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Have any of your LQS closed to due COVID-19?

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    I got an email today. There are four stores across the islands. They are staying open but cancelling classes. Encouraging us to go to their website and pick up at store or they will ship free for orders over $50. And shop your stash. I thought that was cute. They also said they were going to continually be wiping everything down.These stores are really big, so it wouldn't be hard to keep a distance.

    If my machine gets caught up in a lock down, I have the managers email. Maybe she will open up for me to grab it.I'm just kidding. I will be patient smilie ha.gif

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      I got emails from eight in the area I've been to....all closed, with curbside service available. Even Quality Sewing (a large store that sells machines and vacuums, is closed with curbside pickup available. MM is going by another sewing store in the morning to get a part for me that has come in. Other than that, I am staying home!

      No rainbows!


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        The two shops within an hour of here have closed.



          Of the two shops I frequent, one has reduced hours and the other has closed until this passes.
          Diana Grey


            I got another e-m from my LQS that hours now are limited.


              Yes; our governor (Lamont of Connecticut) has closed all "non-essential" businesses for an undetermined period of time. How they think liquor stores are "essential" but quilt shops are not will ever remain a mystery to me. 🙄


                Received an e-mail from a LQS that it would be appointment only and will still take machines for repair/maintenance.


                  Yes many have now closed until further notice.
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                    Fabriclands are closed. Not sure if sister company Fabricville is. I didn't check to see if can still order on-line.