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It's Wednesday, half the week will soon be over

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    It's Wednesday, half the week will soon be over

    Good morning friends. Well it rained pretty well all day yesterday. Thankfully there wasn't much water left in the parking lot, it had drained away. With the weather the way it was, it was a VERY quiet day, well most days are quiet, and yesterday was no different.

    I continue to work on the hand quilting.

    Not much is happening. Saturday I will meet Phil half way and pick up my girl. Can't wait to see her.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Morning to all!

    Monique, I’m so thankful things look a bit better for y’all, weather wise. So very happy you’re going to see your girl soon! Nothing better than grand children! 🧒

    We were to have rain all day yesterday, yet later in the day I saw the sun. Made me happy.

    We now have 2 confirmed cases of Carona virus. Sigh....I do believe it will be the new normal. Like all flu viruses we’ll have to adjust and move forward. I really don’t see it “disappearing,” maybe controlled, it not gone.

    I’ve been enjoying hand quilting on my son & DIL’s quilt. I’m liking now it’s tiring out, I hope they will be too.

    More rain for today and the temps will drop. Well, it’s still winter for a couple more weeks.

    Have a wonderful day! 🤗
    💫 Anita......Star lover❣️


      Just want to say good morning to everyone not much news worthy with me today. The sun has not appeared yet but here's hoping it will show it's face today.

      Have not made it up to the sewing room yet and half the week has slipped by along with my mojo to get up there. Today I will be sitting and addressing thank you letters to all the businesses who donated items for our raffle baskets.

      Well that's about it, going to fire up the Keurig and enjoy my first cup. Wishing all a good day!
      If you could choose to be anything choose kindness.

      Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes![email protected]/


        Good morning!

        We will have mild temps today -- high near 50. There is a slight chance of rain.

        The Vet confirmed that my rabbit has cataracts in her right eye, and has lost most -- if not all -- of her vision in that eye. It is very sensitive to light, so the Vet thinks she might have glaucoma, too. She gave me some drops to put in the rabbit's eye. We go back next week for a follow-up. The Vet wants to refer me to another Vet that specializes in eye surgeries. I think I looked at her like she was nuts. Cataract surgery for a rabbit?! 🐰 I saw dollar signs. Lots of dollar signs. 💰💰 On the bright side, the drops are way easier to administer than I thought they would be.

        Dang! The system just timed me out again. This time, when I saw the message, I copied my post, logged out, logged back in again, and pasted it. Here's hoping the font stays a normal size.

        Have a wonderful day!


          Good Morning, Everyone ~ Another beautiful moon last night. It was just rising in the eastern sky as I was driving home from quilt guild, just above tree top level. It looked so close. Guild was great. Our guest speaker was Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles. She has designed fabric for Moda for 20 yrs. Her trunk show was so interesting. She's written books & designed templates to go with her patterns. You may remember when she did a tutorial with Jenny about "nickles & dimes" -- pre-cuts. Her husb. was with her & helped with the quilts. There were several drawings of give-aways of patterns & templates. They had a shopping table set up for purchases. She's teaching a work shop today. I think I'll start following her blog.

          On the way home from guild, there was a wreck at a major intersection. I saw the flashing lights. As I got closer, I realized my southbound lane was blocked off by a cop car, so I had to take a detour on an unfamiliar street. There were several speed bumps as well as a round-about that I didn't see until I was almost on top of it. Some of these "calming devices" are a hazard.

          I've been having pain in my L. hip recently. The dr. thinks it might be bursitis; she gave me some exercises to do. When I was at Walmart yest. I bought some Aspercreme with Lidocaine in it. Hope that helps. It was an uncomfortable night with my hip hurting every time I moved.

          This a.m. is Bible Study Fellowship.


            Good morning all. Not much new here. Looks like an ok day here today so maybe we will take a walk later. I have been in the sewing room already this morning working on some log cabin blocks. I am on the last row of "cabins" and then I will add the in between rows. I don't have enough fabric to get the full size with all log cabin blocks so I'm adding a few filler rows to get it to the size I need. I have had the fabric for quite some time so no real possibility of getting more of it. Hence the need for the filler rows. I am hoping to be at the binding stage by the weekend.

            Monique, glad the water receded in the parking lot and that you will be spending time with Maisyn Saturday. Julie, I am glad the drops are easier to get into your rabbits eye than you thought.

            Time to get some laundry done and then back to my sewing room. Have a good Wednesday everyone. Stay healthy.
            Ginny B



              Good Morning....We have been having storms since about 1 am, so this will be short. We keep getting lightning warnings from the weather app on our phones.....all night long. At least we didn't have to dive into our hidey hole for a tornado.

              Jeff has decided he wants to make a simple throw quilt. He discovered a fabric from Whistler Studio that he loves (globe print) and he wants to buy a length of it and add borders and have it quilted for a TV throw. At least he will learn how to put borders on and thread my machine. I'm thinking about Grunge for the borders. He thinks he can do the whole thing after watching me make quilts for years. He already knows the basics of machine sewing and has made large tote bags and hunting items.

              Joy, I hope the Aspercreme helps your hip. Of all the creams I've used on my hands it works the best, but relief is temporary and I have to reapply several times a day. At least it doesn't have a bad smell and its affordable.

              Jeff just said we need to unplug for now as the storm is getting worse.

              Have a happy day everyone....hugs....

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              Scottie Mom Barb


                Good Morning All,

                It looks nice outside. Gabby went out in the back yard without me, in a month she's learned she can go potty by herself. I walk her on the leash so she doesn't forget those skills. I'm glad she's learning about independence, which is good since her favorite spot is right under the tree that's in full pollen mode right now. Saw a list with symptoms for the corona virus, cold, flu, and allergies last night. Funny thing, I've rarely had the allergy symptoms they listed. Flowers, in mass will make my eyes itch, swell, and burn, but nothing else I'm allergic to does that.

                It rained last night. I hope it will clean the air for a little bit.

                I worked on a couple of mug rugs yesterday. Kept the kids while Jim went to a coding event, meet and greet. He met two recruiters and they asked him to send them their resumes. He's going to do that and write up the event for his blog. He'll get a refund on part of his tuition if he does certain things. So, he's all about getting some of that money back. I hope he'll have a job by the time his school gets out.

                Baby Wesley went home last night. Putter, their Irish Setter, was checking him out in a clip Joseph posted on Facebook. Wesley was crying and Putter didn't look too sure about that noisy thing in the carrier. It's been great finally seeing pictures of the big boy! I bet he's about ready for 6 mth sized clothing.

                Have a great day! Be creative!

                “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” Maya Angelou


                  Good morning all and welcome this sunny day,

                  Yesterday I had coffee with my GF, then we resolved to go to VV, and now will go every Tuesday for senior's discount. I didn't expect to find anything as I was there the day before. Well I found a large area rug, handmade on a loom. The colours were beautiful, soft blue, gray and white and perfect for guest room. My GF will show her sister who makes carpets on loom. Best part it was $12.99CDN, less 30%. She found some items as well. We were giddy from our finds.

                  DH got a $4900 estimate to repair SUV. Thankful for insurance. Then it was guild meeting last night. The fear of gathering because of the virus, did not stop quilters from showing up. Shop of month was Glide thread distributor. I picked up colours I use frequently. Speaker was interesting with a passion for using up tiniest scraps of fabrics and weaving into award winning quilts and items. Joy Lynn is a great person. We went to Kansas Troubles years ago and meet her. She is heart warming and after seeing her shop and retreat center, I've changed my views about 'country' themed fabrics.

                  Mom called and said she was bored. Activities have been limited / cancelled because of respiratory issues on another floor. Now there is gastro on that floor. I told her that I have to stay away so I don't compromise DH, kids & GKs.

                  I have an osteopath appt this morning, and then day is open. I may start cleaning up Amelie, my new treadle. Still giddy about this find. Have a good day.

                  Enjoy life and do what makes you happy. Everything else will follow.

                  Every day I try to do one thing that challenges my comfort zone.


                    We have more rain here in Alabama today, yesterday and probably tomorrow, at least is it showers rather than storms. Please don't send your storms this way, Bubby.
                    I haven't been to a store in a week or so, I don't know it the shelves are bare or not, I need some salsa, maybe that isn't being hoarded.😁
                    You would think by the news reports that no one is recovering from this virus, all one hears is the death toll, not a word about how many are recovering. So much for balance.🤨


                      You all seem so busy and content. I am happy to know such positive folks. DH is reflooring a 5x8 pull behind trailer that he expects me to haul with my new (used) car. I guess I can do it. I used to be so brave. I had really hoped we could get one of those pods and have it loaded and delivered but I guess mr. save a buck still has the energy to do for himself.
                      I haven't been in a grocery store for several weeks. Trying to use up what we have. I thought we should take our food from here but there just isn't going to be room to do that. I still have food insecurity from my childhood.
                      I am thinking of whiting out some old canvases for GS today. And I have a table topper cut out and the blocks are made that I might try to finish later today. I think it might be good to go on the new table DH made for the Carolina room. Its a coffee type table 22x44 that used to have a glass top but broke. He made a beautiful wood top from some poplar he had sawn.
                      Life is good. Love you all.
                      Joy, the hip...have you been more active lately? Did you know that when you shed pounds (even one) that it makes the body hurt. Combine that with a bed that isn't supporting the lower body can make it feel like arthritis.
                      Walk in peace with the Lord by your side.


                        Happy Wednesday everyone,
                        It has been a late start here after yesterday,
                        The wind is blowing and the windows are rattling with the washing from above, every now and again the sun appears, showing a beautiful blue sky, before the shades of grey reappear, then washing happens.
                        The snow drops are out in force bobbling in the wind, daffodils are climbing for the sky, the buds are just starting to emerge, red currant bush (the buzzy bush) is starting its pink flower making process, and will have buzzy happiness quite soon, this also means the grass is now growing too, but the wind is hiding its true height.
                        On a route from a to b we saw little lambs jumpingand running about around in the fields, a male pheasant was striding along the road, while the march hare was investigating the hedge, yes spring is coming.
                        Am going to make some stitches, have a great day


                          I've been working on a baby quilt & hope to have it completed by this weekend. I hope. Going to another quilt show this weekend & I hope to find nothing to catch my eye, lol. I have a gift card from Joann's that's been driving me crazy as well. My sewing room looks like a tornado has been there. The cleanup will have to wait until I see if I can trade my Jazz & Flourish embroidery machines. Other than that not much going on. Rainy one minute. next day beautiful sunshine.

                          Terry, I still believe this move to the coast will be a positive thing for you & your DH.

                          Stay safe everyone, use caution when going out in public. Don't take chances, remember we love you.



                            It's late, but first chance I had to come on. Because of the Carona virus, my team has been told to work from home today. Now my boss wants me to continue staying home because she's afraid for me to get sick. If you have traveled since 2/18, we must WFH for two weeks once we return home. I think I need to refigure out my work space here. My back was killing me by lunch time. The desk area is too low. Thinking about moving the monitors and such to the island and trying that tomorrow. The city of Houston shut down the Houston Rodeo today due to the spread of the virus. This is financially devastating to so many vendors, visitors who travelled into town, etc. Everyone, please take precautions and stay safe.


                              Devastating for 4H and FFA kids who have raised animals for a year as well. the scholarship program will also take a huge hit .