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Friends, it's not hype, it's not the media, it's not overblown. Please, educate yourself.

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    Friends, it's not hype, it's not the media, it's not overblown. Please, educate yourself.

    I feel so sad reading the posts of many of you who say that you only have a few cases of COVID 19 in your county or none. The reason there are few or no cases is that people have not had access to testing in this country. Please understand that the number of cases reported is less than the tip of the iceberg. And example from yesterday here in Cleveland, is that the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals have partnered and developed a test so we can have testing in Cleveland. As a pilot of the new test they tested the inpatients at the Cleveland Clinic and found 5 cases! The cases are out there, they are not officially cases because few people have been able to be tested. Cases are everywhere in the US and those folks may be spreading the virus around because they don't know it. Or they may not yet have developed symptoms.

    And for those who are suspicious of the warnings that are out there. I worry that you are not taking this pandemic seriously and you do not understand the implications of your words and actions. Please please please educate yourself. This is not a political issue, regardless of what some have said. It is a pandemic for which there is a precedent and different outcomes in different cities and regions depending on their action. From reading your posts what I see that you don't understand is that the actions you take now to isolate yourself and prepare that will reduce the spread of the disease. To be perfectly frank, the USA has failed utterly up to recent days to stop the grief that awaits us. They squandered our preparation time with silly political posturing. Talking about borders does little. Viruses laugh at your borders and rules. In fact, by the time the rules about travelers were put in place, the virus was already spreading in this country. It can take a month for cases to show up from the time people are exposed. The measures being recommended now by SOME smart and insightful governors, and I count myself lucky to be in Ohio to benefit, have been proven from past pandemics to slow the spread of infections. Only slow. Not stop. The reason for this is sad, but true. There are not enough hospital beds in this nation to treat the people who will need them if these steps are not taken now. And there are DEFINITELY not nearly enough ventilators and ECMO machines to save the lives of the sickest. We will be like Italy is right now, turning people away and sending them home to die. We all thought that was terrible when it was happening in China last month and in Italy now. It is our future if we don't drop the selfishness and the "I know better" attitude. All of us must cooperate for the sake of America. Please listen to credible information from the scientists who study these events and take precautions. .Let's face it, many if not most of our quilting friends are in the high risk group. Example, my close neighbor, who I thought understood what was happening, called me yesterday to ask a medical question wondering if she is in a high risk group. OMG! She is on immune suppressing drugs!! I thought she knew. I explained it all to her, but it got me thinking about other people who probably aren't yet understanding what is happening to the world. So here I am today. Not trying to start a fight or a flame war. It's going to happen, it's a certainty. Stay at home. God will understand when you don't go to church. Your light in this world is important and I pray for you all. As our Dr. Acton, the director of the Ohio Dept of Health said today, it is a tsunami, and it is coming.
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    I take it quite seriously, but the fearmongering is NOT helping. Panic makes people do stupid things.
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      Originally posted by Midge View Post
      Please listen to credible information from the scientists who study these events and take precautions.
      And not orange people.

      I just found out that my stepson and his girlfriend and young dd are going (or just left) to calif. When he comes back he will be near a cancer patient that lives with his sister, her moms boyfriend that both live with her.. She is not very happy at this moment.

      Some people are partying out there, what the ?? 😧

      Thanks Midge
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        And this one is closed., NO POLITICAL comments are allowed in this forum. You all should know that by now.
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