to treasure. ❤️

          Good Morning, Everyone ~ Good luck, Katrina, finding meat to stock your freezer. Quantities are limited, or not there at all. What a difference a week made in the looks of the stores & food availability! I shopped at our Kroger affiliate store. So many shelves were bare or only a few lingering cans. Soup? Forget it! Canned vegs.? Only a few cans left. Frozen vegs.? Nada. No bulk fresh carrots. The ground turkey & any kind of chicken were sold out. The meat cases were bare except for a few cuts of beef, which I don't buy. The store employee said to come back at 7 a.m. when they'd be restocked. My usual brand of eggs was not available. I had to buy a more expensive brand of brown eggs in an 18-pack. I did find some nice bulk beets at Vit. Cot. Made another stop at Sprouts, which surprisingly was not busy at all. I found ground turkey, some frozen corn, & chicken. I need to made DH's soup so I really needed chicken. No whole chickens, so I bought 3 family packs of thighs. The checker said he was supposed to limit the fam. packs to 2, but he let me purchase the 3. I found carrots in 2 lb. pkgs. I need 5 lb. when I make the chicken soup. It took awhile to unload the car & put things away. I felt fortunate to find everything I needed, even if I had to pay more for it. These are crazy times.

          We've had another death from C-19 in Colorado (total 2). There now are 11 cases in our county. More closures of businesses. They announced no CU Boulder public graduations. They're urging dorm students to go home & take virtual classes. Our co. YMCAs now are closed. And the list goes on.

          My massage yest. was wonderful. She really worked on the tightness in my hip. It felt much better when she was done. I see the ortho. dr. this a.m. to determine what's going on.

          No more time now.


            Good morning. Here we are at Day? of our new normal. It's day 6 for me. Haven't been anywhere out of the house besides taking a walk or out on our own yards. Yesterday we did a good clean out and rearranging of our pantry. Today I will tackle laundry and hope to get a bit of my mojo back in the sewing room. I used to fantasize about having a good stretch of days where I could be in my sewing room whenever I felt like it and now when that is actually possible, I don't feel inspired. Ugh.

            Monique, it sounds like you are having a lot of fun with Maizyn. Julie, that's great that you only need to go into the office 1x a week. My eldest son and his partner at work have worked out a schedule where they alternate days decreasing both their exposures. Anita, we went to watch Netflix last night and our "smart" tv wasn't being so smart. We couldn't get Netflix to talk to our wifi. I got frustrated trying to figure out what it was asking us to do and just watched on my laptop. Then hubby noticed that two of our wifi extenders had red lights instead of green. The main one was ok though. I guess I will see if I can figure that out today too. Katrina, yup, I would be with you in not being disappointed about the ax throwing trip being cancelled.

            Mroy, so sorry about your Jake. ((((Hugs)))) to you and your hubby as you through this tough time. Joy, I hope your doctor has some answers and relief for you today.

            Well the sun is shining and making the day bright so I will get going and move this day forward. Have a good day all.
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            Ginny B



              Good morning everyone,

              I'm enjoying my 2nd cup of coffee with the sun warming me, watching TV. It's heartwarming as they show how people are coping with isolation. I love the new one in Barcelona where a man is playing on piano from balcony and people cheering from their balconies. Song -- My heart will go on'. We have to take time for small pleasures if we are to come though this sanely.

              Yesterday, DH & I took a road trip. We left our tax papers at accountant in drop box, and waved to the receptionist. We stopped at LQS to pick up my free monthly metre of fabric, some sale items and a gift certificate. I also picked up the small HQ paddles to use on Sweet 16. I want to show my support for small business owner when this is over. We are not worried as there was only 3 people in shop. This is where I rent LA, and I may do that soon. She is in process of moving machine to back room, so will limit gawking people, who may distract some quilters. I have been calling friends that we don't see often, and it's good to catch up. DH went for a walk before dinner and met up with our neighbours who we travelled with. We are all self isolating even though we are not infected. It's one thing we can do together is daily walks.

              Dh was up early as he drops off his car for repairs caused by accident last week. He will get a loaner, but we aren't really going places these days. He is back, says no one on the roads, car will be ready 27/3. I have no plans today except to change & wash the sheets. I plan to get to my sewing room. I think I need to bond with my projects to get some mojo back. We will also have to clean the house. I contacted my cleaning lady yesterday and both her and DH have been sick. She doesn't think it COvId, but waiting for public health to advise them if they need to get tested. I was already going to suggest some precautions as she bring in her supplies and rags. I will suggest she use our rags and tools from now on.

              Places are closing,left, right and center. Many businesses are on limited hours. Food is still available and I'm not worried. Our fridges and freezers are full, but fresh veggies and fruits, dairy will be the only reason to go to store. I do have boxed milk.

              My girlfriend is back from Florida, happy to be home a month early. She was stressed on the drive home and shocked to see snow banks. Her cat caught a mouse who had moved in, in their absence.

              Have an enjoyable day. Take time to connect with friends, even if only through the forum.

              Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

              Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                Good Morning,

                The pollen seems to be getting worse here everyday. When I let Sandy out I have to brush her off because she is a magnetic for it. I just got a text from my daughter she had taken vacation since last Thursday and has been home. Today was her first day back at work. The good news is they are going to close down for two weeks. I just wish she had taken one more day and not gone in at all. She said she had to get some sort of codes so she could make sure everyone got paid anyhow. On the news they are showing millennials and generation X on the beach in crowds. My question is where are their parents? They look to be college age to me, so I am assuming most still depend on their parents some.

                Kaylee will go home today. She will be excited when she wakes up and I tell her that her mom will be home . Amanda is a great mom, she takes such good care of Kaylee and John Avery. They do all sorts of things together. John Avery is 7 and likes to cook with her. She sent me a picture of where they had set up a tent in the living room and they all sleep in it last night. (even the dog).

                I am ready for some good news .


                Mroy, I am so sorry about Jake. Our pets are like family. Sending hugs to you.
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                  Good Morning all.

                  Mroy ((((((Hugs)))))) so sorry for your loss.

                  I am trying very hard to stay away from public places, but it is not easy. I am now a caregiver of one instead of two. And today I need to make a run to pick up morphine for my honey and now the doctors want him to consider a consult for hospice. I did hospice with my father at his home the beginning of this month and I hope the Kaiser peeps will allow the same hospice company to be used. Staying busy with legal matters (dad did not have a will) and moving items from his house to mine. My house is getting to be wall to wall furniture and garage will be full to the max soon.

                  Not ready to commit to a quilt pattern/project but I am finding time to sew scraps and put together scrappy quilts from orphan blocks and such. Normally I stress in trying to put them together, but for whatever reason, I am finding it relaxing. Just measure, add a piece here and there to get them to same sizes and just sew, sew and sew some more!

                  Stay safe everyone!


                    Morning all,
                    the sun is shining and I'm sitting in the sunroom soaking it up enjoying the small pleasures as they come.i have not been out or in a store since last week but will probably have to make a very quick run tomorrow for a few things and will see what the situation is in the food store.

                    Been doing a lot of reading and watching some movies. Like Ginny now having a stretch of time to be in the sewing room all day I've lost my mojo and haven't done anything.

                    As of today our community hospital has cancelled all elective surgery till further notice. My friend had hip replacement surgery yesterday and is being sent home today. Kind of scary as she is a widow and lives alone, thank goodness her niece can come spend some time with her.

                    Wishing everyone a good, and for all to be safe!
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                      Cathy ~ Thanks for sharing this. How true!

                    The grocery stores in our area started something new. They open early for only those over 60, from 6-7:30 am. Also closing earlier, at 8pm so they can clean and restock.
                    Our whole family is sticking close to home except for food and pharmacy as needed. All our adult kids and spouses are working from home. Grandkid is now home schooled by her teacher/mom (haha, no slacking off!).
                    Stay home, stay safe.

                    to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world...


                      Hi Everyone...Late again today. I'm having a rough day. My daughter had to close her business and can't even go there to clean the place. Orange County, CA (where her business is located) is on mandatory lockdown until further notice. She lives in LA County, which is heading toward lockdown any time now. They even have the National Guard on alert and ready to implement martial law. The banks in California are limiting people to how much of their own money they can take out of the bank - $500. So far this is just in California as far as I know. People are panicking on every side. It could happen anywhere, so make sure you have enough cash for whatever you might need.

                      Things in our little town are pretty calm other than having no bread, bottled water, dried beans and rice or TP. There may be other items that I don't know about. So far there is meat, produce, cereal and frozen foods. We have checked on all of our neighbors and everyone is good. We all agree we will call each other if there is a need. It's very comforting to know everyone who lives around you.

                      I suppose it's old news that the National Quilt Museum and Hancocks Fabrics in Paducah, KY have closed their doors for now.

                      I'm off to make corn casserole to go with our leftover pork steaks for dinner.

                      Have a good evening everyone....Hugs.

                      Scottie Mom Barb


                        Good afternoon, everyone,

                        Yesterday was a work day at J's for me. Boy, was it ever quiet at the store. In between the few customers we had, we were able to get lots of projects done. I'm not scheduled again until next week, so I'll be staying at home. Good thing I have enough fabric to last until the end of the world! LOL!

                        Our weather is starting to look a little more spring-like with temps consistently in the mid 30's. Some mixed precipitation is forecasted for this evening, then lots of wind tomorrow.

                        That's about it here. Stay home if you can, everyone.


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                          Love your comment, enough fabric to last till end of the world!!!!!

                        Myrna, so sorry for your loss.
                        Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!