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    Sunday Greetings

    Good Morning, Everyone ~ I've decided to stay home from church today. I attended the memorial service at our church yest. It was interesting to view the slide show of his life. What a guy. There was a lunch reception following, so there was time to socialize. (We did not keep our distance.) Among other foods, they served NY hotdogs & chocolate pudding, 2 of Henry's favorite foods. There was no self-serve. Ladies wearing gloves handed out the food items.

    Our governor has shut down the mt. ski resorts for 1 week, starting tomorrow. Our state legislature is closed for 2 wks. There now is a confirmed case in our county. I read on the web where Spain has a big outbreak & is basically shutting down the country. DS#1's church in MD is canceled; they will have it on line. Two weeks ago, who would have thought so many things in our country & the world would be so changed.

    I think today I'll concentrate on getting the income taxes done. We also got our census notice yest. They want people to do it on line. I would have preferred the papers to fill out.

    Good morning!

    Today will be cooler with a high of 41. We might see some sunshine later on.

    I'm off to the grocery store this morning. I hope it won't be too busy. Giant Eagle announced it will be limiting its business hours to "maximize shopping conditions" and give them more time to re-stock and clean the stores. This is a normal grocery run for me, it will be interesting to see if there are any shortages.

    I received a text from my boss's assistant yesterday; employees are allowed to dress casual to work for the foreseeable future. This won't impact me very much -- I dress for comfort, not fashion, and all of my clothes are machine wash. The only difference will be I can wear jeans instead of slacks.

    I'd better get going if I want to beat the rush to the store (here's hoping). Have a wonderful day!


      Good Morning,

      We're only having the one service today. Morgan will pick me up in a little while.

      Yesterday, we were 1 degree from a record high. At least there was a breeze. Tomorrow, there's supposed to be a 20 degree drop in temps, more normal like, I guess. Pollen is awful. Rain certainly would be appreciated.

      I realized I forgot one thing at WM yesterday. lol, it will wait! The main reason I went back to fabrics and I got distracted and forgot to even look at what I went for!

      Not sure what's going to happen for home school. The schools in FL are closed until 3/30. Esther's school is closed, so ? Jim's still on Spring Break next week, so he might have more quality time with the kiddos. We'll see. I'd like more quality time in my sewing room!

      Monday is family dinner, I bought a corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots. So, basically, throw it all in the large crock pot and forget it all day. I love it, but only fix it occasionally.

      Time to put the finishing touches on before Morgan gets here. Have a wonderful day! Be creative!
      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


        Good Morning Everyone,

        Another day begins. There is no motivation in me to get anything done today. I was going to make Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies to send in a care package to my daughter.....but maybe tomorrow. I have a doctor appointment in the morning that I've been waiting four months for, but should be home in the early afternoon. DD works in a tiny town in Illinois and lives across the river in Missouri in a slightly larger town. Both places have very limited food choices.

        We went to the grocery store Friday for a quick stop and the shelves were fully stocked. I was happy that panic hadn't hit here yet. Hubby went yesterday to see if he could find Lorna Doone cookies (it's the one cookie I can eat) and the place had been picked clean in 24 hours. I guess people figured it was time to panic once the Governor shut down the schools.

        On a happy note: the birds are nesting, the daffodils are coming up and the mud is finally drying out. The sun is shining and the wind has been calm. I don't need to cook or clean or do laundry, so I'm going to chill with a hot cup of something and a good book.

        Hope you have a happy day!


          Good morning all,

          It's going to stay below zero but the sun is shining. DH wants to get more active, i.e. lose weight. We went for a walk yesterday morning. It was so windy & cold so we only lasted 20 mins. I think if we do 1-2 walks & increase time every day, this will help both of us. I really have to slow down as I am a fast walker. It's also a way to keep our sanity during these times. We didn't do much of anything. We have 2 bins of letters that DH's parents wrote to each other while his dad was posted in Alaska & Seattle during WW2. We haven't touched them since we brought these home 2 years ago. I only read a dozen or so, and I can really get insight into their relationship. This is also a time where his mum was pregnant while he was on leave. It was a true love. DH listened as I read, but left the room as he got teary eyed. There was also letters from other army friends who kept in touch after the war, providing names and addresses. It will be interesting to go through these, almost the makings of a romantic movie script. DH is worried about his dad during this pandemic, and that we cannot reach him.

          Joy - I'm glad you decided to stay home today. I urge everyone to severely limit your outings in public, especially if you are a senior.
          Julie - I'm not sure what casual dress can really do, except be less stressful for everyone.
          While my DD & many in the family who work for federal govt were recently told to work from home, they have now been given a special paid leave if they have school age children. So now they can focus on kids. When she works from home, the kids are not there and she really is in work-mode. This is similar to leave when the eastern seaboard hydro was down for a week, or ice storm.

          Today, we will putter around the house. I might get some mojo to pull together mom's and my taxes. DH is almost ready to bring to accountant. This will mean a visit to a LQS.

          Have be an enjoyable day. Be safe from all, bad weather and Virus.

          Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

          Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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            I like the idea of rewarding yourself with a trip to a LQS after completing your taxes. Unfortunately, I can't use going to the accountant as an excuse to go shopping, since DH is the accountant!

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            Suzanne, love that you & DH are going thru those letters between his parents together. I know it's hard for him but I believe he 's understanding how things were for them while Dad was away. So touching. Gina

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            Casual dress can be machine/handed washed more easily than business attire which usually needs to be dry cleaned and many times is not washed every time it is worn.

          Good morning. It's a cloudy one here but not really cold. I see a walk on our agenda today. Since we aren't going places, we try to get outside each day for a while. Yardwork is getting done too and we've got hyacinths, crocus and daffodils blooming.

          I worked in the sewing room doing some cleaning yesterday and rearranging and organizing projects. Today I will work a bit more on the log cabin quilt and a couple other things.

          I got to video chat with my son, dil and Zeke and Aviendha made an appearance too. Then Steven patched Rob in too so that was a fun call. Zeke was laughing at seeing Oma, Charlie and Uncle Rob and Auggie doggie (Rob's dog) all on his screen.

          Be well everyone. Enjoy your day.

          Ginny B


            Good morning everyone. Well, after pondering back and forth, I decided to go to mass this morning, but made sure not to touch anything. Looking around, you are reminded how often people touch the pews. Thee were a few there with face masks on, but they touched different parts of the pews with their hands constantly. The gentleman in front of me, made it known to me that he didn't agree with the lack of shaking hands. I am giving more thought into whether to attend in person next week or not. I may choose to attend online.

            Yesterday, was a day of a few errands. I also worked on some additional pineapple blocks. I am frustrated with trying to get the robot on the longarm to work, so I may just decide to load a quilt today and just quilt it freehand. Other than that not much going on.

            I noticed that the Fall forum retreat has sold out for this year. For the last several years, this has not been the case. Unfortunately, due to my current work deadlines and quarter close, I could not attend for 2020. I hope to join them again in 2021.
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              Karen, you will be missed this year. Hope to see you again in 2021.

            Originally posted by SuzanneOrleansOntario View Post
            Julie - I'm not sure what casual dress can really do, except be less stressful for everyone.
            I'm not sure, either. It was mentioned in passing on Friday -- I think the purpose is to discourage people from wearing clothing that needs to be dry-cleaned. The theory being it is worn multiple times between cleanings and is therefore more subject to germs. 🤷‍♀️


              Good Morning!

              My Grands are out of school until April 6. Kaylee wants to stay with me until all this virus is over and her little brother John Avery wants to stay at home. Their dad is fortunate to work from home. I have no problem with Kaylee staying here. I told my daughter she is not going back and forth, if she does stay with me, once she goes home she will have to stay home during all this. My sister freaked out that Kaylee was going to stay and thought she could bring the virus to me. Yes, I am over 60, I do take medication that lowers my system, but other than that I am healthy. Things are a little different here we have one case state wide. Kaylee is 12 and is more help to me than burden. I am rambling forgive me, I keep crazy hours …. I just woke up and I need that 2nd cup of coffee.

              Love to all!


                Good afternoon. We did have church this morning. The whole church was disinfected and everything wiped down from pews to door handles and everything else. The nursery and children areas are always done every week but they have upped it to cleaning between first church service and Sunday school and before second church service. Then after second service for evening church.

                I am really thinking that with all the cleaning going on everywhere and people not going out that the rate of flu will also go down. I really hope the panic buying will be over soon as it would be nice to have basic supplies back on the shelves again for normal buying.

                I have been able to make it into the sewing room for the last two days and am hoping to get in there again today.

                Have a great day everyone


                  Had to share, the pastor got up for the morning welcome... "Welcome to low attendance Sunday". The pews were a little light, but the regulars were all there.
                  “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                    Welcome Sunday,
                    Has been a sunny cold day, but it was nice to see the sun, the daffodils are dancing their merry dance in the breeze, both purrs have ventured out dragged himself round yard, ventured back in to fill their tums. Himself has been wearing his green lenses with the brighter light.
                    Am please to say the migraine from yesterday has reduced strength.
                    Have been pottering about, but we both feel all our go has gone. So decided to eat tea early, we had chilli and mash, phew! was followed by chocolate raisins and yogurt
                    now all boys are inspecting eyelids, as the sun is going down.
                    stay safe, enjoy, get well wishes to anyone who feels badly.
                    Have a great day, in whatever you do


                      No shaking hands at our church this morning. Attendance seemed to be about normal.