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Oh it's Friday!!

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    Oh it's Friday!!

    Good morning, I almost wrote Thursday. Well what scary times we live in right now.

    It is confirmed, our Prime Minister's wife has the virus. In my very own opinion, she wasn't very smart and should not have traveled, not matter where or what she was doing. END of rant.

    Suzanne, Disney on Ice is cancelled, sorry. In Ontario, schools will close for 3 weeks. This week is March break for these student. No we won't be going anywhere and will stay put. No baseball, no basketball, no hockey, no curling, all large events are being cancelled or postponed.

    Rain today which will melt away more snow. Today is my last day here and yesterday I vacuumed and used antiseptic wipes and wiped just about everything we touch. I know my boss appreciates it. I may do a little more cleaning today but the main stuff was done and I feel good about it.

    Tomorrow we are going to meet Phil half way and pick up our girl. I am looking forward to spending time with her.

    Have a great day everyone and stay safe.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Happy Friday!

    Today started wet, temps will drop before lunch and should rebound a bit after. It is also very windy.

    The bunny decided she had enough of getting drops in her bad eye and made a hop for it this morning. She weighs a little over 3 pounds and most of it is spunk. She hopped off the sofa and led me on a merry chase around the living room. I caught her, gave her the medicine, and the feisty little fur ball made another hop for it, off my lap and onto the floor! 🐰 Maybe she didn't want to watch Jenny's new tutorial? She is safe in secure in her abode now, lounging peacefully.

    A good friend called me last night, we made plans to go out to lunch when I am on vacation in a couple of weeks...assuming neither of us is quarantined. The Cleveland Quilt Expo at the IX Center on April 2 was postponed. ☹ I had scheduled my vacation so I could go to it.

    Mom's facility called yesterday. All residents are limited to one visitor per day; we have to check in at the front desk instead of going directly to their residence; we have to sign a paper about our health; and...I'm a little fuzzy on this part. I'm not sure if they are going to take our temperature or if we have to state we do not have a temperature. Anyone with a temperature of 100 or higher will not be allowed in.

    I'd better finish my tea and get ready for work. Have a wonderful day!
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      Morning all,

      Monique things are being cancelled here as well in order to keeping the virus from spreading. I'm sure your boss appreciated the cleaning you did. I have received e-mails from three chain stores this morning detailing what they are doing to keep shoppers coming to their establishments and how they are sanitizing their premises.

      I will be glad to self quarantine in my sewing room maybe while cleaning it I will find my mojo to sew again.

      Too early to tell what our weather will be today. I still have plenty of food and supplies in so no need to be in the stores. I have a few good books I haven't read yet so it's looking like it may be a good day to enjoy one.

      Well time for a cup of coffee and to read some posts. Wishing everyone a good day!
      If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

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        Good morning. Our county is at the epicenter of the breakout of the virus. The governor wanted all small businesses and schools to close for 14 days. So no gym workouts for awhile. 2 malls also closed. I am glad that I have my quilt to keep me busy.

        Have have a good day.



          Late here today. Lots of closings here ides when things will ramp up again. Runs on stores continues. No surprise, the media is sure talking about it lots!

          Monique, have fun with Maizyn......time flys so fast.
          Julie, your bunny stories make me smile.
          Cathy, self “quarantines” can be sew much fun!

          Rain today, and oh my, the wind! I’ve been out a couple times to put the trash lid back on.

          Hope everyone has a wonderful day and an even better weekend! 😀
          💫 Star lover


            Good Morning, Everyone ~ My gr. dau. called yest. eve. about what's going on in the Dallas, TX area. A state of emergency has been announced so no groups of >500 can meet. I suppose this means churches, too? It does not mean schools, airports, etc. Her younger son's pre-school will be closed for 2 wks. for spring break, rather than one; she's a teacher's aid there, so that will be no work for her. Her older son's charter school is in another county, so his school still is open. Colo. has community outbreak in the mts. related to infected tourists visiting the ski resorts. Many of the Denver Metro. schools are closing for 2 wks. spring break. Univ. of Colo. has gone to virtual classes, but dorms, dining hall, & library are open. DS#1 has a business related trip next week. So far, it's still on. It's getting crazy out there.

            I had a busy day yest. I cooked up DH's Anasazi beans, mixed up my turkey patties, did laundry, changed the sheets on the bed. Even though it was a cloudy, cooler day, the pillows got aired on the line outside for 2 hrs. I ordered some used books from Thrift Books. Also worked on the taxes a bit. We're supposed to report any items that did not have sales tax added, like internet orders. So I had to go back through my on line orders to make a list of those. I think most internet businesses now are adding the sales tax.

            Today I'll be baking DH's spelt bread. Have a good week end.


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              Joy, our governor has said no groups larger than 250 may meet, including churches. Our church is tiny, so we will still have service, but most of the larger churches are live-streaming their services. One lady I spoke with said her large church is thinking of counting heads as they get to the building, and then turning folks away, with instructions on how to get the streaming service at home. All of the high school sports are canceled, and all the colleges are closed for at least the next few weeks. Additionally, all of the Univ of Connecticut students who are studying abroad have been called home. I do feel sorry for the seniors, who may have to have their diplomas mailed to them, if graduation ceremonies are called off.

            Good Morning, It’s going to be a pretty day. We may get some yard work done. I would like a diversion from the virus if only for an hour or so.

            I met a woman yesterday whose husband works for a WalMart distribution center. She told me the employees are working three extra hours per day trying to get toilet paper and other essentials to the stores. In our area limits are being placed on how much you can buy IF supplies are available.

            Julie, your bunny sounds so cute. My daughter once had a Holland Lop bunny named Maggie Martinez. She was a real cute girl but she had a quirk...she would only let you touch or hold her if you wore white socks on your hands. The minute you took them off she wanted nothing to do with you. So we would put on our bunny paws and love her up!

            I guess I will make a cup of tea and watch Jenny’s new tutorial.

            Have a great day everyone. Hugs...
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            Scottie Mom Barb


              Good Morning All,

              It's a beautiful morning in the neighborhood. Sun is shining, pollen is flying all around. I sent Gabby out by herself this morning. I noticed the fronds that flower coming out on the palm trees, I guess it's time to get them their haircut for the year.

              I did a lot of finger work yesterday. I'm pleased with how it turned out, and glad it's done.

              Yesterday was grocery day, I ordered from Publix and she brought it in to my counter top. Perishable stuff was put away, but I realized I needed to re-do the pantry. So the cans and jars are sitting on the counter waiting on me. Mike took me on a quick trip to Hobby Lobby and I picked up DecoBond and SF101, the whole lot of fabrics/ interfacings are 40% off this week. That was a pleasant surprise.

              Morgan worked at the Players yesterday. Jim was kind of at a loss, he's had the kids all week. He was looking forward to her being home. She was paid for it, so it's bonus money. Jim's wants to spend next week working on his finding a job assignments while he's still on Spring Break. which means, this is my last day of spring break. I've gotten several things done, so I'm happy about that.

              Well, I guess it's time for me to get busy in the kitchen and then in my sewing room. I've been working straight through and not cleaning up between projects and it's telling on me! I need to crawl under my desk and everything I've pushed off the back side of the desk.

              Remember, wash your hands! Stay healthy, and have a great weekend.
              “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                Good morning all,
                I'm grateful we have each other and practicing social distancing at its best. It's rainy and a dull day today. Things are changing fast as Monique has said. Disney on Ice on Sunday was cancelled. The Gkids will be sad, but no point risking. Today is my grandson Cédric 3rd birthday. They had a party for his friends last week as many of his friends were going away for March break which starts today. Schools will be closed an additional 2 weeks into April as they figure cases will rise after travel. I will talk to my daughter. They are going to make a decision on their travel plans. They can still cancel as they were leaving Tuesday. Now, what to do with the kids for 3 weeks. I will probably need to help. I know DH will probably not want them here so I will have to go there. We'll see.

                Yesterday I spoke to mom, filling her in on measures ie limited visits & one by her sitter. I had to relate the virus to the Spanish flu and she understood. She recalled stories her mom told her that women and children were dropping like flies. Mom was born 5 years later.

                I had a wonderful massage, an hour & half. Once every 6 mos I book longer. Needed it. Then I walked around the plaza. The grocery store was out of TP, but only because there was a great sale. Dollar store had plenty. I picked up asparagus & roast beef for tonight's dinner. I finished cleaning 'Amelie' and put her back together. I watched a lot of YT videos how to thread shuttle bobbin. Only issue remaining is the button that fell off the stitch length regulator. I can't put back in, screw seems to be too short. I will figure it out. Otherwise she's smooth. I picked up some protectors for castors and she is now in the library facing the window. I think this will be perfect spot and I will be able to look into backyard. Other rooms are in basement with natural light but no view.

                Today no plans to go out, but will talk to my daughter about their plans. They are emptying 4 bedrooms as they were having hardwood floors put in while they were away 12 days on vacay. Now with school closures, this will be challenging. DH is going to car dealer but will limit contact & take precautions. Weekend is free but may involve GKs.

                Stay safe everyone. Be careful, weather wise as well.

                Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                  Originally posted by KPH View Post

                  Morgan worked at the Players yesterday. Jim was kind of at a loss, he's had the kids all week. He was looking forward to her being home. She was paid for it, so it's bonus money.
                  Katrina, DH was watching Players yesterday. He said they announced it was last day with spectators, the rest of tournament was going to continue just with golfers. Is she still going to work it?

                  Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                  Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


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                    I think she's at her regular job today. Jim called this morning, so I know she's not home.

                  Rainy, cool day here. A bit of housework is on the agenda before sewing time. I'm caught up on Gypsy Wife so started a new project. Blocks are finished and I'm waiting for fabric for the border. It's been so much fun sewing blocks that want to fit together as they should. GW is kind of stressful because it's improv and you have to figure out how to make everything fit.
                  I was supposed to be going to a 3 day retreat at my LQS this weekend but I'm going to stay home and work on the project I had planned to do there. I started last Monday to stay home but hubs is a social butterfly and I haven't been able to convince him to stay home as well. Very frustrating and selfish. I guess he'll keep that up until a higher authority comes out with an official announcement. I'm so glad to see that the general public is taking this seriously. The experts have said 40-50% of us may eventually get the virus but the longer we can delay getting it we lessen the chance of overwhelming the medical system.
                  So happy hand washing folks! We'll probably produce a bumper crop of quilts by the time the crisis is over.

                  to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world...


                    Good Morning!
                    It is warmer here again today. We had so far escaped any cases of the virus in Alabama. My son just sent me a text saying there is one case in Montgomery County, Alabama. I can't think of a thing I need so I plan to just stay home. I am making chili today. It freezes well and is quick and easy for me.

                    I have been making project boards this morning from left over batting and left over binding strips. Lori Holt says that quilters make mistakes carrying their pieces to the ironing board and back. She has an easy tutorial on Fat Quarters web site. I have never used them before but it does make sense to me.

                    Love to all


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                      I saw the tutorial but haven't made the boards, yet. I think I will add that to my project list for vacation!

                    Teresa ~ I have made several "block boards" to carry my block pieces to the sewing mach. & ironing board. I just cut squares of cardboard various sizes -- 12" up to 18". I used double cardboard so they wouldn't bend so easily & taped together the edges. I covered them with flannel -- enveloped the flannel & left open the end, which I folded under & pinned with straight pins. That way the cover can be removed for washing. They are so handy & help keep all my pieces oriented. I still haven't developed the practice of leaving the pieces fastened together by thread as I assemble them. I watched one of Donna Jordan's tutorials where she does this.


                      It's a beautiful sunny day here but chilly and very windy! DH texted me about 6:30 this morning and said the doctor was already in to see him! He was released from Cleveland Clinic early this afternoon and we got home about 3 pm. He's upstairs taking a nap. I have a load of laundry going and am just relaxing with a cup of coffee for a few minutes. I'm trying to figure out if I need anything immediately from the grocery store. I usually keep pretty well stocked on the staples. I have to pick up a prescription for DH later and I can run by the store if needed. Otherwise we have no plans for the weekend to go out anywhere. I hope to cut some blocks to start on a quilt for DS. Hoping to find my quilting mojo soon!
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                        JCY -- That is a clever idea I never thought about using flannel and fixing it where you could wash the covers. I think these boards will help when making blocks with tiny little pieces. I have foam board in the center of mine.