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Monday Hellos! :)

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    Monday Hellos! :)

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I suppose Monique or Suzanne or someone will be posting at the same time. Anyway, it's the start of a new week. Hmmmm. Wondering what the next few days will portend for everyone with the rapidly changing events of COVID-19.

    I spent much of yest. afternoon working on the taxes. I might be half done. It always takes a while to pull figures together. We'll have a lot of medical deductions. We itemize every year.

    Yest. we had a sunny pleasant day of 58 deg. It's nice to have warmer weather, but March historically is our snowiest month, so we know there will be more precip. in our future.

    I couldn't resist today's DD -- all those beautiful batiks. Do I need more fabric? No, but I really liked the fabrics.

    Today will be the usual laundry, more work on the taxes, & DH's cardiac monitor gets removed this afternoon. He's been counting down the time for days. It gets mailed in a postage paid box to be analyzed. Results will be sent to our cardiologist.

    I'm tempted by the DD, too, Joy. Mercy, it certainly is bright and cheery, which is what we all need!

    I thought J was coming for home school today, but here it is 8:30 almost and he's not here. Probably since Esther's school is closed, he's off too. Mike closes today. So I'm in limbo. Do I fix family dinner, or wait until tomorrow? What ever I do, I need to make up my mind soon. lol

    MIL and BIL made it home to IN. BIL didn't stop by to visit. Oh well, I had a mess out working on projects. I guess I should finish Alex's quilt. The top is done, I just need to sandwich and quilt. If I do that, I'll need to put Gabby outside while I'm spraying and it's supposed to rain tomorrow. That is something to look forward to! The pollen counts are horrendous! We're at a 9 for grasses and certain trees and the breeze is just keeping it all stirred up.

    Time to have some coffee and start my day.
    โ€œNothing can dim the light which shines from within.โ€ Maya Angelou


      Good morning everyone,
      Its a slow morning for me, DH didn't sleep well which means I don't either. It's sunny for now and still below zero.

      Yesterday I pulled out my tax papers. I printed our medical & drug summary. We will drop off to accountant this week. I have mom's tax papers and will file online. I need to copy & send in a medical claim. I spoke to mom, she didn't realize this lock-out was ongoing. She thought it was over. I have to remind her as I notice she is getting forgetful and loosing touch with reality. That happens when there are no activities and visitors. My daughter is keeping busy with the kids doing indoor activities, prepping foods for freezer, making cookies. So far they are still scheduled for hardwood floor installation. DH & I went for a walk but came back after 30 mins as the wind was just biting. DH was exhausted afterwards. This is when I realize he is not in great shape.

      I hope to sandwich a few small quilts, but the large table is filled with all the cushions and materials for glider seats. I am not looking forward to working on these. I think they are the reason my mojo is stuck.

      I'm expecting many of my snowbird friends to be returning home this week, as a precaution will self isolate. Our numbers are spiking, mostly people who are returning from Europe and abroad from highly infectious areas. Hope everyone is exercising caution. May your bobbins and your toilet paper not run out. Sorry couldn't resist.

      Have an enjoyable day.

      Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

      Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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        Suzanne, you are too too funny! Gina

      Good morning all. It's a sunny but colder day here. Not sure exactly what's on the agenda today. There will definitely be a walk on the schedule today but tomorrow is supposed to be rainy so I guess we'll be inside. I need to bring 2 books back to the library. It's in walking distance so maybe that's the direction we will head.

      Not much happening around here. Since schools are closed, no need to get Henry this week. We have chosen a few projects to tackle while we are staying close to home so I guess we will start on one of them this week.

      I hope you are all well. Stay safe and healthy.
      Ginny B


        We are staying home from the gym for the foreseeable future and hopefully our grocery/paper goods will hold out for a while. Unfortunately we have rain for the next week or so which means we probably won't walk. I think one side effect of covid 19 will be weight gain.๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ™„
        I did get the rest of my quilting done yesterday before running out of the last of the bobbin thread, yea! I also got the other 4 blocks made of a very colorful top. I should get the binding done on the former and the blocks/rows put together of the latter. That and crock potting a corned beef are my projects for the day.


          Morning all,

          Sun is shining but a bit colder than what we've had. Not much on my agenda today. They've just announced that as of 8pm tonight all Long Island bars and restaraunts will be closed till further notice, takeout/delivery orders still an option. All gyms, movie theaters, and casinos will also be closed and all crowd capacity must be reduced to 50 people. Looks like they'll be plenty of time to spend in the sewing room and read a few good books. I tend to be a homebody so I'll do just fine my husband is another story, he's used to being out and about so he may become a bit crabby.

          Well, time for a cup of coffee, wishing everyone a good day! Be safe!

          If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

          Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes!
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            Happy Monday everyone,
            We have sunshine today, and a cool breeze,
            Sir has taken himself for a drag round yard, they almost caught a mouse, a grand bonding moment, Sir came in and is awaiting our next treadling session, he keeps pestering for me to join him. So I may comply, resistance is futile, with this collective. lol

            -Watched the news earlier, it showed someone in full song washing hands with water running all time, it was great to see the happy washing, but a gentle thought,
            the tap running off unused clean water, and full song droplet's landing on hands, if creating food next for others, with this virus please think about little details / methods have fun, be happy, be safe.

            -On the news we are assured there is plenty of food goods in warehouses, the bare shelf's are due to over demand, they have fancy systems to get items on time to stores during normal demand, sometimes less is more.
            If self hibernating, just looking on here for first time, hi there, ๐Ÿ‘‹
            have a great day in whatever you do,
            ps, the daily deal sold out, there is another in its place, you are all so speedy๐Ÿ˜


              Hello everyone,

              We were expecting a cloudy day but it turned out to be sunny. Started with a MD appointment but it went well, and I got the word that I can continue to decrease some annoying meds. Words that make me happy.

              We stopped at the store for fresh vegetables and ran into one of the consequences of closing the schools. Had a lady there and she brought her two kids. Both were old enough to have stayed at home. Both kids were coughing all over everything, especially the conveyor belt where I put my food, and then touching everything. Why do they need to finger the candy bars and magazines. Mom said nothing. I kept my mouth shut; maybe I shouldn't have. Nobody coughing like those kids should be brought out into public space......I don't care if it's a common cold. You can bet I kept well back and whipped out the sanitizer ASAP. DD has texted with a friend who maintains that this whole thing is a hoax. The mind boggles.....

              I'm going to spend the rest of the day in my slippers (wore my special going out shoes), have a hot bowl of soup for dinner, and then get ready to start fresh tomorrow. It's going to be a cooking day; making vegetable soup and turkey burgers. One consequence of this whole situation is that it's forced me to think ahead and plan my meals instead of just eating for a day or two and then picking something else.

              May you all have a restful evening......



                My situation is that my Mother is in end of life care. She has rallied as of late and is enjoying all of her visitors. There are no visitor restrictions other than we have to answer questions regarding travel before being buzzed in. My concern is my health ( I am definitely a senior) with all of the visitors coming and going to see my Mother. What to do???


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                  Wow, MaggieSue, that is a hard dilemma. Maybe you could visit first thing in the morning before the other visitors (and their germs) come in?

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                  So sorry to hear about your mom. This is certainly challenging times and the need to balance with your own health concerns. Presumably they are limiting time and number of people ata time. I think I would bring my own Clorox tissues Ina Baggie and wipe down any possuble surfaces as I go along. Be careful.

                The Bay Area is slowly shutting down until April 7th.
                "Bay Area authorities place strictest order in country: โ€˜Shelter in place,โ€™ only essential businesses open in 6 counties"



                  I just was reading about all the restrictions in CA. Many states now (incl. CO) are closing all bars & restaurants except for drive-thru service or carry-out. DS#1 in MD (works in D.C.) is teleworking from home. His wife works for the county in HR.; their offices are open. They are not set up for teleworking. Now there is speculation that the schools could be closed for the rest of the year. I certainly hope not. All our ski resorts have been closed down for a week. One already has announced it is closing for the season. Spring break has always been a popular ski time. So much lost revenue. How things have changed in the past week!


                    CraftyJnet, I have been visiting 11-2, that is an off time or so it seems, but I fear for my mother who is getting hugs from all and will then pass on to others. This being end of life care they are exempt from rules, but I was so hoping common sense would prevail. There does not seem to be much of that around here. I asked the Social Worker today about her thoughts about hugs. She did not seem to have an answer. I also mentioned this issue of sneezing in your sleeve!!! Really??? How about using a tissue, discarding it, and washing hands!!!
                    Ok, I will get off of my soapbox, I know I am running low on sleep and energy, so I just might be over sensitive, but I have no one to talk to about this!!! Thanks for listening!!! May God help us all!!!


                      Happy St Patrick's day! I hope everyone is safe and sound.
                      I'm working from home since I work for a call center environment. I run an Etsy shop as well. The affects of this virus are everywhere. It's weird for me since I just don't understand the hype. We're fine to stay in.

                      โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹I went to war with my family over this virus this week. My dad's health is compromised and one of my sons was coming for college spring break. I told him I didn't think it was a good idea since due to room they would be staying at my parents house. He went around me and called my mom who is so resentful that as time goes on doesn't care. I washed my hands of all of it. They are all bulling me and being insulting.

                      I'm happy to just enjoy sewing and working. Thanks for listening to my rant. We went to hobby lobby yesterday and bought great fabrics for bowl cozies and scrunchies.


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                        Sorry that your son is not being more cautious and this virus should be taken seriously. Unfortunately, those that spread it may not themselves get sick. Keep your distance. This will pass, in a few months.