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    reading about your shortages, heres a how to, believe this was done in the conflicts of past.
    craft paper


      My mom used to talk about using pages out of the catalogs for wiping. I guess newspapers would work, too. They crinkled up the paper to make it a bit softer. Of course, that was in the outhouse days--no indoor plumbing when she was growing up. Since we no longer have Sears or Montgomery Wards or Penneys catalogs, maybe newspapers are the only option left. And not everyone subscribes to a paper these days. They get their news on line. Hopefully the stores will get restocked in time.


        Hope your supply's return soon too,
        A memory springs to mind
        At a relatives home they had an outdoor flushing toilet / loo although they called it a 'privy'. Remember that they had a bath and sink upstairs but the privy was outside, remember going through kitchen out, back door down steps across a yard, undid gate catch and went in, In winter they had to have a paraffin heater to keep pipes from bursting with ice expansion, it was not warm at all, had a few spiders, no electric light battery powered torch, was paper on the roll on back of door, remember it was an experience but did not really think more about it. washing hands was always done upstairs in bathroom. sorry to wander off topic.


          Many of the people hoarding are doing it to try and make money by re-selling at hugely inflated prices. And many frightened people will buy. You would think it was an apocalypse.
          TRUTH is seldom appreciated, unless you happen to agree with it. When you don't agree, you just call it rude.


          • Simply Quilting
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            Thankfully, amazon and ebay are shutting down the people who are trying to profit by doing that. .

          I went to the grocery store this morning and there were a lot of empty shelves: bread, rice, hand sanitizer, cleaners, toilet paper, eggs... Even the produce section was picked through.


          • MSN
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            The frozen vegetables were completely wiped out at my store.

          • JCY
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            I guess I can be thankful I bought some frozen vegs. last week.

          • SuzanneOrleansOntario
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            Frozen veggies, fries, pizzas shelves were empty. I have enough frozen peas for awhile, but at this time of year I have used up most of the market vegetables I have frozen from last summer. I noticed they were limiting bread and other items to 2 so far we are still getting fresh vegetables, but concerned about where they are coming from around the world. Broccoli, ducked and tomatoes at one store is coming local from greenhouse.